Trump’s little helpers – mixed fortunes ahead

On the other side of the electoral aisle, many of Trump’s erstwhile helpers from his previous stint – Mike Pence, John Bolton, William Barr – have said he is not fit to be president. However he has collected a coterie of advisers moving ahead which the FT usefully listed.

   Most don’t have birth times and their astrology could reflect personal circumstances, offers of jobs from whoever wins – or indeed their situation at the time of the election/inauguration in the event of Trump falling out for any reason. Remember also Trump’s fall-out and turnover rate of staff is high.

David Cornstein: has a fair smattering of good luck influences pre-the election and through November and spring 2025.

Susie Wiles: will be devastated from this mid April to late May and February 2025 onwards. Upbeat this August though confused and panicked in November. With hints of good luck across the Inauguration and beyond.

Mike Johnson: Over hopeful running into the election, though cheered up through November and across the Inauguration.

Fred Fleitz: On good form, feels he is winning across the election, upbeat New Year to mid March 2025.

Keith Kellogg: Sagging May to late September; not in good humour through November and generally finding life an uphill struggle and confusing.

Steve Bannon: Stuck through November; gloomy over New Year; a hint of luck from SA Jupiter square his Sun but edgy.

Russell Vought: Pushing confidently ahead late November to end of December; panicked over the Inauguration and discouraged. In better spirits from late February 2025 onwards.

Matthew Whitaker: Calamities in July 2024 and spring 2025; out of sorts through January over the Inauguration.

Robert Lighthizer: a mix of panicky slumps from this September to late November. More buoyant through January with some luck and also irritations across the Inauguration.

John Ratcliffe: Definite no-no through September to late November as he runs into road blocks and disasters.

Ken Hassett: Some upbeat moments and as many downers and insecure-making jolts through this year; with January 2025 looking blocked/pressured as well as lucky.

Jared Kushner: Not winning through September to late November.

   Not sure why I thought this would bring enlightenment. But it gives the other side.

8 thoughts on “Trump’s little helpers – mixed fortunes ahead

  1. The reason his helpers can be helpful is their future prospects and prosperity to a large degree will depend on a Trump victory.

  2. Here is the 2025 USA Inauguration chart. Trump gets money & power as the 2-8 axis
    is activated. Here’s how Trump’s helpers benefit from this chart…..
    Cornstein aspects a benefic (either Jupiter or Venus)
    Wiles aspects a benefic.
    Johnson aspect Trump’s T-square.
    Whitaker aspects Trump by creative quintile All 4 helpers are benefited.
    Here is the Inauguration chart….use magnifier to enlarge.

    • Martha, If you are going to come to sweeping conclusions I would be grateful if you would explain the astrology. I see no way of judging an outcome from the Inauguration chart but maybe you have another approach which it would be helpful to understand.

          • There is this small movement among astrologers and maybe more astrologers amateurs that ascribe certain properties and powers to an asteroid just by its name. So here the reasoning is probably because of all these small space bodies with names of Trump helpers aspect a helpful planet, it should mean good outcome for them and the team they play for. I’m just guessing. It’s as if an asteroid is at first sight hidden, but if you remember to include it in your chart, it will reveal information to you that you need.

            I seem to recall some people using the asteroid Hidalgo in regards to America, and I never really quite got it why and what it meant.

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