Northern Ireland – difficult decisions ahead

Sinn Fein, once the political wing of the IRA, is on course for a historic victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly election – the first time a party wanting a united Ireland has won the elections for the executive. The result could plunge the power-sharing deal into uncertainty, with the DUP warning that it may not agree to power-sharing in Stormont, and complicate talks on post-Brexit trade checks.

  Both the partition 3 May 2021 chart and the Northern Ireland 7 December 1922 chart are indicating a radical shift in direction under pressure over the next three years; with the Midheaven on the 1922 and Solar Arc MC on the 1921 both being in late Capricorn which will be transformed – with difficulty – with a transiting Pluto conjunction running. Both charts also have Mars at 27 degree Fixed so will catch the tr Uranus hard aspect in 2024 for aggravation, outbursts and perhaps violence.

  It would not be an easy decision with the RC versus Protestant blood feuds of the Troubles still raw. Though it would make economic sense given the pig’s breakfast that Boris et al left behind after Brexit, having forgotten or blithely ignored the Northern Ireland/EU border.

   Neither the 1921 or the 1922 chart sits comfortably with the Republic of Ireland 1949 chart – it would be an uneasy mix. Both show high levels of doubt and suspicion, aggravation and sharp differences of outlook.

  What does stick in mind is the UK 1801 chart’s 11th house Saturn in Leo which rules the legislature and is due for a Uranian shock and jolt in 2023/24. It would be too soon for a unification referendum splitting North Ireland away from the UK but it might be stimulating a heated debate. And it kicks off as the road-blocked Solar Arc Pluto squares the UK Sun in about six months. So the UK may look less of an attractive partner.

  The Republic 1949 chart shows 20023/24 as confident, successful go-ahead years with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter though with considerable pressure for change as well from tr Pluto square the Aries Sun Venus in 2022/23.

  The Sinn Fein chart, 26 November 1905, also looks upbeat in 2023/24 with tr Pluto trine the Jupiter.

  Michelle O’Neill, poised to become First Minister if all goes to plan, 10 January 1977 is a Sun Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus trine a Virgo Moon with an ultra-determined Mars in Capricorn square Pluto. She was born into a prominent republican family at the height of the Troubles. Her father was an IRA prisoner, an uncle raised funds for the IRA in the US. Two of her cousins, IRA members, were shot by security forces, one fatally. She was formerly Mayor of Dungannon and more recently Deputy First Minister.

  She looks upbeat now and through 2023. Not surprisingly she’s at odds with the UK, wanting to be free and will be in a constant tussle for the upper hand with relations deteriorating over the next three years.

  She’s a difficult mix with Northern Ireland as well with her Mars opposition the 1922 Pluto, her elusive Neptune conjunct the Sun; and her Pluto conjunct the Saturn. Neither side will give way easily.

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  1. Some years ago I was told that the Irish government had a great fear of what would happen if NI actually became with them one nation. Evidently it was financial. They perceived the welfare bill, pensions etc., etc., as being too crippling. I don’t have that worry, for Eire, though I think the alimony that the UK might pay would bring tears to our eyes.

  2. A few years ago, I had a friend in Northern Ireland who liked to post updates on how dismayed she was about Stormont being out of session for years. We’ve since drifted out of touch, and I’ve seen very little coverage in news here about it restarting.

    “It would not be an easy decision” – ” a lot more complicated” – “history is turbulent for centuries” – This has always been my impression. Some of which in turn became very important to the US absorbing much of the Irish diaspora, including the enormous heights of JFK’s clan.

    How tragic that the entire beautiful island, with such a rich history and culture, is not prosperous and peaceful throughout, including across any partitions that the people might like to retain.

  3. It perhaps should be noted that Sinn Fein’s share of the popular vote did not actually increase much from 2017 being up only 1.1%. What helped was the three way split of votes amongst the hopelessly divided Unionist parties which with the way the electoral system worked doomed them to failure. Protestants in the North are particularly ill served by their antediluvian politicians.

    With regard to reunification I think Irish politics is a lot more complicated than most outsiders blithely assume. The people of Eire and their government obviously have as much say about that process as those in Ulster. It will be fraught with political and economic costs and risks.Moreover, if it happens you may find ironically it is the arrival of a Protestant voting block will have a bigger impact on politics in the South as the established parties Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will be keen to woo them as they see Sinn Fein as a political threat to themselves.

  4. A very interesting time. Personally rooting for an unified Ireland, that long-suffering nation, that it be finally freed from Britain’s yoke. In that sense, maybe Johnson can be thanked for ‘facilitating’ a process that may have taken much much longer; which goes to show one never knows who the agents of change might be in the grand scheme of the world, and often the results are the opposite of their intentions.

  5. There’s another chart that might be worth looking at. It’s for the Proclamation of Independence for the whole of Ireland on 24th April, 1916, Dublin (Book of World Horoscopes). Eventually this was passed with an alteration excluding Ulster, after the First World War. However, the proclamation is important I think because it was inclusive, at the time. Irish history ties my mind in knots!

    What I noticed was it’s 28 Capricorn Moon (the people), with transiting Pluto conjunct this past week. And there’s the solar arc Saturn at the MC at 28 Capricorn in the 1922 chart Marjorie posts here. Saturn representing history here?
    The Proclamation chart has Mercury at 14 Taurus, with transiting Uranus conjunct this week for a mind-meld revolution. And it’s Mars/Uranus opposition in 16 Leo opposite 19 Aquarius Uranus is in line for more Uranus activation by transit, plus Saturn’s transit in Aquarius as well. The Saturn for the Proclamation is 11 Cancer, so opposes the UK Sun, and maybe the UK ‘leadership’ as well.

    I am less certain about Scotland, as are friends there who seem to be divided on its future. I find it difficult to understand the financial arguments.

  6. Focusing on the ‘Red wall’, tories have lost the rest of the country. The biggest take from these elections is how divided UK is now. Johnson’s UKIP tories are reduced to a party of England.
    It would take a very strong leader to unify the country after this. Johnson is definitely not one.

  7. Thank you Marjorie for looking at this. For all Cameron’s faults. He said voting for Brexit would trigger a Northern Ireland problem. Johnson’s attitude towards Northern Ireland was careless. The would be Churchill will end up being the PM without a Northern Ireland portfolio. It will also encourage Scotland.

    • I put this on another strand – I don’t think the economic argument for Scotland leaving would stand up. Northern Ireland would probably benefit. It would cost Scotland gzillions and a long wait before they were even considered for the EU since they don’t meet the financial criteria.

      • Scotland is the second wealthiest part of the UK and wolf sufficient in energy and water.
        Plenty of other similar sized countries manage perfectly well without Westminster (mis)managing the economy . Taxes may have to rise but we are already very highly taxed as part of the UK.

        EU leaders have already said Scotland would meet most of the criteria. Countries do not immediately have to accept the EURO to join but to join it at a later date.

  8. My old history teacher John Eyre said back in 1977, during the height of The Troubles – “The IRA have won.”

    This was a very controversial and unpopular viewpoint at the time, but it would appear that he has been vindicated.

  9. Thanks Marjorie. Irish history is turbulent for centuries, way back as far as the Romans at least. I think a united Ireland will happen eventually. There’s a pivotal moment in Irish history (one of many, but still) on 4th September 1607 – the Flight of the Earls.

    “The Flight of the Earls took place in September 1607, when Hugh O’Neill, 2nd Earl of Tyrone, and Rory O’Donnell, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, and about ninety followers, left Ulster in Ireland for mainland Europe. Their permanent exile was a watershed event in Irish history, symbolising the end of the old Gaelic order.” Wiki

    What’s interesting about this, astrologically, is that Pluto had just entered Taurus and was at 0 degrees on that day. The Saturn at 12 Capricorn is close to the Part of Fortune for 7th December, 1922; the UK Sun at 10 Capricorn; Michelle O’Neill’s Mercury 10 Capricorn, and Mars 7 Capricorn. Uranus was 4 degrees Gemini. With Pluto poised to enter Aquarius and squaring that Pluto, plus all the other upcoming shifts, I think this time the prospect of a united independent Ireland may finally be a realistic one.

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