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  1. Marjorie,

    Can you take a look at Kyriakos Mitsotakis?

    He is supposed to be sworn in, if I’m seeing correctly, at 13:00 today (26 June 2023 in Athens, Greece).

    Thank you so much!

  2. Dear Marjorie,

    Jon Hamm, born 10 March 1971, in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., no birth time, married the 35-year-old Anna Osceola, born on 8 April 1988, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

    Could you look at the pairing?

    Thank you!

  3. I’ve taken a small hiatus from following the war in Ukraine on a daily basis (since the news has been kind of slow these past few days). However, now I’m coming back and I’m reading about some speculation of a coup d’état in the Russian Federation?

    I remember Marjorie mentioning Vladimir Putin being a precarious position over the next 18 months.

    • @Chris Romero, this is nuts. More so now knowing this was not just a move to take out Shoigu, as suspected. At 11 am in Moscow, Wagner has taken over Southern Military District HQ in Rostov and are in Voronezt just 400 miles from Moscow. And the roads there were built for Military.

      • @ Solaia,

        You’re not kidding. I’m following every geopolitical and international relations expert, every newspaper, every think tank, every volunteer, and every private citizen on Twitter and Facebook and it’s lit right now.

        Vladimir Putin looked terrified when he addressed the Russian Federation a few hours ago…and these Wagner mercenaries are already reportedly heading to Moscow. It’s also being reported that many Russian soldiers from the mainstream Russian Military have defected and joined Priozhin.

        I’m not in any way supporting the Wagner Group – these people are perhaps more dangerous and more depraved than the Russian Military. However, I’m excited about the possibility of further infighting in the Russian Federation – the Russians deserve a bit of karma right now.

        On MSNBC, retired U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey was interviewed and he gave his personal analysis of all of this. He’s not sure whether or not Priozhin will succeed in his coup d’état attempt but he does believe this will work to Ukraine’s advantage. With the possibility of things escalating further, Russia needs most of their military back home.

        • @Chris Romero, re. helping Ukraine,
          Rostov is where literally all supplies to Eastern front go through. And, apparently, Russians are bombing the highway to stop Wagner column. They are doing this themselves, military masterminds that they are.

  4. Solaia – I was just looking at some news about this tonight. In November 2022 Marjorie posted:

    “He looks stuck in 2023 and facing a discouraging slog with tr Saturn opposition his Pluto and tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn into 2024.”

    I see Mocow has accused him of mutiny now. Is this a ‘coup’ that is not a ‘coup’? tr Mars in Leo is close to his natal Uranus 22 Leo. His natal Saturn is 29 Capricorn.

    • @Jane, apparent from Putin’s (prerecorded) speech a moment ago, this is a coup. Likely not ending well for Prigozhin, but I think we’ll see some sort of a domino effect.

  5. Looks like there’s a “friendly match” between Russian Forces and Wagner Group developing near Bakhmat, and both Prigozin and Putin’s admin have made their moves. Very sketchy, as of now, but story is Wagner hitting Russian Army headquarters.

  6. Hi Marjorie, I know you have likely looked at it before. The USA is having some problems with its Supreme Court. Looks like Leonard Leo has helped to compromise Alito. USA is mostly a protestant country. The Supreme Court is mostly Catholic, six out of eight Justices Interesting. I know I am not allowed to say it, but I said it. Leonard Leo is Opus Dei.



    I know you cannot find a birth date for Leonard Leo. Maybe we can look at the court again? i Know that I am receiving newsletters that the USA is fast turning into an Oligarchy. This kind of thing at high levels in favor of billionaires is not helping.

    Roughly 48.9% of Americans are Protestants, 23.0% are Catholics, 1.8% are Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

    I cannot worry about what I cannot control, but I don’t see all of this ending well for the common person.

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to take a long into Modi’s official state visit to the United States.

    I thought it was supposed to be sometime in July but I’m reading that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just arrived here in the U.S. and is currently meeting with our President Joe Biden.

    I know President Biden has been eager to strengthen U.S. ties with India to act as a counterweight to China’s growing military influence in East Asia and Oceania.

    Also, the Biden Administration hopes that by the U.S. strengthening ties with India, India may consider loosening its close ties with the Russian Federation (India has long considered the Russian Federation as well as the former Soviet Union to be one of their closest “allies” and one of their best “friends.”)

    Personally, I do not agree with Narendra Modi’s very conservative politics and I’m no fan of India’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (who Modi is affiliated with). However, I understand how imperative it is for the U.S. and other Western nations to push for a better working relationship with India given that India has the fastest growing economy in the Global South and they are a world power. So, I do think the Biden Administration is being very strategic.

    India appears to be the only BRICS nation and the only nation (of any real significance) in the Global South who has been more receptive to Western engagement.

    I’ve been reading that Modi is receiving the Red Carpet treatment in Washington, D.C. I hope it works.

    Anyway, any thoughts or astrological insights you could share about Modi and Biden’s relationship and / or U.S. and India relations would be greatly appreciated. I’m really curious to know what the stars suggest in all of this.

    As always, thank you for allowing us to make requests – I look forward to the daily postings on various topics.

  8. Marjorie, I was wondering if you could do a reading on Jill Dando. It seems to me that her murder is never going to be solved. But I feel that she should still be remembered.

  9. Hello Ms. Orr
    Is it possible to look at the missing submarine called Titan? Apparently the rich people in the submarine wanted to have closeup look at the shipwreck Titanic?

  10. Hi Marjorie
    Something different- Does a Yod in the composite chart indicate or add an addictive quality to the relationship? Intuitive signs says leave it for your own sanity but you keep being pulled back in.

    • Yods in a composite chart can indicate a life-changing relationships which does not mean it is positive – Duke of Windsor/Wallis Simpson, Liz Taylor/Richard Burton, Jackie Kennedy/Onassis – are the examples usually quoted.
      Getting pulled back into a not-good-for-you relationship can also be a heavy Pluto connection.

  11. Breaking News: Federal Police are investigating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for obstruction of justice. If indicted, Trudeau could face up to 10 years in jail.
    Any chance of an update on Trudeau and the political future of Canada?

    • “The RCMP says it is not investigating allegations of political interference in the federal handling of criminal charges against engineering firm SNC-Lavalin.
      In a statement today, the Mounties set the record straight after a recent response to a public interest group’s Access to Information request suggested the Mounties were conducting such a probe.”

  12. Marjorie (and Jane),

    Can I request you to do a post on Penny Mordaunt? For somebody who was given a relatively unimportant cabinet post to keep her out of the public gaze, she has had extraordinary luck in getting the right type of publicity, from the Accession Council (held about four days after her appointment to that role) to the sword carrying at the Coronation to being the only minister who sat on the front bench throughout the 6+ hours of the Privilege Committee report debate earlier today.

    I searched for her on this site and a few lines about her from a post on the Tories (dated 21st October 2022) seem prescient (astrologically accurate).

    “Where she picks up luck and success will be 2024/2025 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter. Her relationship chart with the Tories 1912 hints she could be a driving force for reform; and with the UK looks more hopeful in 2024, though she would attract hostility at the same time.”

    Will she become the Cionservative party leader after the next election?

  13. This has recently appeared on the BBC website today:

    “Conservative activists filmed dancing at a Christmas party during Covid restrictions in 2020 were invited to “jingle and mingle”, according to an invitation seen by the BBC.

    Thirty people were invited to the 14 December event at Conservative party headquarters.”

    A few things are very intriguing astrologically. It was the day of a Solar Eclipse, 23 Sagittarius that very afternoon. The Lunar Eclipse had been 8 Gemini on 30th November. Last Thursday/Friday tr Mercury in Gemini squared Saturn in Pisces at 7 Pisces. This weekend’s New Moon was 26 Gemini. Is it possible to trigger an eclipse point more than two years later? The Moon for the party was 20 Sagittarius at noon, no idea what time the festivities kicked off, but imagine quite early on, after work, and very close to the Eclipse in social, optimistic Sagittarius.

    What’s also especially interesting is the ultra-serious December 2020 Saturn at 29 Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter 28 Capricorn, and Pluto 23 Capricorn. Pluto is now on that “Jingle and Mingle” (eew!) Saturn. It has obviously been there before, so I am not sure what has triggered it now. Anyway, it says ‘secrets’ and ‘control’ applying to Saturn’s rules. And at the final degree, may be particularly intense? Tr Saturn entered Aquarius on 17th December 2020, and Jupiter followed on 19th December. They met up exactly on 21st December at 0 Aquarius, which Pluto has also been triggering until recently. The expand and contract nature of Jupiter and Saturn, along with issues of law and justice, are highlighted here, close to the UK 1801 yod. I am sure there’s more to come.

    • Interesting points as always, Jane. Maybe too long ago for original eclipse to have effect be triggered?? The recent April Solar Eclipse in Aries would have squared the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn of the party chart. Interesting chart in itself for the party. Venus in the 5th. The Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction in the 6th are all square to Neptune….

      Someone has sat on this footage a long time. Would be interesting to see the degrees of their chart.

      • Thank you Xhane. Yes, the April Solar Eclipse is involved here, thanks for pointing that out – very pertinent! The tr Nodes reach 29 Aries on 17th July. Days later the Sun at 29 Cancer opposes Pluto, and is squaring onto the 29 Aries/Libra Nodes for a crunchy Grand Cardinal Cross at that degree. Something to look out for I think anyway. Christmas 2020 could be in the spotlight then, amongst other things.

        I found a birthdate for Shaun Bailey of 30 May, 1971. Sun, 7 Gemini, so Saturn is squaring it now and it would have been sensitised by the Lunar Eclipse in November 2020. Also Pluto 28 Virgo, and his mid-range fixed Mercury, Venus (Taurus) and Mars (Aquarius) hit by May’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

        I agree about someone sitting on this footage for years. Did the person filming send it to any friends I wonder? You know how things whizz round on social media and may end up anywhere. Someone in a slightly intoxicated party mood that night might have sent the footage onwards. Someone dislikes Shaun Bailey a lot, but do they have a wider agenda?

        I have read some astrologers saying that an eclipse point can be triggered for some years. I have never tested this, and would love to know what anyone thinks or has seen themselves.

        • Cannot resist adding this from Marjorie’s prescient post on the Tories in September, 2021:

          “But 2023 is the significant juncture when it could be derailed when tr Uranus is conjunct the Taurus Sun, followed by tr Uranus conjunct the Saturn at the same time as tr Neptune in an undermining square to Pluto’s power point.”

          I notice that Tory Party Pluto is 27 Gemini, and their Black Moon Lilith is 28 Capricorn.

  14. Thanks for reminding me of Larry the Cat, Nicole! A wise and observant feline indeed. Thing is, we can all recall that Christmas and its many limitations and tiny social gatherings of, I think, no more than six people who had to be in your personal ‘bubble’. Visiting anyone who was in hospital or anything like that was impossible, funerals were minute and simply awful, weddings were mostly being cancelled. Those who lost somebody very close to them – particularly to Covid – must be so deeply hurt and probably very angry. Apart from anything else, it suggests that the ‘rules’ were pointless. That may or may not be true, but it gives the impression that we were all fools for complying.

    On a frivolous note – the dancing man should be fined for wearing that simply dreadful jumper.

    • @Jane, though I now live in California I really grew up in London as a student and still try to follow what’s happening in Britain. Larry the Cat is one of the most astute observers of contemporary British politics. While we certainly experienced our trauma here during Covid, especially with the extreme mismanagement of the politicized and incomplete Trump administration, we had more sensible, science -based management in some, mostly blue, states like California, especially in Democratic -run regions. I can totally identify with the anguish of Larry’s followers in England.

      Thanks for the astrological markers! Very much an ignorant learner here.

  15. Hi Marjorie, as a frivolous ask, I read that Kylie Minogue is close to the top of the charts again, making her record breaking (I think) in having big hits across 5 decades. She seems to have a cross generational appeal yet keeps herself away from the limelight much of the time. I would be interested to see her chart. Thank you!

  16. For pop culture, Djokovic would be great to read about. Curious about his few years ahead with life and tennis.

    Oddly, can you do a take on Kourtney Kardashian? (Just announced a pregnancy) Her family is still in the news and wondering if thats ever going to end. Can you see astrologically?

  17. The Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary has just been released on Netflix. Incredible life story and tough childhood.

    Also Harry and Meghan’s Spotify deal ending with the Spotify boss speaking out against them.

    Would appreciate your take on either of these, though I understand if you are tired of H&M. You have already mentioned difficulties ahead for them.

  18. Do you have any thoughts on VOC moons? Do you consider it within your practice?

    I just wonder because I noticed last week when Pluto retro’ed back into Capricorn, we ended up with a 25sec VOC moon as it exited Pisces into Aries!! Generally they majority are going to be only a few hours for the rest of the year.

    • Hi GD, I do check moon VOC when making purchases or decisions. My experience is that stuff bought during VOC does not live up to expectations, projects started run aground and decisions taken tend to be flawed. A VOC of less than a minute is not going to have much impact. It’s just a moment for reflection. It’s when the VOC extends over more than a day that I find it useful to bide my time. On this site I notice that people rarely comment during a VOC. So it does work but mostly at the micro level, I think. At the macro level it doesn’t appear to have a huge effect except that things don’t turn out quite in the way expected. But I am not anything like as adept in astrology as most of the commentators here. This is just my personal observation.

      • Thanks SuHu – the phrase I always associate with VOC moon is “nothing will come of this”.

        While typically anything done during a VOC doesn’t get furthered, I’ve also read you can use this to your advantage i.e. say you have to send your tax return, doing it during the VOC moon mean there is no follow up from them.

        By inverse, the upcoming short VOCs mean everything matters and there is no downtime.

        • Hi Marjorie – I wonder if you would look at Ben Roberts Smith? He is an Australian war hero from the war on Afghanistan who sued for defamation over charges of what may amount to war crimes and lost. Thank you and your many contributors! Sarah W

      • Hi, SuHu! That is so interesting!

        Two questions for you:

        1. What do you think of starting working at a company during the void-of-course Moon?

        2. What do you think of purchases made during Mercury retrograde? Are they advisable or not? I think I’ve encountered both opinions.

        • @Felipe: to answer your questions. I would avoid starting work for a new employer while Moon is VOC. I have seen it with a colleague of my husband’s who was brought in by the management to reorganise but once installed found his every move to improve the organisation blocked by the very management who had employed him to “sort out the mess”. He left after two years and indeed nothing had come of his efforts. He remained cheerful despite it all.
          Mercury retrograde: I would avoid buying a new computer or booking a long distance trip but for the most part anything routine will proceed as normal. It’s best just to roll with it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. But it is a great time to review, reorganise, redo, whatever. I probably would avoid signing any contracts because Mercury retrograde generally means something still has to be revealed. But it is a really good time to start asking questions, you may not get answers right away, but it gets people thinking. I am no expert however, an armchair astrologer. I have read extensively but don’t have the advanced knowledge you see on this forum. This is a great place to learn.

          • Thank you so much! Your answers mean a lot to me. And I can tell you that what you describe about the VOC Moon and workplace goings-on really rings true. You give me hope that VOC Moon can end up in an exit from the company. I feared that even that part meant nothing goes on in that regard.

            I remember a woman on the Astro.com forum mentioning buying tech stuff on Mercury retrograde, and always found it odd, but never got a chance to ask her about it. At least that’s what I seem to remember she saying.

            I think I’ve also encountered an example of people finding employment on Mercury retrograde, only to, I’m driven to say “of course”, leave that job (in these cases for better ones), and pretty soon. Maybe in a year or so.

  19. Hi, Marjorie!

    Can you take a look at the Spanish House of Bourbon?

    The last Spanish Habsburg, Charles II of Spain, died on 1 November 1700, at the Royal Alcazar of Madrid, Spain. This is when Philip V of Spain became the first monarch of the Spanish Bourbons. Philip was, however, proclaimed King of Spain on 16 November 1700, in Versailles, France.

    Perhaps Hugh might say which date might fit better.

    The 16 November 1700 chart is particular because it has Moon conjunct Mars at 0° Aquarius – if the hour of the chart is 12:00. It also has the ascendant at 28° Capricorn, and Jupiter, at 27° Capricorn, conjoins it.

    I don’t know how appropriate it would be, but I would be interested in hearing how do you see what is happening to Felipe VI and Letizia – he seems to me to have aged a lot since ascending to the throne, pallid, kind of scared, whereas she also appears too serious and maybe joyless when I see some of her photos in public.

    What next for Spain, which will have the next parliamentary elections on 23 July 2023?

    I was always also interested in the personalities and what the future holds for now the greatest three tennis players, Đoković, Federer, and Nadal.

    And I’d be interested in what will Neptune in Aries bring, especially in the world of deception, hoaxes, and shams? What will happen to the so-called Law of Attraction and will meditation and mindfulness turn out the be perhaps even detrimental?

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