Northern Ireland – lurching from one crisis to the next

A disastrous security breach has left 10,000 police officers in Northern Ireland fearing for their lives after a ‘monumental blunder’ published their names on the internet. The list included intelligence, undercover, counter-terrorism and surveillance officers as well as MI5 who could be targeted by paramilitaries. Working for the police remains so sensitive many have never told family or friends and regularly check under their cars for explosive devices despite the “Troubles” having ended 25 years ago. An officer has already been shot and seriously wounded earlier this year.

  The Good Friday Agreement which brought an uneasy end to  conflict was signed 10 April 1998 5pm Belfast and has been labouring through tough times in the recent five years with tr Pluto square the Sun, Saturn and Mars which extends on to the end of this year. Then tr Pluto will conjunct the Neptune in 2024/25 for confusion and losses.

 Northern Ireland itself is politically logjammed despite the recent Brexit  adjustment. And assuming the start date/time of 7 December 1922 3.28pm Belfast is accurate, it is poised at a particularly difficult transition point. Not only is the Solar Arc Saturn exactly conjunct the Midheaven, tr Pluto is also conjunct SA Saturn and the Midheaven. Tr Pluto starting to move through the 10th does suggest the need for a significant and radical rethink about the path ahead. The answers may not come quickly, indeed it usually takes years before a meaningful path is found. Pluto Saturn this year and next won’t make it easier – a discouraging slog which could include violence, especially in 2024 when tr Uranus squares the Mars after mid year into 2025.

  Earlier this year the NI Solar Arc Sun was conjunct the South Node threatening to pull Northern Ireland back into the past. But that influence is now waning.

 The Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) was formed on 4 November 2001, to replace the Royal Ulster Constabulary, 1 June 1922.

  Both charts have a tough, gritty Saturn Pluto hard aspect as does the Northern Ireland chart.  The RUC was Sun Gemini square Uranus, and trine Jupiter Saturn North Node in Libra with a yod of Neptune sextile Jupiter inconjunct a wilful Uranus. Not easily held under control.

  The PSNI is Sun Scorpio square Uranus and Mars Neptune in Aquarius with the tenacious, unsentimental Saturn opposition Pluto. The recent Lunar Eclipse caught the Scorpio Sun as this crisis blows up. And tr Uranus is square the Uranus this year into early 2024 for a bumpy ride.

  What a strain to live under – not even being able to tell your family what you do for a living.

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