Angela Rayner – nothing settled ahead

A kerfuffle about not very much is preoccupying Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, as Tories accuse her of ducking capital gains tax on the sale of a previous house – which if proven would be tax and/or electoral fraud. She said she followed tax advice.

 She was born 28 March 1980 in Stockport, England and left school pregnant at sixteen, before working her way up into politics.  

  Of astro-interest is that her Pluto is catching the conjunction from the April Solar Eclipse which appears to be bringing a different effect to Beyonce’s. Like her as well, Angela Rayner has her midlife crisis tr Uranus opposition Uranus from the middle of this year – which can bring impulsive decisions and upsets. More pointedly she has a Fixed T Square of Venus in Taurus opposition Uranus square Mars in Leo which is being rattled to its foundations as tr Uranus is conjunct her Venus through the middle of this May and again late December to mid March 2025; and tr Uranus also makes an explosive and insecure square to her Mars in July and beyond.

  Her relationship with Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, is under acute and frustrating pressure right now with tr Pluto opposition their composite Mars and that rolls on and off to late 2025.

  None of which look like sailing the pair to a slamdunk victory whenever the election comes.

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  1. Camilla Long in today’s Sunday Times says it best : “If you dish it, you need to be able to take it. You just can’t scream Tory scum” Thanks for the astrology explaining context.

  2. Starmer and Rayner. A “Safe pair of hands” meets the “Ego has landed”. I almost feel sorry for him.

    Aries – imho – only a matter of time before the next in a series of major errors of judgement …and sand is kicked in the face of those left clearing up the mess..
    The capacity for clear, grounded, sober reflection and nuanced thinking is significantly under developed ; putting it charitably. Act now, think later. Lets not confuse assertiveness and pointy-elbowed confidence with competence. Hard working but emotionally brittle and pedantic moon. Im right! Im right! Im right! Almost a childlike self-belief driving the enormous hot-headed need for all-out-action. SunPlutoMars giving you the middle finger. No wonder they like her in these she’ll brook no opposition badass times. She even looks like ripe for a Disney-fying atavar in that picture.
    Aries make better henchmen (and loose cannons) than leaders and the boss will find them more than a handful – a nightmare in fact – Starmer will get trampled underfoot if he’s not careful.
    Chaos reigns supreme…give them enough rope as they say.. lol

  3. Looking at Angela Rayners Chart her Sun appears to be completely alone, without any close planets in conjunction or aspect. Normally Mercury is either in the same sign or in aspect. Her Moon is in aspect with Jupiter, which I suspect was her Grandmother and Mother’s influence in her life, as she has talked about walking to her Grandmother’s often. Given this conjunction is in the 3rd house, they would influence her upbringing. Yet her Sun alone in the 10th house Aries would indicate that there is a kind of single minded about her, perhaps to the point of not be able to work with others? Also a kind of need of being first and going after what is required to make it. She is lucky to be able to find people ( 3rd house Moon/Jupiter conjunction) that will help her. Although Virgo is forensically critical and usually demands a fastidious preciseness. Perhaps Jupiter can overlook this in order to obtain what it wants? With a Sun Aries and a Mar/Node Node conjunction, she may just go for it and step over others to get it. An Aries Sun may indicate men at the top, yet Mars/North Node indicates it is her destiny, not men. She was ambitious enough to get into Politics and go after it. Yikes! Transiting Pluto is trine Rayner’s/Starmer’s Composite Pluto/Lilith conjunction in Libra/ 1st house, opposition Mars in Leo in the 11th house – well good luck with that. A air and fire marriage, either they will avoid each other or pretend they are not there?

    • Bear in mind it’s a noon chart, so unless this is the confirmed birthtime, the house are incorrect.

      Interesting point about her Sun. It does make quincunx to Jupiter and possibly the moon. Certainly the latter if she’s born later in day.

      She also has a tightish yod pointing through the Venus in Taurus with Libra-Pluto and Neptune-Sag. I’m not sure if the Uranus opposition then turns it into a different configuration.

      Depending on orbs she has a wide opposition between the Mercury Pisces and the Jupiter-Moon in Virgo. Throwing in that Sag neptune is trine her Leo Mars/NN and it seems like she has quite a neptunian quality to her.

      Complicated chart the more you look at it.

  4. The rules on electoral registration of primary and second homes are not the same as the legislation about primary residence for CGT purposes. One can legally register on the electoral roll at more than one address though it is illegal to vote in multiple places in Parliamentary elections or Referendums. It is therefore highly unlikely there has been electoral fraud unless there has actually been an attempt to vote twice.

    Whether there is a tax liability is a bit more of a difficult question though it is hardly a secret that a lot of MPs of all parties have multiple residencies and that they exploit this fact to their advantage both to claim Parliamentary expenses and to exploit property sale tax loopholes.

    • That is interesting. Although neighbours were told by her brother that Rayner was his Landlord? Does this make a difference?

  5. While there are some finer details, the main question seems to be whether she was living in her house from 2009-15 (and therefore owes no CGT) or whether she had moved in with the man she eventually married.

    The presence of Uranus opposite Venus in her natal chart could indicate she kept her home as a bolthole to return to if she needed space in the relationship. Neighbours have said she moved out in 2009 but I’ve seen no indication it was rented out during that time. If it had been then it’s clear she should have needed to pay CGT.

    In 2015 when she sold it, transiting Saturn was taking its first look at Sag and a last look at Scorpio. We don’t have an accurate birth time for her but the noon chart has her moon at 3 Virgo. A house move fits with transiting Saturn square the moon. That she became a mother at 16 (1996-97) when transiting Pluto was in early Sag so that would have squared her moon backs that up. Albeit transiting Saturn was also conjunct her sun giving her responsibility.

    I read the tax advice she received was given recently – probably in an effort to tamp this down. It seems to me, there was a grey area between what she did and how it played out and she took advantage of it. Not great but I expect people would – especially if they have Taurus in Venus (loves money) opposite Uranus (creative).

    • Adding a bit of context – She’s around my age group and I know so many people who had an extra residence between 2008-2015 due to the financial crisis and stagnant house sales. This age group couldn’t afford to take the negative equity hit, but also had their lives moving on and couldn’t be stuck. So many accidental landlords especially in this age group – not saying that that’s the case here, but I don’t think the HMRC could cope with the sheer numbers during that period.

      • Approximately a fifth of MPs are commercial landlords according to the register of interests. They are one of the biggest lobby groups in Parliament and are a major reason why the housing reforms needed to protect tenants in the U.K. always struggle to get into law. In that regard Rayner is a relative innocent as it seems at the most she was using her property to provide free accommodation for her brother. The obvious conflict of interests that results from so landlords sitting in the House of Commons needs to be addressed.

      • Isn’t the neighbours saying her brother said he was her landlord, the very definition of hearsay? He may well have said that as a jokey way of avoiding embarrassment at having to live at his sister’s place rent-free or whatever.

        The Rent-A-Room tax scheme allows you to earn up to £7,500 per year and I’d suspect doesn’t then count as having rented out the house.

        Apparently the CGT amounts to about £1,500. I suspect most of Britain would have done the same as Rayner, given the grey area. I seem to recall people dodged Stamp Duty back in the day by claiming some of the price was “fixtures and fittings”.

        I don’t want to give her a complete pass but when you look at how Boris was taking undeclared donations for gold wallpaper and holidays, or the Tory party just gave a knighthood following a £5 million donation – this is small beans. Very reminiscent of trying to get Starmer for a lockdown party when he was working on a local campaign while the Conservatives were having regular rule-breaking parties in Downing Street.

        • Absolutely, the big scandal is not Rayners CGT but that there are so many landlords, most of them Tory, sitting in the House of Commons who are currently watering down the bill to protect renters. It is a massive conflict of interest to have such a group sitting in Parliament.

          • Innocent people cannot sell their Apartments due to cladding. Some are letting to buy a house for family reasons or work. I know very comfortably left of centre politics people, who own a few houses for their pensions. Politics isn’t just the opposites. Rayner’s brother said she was his landlord. The sideline to this is, maybe she let him live there to do the renovations? Obviously not a Gardener though. Some people who do this claim benefits as well. Many who live in a council Houses/flats sublet when they live with a lover. Just in case. There is a whole new underside to Council Housing.

          • You don’t consider the amount of Labour peers, who as I remember well exceed the Tory peers, on the same vein?

          • Linda, I think I’m right in saying there are a lot more Conservative peers the Labour ones, likewise MPs. Thank you Hugh, Tara and Gnarlydude for some balanced comments.

        • Couldn’t agree more. Tories are way behind in the polls and this seems like electioneering aided by the right wing press.
          Have a feeling it’s going to be a very nasty election.
          Would expect there to be skeletons in the cupboard for Tory MPs but strangely enough they don’t seem to be in the news for long..
          Sceptically yours

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