Novak Djokovic – single-minded passion for winning

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, having made history by winning an all-time record of 23 men’s Grand Slam singles titles says he has no intention of retiring yet. He started playing aged four and has not stopped since, moving to Germany as a teenager to continue training and then stepping into 20 years of winning – a record ten Australian Open titles, 94 singles titles, a record 38 Masters titles and is the only man in tennis history to be the reigning champion of the four majors at once across three different surfaces.

  Born 22 May 1987 11.25pm Belgrade, Serbia, his Sun Gemini sits in his sporting 5th house and is sextile a go-ahead Aries Moon, with both inconjunct Pluto in Scorpio.  A focal point Yod Pluto is emotionally intense, enormously powerful, can be manipulative but has obviously been harnessed to channel his obsessive sporting ambitions. His Pluto is also in an ultra-determined trine to a hard-working 6th house Mars in excitable Cancer.

  His Mars is also opposition a 12th house Neptune squaring onto his Moon conjunct North Node. A T Square focal point Moon is both sensitive and defensive emotionally, and well-designed to work in the public eye. His 3rd house Jupiter in upfront Aries and Venus in Taurus make him an amiable and charming communicator. Though he is not an easy personality. Known as mentally tough, his controlling Pluto will hold together his underlying anxieties.

  He may have no wish to retire but with tr Saturn moving through his First Quadrant he will start to ease back and his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Saturn in 2024 (birth time being exactly accurate) may see him revising his plans.  

12 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic – single-minded passion for winning

  1. I like Djokovic when I see him postmatch. He is always very complimentary and gracious towards his opponents, the crowds and so on. Think he is fluent in four languages which is no surprise for a Gemini sun-mercury.

    Obviously his tennis is phenomenal. He has dominated the Australian Open as well as doing very well at the other slams. The only black mark I have against him is the gamesmanship when he is losing a match. The Gemini trickster raising its head and he starts faking injury or taking toilet breaks.

    Interesting that when transiting Saturn moved into Sag in 2015-16 he was at the top of his game. He’d won something like 7 of the last 8 slams and everybody said he was unbeatable. And then it all collapsed and he barely won one for the next 2-3 years. So it’s more than possibility that it could all end unexpectedly.

    Noting he is born the week after Andy Murray, who has been no slouch himself. 3 Slam wins and another 8 finals with 2-6 record against Joker.

    • The herd as in the weight of scientific evidence. Without it hundreds of thousands of more people would be dead

      • I never heard Djokovic argue against the vaccine being necessary for hundreds of thousands of people.

        As I recall, he was miffed at being expected to be vaccinated when he had already caught Covid and recovered from it. There’s no need to put a vaccine in your body when it already has the antibodies present.

        • Yes there is. Vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity and there is more than strain to be taken account of.

      • The herd is how we can abolish an illness, which is why a large number of people need to be vaccinated to establish herd immunity and protect both the vulnerable and against future outbreaks.

        Instead COVID continues to mutate, so we can only hope there won’t be a variant immune to our vaccines and antibodies.
        Refusal to vaccinate against old diseases such as measles has brought them back among the general population.

        Djokovic’s refusal to be vaccinated while insisting that he could go against the rules that apply to everyone, regardless of star athlete status, changed my opinion of him. He could certainly choose not to be vaccinated, esp as an athlete conscious of his body, but he didn’t take proper measures to protect himself, since he did not wear masks, and had contracted COVID.
        Could Mars opposition Neptune explain his particular obsession against the vaccine? Neptune seems to play a role in anti-vaccine attitudes, and likely in the MAGA cult mentality.

        • No it’s that megaton Pluto in Scorpio of his close to his Midheaven. He may be very amiable on the surface with Jupiter Venus in his 3rd but he’s a control-freak who dislikes being told what to do.

  2. Thank you so much! Congratulations to him for achieving all this! Does anybody know what is it in his chart that makes him not such a darling of the media as Federer was and, I think, Nadal much less so?

    • I second you. Although would rather choose Ayrton Senna vs Michael Schumaher. Hardcore fans of a certain tennis player are easily triggered.
      Love astrology ♥

  3. Thank you, Marjorie. An extraordinary and powerful athlete, I love watching him play. Given his passion for alternative medicine, his 6th house Mars in Cancer conjunct BML (he has a gluten intolerance) opposition Neptune in the 12th makes sense, as does the Mercury/Chiron conjunction in Gemini. His 12th is quite active with Uranus and a Neptune/Ceres conjunction in Capricorn just above the horizon- diet/nourishment are a discipline and integrated into his spirituality. He and his wife are also followers of Reiki therapy.

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