Eamonn & Ruth – TV togetherness fizzles out

Another celebrity couple bites the dust as UK tv presenters Eamonn Homes and Ruth Langsford split after fourteen years together, much of it spent sharing a morning show sofa together. Not being a fan or a watcher I am bemused by the fascination shown by the tabloid press but an astrological take on a relationship is always of interest.

 He was born 3 December 1959 11.45pm (biography) Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is an outgoing Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius  with Mars also in Sagittarius and all square Pluto in Virgo – chatty, adventurous, and do-or-die determined.  Plus an Aquarius Moon in his performing 5th house.

 It would be a reasonable fit at the start since her Pisces Sn and Mercury fall in his 7th house of relationships and her Jupiter sits in his domestic 4th house. Though she is much more emotional/watery than him with a Scorpio Moon which will make for a couple of opposites with his fiery Sun and Airy Moon.   It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Can be complementary or bring a lack of understanding about where the other is coming from. She also has a sparky Mars in Aquarius opposition Uranus which squares his Mercury in Scorpio which would be argumentative at times.

  Their relationship chart is tricky with an idealistic but ultimately disappointing composite Sun square Neptune; and a really tough Mars Saturn conjunction trine Pluto. It suggests a one-sided relationship where one partner had to suppress their identity/assertiveness to make it work. And that only lasts for so long.  Plus a superficially frivolous and amiable composite Sun Jupiter (Moon) conjunction.

  It could drag on for a year or two or three since Mars Saturn Pluto relationships don’t let go easy.

 The wedding chart, 26 June 2010, for a splashy Hello affair has a mix of adventurous optimism, plus possessiveness and control issues – with a Sun Mercury opposition Pluto (Moon) square Jupiter Uranus opposition Saturn. It also hints that present pressures will drag on for another three years or so.

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  1. He seems to be someone who needs a woman in his life!

    This is from an interview last year, quoted in the Mirror.
    “Maybe Ruth will be run over by a bus or something, who knows? If I get another wife I might come back ( to Northern Ireland) get a local girl. That’s awful talking about Ruth being run over by a bus, that’s awful.”

  2. Just looked up Eamonn Holmes now – goodness, the poor guy has had so many problems with his bones – double hip replacement, spinal surgery, fallen down stairs resulting in a broken shoulder. Ongoing health issues. That would be Saturn I guess, but I don’t see any obvious indications in his chart. He will struggle on his own.

    • Mars square Pluto is a heavy weight to carry and will bring acute frustrations, not necessarily physical but in one way or another. He seems to have had structural, joint. spine problems starting around ten years ago. Had the first hip ops when tr Saturn in Sag square Neptune was hitting his Sun Jupiter and there followed Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune and SA Neptune conjunct his Saturn, plus SA Mars conjunct his Moon four years back – so a long trail of debilitating influences.

  3. How about the recent sepearation of Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont? Another UK TV couple. How will their careers survive, as they have made their careers doing TV shows together?
    They were always snipping at each other on TV, I had thought it was an act for comedy effect, but maybe it was true feelings coming out?

    • Their synastry is not too bad – he Sun Libra, she Sun Leo, both Moon Capricorn. Her Jupiter Uranus conjunct his Mars Uranus would be a touch scratchy at times. Their relationship chart is affectionate though there is an argumentative composite Mercury Mars conjunction.
      What seemed most problematic was their wedding chart on a disruptive Uranus square Pluto and a doubting/suspicious Saturn square Neptune.

  4. I always wonder how going to GB news affects the lives of what used to be considered decent unbiased journalists. Perhaps Holmes picked up some ideas that Langsford was no longer prepared to live with. He used to undermine her when they were working together.
    She stuck with him through illness but maybe his growing rightwing politics crossed an important line for her.

    • Transiting Saturn in Pisces is going across her Pisces planets as well as trine her Scorpio moon. So she probably woke up to the truth of who he is rather than looking through rose-tinteds.

      And for him, it’s classic astrology that transiting Saturn in his 7th has led to divorce. But I also noticed transiting Uranus opposed his Scorpio Mercury end of last week, so that must be part of the surprise. Mercury rules both his MC (public status) and Asc (relationships axis).

      Noting when they married in 2010, the Cardinal Grand Cross was just on its way to forming with Saturn approaching his Libra north node encouraging him to start relating but that Aries SN with Jupiter-Uranus hitting it. Meanwhile the Sun-Mercury in Cancer / Pluto-Moon in Capricorn squaring them. Powerful moment for him.

      For her on marrige, transiting Neptune-Chiron were hitting her Pisces Venus and transiting Jupiter-Uranus had gone over her Sun while Saturn in Virgo opposed it. Transiting Pluto was hitting her Capricorn Jupiter. I suspect she felt the luckiest woman in the world when she met him, but has slowly come to realise the relationship wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

    • I don’t watch GB News. Yet I will defend its right to exist, as it is actually being more honest, than some. It is there for all to see, rather than activism or other political views, which are kept secretive. It is not on a internet domain, hidden or sniping. It is there like the BBC, Sky and other TV News Channels. Eamon is just being honest, disagree with him if you wish. Yet he is standing up for what he believes in. That is his Human Right.

      • I agree. I don’t watch it either but it is abundantly clear that we have entered a time when anyone who isn’t far-left or ‘woke’ is smeared as far-right, even the middle of the road small-c conservatives which includes many ordinary people.

      • People also ask
        Is GB News impartial?
        An Ofcom investigation today concluded that People’s Forum: The Prime Minister (PDF, 612.8 KB) on GB News broke broadcasting due impartiality rules. Given this represents a serious and repeated breach of these rules, we are now starting the process for consideration of a statutory sanction against GB News.20 May 2024
        My point about GB news is how it could’ve affected their relationship. Its had quite a lot of issues with misogyny re: Laurence Fox and Calvin Robinson. Glad they are gone and it’s pressure from ordinary people that helped that to come about.

        • Hmm not sure GB News will survive the next two/three years. It has tr Pluto opposition the Moon this year (and 2023) and then opposition the Mars 2024/25 which is trapped and frustrated. Dead halt by 2026 with SA Pluto opposing the Mars.

        • This is laughable. Is the BBC imparital ? Is ITV impartial ? Is Sky impartial ? etc etc

          Of course not. None of them are. The difference is that they’re are Corporate controlled so they never get called out for it. Theyre the propaganda arm of the System.

          30 odd years ago ther were around 30 major media companies. Now there are 5. They own everything. That’s why the media all looks and sounds the same. Its one big echo chamber. Even the likes of Joe Rogan, Russell Brand – they’re all controlled opposition on the payroll.

  5. Astro seek on line all free ancient astro calculations on there and yes that ancient method is a winner on year to year prediction

  6. Pluto transiting in Aquarius certainly performed this weekend. As it is sitting right on his Moon, in his fifth house in Aquarius. Some papers are stating that he didn’t have any knowledge or part in the announcement. Certainly a Pluto transit on his Moon in the fifth – women/love and an Uranus/Aquarian sudden surprise.

    • If it came as a surprise to him, given what Marjorie has said about the Mars-Saturn trine Pluto needing one partner to suppress themselves – it’s almost certain her Pisces Sun/Merc/Venus and Scorpio Moon/Neptune weren’t being very direct. Given he has Sun-Jupiter Sag with Mars and a detached Aqua moon he probably blundered straight past any hints. But I am just guessing

      • I am not discussing a particular person. However, too much water in any chart can smother. Water seeps in any crack and can drown people out. I was quite keen on astrology a few decades ago and did look at many charts. A propensity in one element; can act like a controlling element. Fire burns people out. Water can envelope the entire relationship. Earth buries emotions and air blows with the wind. An overburdened chart with one element may actually overtake individual aspects. Having conversations, with friend with a high amount of piece/ water planets in their chart can be difficult. As they will swim with the conversation and agree with anything you say. I have learned to let go and just go with the flow, as basically they do not like any conflict; even the slightest.

        • Of course, in comes Hamaker, who blended the Jungian theory of superior, inferior and auxiliary function with the four elements, and that’s quite some theory, which explains a load of things. It is probably the foundation of her teaching.

    • … plus he’s currently in a 5th house year of profection in Capricorn which means he’s in a Saturn ruled year this year and next year which is 6th house/Aquarius so he’s in for a couple of emphatically very difficult years in his emotional and physical lives. It will heighten the impact of Saturn in that part of his life which Saturn occupies. His natal Saturn is in Capricorn in the 4th house of home – that will be tested. His health will take a hit next year and with Chiron in Aqua in the 6th it will be sobering indeed.

      I’ve found that the Annual Profection is one of the most accurate ancient timing techniques. I had the two Saturn profection years a few years back and they were very tough on my health and my psyche. Saturn teaches through pain and no doubt Holmes will be humbled by events in the coming years. The reality check will centre around his coldness in relationships. It will check his ego in a massive way and require him to learn the importance of compromise and self-sacrifice. His wife has being doing all of that up now.

        • Annual profections is the traditional time-lord technique. You enter a new ‘profection’ every year on your birthday and each year is ruled by a planet which is calculated from the Ascendant e.g. say you have Scorpio on the ascendent and you are age 32, you will be in a 9th house year of profection in Cancer so the Moon is your ruler for that year. The following year on your 33rd birthday, the profection will be the 10th house in Leo so the Ruler is the Sun; the following year age 34, will be the 11th house in Virgo so Mercury is the ruler and so on until you complete a 12 year cycle and it starts again. https://www.astro-seek.com/seek-images/profections/annual-profections-wheel-template-08-scorpio.png
          So each year of your life is associated with a planet. What it means is that the Ruler (the planet) will be especially significant for that year and the house occupied by that planet will be impacted e.g. if you’re in a Saturn ruled year, both your natal Saturn placement and Saturn’s current transits will be especially significant and you will feel the effects in that part of your life where Saturn sits and the houses is transits. Have a look at the wheels, https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/annual-profections-astrology-calculator

          Hope that makes sense. Its quite difficult to explain.

          • Very interesting and thanks for explaining. I’ll take check it out. So if you complete a 12 year cycle back to your 1st house could you go back to the last time the 1st house ruled to get a sense of what’s coming? A little like eclipses but where the planet currently transiting will change the flavour? Much thanks again

          • @Jennifer – Yes. There are patterns and repeating themes although obvs the current profection year will be modified by other current transits. The ascendant years – age 12, 24, 36 etc are known to be particularly eventful and archetypal. In my case, I’ve had major bereavements in almost every one so far. Profections are a very reliable interpretive tool imo, they provide a much better big predictive window on what is going to happen than trying to interpret all the intricacies of daily activity. Very simple to use once you get the hang of it.

      • Annual profections also, weirdly enough, line up with another prediction system in Tibetan astrology, which has its roots in Indian and Chinese astrology.

        Every 12 years when, in Hellenistic astrology your 1st house is the house of the year, this indicates in the Tibetan system a year of obstacles. The advice given in this year is to not ignore health problems, rest a lot and avoid too much travel if you can.

        • That’s interesting. These ancients definitely knew a thing or two. Its amazing how they knew this stuff thousands of years ago.

          • Or just amazing that given all the noise we are subjected to in our 21st century, that we still find our way in one form or the other, back to ancient teachings because our world is built on those same old teachings in one way or another.

            So basically nothing new under the sun.

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