Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – a surprise success

Actress Nicole Kidman and country singer, songwriter and guitarist Keith Urban are one celebrity match which looked unlikely, hit a major road bump months into their marriage with his drug/drink relapse and did not look likely to stick it out. Yet 18 years later they have weathered the storms, had two children and seem content.

  Looking through the charts what is a recurring theme are hard Mars Saturn aspects. She was born 20 June 1967 3.15 pm Honolulu, Hawaii and has a 6th house Saturn opposition a 12th house Mars in Libra. Keith, 27 October 1967, has Mars in Capricorn square Saturn, with unreliable birth time.

 Their wedding 25 June 2006 happened on a Mars Saturn conjunction square Jupiter with Sun trine Jupiter so half stressful and half upbeat.

 The first child Sunday Rose, 7 July 2008 9.30 am Nashville, has a Sun Venus in Cancer opposition Jupiter in Capricorn and a Mars Saturn conjunction in Virgo on the Ascendant. Faith Kidman Urban, 28 December 2010, born through gestational surrogacy, has a Sun Pluto conjunct in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra plus a lucky, optimistic Jupiter Uranus in Pisces.

 Recurring themes in some families are not unusual but this one seems unusually precise.

 Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Tom Cruise, 24 December 1990, had a Mars trine Saturn; and their relationship chart had Saturn inconjunct Mars.

  Her relationship chart with Keith Urban has an affectionate composite Sun Venus in Virgo; a showbizzy Mars Neptune conjunction square Jupiter which could have its downside in ego clashes but those will be smoothed out by Jupiter.

  Her Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage signifier, is conjunct her Uranus Pluto, so close partnerships will always occupy a disruptive place in her life as she alternates between possessiveness and the need to be free. A busy career will soak up a good deal of that energy.

 Mars Saturn, like most astrological aspects, has several facets – ranging from destructive to courageous. It is associated with endurance and discipline, the capacity to put up with difficult/dangerous situations without flinching, the tendency to become involved in situations requiring immense determination to overcome problems; and can be sado-masochistic.

Individual choices reflect the pattern set by the chart and down through the generations it goes. Though this one does seem marginally odd given it recurs with the children living a seemingly charmed existence.

7 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – a surprise success

  1. Both share a common Sun/Moon midpoint. Nicole’s is at 21Virgo21 while Keith’s is
    at 17Virgo23. This midpoint is the relationship midpointt.

  2. Moonlight I feel ya, I have venus pluto uranus in 7th house virgo. I don’t believe in soul mates nor soul contracts. God plays a role tho and we have to keep trucking along. imho.

  3. My natal chart has Venus and Pluto conjunction in Leo in the 7th house. No soul mate through these years. Not a good aspect to have.

    • I have Venus and Pluto conjoined in Virgo in my 2nd house. Took me until I was 50 to find my partner of 15 years, once transiting Pluto was trine my natal Venus/Pluto. It’s intense and not an easy aspect (and I have other challenging ones) but it’s certainly not impossible to have a fulfilling loving relationship when you have the aspect. It just might take a long time. Be kind to yourself.

  4. Moon conjunct Jupiter can help tide over many problems in a relationship, Venus conjunct Pluto according to Linda Goodman indicates a soul mate connection. Anything square/ opposite Neptune is not so good for the relationship.

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