Tiger Woods – another mountain to climb

Tiger Woods has suffered multiple, serious leg breaks in a car accident when he veered off the road in southern Los Angeles. It’s heart breaking given his struggle to recover from debilitating back trauma in recent years to return to relatively pain-free golfing and win.

  At the moment his Solar Arc Uranus is exactly conjunct his Sagittarius Moon which sits on his IC giving him an emotional shock and disrupting his life as it crosses the foundations of his chart. He’s also got tr Neptune squaring his Midheaven undermining his career, picking up within weeks and running through till late 2022, as well as a knocked-sideways tr Uranus square his Solar Arc Midheaven.

  When he had the car crash in November 2009, as the scandal of his infidelities emerged and broke up his marriage, tr Uranus was exactly square his Moon and IC – so it’s clearly a sensitive point in his chart.

When photographs of his arrest in 2017 for driving under the influence of prescription drugs emerged tr Uranus in Aries was exactly square his 5th house sporting Mercury; and at the moment tr Pluto is conjunct his Mercury on and off for an intense and gloomy two years ahead.

  His Solar Return for this year has Mars in the 8th square Pluto Saturn Jupiter in the 5th which is heavyweight – the police said he was lucky to be alive.

  The other sensitive point in his chart is his Taurus North Node opposition Venus in Scorpio. At the moment tr Mars is exactly conjunct Algol and in opposition to his Sun/Pluto midpoint and on the Venus/Node midpoint, hinting he may be more prone to catastrophes than most.

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – another mountain to climb

  1. So so sad for Tiger. He would be an incredible human being to be able to come back professionally after this. I think he would have been able to play for another decade had this not happened. The great thing is that there is a lot of good feeling towards him from his peers and the public in general and he has earned a good deal of respect by showing that he has changed his ways. If he has the fortitude that I think he has, he will be able to create another career in sport – coaching, sportscaster etc – he has a telegenic personality. I just hope he has a lot of warmth and genuine love from those around him to get him through this torturous time

  2. Wasn’t the December eclipse on his moon?

    His midlife Uranus opp Uranus is just completing. Usually signals time for a life change. Probably the end of his competitive golf career which age was going to do anyway.

    Transiting neptune will be squaring his moon this year. Expect more to come.

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