Obama and Clinton – pointers to the election ++ Biden’s campaign manager

Amidst concern for Biden’s progress towards the election, former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have stepped up to help raise a healthy $25 million for campaign funds. He is running neck and neck with Trump though polls are never much of a guide but there are concerns about his fitness and the damage caused by the Gaza calamity.

    Assuming Obama and Clinton have a vested interest in the result their charts could be a pointer, remembering though that personal issues may be pointed up in the astrology which are tricky to separate out from jubilation/despair at the result.

  Barack Obama, 4 August 1961 7.24pm Honolulu, Hawaii,  on the upside has tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter, exact from November 20th to late December 2024 with his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct both – which looks like a considerable triumph. He looks upbeat in October before the election but will be on high alert over New Year for a few days with the possibility of disasters  and very edgy over the Inauguration itself with tr Uranus opposition his Solar Arc Mars. What is troubling is his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune in effect over the election and Inauguration and exact in February/March 2025 which can suggest devastation, confusion and losses. And his Progressed Moon moves into his troubled 8th house just after the Inauguration to stay throughout the next presidency until early 2028.

 Bill Clinton, 19 August 1946 8.51am Hope, Arizona, has less of cheer with tr Uranus conjunct his Moon now and then square his Sun from this July onwards – though the effects of those may be less political and more personal. The October Solar Eclipse is conjunct his Venus for a potential emotional upset;  with setbacks over early November from tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint; and more negativity over the Inauguration from tr Saturn hitting his Sun/Mars and Sun/Neptune midpoint.

 Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, 23 November 1950 11am New York,  has an extremely mixed bag of influences – ranging from a lucky/successful tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter/Puto midpoint from November 24th to late December; with a disastrous run through January 2025 with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints (at risk and feeling unappreciated) repeating later in 2025. Better luck and success for him picks up from early March 2025 on and off till late 2026 with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.

  Election prediction is always a tap dance through a minefield of conflicting influences. External global factors may be at play in the hints of disaster and major anxiety; or personal health issues. Internal unrest may also loom large if a chunk of the electorate decide they have been short changed. But for what it is worth here it is.

ADD ON: Julia Chavez Rodriguez, 7 April 1978 Delano, California, is Biden’s campaign manager. She has a frustrated, trapped tr Pluto opposition her Mars across the election until November 21st and picks up a lucky, relief-bringing tr Uranus conjunct her Sun/Jupiter from December 21st through till mid March. Which on the face of it could suggest a tight result which ultimately turns out the way she hoped.

14 thoughts on “Obama and Clinton – pointers to the election ++ Biden’s campaign manager

  1. Re: Julia Chavez Rodriguez, 7 April 1978 Delano, California, Biden’s campaign manager…. Sounds like a replay of the 2020 election scenario with presidential race “too early to call “and states doing recounts upon recounts

  2. Marjorie… as far as Schumer is concerned … many forecast that the Dems will likely lose the senate with ramifications for Schumer.The Israel Gaza
    situation will surely take its toll on him

  3. Apparently the U.S independence from Britain was ratified on September 3, 1783. Could you examine a USA chart with a 2:59am birth time for this date and see how well it stacks up Marjorie?

  4. Obama’s reading is the most striking. Which suggests Democrat victory but Jan. 6 the Sequel which could lead to a bigger tragedy as the Trump cult minions realise no GOP victory means he’s properly screwed.
    Bill has too much baggage from the Epstein fallout plus Haiti and Schumer’s time is sketchy. I think Hillary Clinton(justice for 2016), Jill Biden, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney and Rachel Maddow(emotionally invested) would give more clarity than Trump loyalists who have no known birth time.

    • Hmm asteroids have passed me by but I doubt if any are that clear cut. Perhaps you could expand from previous examples of earlier elections?

    • Where are these asteroids listed, Martha? According to an article in the Washington Post about asteroid names, no religious figures, nor politicians (unless dead for at least 100 years) are allowed as official asteroid names.

      “Asteroids that venture within 108 million miles of the sun — close enough to us that they’re designated “near-Earth” — get names based only in mythology, according to the rules of the International Astronomical Union, which also governs the naming of moons, comets and most other objects zipping around in the solar system.

      That negates the unlikely but potentially awkward headlines of an asteroid that was named to honor a real person someday wreaking major havoc on Earth.

      But out in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the rules are more loosey-goosey.” Washington Post, 13 October, 2023

      In the Wild West of the asteroid belt, there are asteroids named for Dolly Parton and Elvis, but no Trump or Biden.

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