Niger – a turbulent political history

Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, has had yet another military coup to add to its turbulent and constantly changing political history since taking independence from the French on 3 August 1960. The largest landlocked country in Africa, it exports uranium, but faces challenges to development due to its position, desert terrain, low literacy rate, jihadist insurgencies and the world’s highest fertility rates. Prigozhin’s Wagner Group has been active within its borders and welcomed the coup, though the Kremlin expressed concern.

  Niger is the second largest supplier of natural uranium to the EU, which is needed to fuel its nuclear power reactors. An EU spokesman said the bloc had enough uranium inventories for three years in the event of Niger cutting off supplies. In that time they could diversify to production sites in Canada, Australia and Namibia and elsewhere.

 The Niger independence chart does suggest a fairly cataclysmic year with a raft of challenging influences. Tr Pluto is trine the Mars with tr Saturn opposition the Pluto and square Mars. There is a confused/devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune this year as well. And a rebellious tr Uranus square Uranus and Venus.  Tr Pluto is also just starting to move across the 10th house hinting that a dictatorial government is more than likely for the decade plus ahead.

  Despite being a former French colony there were until recently ties to their colonial overlords, having a currency that was pegged to the euro and they banked half of their foreign exchange reserves with the French Treasury. In 2020 French National Assembly agreed to end French engagement, including the foreign reserve deposit requirements.

  The relationship chart between Niger and France looks set to be on an exceptionally bumpy road ahead with a separating tr Saturn conjunct the composite Saturn and opposition Sun this year. Plus a run of explosive, disruptive Uranus transits to the composite Uranus, Mercury this year and Mars square Jupiter Pluto in 2025.

 Prigozhin’s relationship chart with Niger looks well-stitched together.

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  1. This astrological analysis really appears to br manifesting.

    I had been reading that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which is made up of 15 members (Senegal, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Benin) had given the coup in Niger (which has recently been suspended from the union) a week to step down and restore President Mohamed Bazoum and his government. Otherwise, Niger risked facing military intervention from neighboring Nigeria.

    The deadline for ultimatum expires today (Sunday, August 06) and the coup remains as defiant as ever. And ECOWAS has yet to carry out their threat.

    From what I gather, ECOWAS is a loose conglomeration that rarely shows any signs of cohesion on matters. In fact, 4 member states of ECOWAS (Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and now Niger) have already been suspended for political reasons.

    Nigeria and Senegal appear to be the only ECOWAS nations willing to engage in a military intervention in Niger. However, the Nigerian Senate recently urged their President not to take their country to war.

    Other than the international community issuing sanctions against Niger, Canada ending all aid to Niger, and Nigeria cutting off most of Niger’s electricity, it makes unclear if ECOWAS or the West will do much more to oppose the coup d’état.

    This leads me to think that the astrology’s suggestion that Niger could be destined to be ruled by an authoritarian regime for years to come will likely manifest.

    An article from The Wall Street Journal emphasized how Niger’s coup d’état will have a massive impact on the Western World. For example, the U.S. has a few done bases in Niger which will now likely used by Russia’s Wagner Group, Europe and the rest of the West will no longer be supplied with Niger’s Uranium, and all joint efforts between Niger and the West to combat fundamentalist Islamic insurgencies in the Sahel will come to an end. In other words: this isn’t just Africa’s problem; it’s the world’s problem.

    • Chris, Read the above – there is no problem about Uranium. There are stocks in reserve. Niger just lose the market and EU etc acquire elsewhere.

      • Marjorie, I read it. I know about the reserves and I also Canada is the world’s second largest producer of uranium and Australia is the world’s third – both nations are geopolitically stable, so I’m sure the European Union will be able to depend on them if needed. I’m not as confident about Namibia though.

        It’s still a bit concerning that a massive wedge is being drawn between the Global North and the Global South – it could have serious ramifications on the global economy and natural resources in the near future.

  2. According to various news sources, it’s being reported that Nigeria is planning to shut down the coup in Niger. They’ve started by cutting off electricity they provide to the nation.

    What does the astrology suggest regarding Nigeria’s involvement in all of this? Niger has one of the strongest economies in contiguous Africa with a population of more than 230 million. I imagine if Nigeria could has a fairly powerful military as well.

    • I’m no expert but I have a sense that certain African countries are uncomfortable about having military coups topple democratically elected leaders. Those who support the coup from other African countries appear to be military autocrats themselves

      • Article 187 of Mali’s newest constitution, passed just a couple of months ago, the outcome of its last military coup, forbids any future military coups or putsch in Mali.

        But the coup leaders of Mali, who passed that provision, declared support for Niger’s coup.

        Some people have a sublime sense of humour.

  3. Niger has Mars in Gemini in its First house. Pluto is transiting its 10th house and has been for the last few years. Pluto will renter Aquarius next year. Which is not a good sign for the country. As its Solar Arc Chart has Mars in Leo in its fourth house, its home, which Pluto will oppose throughout next year, along with its Natal Mars being activated by transiting Pluto as well. Turbulent times. I can’t help feeling Pluto in Aquarius will challenge groups/ countries before healing the rifts within them. Interestingly in the Greek Myths Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is associated with Heaven, the higher intelligence. Perhaps Pluto is causing so much unease in order for us to forge new attitudes? As it stands to reason for those of us who are intrigued or follow our Solar system’s energy, feel change is coming. Perhaps Astrology cannot be without recognition there is something more powerful than mankind at work.

  4. Marjorie,

    Thank you for writing about this. It’s horrifying that much of the Sahel region in Africa has become a massive treasure trove for Russia’s notorious Wagner Group. Niger appears to be the latest victim.

    I’ve been researching the Wagner Group’s connection to Africa for a over 8 months now. The more information I come across, the more disturbed I become.

    For example, I read an essay published in a human rights magazine back in February at my local library about women from a small village in Mali sharing their tragic stories of how they survived Wagner mercenary violence in their community.

    The Malian women interviewed for the piece described for a group of heavily armed “white men” (Russian men) showed up in their village accompanied by Malian soldiers. They said they were there looking for Islamic militants…but the villagers said there were no such “militants” in their community. What the women went on to describe was absolutely horrific.

    The women said they witnessed the males in their village being beaten, screamed at, and murdered by the Wagner mercenaries. The women said some of the “white men” raped some of the teenage girls and young women in their village while the Malian soldiers just stood by and casually watched.

    Then, a few months ago, MSNBC aired a segment about the Wagner Group’s presence in the Central African Republic. There was a massacre that took place in February 2021 (just one year about the Ukraine invasion) at a mosque in a mining community near the border with Cameroon. It’s estimated that the Wagner Group murdered over 100 people in the mosque. One woman (who concealed her identity) was interviewed in the segment. She watched her husband get murdered by a group of Russian men because he refused to leave his property when they ordered him to (the Wagner mercenaries wanted the locals to evacuate so they could mine the property for gold). The woman said she is now raising her children alone with no money or means of support.

    Anyway, these stories were very difficult to read….but it is extremely important that the world hear the voices of those who’ve been impacted by the Wagner Group. I’m disappointed that the astrology suggests a close relationship between Prigozhin and Niger – I imagine this will lead to many more human rights abuses and crimes against humanity for that nation.

  5. It’s an absolute tragedy that in the 21st Century when the world is coping with extremes of weather, that this can be happening to a very poor country.

    Just an observation regarding Pluto: I have Pluto exactly on my ascendant in Leo, since January 2008 Pluto has been travelling through my 6th house of health in Capricorn. I’ve had the expected problems with my bones and skeleton, and as my natal moon is there, recently had a perforated gallbladder exactly on the Pluto retrograde when it was conjunct my moon.

    What is surprising though, is that I keep winning small amounts of money, mainly from Premium Bonds, but also the lottery. Scorpio and Pluto rule the 8th house of ‘Other People’s Money’ so maybe it’s not a ‘surprise’ at all.

    Just a thought, but it may be something to consider.

    • Tragedy or synchronicity? As Astrology is all about a planet’s aspects in synchronisation with a country’s Natal Chart or Solar Arc. Without those Aspects there would be no change, as both those who reside on planet earth is influenced by an given planetary energy. This came to mind last night whilst looking at our Planetary system. Either an astrologer is of the opinion that we really are governed by something out of our control, or it is just arbitrary – coming together now and again. It was the placement of planets that struck me as being organised for us on earth. I suddenly thought about Venus (representing women) and Mars (man’s energy) as placed either side of the earth, as if balance is called for. Then Pluto at the very end of the Planetary trail, or tail – known for its sting in the tail.

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