Truth Social – a financial conjuring trick ++ Devin Nunes

In the world of high finance, fantasy reigns as Trump’s Truth Social, a poor cousin of Twitter and Facebook, which has apparently made a cumulative loss of at least $31.5 million since its inception on 21 February 2022, is due to be floated. It will net Trump a paper fortune of $3bn though he won’t be able to cash in his shares for six months (theoretically) though he could borrow against his stash. A financial analyst said  Truth Social “hasn’t really taken off”. At this point, it’s a meme stock. It’s really just a betting tool on the probability of Trump winning the election.”

  Another commentator tried to explain further: “Trump Media & Technology, the firm behind his minnow social network Truth Social, has spent years fighting to land on the stock market via a so-called “blank check” merger with a shell company.” [If anyone understands what that means I don’t want to know.]

  Truth Social has a Sun Jupiter conjunction in Pisces with Neptune also in visionary, slippery, illusionary Pisces. Plus a hard-headed, ultra-determined and ruthless Mars Venus Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

  With tr Saturn opposition the Truth Social Jupiter at the moment and again throughout this November across the election dampening enthusiasm and confidence it does not look to be overly jubilant at the result.

  Trump does have one more stroke of good luck this year from mid March to early April with tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint but thereafter the fates may be less kind to him. In particular with tr Neptune heading into his 8th house from April-ish onwards for many years which is not normally a supportive financial influence to put it mildly. Though it will amplify his finagling tendencies. The Lunar Eclipse on Monday hits his 2nd house Neptune which also hints at financial foot shuffling and the Solar Eclipse will conjunct his Jupiter boosting his confidence (maybe over the top).

 Trumps’ relationship chart with Truth Social has an overly-optimistic, head-in-the-clouds composite Jupiter Neptune which tr Neptune is undermining from April onwards; with a hugely aggravated composite Saturn opposition Mars Pluto – not a happy alliance.

  Just for fun I had a skip round Star aspects, given that the Taurus North Node of Truth Social is exactly conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol.

  The Pisces Sun is conjunct Sadalmelik – often associated with lawyers and complicated lawsuits. Sometimes warns of sudden misfortune.

Jupiter in Pisces opposition Zosma is associated with selfishness, immorality and a tendency to calculatingly use other people.

Saturn opposition Merak associated with the love of command and domination.

Neptune opposition Denebola warns of misfortune and disasters.  Risk of loss of position or a fall from grace.

Pluto opposition Procyon – hasty and single-minded. Changeable and unpredictable, Procyon can take people to great heights and bring them crashing down.

Pluto conjunct Terebellium  – brings good fortune followed by regret or disgrace. Sometimes shows cunning and selfishness.

  We watch, we wait and pray the gods of decency are paying attention.

ADD ON: Devin Nunes, former Congressman and now CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) was described by the LA  Times as “one of Trump’s most ardent and outlandish defenders in Congress” who “parroted the president’s conspiracy theories” and used his position “to try to undermine [the] investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”  Trump awarded Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is highly litigious.

 Born 1 October 1973 7.07 am Tulare, California, he has a controlling, hard-edged Sun Pluto in Libra square Saturn in Cancer conjunct South Node. With a confident (and lucky) Jupiter in Aquarius trine his Sun Pluto and in an opportunistic square to his Mars in money-magnet, determined Taurus. He has a yod of Neptune Moon sextile Jupiter inconjunct Saturn – which has a tough reputation bringing karmic payback if Saturn’s strictures on maturity and self-discipline are not strictly adhered to – which generally don’t include shifty get-rich-quick-schemes. His Solar Arc Saturn will get elbowed through this June, late November to mid December and spring 2025 which will put his morals to the test.

  Not that his confidence will completely disappear since he will be on a roll through 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter and tr Jupiter moving through his 8th bringing shoals of money in.

  However he will have a few gulps of panic through this April with tr Uranus square his Mars/Neptune and Saturn/Saturn midpoints = sudden disadvantages, crisis, restrictions. And tr Pluto will oppose his Mars/Uranus midpoint for violent interventions, a test of nerves, struggle for survival mid July to early September, after mid November to end of December 2024. Hmm maybe??  GOP convention not going his way or the election. He’ll stay bullish with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter through 2025. But tr Neptune starting to square his Capricorn North Node in 2025 followed in 2026 by tr Neptune and Saturn undermining his Saturn square Sun (Pluto) – and on till late decade will undermine his progress and then some.

 His relationship with Trump will be jangled mightily come July and is under discouraging pressure right through from this September to late November.

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  1. 3 days before the Ukraine invasion. Same conjunctions with the Venus, Mars, Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune spread in Pisces.

  2. Marjorie,
    Thank you for your exceptionally in-depth exploration of Truth Social.
    Just as you predicted, Trump was once again lucky yesterday with the bond reduction and the IPO. He was less lucky with his criminal trial date.
    Jupiter transits into Gemini — Trump’s 10th whole-sign house — from May, but other influences may still sink him.
    Jupiter makes things bigger, which isn’t always positive. For instance, you don’t want a bigger tumor, or a bigger scandal.
    Jupiter will oppose Trump’s Black Moon Lilith in mid-June, which could expand troubles arising from women, in this case the Stormy Daniels hush-money case. Once-hidden trysts, hush money, and a woman who fights back fit the Black Moon Lilith signature.
    Jupiter will station retrograde exactly, or almost exactly, on Trump’s North Node just in time for the November election.
    In traditional Vedic and western astrology, the North Node — Rahu, the Dragon’s Head, doesn’t represent soul growth and evolution.
    On the contrary, the North Node can represent insatiable hunger for something, in Trump’s case, power.
    The transit could inspire him to go overboard, although, as we all know, he has gotten away with pushing the limits for his entire life.

    • Yes, Jupiter will inflate his unhinged rhetoric even further, I believe. In fact, judging by his latest attempts to lower the bar of US politics further, yesterday posting an image of Biden hog-tied in the back of a pickup with TRUMP 24 on its number plate, it wouldn’t surprise me if he continues in this vein becoming ever more bloodthirsty and violent. I don’t know much about BML (Black Moon Lilith) in transit but it is currently square his natal Sun and will be conjunct his natal Jupiter come November.

      Yesterday for example Michael Tyler, Biden’s spokesperson said in response to the Biden image:

      “This image from Donald Trump is the type of crap you post when you’re calling for a bloodbath or when you tell the Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by. Trump is regularly inciting political violence and it’s time people take him seriously — just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked protecting our democracy on January 6.”

  3. Marjorie could you please look at Devin Nunes’s chart as an add on? He’s the force behind Truth Social and is a former California GOP politician. His official birth details are online.

  4. from bloomberg via Yahoo/

    Facing a deadline to post a bond of more than $500 million in a New York fraud lawsuit, a state appeals court tossed him a lifeline, slashing the amount he’d have to post to $175 million — an amount he says he’ll cover. Around the same time, his social media company Trump Media & Technology Group wrapped up a 29-month-long merger process, meaning shares worth billions of dollars on paper are now officially Trump’s.

    All told, his net worth increased by more than $4 billion. That means for the first time ever, Trump joined the ranks of the world’s wealthiest 500 people on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a fortune of $6.5 billion.

    “We have a great company and are incredibly honored,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said in a statement.

  5. Before anybody gets depressed by his seeming luck of the draw again with the appellate’s ruling, Marjorie did allude to this minor “stroke of good luck from mid March to early April”(paraphrasing), so no need for alarm in my opinion. The collapse may be slow but will occur in devastating fashion when it does come.
    This article puts this ruling in perspective regarding his appeal of the original Judgement; as in limiting the chance of it being overturned for appearing unfair.

  6. As his undeserved luck would have it, Trump’s Jupiter influence continues. The half-billion dollar civil fraud appeals bond is reduced to roughtly half that. How long can this continue, I wonder.

  7. Trump’s ‘luck of the devil engine’ is now running on fumes. That “Truth Social” nonsense is gonna crash hard as Karma is cashing in with perfect timing. And that Florida Judge Cannon is a part of the speck of luck he has left as she has been running interference for him from the start as a delay(or kill case) strategy helper. But I hope her latest attempt may get her properly admonished by the 11th Circuit Court again for the 3rd time; which hopefully is a strike out! She clearly has no concept of humility; like most Republicans.
    There’s another eclipse in April so wonder what that will bring.

  8. Slight digression – just noticing Monday’s eclipse at 5Ari which will be visible in America, lands in Trump’s 8th. Directly opposite his 2nd house Neptune in Libra*. If he can’t put up his $464M bond, he can start having his properties seized and bank accounts frozen. No-one has been willing to lend to him so maybe that eclipse is going to highlight a truth to him.

    * Never realised he has that placement but Neptune in 2nd describes the deception that has occurred around his claims to be rich. As well as his deluded self-worth.

    • @ GD it will take a team of accountants a while to untangle to how much Trump’s properties are leveraged and to whom he owns loans, but yes it will be nice to see that the Trump’s statements of wealth being exposed once and for all the lies that they have always been.

  9. Perfect timing. I was just trying to locate a good start time for not only Truth social, but also for DWAC — another financial entity known as a “special purpose acquisition vehicle”, which is basically a shell formed to get Chinese companies listed on the American Stock Exchange (now known as the NYSE).
    The SEC has been investigating these types of arrangements, as they are basically just trying to officially list these shell companies in order to pull off IPO scams.
    Truth obtained “loans” from Putin-connected sources in December 2021 of around $15 million, which still left it with large losses ($31.5 million was reported by DWAC in November 2023).
    Regardless, DWAC’s long-awaited shareholder approval to merge with Truth (a necessary step to get Truth under a listing entity) did happen yesterday, but their share price quickly dropped. It’s basically not even “junk” status. Maybe Trump and company can sell certificates along with his gold sneakers and embarrassing NFT’s for Christmas.
    Pure Neptune.

  10. I believe the gods of decency and justice will bring Trump crashing down this year and the process has already begun. He will die in jail like Al Capone, if he does not go mad becaue of bankruptcy first. I enjoy his slow-motion fall every day.

  11. This is the first time I have read about Truth Social. What is interesting is that appears to be a whole new social media on what is the “Truth” beginning to take place. The Web appears to be a new battle ground for control. Also in our daily lives is a plethora of Reports coming from all angles; always put online to capture a larger audience, rather than submitted to our Governments first. All from their own perspective. Instead of reaching the truth, it is either diluting the truth or confusing the truth. A new kind of anarchy in words on various platforms – is being created. We have more and more information muddying our Democratic process in finding out the truth. It is also creating groups who will follow “that truth” as it suits their need.

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