Justin Trudeau – matching his father’s marital woes + career troubles ahead

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, is separating from his wife of 18 years Sophie. They have been seen together publicly less frequently in recent years, though they attended the coronation of King Charles III together in May.

 He has spoken about the challenges in their marriage, writing in his 2014 autobiography: “Our marriage isn’t perfect, and we have had difficult ups and downs.” They began dating in 2003, when she was working as a TV personality and since then has become known for her charity work around mental health and eating disorders.  His father Pierre Trudeau, a former PM, also announced his separation when in office, as he split after six years from Justin’s mother Margaret.    

  Justin Trudeau, 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, Canada, has all the classic Astro-signatures for a marital separation. Neptune has been moving through his 7th house of one-to-one relationships for several years bringing disappointment and lack of commitment. And it has been joined almost simultaneously this year by transiting Saturn which usually widens cracks and his Progressed Moon, which shows up emotional lacks – so the time had come. His Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, was also wilting last year with tr Saturn conjunct and will be upended in 2024 with tr Uranus square.

  His wife, Sophie, 24 April 1975, is a steady Sun Taurus though it is in an independent-minded opposition to Uranus. Her Jupiter in pro-active Aries is in a super-confident opposition to Pluto square a downbeat Saturn. Her Venus in sociable Gemini is in an idealistic (unrealistic) opposition to Neptune and square an excitable Mars in Pisces.

  His earthy Capricorn Sun chimes with her Taurus Sun and his Venus in friendly Aquarius is a good fit with her Venus in Gemini. But that apart it does not look too entwined a connection.  He’s an odd mix of do-or-die- determined and overly controlled with a Mars opposition Pluto; and vague/creative/neurotic with Neptune opposition Saturn.  Her Libra Moon is around his Uranus and opposes his Aries Moon with her Saturn square his Moon – much unpredictability and rigidity in their home life.

  Their relationship chart does have a hint of passion from a composite Venus opposition Pluto; but there is a disappointing/unrealistic composite Sun square Neptune; and worse a Mars square Saturn. This last suggests a relationship in which one had to suppress their identity to keep it afloat – which always leads to resentment.  Tr Saturn is conjunct the composite Sun and square Neptune this year; with tr Neptune having been undermining Mars and Saturn last year.

  Her chart has tr Pluto square the Uranus this year and square her Sun in 2025/26 so she’s on a journey of considerable change.

  Their relationship is nothing like as tempestuous as was that of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, which regularly hit the headlines. It had a competitive, argumentative composite Sun Mars conjunction and a disruptive Uranus opposition Moon Mercury square Pluto.

  Pierre, 18 October 1919 7.03am Outrement, Canada, was a supreme charmer with a Libra Sun on his Ascendant and a radiantly hopeful Jupiter Neptune in Leo in his 10th and an inconstant Uranus in his romantic 5th. Margaret Trudeau, 10 September 1948 1pm Vancouver, was later diagnosed as bi-polar and had a 10th house Virgo Sun with a volatile 8th house Uranus trine a 12th house Mars in Scorpio.  


Justin Trudeau is heading into an unpredictable 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven from August 2024 onwards into 2025 which suggests a change of career direction, forced or voluntary (assuming birth time is accurate). Worse, he has a panicky-failure tr Neptune conjunct his Mars from May 2024 into 2025; and then joined by tr Saturn both oppose his Pluto in 2025. So his ruthless determination will crumble into a puddle.

 His Term chart, 26 October 2021 is also in trouble this year with tr Pluto in a paralysed, scary square to the Mars and square the Sun/Mars midpoint for more of the same into and throughout 2024. He will get some luck from tr Uranus square the Jupiter – but it won’t outweigh the negatives.   

9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau – matching his father’s marital woes + career troubles ahead

  1. @Ava Mark Carney? Well it may just work, he left behind a mixed reputation in the UK, although some years ago there was speculation that his post at the Bank would be a stepping stone towards a role in politics in Canada.

    • Hi Virgina, I’m not sure if you’re aware but Carney was the Governor of the Bank of Canada during the 2008 recession. He helped steer the ship economically that helped us fare far better than our neighbours to the South (and most of the West for the matter) during those dark few years. In fact, it was his stewardship in this regard that attracted the UK’s attention when they brought him on to lead them through Brexit – despite being Canadian. My point is that he definitely has the chops to be Prime Minister and he’s also a huge environmentalist which would only add to his resume but sadly, astrologically speaking, I don’t think his chart bodes well into our next election. Furthermore, it looks more and more likely that the wiener dog, Pierre Poilievre, the leader of Canada’s Conservatives will be our next PM though it pains me to admit that since he’s a conspiracy theorist and has many of the same beliefs as Boris Johnson and Trump 🙁

  2. Trudeau’s “ruthless determination” is one reason that a recent poll found that 51% of Canadians are dissatisfied with his government and why his political party, the Liberals, are 10 points behind the Conservative Party: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/trudeau-liberals-in-trouble-across-much-of-the-country-poll-suggests.

    Canadians are traditionally respectful of the private lives of politicians (with rare exceptions) so it wasn’t initially expected that this sad development for Trudeau’s family would impact him politically. HOWEVER, there are now swirling rumours that Trudeau is having an affair with his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly (born January 16, 1979). If this is true, it reflects even more on his judgment which countless citizens consider extremely poor, to put it mildly!

    Marjorie, would you consider tossing Joly’s horoscope into this mix? And whether this might hasten Trudeau’s departure (please God!)?

    • and so…. if Justin Trudeau is ousted… if the Liberals are ousted…
      Who is best as a replacement?

      It seems that we have been in a long cycle (at least since 2008) where all countries and all the leaders of those countries are experiencing challenging astrological transits! Marjorie’s postings show this over and over! It’s quite extraordinary! There doesn’t seem to be a place on the planet that is doing well… country or leader!

      Certainly Trudeau (along with his advisors) have made mistakes. However, it’s the zeitgeist for everyone!… including each of us in our personal lives. Tumult everywhere!

      Decades ago an old German client said to me in her lovely accent, “Sandarah…. when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you.” I wish we all thought about this more.

      I am deeply concerned about Canada’s next federal election. There are NO Conservative MP’s who are pro choice!!! None!!! The Conservatives here are also being co-opted by the Right. Stephen Harper showed that well during his tenure as PM. It’s more now in 2023.

      We have 3 options politically….. Liberal, Conservative or a minority government (usually a liaison with the NDP) that requires working together. Outside of Trudeau, our choices are not good. Unless the Liberals find another “leader”!!??

      It just worries me when I hear or read that “Trudeau must go”!…. okay.. then who next?

      • I am encouraging a small-l liberal, very bright, practical, ethical, responsible Liberal to come out of “nowhere” to steer the post-Trudeau federal Liberals towards policies which serve the Common Good: the greatest good for the greatest number of Canadians, by birth or by choice, of every colour, creed, ethnicity, age, income bracket and gender orientation. Wish me luck!

        • Seriously, Cathy? Let’s not look into the trashy, scandalous rumours surrounding the man’s personal life – astrological or otherwise, us Canadians are better than this. Besides, the man has children. You certainly don’t hav to respect him but at least recognize that his young kids don’t need to be your tabloid fodder just because you have nothing better to do. And while I’m at it, nobody needs to come out of nowhere, Chrystia Freeland or Mark Carney would be excellent choices as Trudeau’s replacement.

  3. Here are the Declinations for the divorce.
    Trans Saturn, 11S04 declination, parallel natal Moon, wife, 11S21.
    Trans Pluto, control, 23S parallel natal Sun, 23S23.
    Secondary Progressed Moon, wife, 7S09 parallel natal Uranus, 6S26.
    Secondary Progressed Neptune, 19S32, parallel natal Mercury, communications, 19s38.
    Many Southern Declinations….you could say “his marriage is going South.”
    Wife Sophie Trudeau has the following declinations:
    Secondary Progressed Uranus, 10S29 paralled natal Moon, 10S33
    Secondary Progressed Neptune, dissolving, 20S23, parallel natal North Node, union, 20S22.
    Trans Chiron, pain, 9N13, contraparallel(opposition) to natal Mars, man in her life, 9S13.
    Trans Node, union, 10N45, contaparallel, natal Uranus, 11S03, separation.

  4. A disastrous year for Justin Trudeau. He will soon lose his job. Perhaps the last nail in his marriage was his decision to run again in a toxic and vitriolic political climate that can only hurt his wife, who will above all want to protect their children. She may have thought he should leave politics while he is still on top. He may have thought he needed to stay at a critical time. They fully deserve respect, understanding and sympathy.

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