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  1. Any ideas on Michael Mosley, the UK doctor and TV personality who has gone missing while on the Greek island Symi?
    I appreciate this may be too soon, or an inappropriate question at this time though. Its just so strange.
    Born 22 March 1957 in Calcutta India

  2. Astrologer Steve Judd has evidently predicted neither Trump nor Biden will stand in the US Elections? (Thanks Bubba below)
    And so hope all of us.

    Gerald Baker in The Times asks whether Biden will see out June, with a gruelling schedule, two Europe visits, Netanyahu and Hunter’s legal woes to cope with and a live 90-minute televised debate against Trump on June 27th. He quotes Mark Halperin, a well-connected commentator, whose Democratic sources tell him how the president’s mental acuity has further diminished, even in the past few weeks. There was also a story in The Wall Street Journal this week with multiple examples from Biden’s confidants of his deteriorating cognitive condition.
    Biden has a Neptune strewn year with tr Pluto trine his 10th house Neptune from late last month to mid July – at the same time as tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint so he won’t give in easily. And tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint September, October, November this year. So the swirling fog won’t lift. He is beyond stubborn with four Scorpio planets and Pluto square Mars in Scorpio and square a Taurus Moon so he’ll cling on regardless. Unless fate or something intervenes.

    • I just watched Steve Judd’s youtube on this. He points to the dates for the Republican Convention – 15-18 July, and the Democratic Convention, 19-22 August. The Republicans have the Mars/Uranus/Algol line-up in Taurus. The Democrats kick off their meeting with a difficult Full Moon at 27 Aquarius square Uranus. Then there’s a Mars/Pluto opposition around at the time of the Elections. All that looks very tense, and he suggests the election could even be delayed. It seems to me that events elsewhere in our world could also be a factor.

      I thought I’d look at the George Washington Presidency chart, April 1789. I see the Nodes are 28 Scorpio/Taurus, with ascendant 28 Leo, and MC 22 Taurus. Summer’s astrology looks as if it impacts the Presidency, and what it means or symbolises? Uranus is 1 Leo in the 12th house, so under pressure from tr Pluto. Saturn, which might represent both older men in this, is 20 Pisces in the 7th house – about to have a return, exact in early 2025. Never tested this chart, but if it works then it appears to be under stress.

      • I’m surprised that Biden has got this far, looking back in 2020 and that Mars Rx in Aries during the election, I thought he might be replaced somehow, based on previous Mars Rx data – but even the strongest patterns don’t always replicate. Didn’t think it was looking good for Trump either. Mars stations Rx late this year at 6 Leo, then stations Dx at 20 Cancer – expecting a king but a queen (?) arrives. Or expecting a leader, but it going back to the public.

      • Hi, Jane, constitutionally the election can’t be delayed. The date is set in the constitution — the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, every four years.

        Can it be screwed with? Of course, as we’ve seen already with Russian and other foreign interference.

        But elections have been held during wars, including the Civil War in 1864 and in the aftermath of destructive hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The date won’t be delayed unless there’s a coup or similar that seizes control of the government. As much as I think Trump’s goons want to stage a coup, I think they still want the appearance of legality.

    • Just FYI, the WSJ article was sourced entirely from Republican opponents, primarily former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and current Speaker Mike Johnson, both of whom Biden bested in negotiations. And the right-leaning Halperin lost credibility when he was outed as a prime sexual harasser some years ago. So all have axes to grind against Dems, progressive thinking and Biden. No Dem sources were quoted — and if there were real substance to the allegations there would have a chorus of Dems, too. There’s no lack of Dems willing to pile on if there’s credible information to share.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    Can you do a write up on Judge Eileen Cannon? She was a Trump appointed Judge. She is presiding over the case brought by the DOJ against Trump on the classified Documents that Jack Smith (who spent time at The Hague) is prosecuting. She is an inexperienced Judge, and is slow walking this case. I am very concerned. You may have seen many Americans mention on this site that if they had done what Ex President Trump had done with Classified Documents, that we would already be in Jail. Thanks. I hope she would be removed from the case, but we don’t always get what we wish for. Guessing looking on information on the documents case and if she will be removed. This particular case I think Trump may be able to pardon (not sure) if he is reelected. Concern is he gave Nuclear Secrets away to other countries. Openly defied repeated requests to hand over the documents. The whole thing is really bad, and compromising National Security, and I am not so sure Judge Cannon understands the gravity of it.

  4. I thought this was interesting re Nigel Farage, and his announcement that he’s standing for election in Clacton:

    “tr Jupiter moving through his career 10th from June 2024 for a year which is usually successful and that allied to tr Saturn moving above his Descendant from March 2024 will also see him on an upward trajectory career-wise for years to come.

    Along the way of next year he also has majorly confusing, downbeat midpoints which suggest miscalculations, an argumentative and mishap strewn 2025 and a sense of panicky failure in 2026.” Marjorie, October 2023

    A quick read through seems to suggest troubled times ahead in general for the UK’s politics in 2025-6. The Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Aries opposing UK Uranus might have something to do with this?

    • Hm I was pondering about various things – the financial journalists are warning of a nasty private credit shock up and coming – the US Fed Reserve certainly won’t like early tr Neptune Saturn squaring their Saturn Pluto in 2025/26 – and the UK has that 8th house SA Uranus Mars collision which may be partly financial in 2025 with disruptions in 2026 from tr Uranus square the UK Pluto. The EU looks into turbulent waters 2025/26 which I’ll do in detail tomorrow.
      And there is also the global situation which looks highly unstable from mid this year and on.
      ‘Events dear boy events’ can seriously screw with the best laid political plans.

      • Interesting. Could it be the reason why Sunak called the GE in early second half of this year? Leaving it for Labour to deal with it.

        Something about to explode in global situation?

        • This is an interesting comment! I was speaking with an acquaintance today and he mentioned some rumours of high net worth Swiss bankers moving their money out of Switzerland. He was also commenting that RS might be privy to some inside knowledge…

          • In 1919, Keynes wrote that though capitalists may bear the brunt of consumer anger, they’re merely a symptom of the economic system’s wider failing. “The profiteers are a consequence and not a cause of rising prices,” wrote Keynes.

            So how to solve it? Keynes says it’s ultimately up to the government to sort things out.

            “If, however,” he wrote, “a government refrains from regulation and allows matters to take their course, essential commodities soon attain a level of price out of the reach of all but the rich, the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent, and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer.”
            i doubt RS left DDay ceremony for an ITN interview….

      • Thanks Marjorie. Spot on about N. Farage! Otherwise, I agree about the global situation. Without even looking at Uranus in Gemini, I can see from the Book of World Horoscopes that early Aries planets and points might be triggered by Saturn and Neptune. Those include the MC for Georgia 1991, 2 Aries, Belarus ascendant, 1991, and the 2 Aries Saturn for Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia.
        Curiously, before then, Pluto is at 26 Taurus for Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia – in line for July’s Uranus/Mars/Algol energy. There are of course many other locations of interest, but this pattern stood out initially.

        • Lots of stuff going on with NF’s MC currently. He turned 60 this year so his SA Mars is now approaching his 6 degree Gemini MC by conjunction and of course Jupiter is in early Gemini currently. Transit Pluto currently squares his natal Mercury in Taurus which is the ruler of his MC. Also his Pars Fortuna will be conjunct the July Mars/Uranus conjunction on Algol.

          • Oh and I don’t have the Tory Party’s chart to hand, but it would be interesting to see the composite, given that NF has said today he would like to ‘take over’ the Conservative Party.

    • Marjorie, I did a search and see you did have a prediction for Fauci’s chart for 2024 “he may have a turn-around in his image come 2024/2025”. No need for an update, you were right. Should have done a search first.

  5. One for your records Marjorie – Rupert Murdoch got married to #5 Elena Zhukova on Saturday at his vineyard which is located in Los Angeles County on Moraga Drive.

    Can’t find a time but the Daily Mail article with details of guests arriving seems to have been started at about midnight UK, so 4pm in LA with no mention of the nuptials until later article.


  6. Just curious — Is there anyone prominent with a chart similar in nature or time to Trump’s who’s led a productive life that’s contributed to the betterment of society, who’s used the beneficial aspects of his/her chart rather than purely for personal gain or grifting? Who demonstrates how such a chart could be used for the benign rather than furtherance of greed and blunt personal power?

    Can personal attributes or positive parenting shift how people with similar charts live out their lives, with beneficial or negative outcomes for society?


  7. Hi Marjorie,

    Any astrological insights to South Africa’s recent parliamentary election? I see that the ANC only received 41% of the vote while the Democratic Alliance received 22% and the MKP received 14%.

    I understand this is the first time in over 30 years where the ANC has lost their majority in Parliament. I’m just curious; what does the astrology suggest for South Africa’s political future?

  8. We’ve just seen the third anniversary of the debacle in Kamloops with the ensuing heartbreak and then moral panic.

    Any thoughts on the dates and timing?

    Cheers and thank you.

  9. Hi Marjorie, I was interested to hear recently about John Mark Dougan (15.12.76), who has created many disinformation sites (with all AI generated stories) to interfere with the US election. There is quite a story going back several years but he fled to Moscow in 2016 where he is now operating from. There is a recent NY Times article on him. Sounded so Neptunian.

  10. Marjorie I was wondering if you could read on how narcissism is interpreted in astrology and how it is presented within different signs, rising signs, houses etc. I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. Marjorie what does Jupiter in detriment in Gemini mean in real terms? A lot of astrologers have posted thrilling panaceas of Jupiter in Gemini. Life seems to be in some sort of Mercury Retrograde. Lots of snarl ups with communications. Lots of strange and unexpected negative things. None of the promised panacea since 25th May. Please advise.

  12. As an absolute novice regarding astrology but nonetheless fascinated by it I have just seen the charts of my husband and I on Astro Look. Basically I am Sun Gemini with a Libra Ascendant. My husband who is 8months older is Sun Libra with a Gemini Ascendant. Is this unusual and would it have attracted us to each other? We share very similar values especially regarding rights and wrongs and fair play. Thank you Marjorie and all the other experts on this site who I read with awe at your depth of knowledge.

    • @Pamela, in my experience this is not at all unusual. In my experience, more couples have intervened “Big 3” (Sun, Ascendant, Moon) positions than not. And these positions run in families, too. For instance, my husband is Aries Sun and Moon, Virgo Rising. I am Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising.

      In your case, it’s possible that you have each other’s Suns in 1st houses in synastry. That’s actually classic in partnerships, not only romantic ones, because this kind of synastry boosts one’s visibility to the World.

      For emotional compatibility, I’d look at Moons, though. Especially since Gemini/Libra combination is airy, light, friendly but maybe a bit emotionally detached. One partner having a more “demanding” Moon could change the relationship drastically, though.

      • Interesting about the role of Moons in synastry, Solaia. I’ve been married for 55 years and my Gemini Moon is exactly inconjunct my husband’s Capricorn Moon, which is not a good sign for emotional compatibility. But my Mercury is exactly conjunct his Moon and both our Moons are sextile our Venuses, so that seems to compensate with understanding and affection. And our Suns and Jupiters are in trine aspects and our Saturns are conjunct each others Saturns which helps in long term relationships.

  13. Hi Marjorie, have you ever looked at the charts of Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen? They seemed to one of the few notable long term British acting couples (and equally matched in talent!) – the partnership started with some scandal but is still enduring.

  14. Aotearoa New Zealand got its new annual budget at 2.00pm 30th May 2024 in Wellington. The day was met by thousands of marching protesters up and down the country, specifically protesting our right wing government’s anti-Maori and anti- nature budgeting of resources. Anti- the future really.
    It would be good if you could please look at this particular time. Thanks Marjorie

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