Nikki Haley – a long odds shot at the White House

Nikki Haley is the first Republican out of the starting block, bidding for the party nomination in 2024. A former South Carolina governor, she became ambassador to the UN under Trump and was one of the few to emerge untainted from his administration. After the storming of the US Capitol by mobs of Trump supporters she criticised the then president, saying he had “let us down” and “lost any sort of political viability”. Months later she said she wouldn’t run if he did and now she has flipped again.

  The polls hint that the majority of GOP voters are ready to move on from Trump, believing he is too focused on the past rather than the future. On a hypothetical 10-way ballot, DeSantis led with 39 per cent, Trump on 28 per cent, Pence on 9 per cent, and Haley and Liz Cheney on 4 per cent each. For what it is worth, polls being notoriously iffy even near the due date.

  Born 20 January 197, Lansing, MI, the daughter of Indian Sikh immigrant parents, Nikki Haley married an American National Guardsman and converted to Christianity. She has a (probably) Capricorn Sun (or zero Aquarius) conjunct an Aquarius North Node and trine a steady, practical Saturn also in final degree Taurus. Her Mars in go-ahead Aries is in an excitable opposition to Uranus square Mercury in Capricorn so she will be outspoken.  Plus an enthusiastic Jupiter in Sagittarius in a confident square to Pluto, maybe square a Pisces Moon.

  It’ll be an uphill struggle for the next two years with tr Pluto conjunct her Sun and trine her Saturn; plus a disappointing tr Neptune square her Jupiter from this April into early 2024.

  She’ll have a few lucky breaks this year but more sinkers in 2024 – and tr Pluto will be sitting exactly on her Sun and trine her Saturn over the election itself which does not look too uplifting.

  She made the announcement at (I think) 6.48am this morning which gives a sombre Sun Saturn conjunction and a well-meant but vague Venus Neptune.  She’s likely to be up against a fair range of wannabes. Never say never and nothing is rock solid certain but looks unlikely.    

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  1. I just notice that on Election Day, transiting Venus is conjunct her Jupiter which is pretty favorable and may indicate a garnering of the women’s vote. This is in addition to Pluto on her Sun activating her Sun-Saturn-Pluto trine. On Inauguration Day transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto, adding to the activation of her Grand Trine. It would be interesting to look at how her chart compares with the DeSantis, Trump and Biden charts for Election Day.

  2. (This is not astrology, but I heard that Trump will cast her and other Republican candidates as warmongers and hawks, while bragging that he was the only president not to get us into war, and use that strategy to win the Republican nomination.)

    • @Jackie, she represents a party that consistently wants to deny women control over our own bodies, opposes education about past and current racism, bans books and opposes most immigration.

    • @Jackie, believe or not, in countries where true Gender Equality exists, we don’t need to defend spineless political creatures just because they identify as she/her. This is the lady who told Glenn Beck Confederate flag represented “service, sacrifice and heritage” in South Carolina before some mass shooters “hijacked” it. I, for one, usually draw line in my voting decisions on not supporting any slave labor labor apologist, and have, in the past, drawn line to not voting our 1st female President for second term due to her problematic relationship to Soviet Union in the 1970’s (1st term second round, yes, but the opponent then went to become a Sperbank and Nord Stream II lobbyist).

  3. And hardly “untainted”. Her addressing the UN like an out-of-control schoolmarm, waving her index finger and saying she would be “taking names”, was a major embarrassment. She did this “her own self” too.

  4. I tend to think Nikki is a Capricorn Sun, too, not just because statistic probability – l have a school friend who used to be a midwife at a very busy hospital, and she confirmed two astro “myths”, namely Full Moon surge and natural births happening mainly between Midnight and Noon (this was actually why she “retired” when she had her second child) -, but because she would literally renounce her family for her ambition. This is VERY Critical Degree Capricorn. Having, at it’s worse, malleable Piscean Moon doesn’t help.

  5. Here’s my speculative chart for Nikki Haley….pointed chin gives Virgo rising, Moon at the Aries Point,
    Pallas, politics, elevated, Kronos-Saturn at the MH gives dreams, Neptune, of administration.
    And she knows astrology folks….she set her bid chart so that bid Sun at 25Aquarius is exactly conjunct
    the USA Scorpio rising chart’s Moon at 25Aquarius, representing the public voters.
    Her USA Sibling rising chart has Moon at 23Aquarius27, so again, a conjunction to her bid Sun.

    • Wow. Thank you.

      Nikki has been good for South Carolina. South Carolina is an old south state, and she is a woman of color in a leadership position, so times have changed. I know I think they brought Volvo in under her watch. BMW is in Greenville. People need jobs. Still ranks low in education, but coming along. I lived there in 7th and 8th grade at a Military Base.

      The Koch Brothers have come out against Trump which is a big deal.

      I am a Centrist – and have loved Biden. I know not everyone does. My thing is don’t break our government for personal gain. Don’t forget, the largest voting block is Independents at 40%. They do not want crazy. That is why I get upset when it is said 60% of Democrats want Biden to leave. What is that really? That is 25% of the population and 60% of that. 12%? The articles make it sound monolithic which is not. The Independents Brought Biden into power. I wonder what they think.

      The other thing about South Carolina is Representative Clyburn, who is very honorable, Black, and delivered the Black Vote to Biden.

      i have never seen a blue triangle like that on a chart for a announcement. That is so amazing.

      Don’t count anyone out yet. I think change is afoot with Saturn moving to Pisces (Pisces moon anyone?) and Pluto moving to Aquarius.

      Wishing all on the site well.

  6. From the NYT’S,

    “By 2021, Ms. Haley was openly embracing her inner MAGA with comments like, “Thank goodness for Donald Trump or we never would have gotten Kamala Harris to the border.” In one sentence, she managed to attack women and immigrants while praising the man she had vowed never to stop fighting. She had gone from saying “I have to tell you, Donald Trump is everything I taught my children not to do in kindergarten” to “I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump.”

  7. She has a formidable Grand Trine: Sun-Saturn-Pluto and when transiting Pluto conjuncts her Sun over the election it will also trine her Saturn and Pluto. Given that her natal Pluto seems to be well aspected with Sun and Saturn wouldn’t transiting Pluto supercharge her Grand Trine?

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