Paris Hilton – falling in love with a reflection

A total trivia brief. Paris Hilton, old-style influencer and celebutante, supported by a business income selling her brand name in perfumes and boutiques, and making club appearances has announced her engagement – her fourth to date, none with marriage to follow – to entrepreneur and venture capitalist Carter Reum.

  The only point of interest is they were born within two weeks of each other. She 17 February 1981 and he 5 February, which means they are pretty much clones. Both have Sun Venus in Aquarius while she has Mercury in Aquarius and he has Mars and maybe Moon in Aquarius. And both have Saturn Jupiter conjunct and Pluto in Libra – so very Airy. Her Moon is in flashy Leo while his is Aquarius or Pisces.

  The Gunter Sachs astro-study found more people married their own sign than you might expect. But this is an even tighter match – almost mirror images of each other.  

15 thoughts on “Paris Hilton – falling in love with a reflection

  1. I notice she has a yod; Moon conjunct North Node in Leo sextile the Jupiter/Saturn conjunct MC in Libra inconjunct Mars in Pisces in the 3rd House, which is interesting in regard to her interview where she spoke about her experience at Provo Canyon School.

  2. Haha,me 17/2,But another year.Sun,Moon,Venus Mercury,Jupiter for me.Scorpio ASC.
    Plastic beauty,yes make up look clothes,important in a way.Odd,felt I have never fitted in society.
    Always outside but you learn to cope.The older you get,you don’t mind.
    Easily falling in love,but no marriage .Friendliness,kindness been my dilemma.Too kind,so you can get cheated.believe everyone has a good purpose….
    An astrologer said on a blog that 3decade Aquarius was awful…Always lying…cheating flirting
    Perhaps in some cases,but iam not the one.
    Perhaps not an easy life,because you are such an outsider.There is a huge depth inside,we not always show.
    Paris will change or have to in the he future …Saturn/Pluto.I will meet my greatest challenge.
    This was trivia,as well.Take care all.

    • Nota Bene
      Paris,is a human being,just like all of us. I think we all do what we can, based on our conditions/starsigns to walk our spiritual path,rich or poor so to speak
      For me the most important.
      The 7th Ray ,violet fire
      Is on the Agenda right now.Healing….We need it badly.
      Once again,take care.

  3. Going on what I said previously about oppositions … her meeting a guy with this many planets in common will almost certainly force her to pick up the Leo end of her natal North node conjunct moon opposition, up in the 8th house. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds with so transiting Uranus and Saturn all over their charts. Can’t help thinking babies!

    • Interesting, Gnarly Dude. She has a lot more about her than her way of life suggests. She may look vacuous, but a programme on her in her early days showed the discipline, energy and hard work needed to set it up and maintain it.
      Not suggesting that all the clothes changing, clubbing is anything other than superficial, but the qualities she needs to keep it all going are anything but.
      Her recent childhood revelations, with her new fiancé, look as if you may be right, Gnarly Dude. I hope so. I wish her well.

      • She certainly has career longevity if the Jupiter/Saturn conjuncting at the top of the chart is anything to go by. Plus, I wouldn’t call a Leo Moon in the 8th sextile Saturn shallow. Like you say, it’s tied into the North Node.

  4. @Marina, yes, Sagittarius is traditionally considered friendly or at least good humored sign. It’s ruled by Jupiter, root of the word ‘jovial’. The Sagittarius Rising people I personally know – I have a couple of good friends with this – are extremely likeable. That said, Jupiter is also associated to expansion, and less desirable traits could be expanded, but I guess serial killers would benefit of a Sagittarius veneer, too.

  5. She looks like a mannequin, doesnt she? There has always been something about her that is, ‘just not real.’ Does she have hidden depths or is she as vacuous as she looks?

    • @Jo, I’d like to think she has. She has visited Finland with at least two of her fiances, one of which has a Finnish mother. I didn’t meet her personally, but met people who worked to organize her first visit through work (this came up because a coworker who was in the same project was and is a “missing Madden brother”, and Paris was here with her then fiance Benji Madden). They all told me she was genuinely the nicest and least pretentious celeb they ever met. So, I’ve been keeping up with her, wishing her well.

      I think her being nice to “staff” is a refection of her Sadge Rising (and she also is a quintessential Sagittarius Rising appearance vice, tall and with US 13/UK 11 size feet she needs to have shoes custom made for) and Aquarius Venus/Sun/Mercury. People with these kind of charts tend to be benign.

      Also, in the recent years, she’s been opening up on how her parents sent her to a boarding school in Colorado for “difficult teens” she was sent to by parents where she was abused.

      • Are you from/in Finland?
        If so, Im very excited, as its a country that has fascinated me for ages.
        I remember as a kid reading the Larousse book on world cultures and being captivated by the section on Finnish/Ugric art. Fabulous stuff, mysterious and exotic.

        • @Marina, I didn’t catch this, but yes, I’m from Finland. I’ve been fascinated by what I’d call “Uralic” side of the language family from an early age too. There’s much of shared folklore. And obviously, Sámi language, which are Uralic are still spoken in Finland. I recently learnt through DNA testing I probably have some pretty recent Sámi heritage, my mtDNA haplogroup is prevalent with Sámi population, and MyHeritage gives me a 2 per cent of “Inuit”, which appears to be, in fact Sàmi. Sámi populations used to live much more to South, especially in Carelia, and I think my “admixture” comes from that area, 15th-16th century.

          • @Solala, my National Geographic DNA test showed Sami mitochondrial origins/traces as well. Fascinating stuff- all the females in my mother’s family are still pretty nomadic to this day! And I’m one of the few Canadians who has made the effort to visit and explore our North – feel called to it!

      • On another note, is Sag rising an indication of niceness to staff particularly?
        Its certainly an exceptionally marked position in serial killers charts [Sun or moon especially] and the Donalds Sag moon is hardly cuddly when it comes to those in ‘lesser’ positions.

        Aquarius rising on the otherhand [see Obama and his interactions]

      • That’s nice to hear about, Solaia. I hope she grows into her own then and shows the world who she really is. She at least deserves some peace on that front. I feel she is hiding behind this almost plastic persona, but understand why, now you have pointed out her abusive past (and no doubt, cold, detached and unloving parenting.)

        I do recall her being in some show about 15 years ago with Nicole Richie. I saw about 2 episodes and this was during the height of her fame which was not particularly nice and quite notorious. I was pleasantly surprised how nice she came across and she seemed genuine and warm. In one scene, they were dealing with the aftermath of their bad behaviour. Paris was mortified that they may have done some damage and had annoyed their hosts and offered to pay for everything and was very apologetic. Nicole on the other hand, was totally vile and narcissistic. She came across as the typical stereotype rich-kid brat, which is why i couldnt bare to watch another episode. So, i’m glad your story backs up Paris’ character and it wasnt just for the camera. I just wish she would move away from that vacuous world she inhabits of champagne and dress up for the cameras. I really hope she comes into her own in her 40s.

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