New Zealand – in the eye of cyclones and celestial storms

New Zealand reeling from the onslaught of Cyclone Gabrielle is facing fresh storm warnings as there is grave concern for those swept away by flood waters, with fatalities likely to rise.  Chris Hipkins, the new Prime Minister, described it as an event on the scale of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.

 The recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse which fell opposite the NZ Uranus in Taurus (and Pluto), when located to Gisborne, NZ, had Mars in Gemini on the Ascendant so flagging it up as a potential crisis location. Double trouble from that.

  In addition the New Zealand chart is in the midst of a gruelling run of tr Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Sun in 2021/22 and then conjunct the NZ Mars till late 2023; and square Pluto 2023/24 – forced change, huge frustrations, high-risk – and it will continue after mid decade with tr Pluto square the NZ Uranus and then Saturn.

  At the moment also the NZ Saturn has moved by Solar Arc to square the NZ 4th house Mars.

  It always did look like a time of heightened risk from natural disasters.

 Chris Hipkins, the Jacinda Ardern replacement, born 5 September 1978, is a serious Sun Saturn in Virgo in a socially-progressive and sometimes indecisive square to Neptune with a ferociously determined and courageous Mars Pluto conjunct in Libra – quite a mix of soft and hard. Better than most at coping in crisis situations.

  He’ll be pushing confidently ahead this year and next with tr Pluto opposing his Jupiter but will be slipping, sliding and tripping over problems as he goes.   

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  1. The flooding has been so severe in the horticultural areas of the North Island that fresh food prices will be very high for some time and will add to the inflation burden on the country, and with all the repairs to domestic housing and infrastructure that are urgently required, the individual and nation-wide consequences of the floods will be hugely impactful. Thank you Marjorie and Jane for your helpful analysis of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s astrological challenges. A bit daunting in this earthquake prone nation but it’s important to be alerted to the reality of our situation here. One positive – it might give pause to those Rich Listers who consider Aotearoa to be the perfect place for their palatial doomsday bunkers.

  2. “It always did look like a time of heightened risk from natural disasters.”

    Thanks Marjorie. I wonder what you think about the upcoming April Solar eclipse at 29 Aries? I noticed that it is square Pluto. It will be conjunct New Zealand’s 29 Aries Pluto, while the transiting Nodes will be 4 Taurus, conjunct NZ’s ‘natal’ Uranus. Neptune at 26 Pisces creates a mutable t-square with the NZ Nodes 28 Gemini/Sagittarius.
    Chris Hipkins own Jupiter at 29 Cancer, and his Nodes at 26 Virgo/Pisces are also activated. I know you’ve written before about how an eclipse’s effects can manifest beforehand, so am hoping (obviously) that this is the case here.

    The New Zealand Nodal axis may be sensitive. It’s almost the anniversary of the Christchurch disaster, 22 February 2011. At that time, there had been a Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini the previous December. In January 2011, there was a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 27 Pisces. Now, Neptune in Pisces approaches that point too.

    Some of the ongoing instability for New Zealand may be represented by all the restoration work that lies ahead, and the after effects of this disruption? Pluto destroys, but also signals rebuilding and transformation, eventually. We can but hope.

  3. Also a 6.3 earthquake has occured near Wellington in North Island, on the east coast was felt by friends in Taranaki on the west coast, feels as though they are being hit from all sides. As Marjorie, said, the aspects all point to an unstable situation ongoing for some time yet unfortunately.

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