Donald Trump – his mojo gone awol ++ health and marriage

A surprise guilty verdict on Trump after a chaotic trial and botched defence is heading for sentence on July 11th. Any sentence, whether jail or fine, is likely to be deferred pending an appeal which could take up to a year. Legal experts are divided about whether a prison sentence is likely for a non-violent offender in his late seventies. Though some think the judge sees him as someone who has little respect for the law. A former federal prosecutor said “at sentencing, the judge always looks for signs of contrition and acceptance of responsibility and Trump will never do that.”

Assuming his birth time of 10.54 am is accurate then tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven from May 29th to 19 June, repeating late November to mid December and March 2025 is spot on for forcing a radical change of direction in his career and life.

  The key influence in the near future is tr Uranus square his Mars in Leo  from July 7th to August 4th, again in October and April/May 2025 – this will be disruptive, test his self-esteem to the limit and is likely to provoke a macho response. It can in older people accompany heart strain or an operation. At the very least it will be a significant test of nerve/struggle for survival. It falls across sentencing and also the GOP Convention on July 15/18th when the next candidate is chosen.

 His Progressed Moon will square his 12th house Pluto just after the election with his Solar Arc Midheaven moving to conjunct his Pluto possibly in 2025. Both of those are emotionally charged and blocked.

  His upbeat, pushily-confident and lucky Jupiter/Pluto midpoint will be cut down throughout this October and December with tr Saturn dampening his enthusiasm.

 Tr Saturn square his 10th house Uranus repeats from last month this August and again in February 2025 which will bring high tension, outbursts and plans knocked sideways.    

 Into 2025 sees Solar Arc Neptune bearing down on his Sagittarius Moon opposition Gemini Sun (and his Sun/Moon midpoint) as well as tr Saturn in hard aspect = undermining physically and mentally. His relationships including marriage will be discontented/separated – and he will be emotionally overwrought from Venus/Pluto, Mercury/Mars midpoint and SA Pluto square his Venus (which is peculiarly susceptible to any sense that he is not loved and respected.)

 So mainly not good news, bar the rogue factor of tr Jupiter moving across his Midheaven from early this month (May) till June 2025. This usually accompanies career or community success but Jupiter transits can be mild and on occasion well-nigh invisible, so impossible to say how it will play out. But for sure he has only a sliver of the Jupiterian bounty he had running into 2016.

 His Solar Return from June 2024 has Neptune and Saturn straddling the Midheaven and Sun, Venus in the hidden 12th – so less than encouraging.

 Add On: Transiting Pluto is now on the cusp of his 6th house of health and work, aiming to stay there for many years to come. It can sometimes start with health challenges or work ones for that matter.  Plus tr Saturn Neptune are on the cusp of his financial (business) 8th and moving into directly forward in 2025 which could point up major cash problems and less support in the way of generous loans. He’ll feel deprived.

 His relationship with Melania, always a mystery, is being undermined this year with tr Neptune square the composite Venus but more rattled from mid 2025 as it moves into a turbulent year of two with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun. Which coincides next year with tr Saturn conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint for a frosty separation.

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  1. Aim: So true re your observation/opinion…..”it’s more about karma than lifestyle for many.” My aunt was a non-stop chain smoker from age 17 and lived to age 87–had no health problems, had an active lifestyle, ate whatever she pleased. No lingering disease-riddled death. She just kind of slipped away at home. I’m thinking there’s a predetermined time for our exits, regardless of how we choose to live. (Don’t know aunt’s moon; she was a Gemini sun.)

  2. Since Taurus rules the throat, could Mar’s entry into Taurus on June 10th, squaring Pluto in AQ, be a carotid artery episode? His blood pressure must be through the roof these days, and Trump’s attorney in the Hush Money trial said today:
    “There would just be this plethora of, like, just food everywhere,” Blanche said of the legal team’s war room. “There’s pizza and there’s other non-healthy alternatives to McDonald’s.”

    Trump’s diet is slow suicide and I don’t believe he would ever take a doctor’s advice. I could be wrong but I dpon’t believe he’s ever had an eye exam. It would explain why he ignores the ‘prompter and why he hates reports.

    • Hi KateS. Understood. I’m in my late 50’s if I had: a fast food diet, was filled with rage (and rage tweeted from the toilet at 3 AM -like he did), and barely slept, I would have been dead 20 years ago. But, I think some people are like cacti meaning that they don’t need the tender care (and watering, as it were), that others do. My brother (Cancer Sun, Cap moon) is a heavy smoker, eats no fruit/veg, only eats fast food, doesn’t even drink water, is sedentary and lives in a basement. He’s fine. I need fresh foods, ample water, sunshine —you name I need it (Sag sun, Virgo moon). I have a 6th house Jupiter and I hope it bodes well for me in terms of longevity. I have come to believe it’s more about karma than lifestyle for many. But, there’s something to the moon placement. My husband, father and brother all have Moon in Cap and (even though they don’t have healthy lifestyles), they all look so much younger than they are – by ten years!

      • Thank you, Aim. Very unkind of me to say, it’s probably wishful thinking on my part, after observing how red his face can get when he’s really irate and his losing his ability to speak. Coming from a family whose most common demise is due to arterial schlerosis and its complications, he’s showing signs that some of my family members had before their deaths. I am a Virgo, have a Cap Moon/Mars conjunction in the 2nd, very healthy but for an inherited weak thyroid, and have stayed healthy because I don’t buy food that translates into poison. I love junk food, love the taste, but see it as a waste of money that I could use for better things.

        This weekend has such a mixed combo of terror and blessings, I’m staying home and watching in safety there.

  3. So fascinating to watch how the highly visible Uranus at his Taurus MC, suggesting extraordinary, disruptive, unpredictable timing, is tangibly impacting Trump’s career, reputation, and finances. Negatively, with his conviction, and positively, followed by a groundswell of support for him, i.e., the Trump campaign reported fundraising $141M in the month of May with $34.8M in small donor donations after the conviction.

    Perhaps the judge, a Biden supporter, might avoid harsh punishment for Trump to temper public reaction and the level of Trump campaign donations after his July sentencing.

    • where did you get the judge was a Biden supporter? Trump is accusing him of that, but I don’t think it is true. Judges are supposed to be impartial.

      • Hello kmb, Google reveals that Judge Marchan donated to the 2020 Biden campaign. That’s important to some, regarding the Trump case, and not so important to others.

        Some consider the amount so small that it didn’t-doesn’t matter to the Trump case (CherS cites an example below). Others felt Judge Merchan should have recused himself from the case (see an example below in my reply to CherS).

    • I have been trying to locate birth stats for Judge Juan Merchan, but unfortunately I have not been successful. He was born in Bogotá, Columbia in 1962 (no day/month provided) and emigrated to New York City when he was 6. Some articles say born in 1963, so not clear at all.

      Conversely Trump could stop criticising the judge, the judge’s family, the jurors, the legal process. After all it is Judge Merchan who will be deciding his sentence.

      The amount Judge Merchan donated to Biden’s campaign in 2020 was $15 and two separate amounts of $10 to Democratic candidates and causes. According to Stephen Gilliers, a legal ethics Professor at New York University, even though the donations were ill-advised the amounts involved were considered trivial.

      Judge Merchan did seek legal advice from the NY State Advisory Committee on Legal Ethics on whether he should recuse and was advised “We see nothing in the inquiry to suggest that the outcome of the case could have any effect on the judge’s relative, the relative’s business, or any of their interests. Defendant has failed to demonstrate that there exists concrete, or even realistic reasons for recusal to be appropriate, much less required on these grounds.”

      All eyes on July 11. What will tr Mars conjunct Trump’s MH result in?

      • CherS, thanks for adding on. Apparently there are differing opinions concerning Judge Merchan’s donations to the 2020 Biden campaign. Elie Hong, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, examines the donations and suggests Judge Merchan recuse in this April 2023 article –

        Yes, so amazing how the T Mars-Taurus MC conjunction perfectly reflects what a groundbreaking, high profile day July 11 will be for Trump. T Mars-MC will also trigger (sextile) his natal Saturn-Venus (MC ruler), suggesting the day’s events may offer Trump an opportunity for tangible support or financial benefit from his friends, affiliates, and social network (his natal Saturn-Venus is in Cancer and his 11th House).

        I’d been thinking a light sentence might minimize donations to the Trump campaign in July, but maybe he’s poised to rake in a lot of cash no matter what the sentence is. We’ll see.

        • I was aware of Elie Honig’s opinion on the merit of Judge Merchan contributing to Biden and Democratic causes and campaigns. As you are no doubt aware, Honig is a paid legal analyst commentator for CNN. He does not sit on the NY State Advisory Committee on Legal Ethics which ruled on whether Judge Merchan should recuse himself for the trial. When you are in the public eye there are always going to be differing opinions on everything you do and say. I’m sure Judge Merchan is well acquainted with having to do this as most people in the public eye would be.

          Long ago I read an Indian astrologer saying that Trump’s chart was one of the luckiest charts he had ever witnessed. During Trump’s entire life he has successfully managed to extricate himself from challenging and even perilous situations that an ordinary person would have struggled with and probably failed. That’s continuing to this day. Will it continue? That’s the big question.

          A few days after tr Mars sextiles his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, it will square its natal position and then after that it will square his Ascendant. Natally Mars is semi sextile Venus/Saturn. How much weight does that carry? Perhaps some? Maybe he will reap in more money in support when this aspect is triggered.

          Natally Mars squares his MC, and his MC and his Ascendant are also squared, making them sensitive points in his chart. Squares certainly carry weight in aspects. Transits and progressions triggering these aspects are ones to watch, especially around July 11 2024.

      • CherS, thanks for adding on. Apparently there are differing opinions regarding the judge’s donations. Elie Honig, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, examines the donations and felt the judge should recuse himself in this April 2023 article –

        Yes, so amazing how the T Mars-Taurus MC conjunction perfectly reflects the groundbreaking, high profile day July 11 will be for Trump. The conjunction will also trigger (sextile) Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus (in Cancer and his 11th House), suggesting the day’s events may be connected to an opportunity for tangible support or financial benefit from friends, affiliates, or his social network.

        I had been thinking a light sentence might minimize donations to his campaign in July, but maybe he’s poised to rake in cash no matter what the sentence is. We’ll see.

  4. This will be interesting to watch. Federal Government has no ability to do anything about State Convictions as far as I know. You don’t mess with New York. So even if he wins the Federal Election, he will still have to deal with the State conviction, as far as I know.

    Much of what the Founding Fathers created – a lot of behavior was based on Gentlemen’s agreements and established norms of behavior – both for Presidency as well as things like the Supreme court. I don’t think they ever expected the country to get so big.

    I understand with Parliamentarian Systems, candidates are groomed and developed for years, learn the ropes, and are put forth. We sort of had that here (not completely), until the GOP went nuts – and there is an internal disagreement – war going on – within. Many former GOP are now Independents, and the Independents (Not GOP, Not Democrats – are 52% of the electorate now is my understanding).

    What no one counted on was Trump, and the media bubble around him. He is Mob- his family was Mob, and the rest of the USA is not used to that, does not understand that, has never been around that. If you live in the North East- Philadelphia to Boston coastal – as well as Chicago – you will understand what that was and would have dealt with that. Usually not directly – but it is background noise. As a good friend of mine used to tell me when I lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts (he was a Townie) – they are not interested in you – they are only interested in each other.

    Fred Trump was a front for the Genovese Crime family. They got taken over by the Russian Mob. There is more at work here. Roy Cohn – Trump’s mentor – was a Mob Lawyer.

    There was a meeting of the Oligarchs – Musk, Thiel – fundraiser for Trump a few weeks back. They would like to see him elected, and apparently Trump is on the phone multiple times a day with Musk. There is more at work here.

    I hope this conviction sticks, and there are consequences. Trump has never been accountable for anything.

    We would have been better off with a Parliamentarian System, as at least there is some control, and a Trump would have never been elected. But, Founding Fathers had no idea how their child would grow and take off.

    Finally, Dr Timothy Snyder is a no nonsense resource. He talks about a great sorting hat, and I am thinking in those terms – moving back to a blue state pending how things go, before it gets all messy. Not sure how messy it will get.

    USA is not a monolith. Fox News can be propaganda. Open Borders have not been good for anyone. Bad actors (China, Russia, North Korea) are just gleefully about all this. Every great empire will rise and fall, and if the USA is heading down, who takes over? Likely China with a side order of Russia. That is what they want.

    • Good summary, Liz. Which state do you live in?

      Trump is definitely mobbed up. I didn’t know the Russian mob, known as one of the most brutal, had taken over the Genovese family. Makes a lot of sense.

      One other connection of interest. As a young man Roy Cohn, with his likely gay crony David Schine, was one of anticommunist witch-hunt crusader Sen. Joe McCarthy’s henchmen and enforcers. The pair roared through Europe in the early ’50s, identifying “suspect” books at the US Information Service libraries, almost destroying the agency. My father, newly hired at the Washington office, was put on notice at the agency several times that he’d lose his job. McCarthy, Cohn & Schine were seared into this little kid’s memory and I’ve never forgotten.

      So there’s clear link between Trump and McCarthy through Cohn, who taught Trump his hardball legal tactics. Of course Trump, once it was clear Cohn was gay and dying of AIDS, dropped him like a hot potato. Undoubtedly he “never knew him.”

      • Thanks Nicole. Maryland for years and years. You are right about Roy Cohn. Sorry to hear about your dad being affected.

        • There’s an interesting article in Newsweek, January 10, 2019 about this –
          “Donald Trump’s Mafia Connections: Decades Later, Is He Still Linked to the Mob?”
          I haven’t posted a link because that always seems to go wrong when I do!

          I think Trump’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer is interesting here, suggesting family, his father and family history (Saturn). Also symbolic of property, construction, hotels and so on. His father and grandfather are very dubious characters, much dark family karma there.

          It’s curious to see that another Gemini President, JFK, had natal Saturn at 27 Cancer, with his MC 23 Cancer, echoing Trump’s Venus/Saturn by sign and degree. JFK’s father had strong connections with the Mafia, while his brother Bobby was determined to reduce their influence and power.

          • I should add – the USA’s founding Mercury, 24 Cancer, opposing underworld Pluto, 27 Capricorn, also connects with both Trump and Kennedy.

          • Thank you! I will go look for that article later. You are right about his father and Grandfather. I know Chicago was brought in for JFK by his father via Mob. I also know a very interesting story about the US Government asking the Mob to help them in NY City to keep the Docks and points of entry safe and preventing German saboteurs from landing during World War 2. If you are in the North East – as you know – it is part of the Fabric.

    • Hi Liz and Nicole. I knew Trump was Mob in 2015 from reading Wayne Barrett. At first, I was gobsmacked and bereft that the MSM never mentioned this (all NYC reporters know his Mob role as fact). But, now I believe the government and the alpha agencies are complicit. Comey knew full well that Trump was Mob on the day that he threw Hillary under the bus. Hillary knew of Trump’s associations, as well, and yet never said a peep. And Trump gives the game away all too often. In 2014, he publicly stated that Russia was going to help him with something “big.” It’s a farce and it’s the public who loses so greatly— Merrick Garland and the cavalry aren’t coming.

        • Who Can tell. Thanks for the recommendation. Looking up Wayne Barrett. Looks like they can appeal a state conviction to the Supreme Court.

      • There were a lot of prosecutions on the periphery – SDNY and NY proper. A lot of internal power struggles. Andrew McCabe thrown under the bus (no retirement). Comey is not who he represents himself to be, but Huma’s husband really really really screwed up. Mess. 🙁

        Giuliani’s father was a mob boss. Giuliani spent the first part of his career prosecuting the Mob. He was one of the greats until he completely fell apart. Like watching a Greek tragedy this whole thing.

        NY State no fan of Trump. I am really curious about how this whole thing will spool out. Thanks for your input and comment back.

        • Great discussion, thanks!

          McCabe did get his retirement, but at a lesser rate initially. I just checked and he won back his full pension in 2021 after settling his lawsuit against the Justice Department.

          The action against McCabe is just a foretaste of the vengeance Trump promises if he regains the presidency.

  5. I noticed that the guilty verdicts coincided with the Mars/Chiron conjunction in Aries, which I wondered about because it’s an aspect that implies a piercing woundedness. The conjunction was in the US’s 4th house and also squares that rather paranoid, conspiracist natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in Cancer/Capricorn. Moreover, it squares Trump’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer, an aspect which as others have said, is linked to his childhood insecurities. Fred Trump instilled into his son that there is nothing more shameful than being a loser. Trump lost this trial. This must sting like hell.

  6. It’s an interesting chart.
    If the “key influence” is the up and coming Uranus transits to Donald Trump’s Mars, it is worth noting that Uranus is more of a friend to him than an enemy, being conjunct his Sun and in mutual reception (exact trine aspect) with Jupiter, suggesting a blending of their qualities rather than anything discordant. It could mean Trump thrives on contention.

    However much some people may long to see him behind bars, if that should happen it will be a dark day for America and I think would lead to more trouble not less.

    • + I think Pluto is the more threatening planet to him personally in his natal chart. It has just entered his 7th house of open enemies, and we all know Pluto stirs up the darkest of forces.

    • I’m not hopeful that Pluto will cause him any issues given it opposed his natal Cancer Saturn-Venus in recent years without notable change.

      And I recall when Saturn opposed the Cancer Saturn-Venus in 2019, it hit during one of the two impeachments and neither of those resulted in anything meaningful. He was elected when Saturn was hitting his Sun-Moon-Uranus axis.

      On the other hand transiting Uranus crossing his MC as these guilty verdicts are announced has delivered something more notable although we need to see what the judge decides and how it plays out. I agree you wouldn’t expect Uranus to be a problem given its prominence in his chart.

      • Yes, I noticed that Pluto was exactly opposite in 2019, I did a search and in fact he was given an official health check that year and apparently all was well except that he changed his diet. It makes you wonder at his good health.

        However, my point about Pluto being a danger to him was more to do with the threat and danger from his “open enemies”/7th house, which Pluto might be signifying, from his point of view.
        I’m fairly neutral about him myself, I certainly do not wish him any harm, or anyone else, that’s not my way at all.

  7. Trump and Melania’s realationship is not really a mystery. It’s transactional. She got citizenship and the perks of high society, he got a trophy wife(in his mind) that’s clever enough to learn from previous wives and not step on his narcissism. So she’ll ride the gravy train until it inevitably derails. I guarantee she has an escape plan.

  8. The trial itself was not chaotic – only Trump and his allies tried to spin it that way with his acolytes showing up in court and outside. Chaos and confusion are their stock-in-trade, the better to hide the truth. Nor was the verdict surprising if one followed the actual evidence, legal arguments, and Trump’s weak defense (likely directed by himself).

    But it was likely surprising to Trump, who was described as joking with his lawyer just before the jury announced it had come to a verdict, and who, of course, has never really faced any consequences for his actions. As well as to his supporters, who believed all the MAGA media (and sometimes the mainstream media played along).

    Whether he faces jail for this doesn’t matter so much as his, and just as importantly, his followers’ realization that he is not invincible, that none of them can act with impunity, and he is not God-like. Trump couldn’t deal with jail because he’d have to obey rules (he’d actually discussed this), yet it’s his very impulsive refusal to not only disobey but flaunt his disregard for rules which has led him close to what he most fears: losing his free will and freedom. 12th house planets, Uranus & Jupiter … and definitely a weak Saturn.

  9. What rights does Trump lose as a felon?


  10. Just noting that transiting Pluto is exactly on his 6th house cusp, retrograding back into the 5th.

    Not sure what the significance is but it does occur to me 6th house is a subservient place. Perhaps this is why the universe is finally beginning to catch up with him?

  11. He is heading into a 7th house profection, which on a whole sign read means Saturn as the Lord of two solar years back to back (23/24 and 24/25). With a natal Saturn in the 12th (whole sign), matters out of his control fit well. Also makes me think of jail time with the 12th house connection.

    • @Louisa Would you like to explain how you arrived at this placement, I calculate that he is currently undergoing Mars as Lord of Time in Scorpio to be followed from his next birthday by Jupiter in Sagittarius
      Many thanks

        • @Louisa Not at all, you may be right I just wondered at the calculation which in a sense made more sense.
          Thank you for replying.

          • I believe Louisa is correct that Trump’s whole sign profections for 23/24 and 24/25 are Saturn ruled. Everyone in their 72nd year will be in a 1st sign profection year. A Leo rising person in their 77th year, like Trump, is in a 6th sign profection (Capricorn) and in their 78th year is in a 7th sign profection (Aquairus).

          • @ Louisa and Ian
            I stand corrected you are both right, I looked at his sun sign not his ascendant, so the lord of these two years is Saturn, a review of his past deeds by the look of it. Many thanks

  12. I think Marjorie’s point about tr Uranus (the unexpected/surprises) conjuncting his MH (status/career) is a major factor in this story. Tr Mercury (ruler of his natal Sun, communication) will closely follow. Who knows what messages that will bring? Interestingly tr Uranus will conjunct his MH again around 5 November 2024 (the US election date). At the time of his sentencing for this recent trial, 11 July 2024, tr Mars, ruler of his 9th house (the law, courts) will be approaching his MH. A time of reckoning perhaps?

    • I hadn’t realised until I looked closely that transit Uranus hits the MC on Monday. It seems the Guilty verdicts are that playing out as his public status changes.

      But also watching his niece Mary Trump talk about him – she says that it was always ingrained within the Trump family that there’s nothing worse and more shameful than being a loser. And he lost in courtroom and found out his charm wasn’t enough to convince a jury. She says he may not realise it consciously but somewhere deep inside it resonates with him. And of course, this mentality was set up by his father who can be symbolised by the 4th or 10th houses.

      So, in theory, the Uranus transit has the triggering event of the Guilty verdicts creating a crisis and causing him to do some soul-searching and question some of the messages he heard from his parent. Obviously at 77 years old and being narcisistic – he won’t.

      • Hi Gnarly Dude

        Until this point in his life the way he has behaved has had very few dire consequences for him, so this verdict would have shaken him to his core. I think his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer in his natal chart is at the root of his absolute craving for adoration and a reflection of the lack of a loving and caring upbringing.

        We’re all responsible for our actions, and our actions have consequences, and he’s finding out about that now.

  13. It’s notable that in all these court cases, he’s only had Eric Trump alongside him from the family. No sign of Melania at all and Ivanka did an Instagram expressing her love but nothing more. When he did his speech today – Eric/Lara were off to the side and none of the Republicans turned up.

    Transiting Saturn going through his 7th and he is finding out he has no decent relationships.

  14. Talking about Jupiter moving across his midheaven: my understanding is that the 10thH is not only about career and public standing but also accountability and Jupiter is the great magnifier, it magnifies what it touches (my waistline, for example). My wish for this year was that we would no longer see Trump’s face on the front/landing page of every news site, but if anything we have seen more of him than ever because of that magnifying effect and indeed these trials holding him to account. For me it all fits. It really depends where the American people want to go from here. But as far as I can see, he is toast.
    Here in the Netherlands a senior civil servant has been picked as the country’s next PM to prevent the populist Wilders (whose party won the most seats but not enough to hold a majority) from holding that office. The cabinet too is going to largely consist of non-political experts recruited from the private sector – non-elected ministers. While the bickering coalition party leaders remain in the House! We live in strange times indeed.

    • A Twitter follower added this thought: ” Sometimes it is a Jupiter transit that marks a person’s passing. (the soul is finally free).”

        • Me too. Jupiter has given him so much it wouldn’t surprise me if it gave him his final pass.
          I feel like the case was very clearly presented and the judge managed the proceedings well. Some branches of the media often emphasise the chaos that Trump orchestrates.

  15. I have to disagree that the trial was “chaotic,” at least from the perspective of the prosecution. I followed the trial closely, daily reading two live blogs (The Washington Post and the excellent Talking Points Memo; yes, I’m an obsessive political junkie and I despise Trump, whom I see as the biggest threat to democracy). I also read several respected legal commentators, including law professor and former US attorney Joyce Vance.

    The only “chaos” seemed engendered by Trump himself, who daily brought in a suspect cast of characters as “guests” and who apparently dictated his own defense. That’s why it was genuinely “botched,” since he refuses to take and follow legal advice.

    I’m with Andre. I think there’s a good possibility he’ll get some jail time, despite being a first offender (but we all know it’s only the first time he was caught and convicted in a criminal case) because of his demonstrated disrespect for the courts, constant drubbing of the legal system, total denial of responsibility and calls for violence. If there is actual violence before the sentencing I think the odds of prison time go up.

    • Yes I think jail is a real possibility. Also because 34 charges are a heck of a lot. If it had been 5 or 10 maybe community service would suffice. But 34 is too many to go without a significant punishment.

      • No, Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal and New York Post. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, owns the Washington Post. From all that I’ve read about the Post — and it’s my original hometown newspaper and I’m also a journalist — he’s so far has been mostly hand-off its daily operations and editorial decisions after selecting the Post’s management team.

        • This is according to NPR: Murdoch and News Corp. later named Lewis publisher of The Wall Street Journal, a position he held from 2014 to 2020. He took command of The Washington Post under owner Jeff Bezos in January. Mar 21, 2024. So, yes, you are correct, thanks

          • The Lewis appointment is an alarming turn of events for WaPo readers. I live in Baltimore, MD. David Smith, owner of Sinclair Broadcasting (all the local Fox News stations across the country) bought our local newspaper and has not only made major editorial changes, he’s funded political candidates for city and state leadership. Is there a move afoot to put right wing CEOs in charge of major news print sources in the USA?

        • One thing I will say about the Wapo is the comment section! Oof! There isn’t much to stop the trolling and insults. It reminds me of Yahoo or MSN

          • You also find some extremely thoughtful, well-informed commenters, depending on the issue, with deep knowledge and professional expertise.

    • Very interesting to hear your thoughts Nicole as hard in the UK to get a definite sense of things there, hopefully it’s the beginning of the end for him.

      And always liked your compassionate and thoughtful views on a range of other subjects including trans people. ☘️☘️☘️

      • Thanks, Steve. I try very hard to be balanced, nuanced and kind if possible. And, as I’ve said before, I know a number of trans people, including the children of several friends. All are fairly quiet, responsible citizens just trying to live their own best lives, avoiding all the hostility others have created around the issue to achieve their own ends, whether political or social. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, unless they’ve clearly demonstrated they don’t deserve it.

    • I love Joyce Vance, and I listen to what you have to say. I have worked in Government as a Contractor (you know the drill in the DMV metro) for 18 years. If I did what he did with those documents, I would already be in Jail. Not sure if you caught the meeting of the Oligarchs and their election strategy for the Him. (Musk, Thiel). I have to be apolitical because of where I work. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC wrote about American Ultra which is the last time the Oligarchs tried to do this.

      • So true, LizM! My husband was a defense contractor most of his career, with the highest level clearances, and my parents both federal employees. He too said he’d be jailed and never see the light of day if he’d ever stolen sensitive documents as Trump did. Also he questions the White House’s failure to track the handling (and mishandling) of the documents.

        I sure hope his chickens have finally come home to roost.

  16. Trump was found guilty in a state court, so federal laws do not apply. And because the conviction was at the state level, he can not pardon himself even if he becomes President again. Within hours of the conviction, I got raging texts from the Trump campaign begging for money. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  17. According to some, the judge broke the law by allowing two counts when each of those counts had four jurors that found not guilty. Evidently under Federal Law the jury have to be unanimous on all counts. This isn’t like an ordinary trial that allows a majority to determine the result. That is what I have been told. But I am not familiar with the rules of how a federal trial works and is conducted.

    • This is incorrect reporting. The judge repeatedly told jurors they had to reach a unanimous decision on whether Trump was guilty in order to convict him.

      I have served on jury trials. The jurors must reach a unanimous decision in order for a conviction to be reached.

    • Hi Linda. Would you please provide some links for that statement such as 2-3 news articles, or just the headlines for the articles so that it’s searchable? Please do not provide a Fox News link. Thank you.

    • This wasn’t a federal trial. It’s the State of New York.

      So what current aspects make some people try to confuse issues.

    • ‘Juan Merchan, the judge who oversaw the New York hush-money trial of Donald Trump, is facing fresh threats to his safety after false reports about jury instructions have circulated online.

      Several rightwing pundits, including a Fox News anchor, have incorrectly reported that Merchan told jurors they did not need to be unanimous in finding Trump guilty in order to convict him, NBC News reported.

      “Judge Merchan just told the jury that they do not need unanimity to convict,” Fox News anchor John Roberts posted to X on Wednesday. “4 could agree on one crime, 4 on a different one, and the other 4 on another. He said he would treat 4-4-4 as a unanimous verdict.”

      • Several extreme right-wing websites, including the site formerly known as The Donald (don’t know its current name) have doxxed DA Alvin Bragg and have called for doxxing and violence (including death) against the judge, prosecutors and jurors. Only the two sets of lawyers — and by extension Trump himself — officially know the names of the jurors.

        Where will this lead?

  18. The only surprise for me was how quickly the verdict was returned and that he was found guilty on all counts.
    Oh well.
    Karma came calling and she wasn’t going to be denied.

    • As a lawyer in the UK with some experience of juries the relatively quick decision was no surprise. If it had been very quick then it would have been an acquittal. (It is generally easier to give a defendant the benefit of the doubt.) However, the jury wanted to hear the judge’s directions on law again which struck me that they had made their decision quickly on the facts after weeks of evidence but were uncertain how to apply it to the charges in the indictment. Under New York law they had to be unanimous but people reach decisions by different routes. So the individual jurors may have reached their decision by different routes and ways but it was their final decision which counted, which was unanimous.
      I was not surprised by the verdict as I understand that Trump and his family have a bad reputation in NYC as landlords and the crucial decision was not to move the case upstate.
      The judge will have a wide discretion in sentencing threatening him is probably not the best way to obtain a lenient sentence.
      I wonder whether Jupiter will expand as it does Trump’s problems as much as anything else.

  19. Marjorie, thank you for your analysis. The election results will be very instructive in terms of Jupiter’s impact on an individual’s chart. I still find it difficult to believe that Trump could lose an election with transiting Jupiter conjunct his Sun/Uranus conjunction on election day. The inauguration chart is also concerning (to me) with Pluto conjunct the Midheaven. Of course one could argue that Trump may be feeling optimistic on election day, although his optimism would be misplaced. And inauguration day may be marked with violence, rather than reflect the election of an authoritarian thug. The fact that anyone could vote for this person is a sad commentary on the times.

    • @ Elaine Cass,

      I generally leave it to the experts when it comes making predictions in political astrology (since I’m a novice in this field). However, I thought I might give this a try.

      I noticed that around election time, the Moon will combine with Venus opposite Jupiter and will square Neptune. In other words, I wonder if this could mean Trump and his supporters are overly confident (even to the point of delusion) that he’ll win

      I did decide to take a look at Joe Biden’s chart for Election Day because I remembered he’ll be experiencing the beginning of a Uranus return. The Sun will be conjuncting Biden’s Mars, Mercury will be conjuncting his Rising, and Mars will be conjuncting his Jupiter and Pluto in the 8th House. Also, Biden’s ascendant progresses onto the U.S. Moon and squares his Venus. So…Biden might represent the “Uranus surprise” this election?

      All in all, with women’s reproductive rights being such a pivotal issue this election, I imagine women voters are going to play a significant role in November. I think it’s a logical assumption that women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, and the Supreme Court will be the top issues for voters this year.

      • Hi Elaine and Chris

        We have just witnessed what a Uranus transit across the MH can bring, a surprise and an unpleasant one at that. It will be at that same point come 5 November ‘24 and it’s anybody’s guess what that transit will result in.

        I think sometimes Jupiter transits can be overhyped, and I’m speaking as a MH, Sun, Venus, Chiron Sagittarian with Pisces rising and Jupiter in Pisces, so I’m pretty well acquainted with the impact of Jupiter transits/progressions. Jupiter is also about magnification/expansion. We’ve all heard about expanding waistlines with a Jupiter transit, well it’s prudent to keep in mind that it can also expand a bad/difficult situation as well as what it is traditionally associated with…luck and fortunate circumstances.

        • @CherS,

          Yes, I agree. In my astrology classes, we’re often reminded that Jupiter’s influence doesn’t always manifest as “luck” in some people. Jupiter can indeed sometimes make challenging situations worse depending on the aspects.

          I also agree about Uranus – it can be unpredictable and I think this one of the reasons why most Western astrologers have abstained in making a prediction of who will win the Presidential election this year.

          The only astrologers I’ve noticed regularly making predictions as to who will win this November are the Vedic astrologers.

          While I’ve noticed that Vedic astrologers tend to have a knack for making accurate predictions regarding health and longevity (at least, that’s been my experience) but many of them (at least on the internet) appear to be very conservative, politically aligned with India’s BJP, and openly express their admiration for Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. So, I often take their political predictions with a grain of salt.

          • Chris and CherS, perhaps also since Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini, it will have less of a beneficial impact on Trump.. There’s also Trump’s solar return chart which has a prominent Moon/Saturn opposition. One can only hope…

          • Chris, check out Gurmeet Singh, a Vedic astrologer, who certainly is not a fan of Trump, but aside from that he has a very good record with his political predictions, particularly in regards to US politics, as well as celebrity predictions.

            His website is not well laid out unfortunately, but if you have the time and persevere it’s well worth a look.

          • Elaine, that’s a very good point that Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini which means it has a harder time performing at its best (in simplest terms).

            Do you follow solar arc progressions? He has some tough ones there I noticed over the coming year. I will check out his solar return.

  20. As a lawyer, the verdict was not to me a surprise. Only a serious anomaly could have rpevented it. He is going to prison despite being a first-time offender because of his utter contempt for the judicial process and the rule of law, and the fact he is incapable of remorse. He will not win the election. He wil receive many more years of imprisonment in 2025. This man will die in jail like his hero Al Capone. Karmic phenomena in the political world are brought to you by Pluto’s last pass in Capricorn, which is also bringing you the sound and wise government of Joe Biden. As Marjorie likes to write, it is cleaning the Augean stables of their nauseating odours. Netanyahu and the Tories in the UK will soon go out for the same reason.

    • The other cases will point to his treacherous actions–stealing top secret documents (and it was recently reported that many were scanned and put onto a computer or thumb drive—with whom were those secrets shared. That’s not even considering what Kushner might have spilled to his financiers.)
      Jan 6–his responsibility for the insurrection: traitor!
      Stealing all the documents – even Judge Cannon won’t save him.
      There’s still private cases brought by victims of Jan 6 too. AND he’s not yet paid out the fines he owes NY State or E. Jean Carroll.

      What a crook & con!

      I wonder who the folks who are responsible for the 2025 project will push for VP–it seems to me that they’ll need someone else to carry out their plans.

  21. Thank you for the astrological update, Marjorie. I know nothing is ever for certain when it comes to Donald Trump. However, I do feel a bit less anxious knowing that Trump doesn’t have the same lucky aspects he had in 2016. I can only hope our country chooses stability and democracy over authoritarianism this November. It just seems like the stakes keep getting higher every election (whether it be midterm or presidential).

    I’m just curious, could the astrology explain some kind of karmic phenomena taking place in our world at the moment. I’ve noticed a lot of unsavory characters (Robert Fico, Assad’s wife, Ebrahim Raisi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Min Aung Hlaing, and now Donald Trump) have all been facing some harsh repercussions – all within roughly the same time period.

    • Adding on…Marjorie, I’m curious if there is a way to look at how the planets might indicate societal trends regarding literacy and knowledge. What were the skies like during the enlightenment for example? Throughout history access to literacy and numeracy was limited to the upper classes for the most part. In times in which cults feed into mass delusions–are their signifiers in the sky for such stuff? So many countries do allow people to choose their leaders–this requires serious thought, but it seems choices are not made that way.

      I suppose it’s actually unusual in human history for the average person to expect to be treated the same as their leaders–and for the average person to expect leaders to be treated in the same way as the average person.

      • Hi KG. IIRC, many astrologers believe that this is down to Neptune in Pisces at the moment. My mother is part of the Trump cult. She’s a true believer and will even vote for him if his office is inside a prison cell. Maybe things will improve once Neptune moves into Aries. Although that configuration was the signature for the Civil War. Perhaps there will be more talk about some states seceding at that point.

      • I don’t know about mass delusions but we are just coming out of the Pluto in Capricorn era. Roll back to the 1920s-30s when it was going through its opposite sing of Cancer and people had the same fascinations (at least initially) for leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. When times are tough people look for someone who can tell them comforting things rather than squash their nose up to the truth.

        It’s probably not the only answer – the Neptune in Pisces thing has some truth to it. Likewise Uranus in security-minded Taurus.

        • With the Cancer/Capricorn axis, perhaps it’s a parental projection, the collective longing for an archetypal ‘strong father.’ That’s what dictators like Stalin and Hitler represented to the masses who supported them. We’re very basic, we humans.

          The rise of Hitler has a similar outer planet astrology to the People’s Crusade of 1096 in that the early 1930s saw a Uranus/Pluto square in Aries/Cancer square Saturn in Capricorn, whereas April 1096 sees Uranus/Pluto in Aries and Neptune in Cancer, while Jupiter is in Capricorn – the first stirrings of these historic ideological/religious movements of people.

          • Agree – it’s parental projection. When I wrote “comforting things” I meant they say “it’s not your fault, blame those immigrants coming here taking your jobs/benefits/homes etc”. It’s easier to have a strong father figure taking the lead than to accept personal responsibility and dig yourself out of the mire.

            Was reading this morning that the Republicans have made the Trump verdict a test of loyalty … “” … basic psychology – “you can remain part of the family or be ostracised”.

        • Group delusion in the fascist state of mind – anyone who disagrees must be denigrated, smeared and destroyed/silenced. Scary mentality. Delusional narcissism – and it seems to be infectious when it enters the group think.

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