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Oprah Winfrey never stops. A TV phenomenon, she moved seamlessly from her 25 years of a hit talk show, creating the confession culture along the way, into a media and business entrepreneur overseeing a $2.5 billion empire. From movies to owning a cable channel to weight watchers to an Apple TV+ interview series with celebs and on mental health issues.

  Assuming her birth time of 4.30am is sound, 29 January 1954, Kosciusko, MS, she has been stepping back slightly though not too noticeably since tr Saturn moved below her Ascendant circa 2017 onwards. She’s probably more selective at the moment about what she does and doesn’t do.

  The Meghan Harry interview happened when her Solar Arc Jupiter was conjunct her Pluto giving her a mighty boost – but in general this phase of several years isn’t a peak for her.

  Indeed with tr Pluto square her 10th house Neptune last year and this up to early this December, she’ll be confused and indecisive about ambitions and direction. Pluto is poised on the brink of her 2nd house of finances which usually coincides with a radical overhaul of approaches to money.

  Where she’ll get a considerable shake up is in 2024 when tr Uranus opposes her do-or-die-determined Mars in Scorpio and squares her Pluto – into 2025. She doesn’t budge easily if at all but that will shake her a touch.

  She lives in Montecito beside the Sussexes but the connection was never as easy going at the interview and PR looked. Her relationship with Harry in particular will be undermined going ahead. Oprah’s bulldozer Mars square Pluto clashes with Meghan’s freedom loving 5th house Uranus and Harry’s Taurus Moon. And both Meghan and Harry’s Pluto falls in Oprah’s 10th which has the potential to bring Oprah more influence or damage her reputation.

   Which may or may not be connected to Harry and Meghan trying to row back on their previous inflammatory comments to calm family tensions after the Queen’s funeral. Moves are allegedly afoot to fillet the whinge-and-gripe out of the upcoming scheduled Netflix documentary and his also fast-approaching publication of his nothing-but-the-truth memoirs. If true any such attempts will run headlong into commercial considerations with massive advances having already been paid.  

  Again Harry’s relationship with both Netflix and the CEO Ted Sarandos is the most troubled in the near future and through 2023, extending on into 2024. Meghan seems more unsettled with Netflix in 2024.

  Getting into mega-million dollar business deals takes a hard-head and clear sight about what is being signed up for. A change of mind this far down the road to water down family bombshells which were what made it sellable in the first place is not going to be popular with the money men who care only about ratings.

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  1. We Brits have a Parliamentary democracy, which while not perfect has served us well for centuries. The Americans have an Electoral College which was put into effect from the beginning because the hoi polloi couldn’t be trusted to vote the right way.

    So the 150,000,000 or so so who stood out in the cold and wet for most of the day in November 2016, were duped into thinking their vote counted. Most states voted for Hillary Clinton. Instead the Electoral College voted for Trump.

    Here in the UK, we are due our General Election in May 2024. Though Liz Truss can ask Parliament’s permission for one to be arranged much sooner, and if they agreed it would be arranged.

    Or she could suffer a vote of no confidence, either coming from her own Tory MPs or from the house itself.

    In any case I am somewhat relieved she has decided to wait for the scheduled General Election. But that is my own personal opinion, having found the Rishi vs Liz event extremely tiresome. But not as tiresome as the US Primaries which seem to go on forever. There is a saying about those living in glass houses not throwing stones. Especially when you have no understanding how the system works. Oh by the way, Lyndon Johnson didn’t call for an election after JFKs death as the Presidential Election was only a year away. He probably wouldn’t have had to in any case.

    And I seem to remember a little case of the impeachment that wasn’t, ie Nixon stepping down in favour of the newly made VP Ford. So the idea that American democracy is a sacred cow compared to others doesn’t hold up. At least not for the reasons put forward.

  2. I was always a fan of Oprah. Back in the ‘90s and ‘00s I used to take time out of my day to watch her shows. She managed to break down taboos and get people talking about subjects that matter. I am sure she’s no saint. None of us are. I thought her decision to interview M&H was a mistake but I suspect Megan was insistent that it be her and no one else. I wonder if she now regrets getting involved.
    The problem I have with Megan is that it strikes me that she only ever wanted to play the role of princess and not actually be one. Either she confused the two or she thought she could get away with it. It is very saddening to see how her influence has had such a divisive effect on the RF.

    • At the time of the engagement, I pondered what the meaning of transiting Neptune opposing her Virgo Venus was. I thought it would probably be, falling in love with the idea of being a princess but then feeling disillusioned by the daily details of it.

      Ultimately with her 1st house Sun, 12th house mars and other houses 1-3 placements; it probably comes as a surprise to her that it’s not all about her.

      As an aside, I wonder whether she tried to get Oprah on the podcast

      • I think you’re spot on there GD. Your post prompted me to look at the day Boris Johnson became PM in July 2019 (seems like July 1920!). Neptune squared his Gemini Mercury, Jupiter in Sagittarius opposed it. But Neptune was conjunct his Chiron too. His big dreams of being ‘world king’ hid Chiron’s hidden agenda – and we’ve now seen all that unfold.

        • Three years is a whole pandemic ago!! That Saturn-Pluto conjunction really was a gamechanger.

          Chiron is one of those placements I’ve not read up on enough other than it’s the wound that cannot be healed, but I think which we can heal others with.

          How would you explain transiting Neptune conjunct Boris’ Chiron?

          • GD – not sure how I’d explain it. I generally see Chiron as a catalyst or trigger point first, rather than focusing on the wounded healer idea too much. Chiron was a great and wise teacher in myth. Of course, ‘wounds’ can prompt all manner of behaviour in us all, sometimes very positive. Boris has many psychological wounds, it’s safe to speculate I think – childhood alone is not very stable etc etc. Perhaps one thing here could be ‘be careful what you wish for’ – Neptune in Pisces being full of dreams and fantasies, and Chiron teaches him (maybe) that when his dreams became real he was disappointed? Another layer could be experiencing the ‘dream’ during a global pandemic (very Neptune). He did end up in intensive care with Covid after all, more Pisces, hospital, healing etc. Whatever he learned at that time is buried deeply, who knows what may yet emerge?

          • Thanks Jane. It’s a funny little rock. Think Melanie Reinhart did a book on it, so maybe I need to grab a copy of that.

            Currently about to go through 2nd pass of Chiron return. First one back in the spring. Have noticed it seems to be unlocking an inner confidence/certainty.

          • Melanie R’s book is where the wounded healer interpretation comes from I think. I tend to challenge this idea as the only interpretation – partly because of the myths, and partly because I’ve seen it act as a trigger point in charts by transit, or when transited etc.

            Needless to say, I can’t locate my copy and may have lent it to someone or other. Bad librarian! Because Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, it may act to challenge our ideas or whatever? New lamps for old? It certainly seems to unlock things, as you say. Just what an excellent teacher would do, in fact. The ‘discovery’ chart (ADB) has Mercury conjunct Uranus, in Scorpio. That could certainly unearth things/inspirations/realisations from the depths, or prompt the desire to look more deeply perhaps.

  3. As I recall Harry’s press release, all the proceeds from the sales of his book are going to charity. It’s just another example of the massive lie machine the so-called “royal” family has going with the rags to undermine the couple who are a whole lot more interesting and human than Will and Kate. It’s curious how the Brits know the rags lie but believe them anyway. But it’s also curious how you Brits think you have a democracy when 80K people selected your current PM.

    • All ‘proceeds’, so not the $20m advance that he keeps, or the additional bonus he will take. After that there may not be any proceeds to donate, or will there?

      The languge in the press release was obfuscated as to what ‘proceeds’ actually mean. What it definitely dosen’t mean is that Harry will not make money from his book.

    • Have I got this right. No actual interest in the article itself. Instead the focus is on trash talking the grieving RF, W&K specifically, the press, the British public and Parliamentary democracy. Got it. An H&M supporter.

    • The biggest problem with the H&M versions of PR is that their very public beef is with the entity on whose fame they depend. They and many others are confusing the simplicity of the nouveaux riche celebrity class with a governmental constitutional role that is woven into the very tapestry of British history which goes back centuries. Meghan’s biggest hurdle was that she didn’t want to play a supportive second fiddle role to anyone. IMO, he’s got mummy issues and shes got him by the short hairs.

  4. Thank you Marjorie.
    Oprah’s uranus square pluto is interesting as that is a generational transit and will most likely have political upheavel to it. Astrological transits in 2024/2025 indicate planets shifting into new signs which means a whole new way of living for all of us as One consciousness. I am eager to see what is coming. Hopefully a revolution we desperately need.

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