Boris Johnson – to be a New Yorker or a Londonite?

Amongst the many irritations which Boris Johnson poses, one is his New York birth place. For astrologers it means a dilemma over whether to use his London relocated chart or his original entry point onto the earth, both for general predictions and for Solar Returns.

  His relocated chart to London does have a 27 degree Virgo Midheaven which tr Neptune is opposing exactly now which sounds spot on; with his Solar Arc Midheaven this year also catching the tr Uranus opposition – career disappointment and confusion and sudden change of direction. As well as undermining circumstances where domestic life is concerned moving ahead.

  Whereas the New York birth chart with a 12 Cancer MC and 9 Virgo SA MC has less going on.

  The London Solar Return has Neptune on the Ascendant undermining his image and bringing an identity crisis of sorts. The Sun on the IC suggests relative seclusion at home;  with challenges where future plans and friendships are concerned with Pluto in the 11th inconjunct the Sun.  Plus a Cancer Moon in the 5th house of children as he welcomes yet another into the Johnson tribe.

  The New York birth chart Solar Return has a domestically trapped Pluto in the 4th, an angry and argumentative 7th house Mars, a restless, secretive and emotionally intense 8th house Venus Uranus, a travelling 9th house Sun and a having-to-be-responsible-for-children 5th house Saturn. Either could make sense. But London looks most descriptive.

 The general rule is the birth chart is the basic template and having to relocate adds another layer of complication and too many charts to juggle with. But it is instructive to see it at work here.

  He certainly is not a happy camper in coming months with his Second Saturn Return in play and tr Saturn dampening down his Mutable T Square. For thoughts on his future see June 11 2023 post and other Johnson posts: 30 May 2023; 15 January 2023; 23 July 2022.

What I had not pointed up is tr Uranus moving into Gemini in 2025 and crossing over his focal point Mars in Gemini – that is explosive and not in a good way, insecure, knocked sideways, provoking rash misjudgements and tr Uranus then continues in the three years thereafter to rattle up the rest of the Mutable T Square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. On the London relocated chart tr Uranus also moves into his 7th house of close relationships and that is the point where tr Uranus is also square his Sun/Moon midpoint – so a problematic phase for marital togetherness.  

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  1. Watching the Commons debate on the Boris Johnson report and it is striking that almost every speaker in the debate is female with only a smattering of male speakers and intervenors.

    Venus is dragging him over the coals.

    • Yes it was quite striking. I notice that Jacob Rees Mogg spoke up for Boris Johnson, but did not vote…..Gemini, N Node 27 Pisces with tr Neptune there. Slippery. Looks like only six or seven voted against the report, ever faithful Nadine Dorries was not amongst them. How I hope this will all now go away, but I still feel uneasy and think there could be more nonsense. Still, he really is Boris no mates now isn’t he?

  2. What I hadn’t realised until now, is that Johnson’s Saturn/South Node Midpoint will have a transiting Pluto in Aquarius conjunction next year. It may be the more surprises/hidden secrets from his past coming out. Saturn can also mean Judgement, perhaps there will be repercussions from his past exploits after all?

  3. My immediate thought is that perhaps Boris should go to Hell (I don’t mean the town in the Cayman Islands!), but I am uncertain how one would do the astrocartography for such a place.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. It’s interesting astrologically, but otherwise this liar, crook and charlatan is getting far more attention than he deserves. He has wrecked the country he was supposed to be leading. He should be in jail.

  5. I wonder if Boris has ever thought of moving to Canada (not that I want to give him ideas). His smarmy Sun-Venus conjunction is conjunct Canada’s Moon and his Jupiter is conjunct Canada’s Pluto. His Neptune his conjunct Canada’s Saturn and his Saturn is conjunct Canada’s Jupiter while his Uranus is conjunct Canada’s Mars. His NY MC is conjunct Canada’s Sun within a few degrees. So lots of connections. Perhaps Britain could pay him to come to Canada and stay here like they did with the ‘remittance men’ at the turn of the 20th century.

    Betelgeuse has been doing strange stuff in the sky since late 2019, first going dim and then super bright, and some astronomers wonder if a supernova is about to occur. I’ve been musing about what this means for Canada since Betelgeuse is conjunct its Moon and now I will wonder about Boris’s Sun-Venus too.

  6. Thank you Marjorie – much to consider. Boris Johnson’s family left the USA when he was five. They seem to have moved around a lot in the UK, and then there’s a phase in Europe – due to Stanley Johnson’s work. I didn’t realise how young his parents were when they had him – mother 22, father 23! Also, that he had childhood problems with deafness (glue ear) and several operations to insert grommets to cure this. Did he ever learn to listen to others?

    I also hadn’t really thought much about Johnson’s natal Sun aligned with potent red star Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice!) in the constellation of Orion, the Mighty Hunter. It may be one astrological indication of his remarkable Teflon qualities. This constellation represented Osiris, the dying and resurrected god of the underworld, to the Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. The fascinating details of how the precessional movements of Orion influenced their religion are related in ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’. Betelgeuse at 28 Gemini and is generally a high energy star of success and honours, but also rashness and changeability. This weekend’s New Moon at 26 Gemini is only two degrees away from Betelgeuse.

    “I fly from you, oh men,
    I am not for the earth.
    I am for the sky.
    I have soared to the sky as a heaven.
    I have kissed the sky as a falcon.
    I am the essence of a god,
    the son of a god.
    Behold the faithful and loving Osiris
    has come as the stars of Orion, the Beautiful One.
    I have come that I may glorify Orion.
    My soul is a star of gold
    and with him
    I will traverse the sky forever.”
    – Pyramid text, as quoted by B. Brady

  7. Marjorie, was amazed to hear your dilemma, it has never occurred to me to change a known place etc so you’re thinking outside the box…..of course the world changes but birth time/remains the anchor of the chart…. Going to see what differences you mention, but he is very what would you say… unstable, though perhaps it’s all smoke and mirrors
    We learn stuff that we didn’t consider previously…. Gripping!

  8. Thank you for this article, Marjorie. I have been interested in astrocartography, as I have moved cities myself and am never sure which chart (natal in city of birth or relocated) to consult and for what.
    Perhaps a longer article exploring that point could be a future topic for you to write on.

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