Arnold Schwarzenegger – realizing his dream ++ Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, actor, politician is a walking example of what relentless determination can achieve. He says: “If you’re always hungry, you’re never really satisfied. The more someone says that this is impossible, the more excited I get over it.” He’s back having a spotlight moment with a three part biographical Netflix documentary out to coincide with the second series of FUBAR, a high-octane action series about a CIA operative on the verge of retirement asked to do one last job.

He’s a moderate Republican and says if he could stand against Trump he would but an Austrian birth precludes the possibility.

   He was born 30 July 1947 4.10 am Graz, Austria with a police officer, former Nazi father, who was abusive. His Leo Sun conjunct Saturn Pluto describes a harsh, overly-controlled childhood – mirroring that of Bill Clinton, another Sun Leo with Pluto Saturn also in Leo though not conjunct, whose stepfather was abusive.

 Schwarzenegger threw himself into bodybuilding, winning Mr Universe aged 20, which gave him entrée to the USA and he came  to be regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He shifted over to blockbuster action movies and at one point became Governor of California.

  His Leo Sun, Saturn, Pluto are in his financial 2nd so making money would be a main priority. He has Jupiter in Scorpio in his performing 5th house and a restless, uncompromising, excitement-junkie Mars Uranus in his 12th.  Relocating his chart to Los Angeles put his Jupiter in the successful 10th and Mars Uranus in his performing/entertaining 5th which is perfect for action movies. It also puts his Venus, Sun, Saturn, Pluto in his 7th house of close relationships which has led to a complicated love life with several partners and flings.

 What has always struck me as odd is that he only has one Earth planet – a Capricorn Moon in his 6th house. Whereas muscle-flexing Dwayne Johnson has a Moon Jupiter in Capricorn, Sun Taurus and Pluto in Virgo.  Jean Claude van Damme has Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Virgo as well as his Moon. Maybe Schwarzenegger’s singleton, sparsely aspected Moon fits Carl Jung’s theory that what we lack is our gateway to transformation. He was extraordinarily, born with a heart defect which in later life led to open heart surgery and a heart valve replacement.

   On the Los Angeles relocated chart he is moving into a lower profile, less ambitious phase so after this publicity blitz maybe his non-stop-go approach will start to slow down.

Not I would have to confess, an actor I ever warmed to.

ADD ON: He was married to Maria Shriver, niece of JFK, for 35 years until an illegitimate child of his turned up, whose mother had worked in the family home. She is born 6 November 1955 5.12pm Chicago and is a serious and determined, hard-working Sun Saturn in Scorpio in her 6th house; with a packed family-lineage 4th house with a changeable Uranus, comfort-seeking Leo Moon and a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo as well.

  Her Leo Moon would chime with his Leo Sun though her Uranus and his Saturn Pluto in her 4th would complicate the mix. His Jupiter is conjunct her Sun which is positive but her obsessive and defensive Saturn was also conjunct. Her Capricorn Moon falls in his 8th for a deep connection.  So a fair number of pluses and as many minuses. His Venus in Cancer squares her Neptune – overall he might find her overly dutiful and slightly evasive emotionally. And he is certainly controlling.

  Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction though Venus is also conjunct Saturn, which latter can give longevity if not warmth to a match.  But what is most significant is a power-struggling composite Mars Pluto hinting at a relationship where one partner dominated. Their marriage split in 2011 when tr Uranus opposition tr Pluto square tr Saturn was rattling up their relationship chart.

  Maria would be used to full-on men since her father Sargent Shriver, who was the driving force behind the creation of the Peace Corps, was a Scorpio Sun square a high-octane Mars in Leo opposition Uranus. Her relationship with him was not easy either. Oddly enough he died the year her marriage split.

5 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger – realizing his dream ++ Maria Shriver

  1. It’s hard to think of a bigger success story than Arnie. On its own the Capricorn moon would give him that hunger for success but then put it inconjunct Leo Sun-Saturn-Pluto – ouch.

    Having watched a few Youtubes about how he trained, he just worked damn hard and wanted to be perfect. And physically his body was amazing. I was watching one the other day where he said his friend Dave Franco who was naturally gifted would do five sets of squats and leave, Arnie would do 25. He has talked about how his calf muscles needed a lot of attention to achieve they hypertrophy because they just wouldn’t adapt easily – 500 reps or some such.

    I wish he would stop dyeing his hair though! The insecurity still drips through for him.

  2. I wonder what the Maria synastry reveals. I get why he went for an American aristo, but never understood why she went for him. Always guessed sexual validation was the lure.
    Bizarrely, I happened upon a couple pic of their daughter w husband Chris Pratt – and he had a likeness to Arnold that I had never noticed before! Schwarzenegger on Steroids indeed.

    Astonishing his father was a Nazi. And he ascended within an industry of strong Jewish leadership. I suppose that didn’t come out til way later.

  3. He was a big steroid user, although it didn’t seem to have the same effect on him as it did Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlin Jenner

  4. Amateur astrologer here: Mars in Gemini in the 12th explains his duplicitous in his marriage, two relationships going at the same time.

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