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  1. The wonderful football commentator, John Motson, has died in his sleep. 10th July, 1945 birthday. We’ve sometimes remarked on Jupiter’s role when someone dies, leaving on their next journey as I like to think of it. For ‘Motty’ Jupiter would represent his lifelong passion for football too. Anyway, transiting Jupiter in sporting Aries is trine his natal Mercury in Leo now. And transiting Mars in Gemini (the game?) has just crossed over his natal Uranus in Gemini for a swift, peaceful leave-taking…..As a football fan, he made me think, and so very often he made me laugh. Wishing him a happy journey.

    And by the way, I’m not the Jane asking about pensions!

  2. Can you have a look at radio DJ Nicky Campbell’s chart please?

    Last summer, he revealed on his radio show or podcast that he’d been sexually abused at school. This kicked off a series of podcasts and I was listening to one today where he met the daughter of the teacher who abused him. I always found him to be an entertaining, jocular DJ in his younger years and this turns of events seems like a complete gamechanger. Any ideas what’s gong on with his stars?

  3. Hi Marjorie, I would be grateful if you could look at the WASPI women compensation claim. Do you think they will get resolution. Thanks

    • Women’s rights tend to come to the fore and be supported when Saturn Neptune is around and there is a conjunction in 2025. So maybe then, some adjustments.

  4. I see a disturbing similarity between Meghan Markle and Donald Trump. They both absolutely love to litigate. Is this sort of things written in the stars?

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    Do you see any resolution of Northern Ireland post-Brexit deal? There was lots of push last week but it seems the sight of any deal with EU are fading away.

    Will Sunak be successful in getting through this deal?


  6. Hi Marjorie, I know football is not your favourite sport, but what exactly in (Damian) Emiliano Martinez’s chart has been causing very anti-virgo behavior, from the world cup antics, to very poor decision making against Arsenal yesterday. Interviews show him to be a thankful respectful person… But he used the world’s biggest stage to cause himself some serious reputational damage, and has not been playing like a world cup winner ever since his country’s win. I wonder if it’s location astrology or just bad luck transits.

  7. Hi Marjorie, not sure if you want to touch this one but, all around the world we are seeing excess deaths. See world in data figures. Would Pluto at 29 degrees cap indicate this phenomenon? Some government have stopped publishing data.

  8. Hello All, SouthPark is a long running TV Show in the United States on Comedy Central. Last night they skewered Meghan and Harry. This would mark a sea change in America. Can you look at their chart again in context with SouthPark yesterday at 9pm. Attached is a link to a video. Once SouthPark starts skewering you, the gloves are off. They do this to everyone.

  9. The story of London’s Great Stink of July and August 1858 is on UK tv tonight. Very apt, considering many news items about terrible pollution and raw sewage in Britain’s rivers and on our beaches.

    Here’s a glimpse of the wonders of astrology’s patterns – July and August 1858 have Neptune at 24 Pisces, and Uranus moving from 1 to 3 Gemini – activating the UK Yod by squaring Pluto (sewage) in Pisces. The man who built London’s sewerage system was Joseph Bazalgette, 28th March 1819. He had Saturn 22 Pisces, Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 28 Sagittarius, Pluto 26 Pisces. Mars was 3 Pisces, aligned with UK Pluto. Tr Neptune in 1858 was activating all those natal planets. His chart is being woken up again by Neptune (if that’s even possible!) now. Saturn will shortly be in Pisces, aiming at the UK Pluto and Bazalgette’s Mars. I was just amazed when I noticed these patterns. I hope that it means something constructive will be done very soon.

    • Thank you Jane, I love the whole Big Stink story. If only people knew how important sewage was to the Victorians! When you mentioned Neptune at 24 of Pisces, I looked up John Snow who is considered one of the founders of epidemiology. His theory, during the 1854 cholera epidemic known as the Broad Street Outbreak, that cholera was caused by germ contaminated water rather than the acceplted ‘miasma’ theory, brought great improvements to sanitation. He has Sun in Pisces at 24 degrees and it conjuncts Pluto, would you believe?

      • VF – that’s just amazing! Thank you so much. I watched the programme tonight, and it was fascinating. It mentioned John Snow, and I’d intended to look him up, so you read my mind. I also hadn’t realised that Big Ben was being built that boiling hot summer of 1858. And how badly the House of Commons itself was affected by the ‘stink’.
        I’m thinking that as Neptune reaches late Pisces it maybe makes its presence felt again more strongly? I noticed that there was a movie on BBC4 tonight called ‘Dark Waters’ as well. It is about a big corporation polluting the water……Now curious to see what might crop up mid March when the Sun in Pisces aligns with Neptune, squared by Mars in Gemini.

        • Indeed, the quality of our water and rivers has fallen since Brexit because under the EU, we had stricter regs on maintaining the cleanliness of our water/beaches. This means that water companies are now getting away with polluting our rivers, beaches and waterways. We’re back to Neptune at 24 of Pisces.

          The Great Stink was notable because the urban poor had put up with contaminated, malodorous water for years, via the public pumps but it was only when the privileged members of parliament were effected during a particularly hot summer that anything was done about it.

          • I’m ever more curious about the ‘Neptune effect’ – and whether it is increasing now, or maybe it mirrors things at the ingress? I’m not great with Neptune, I frequently fail to notice it’s messages in my own chart until later. But battling through the mists I found –

            A few things: today’s Guardian front page – ‘Alarm raised over scale of hospital sewage leaks’ and ‘Science Museum signed oil sponsor gagging deal’. Pluto involved as well, but Neptune and Pluto have been connected by sextile for decades.

            Neptune’s ingress into Pisces 4th April, 2011. In December 2011, Thames Water was fined for releasing large quantities of raw sewage into the water.

            There’s a fascinating free to read article online in the FT, May 4th, 2017 about ‘Thames Water:the murky structure of a utility company.’ The acquisition by current owners was in 2006/7. A lunar eclipse in March 2006 was at 24 Virgo square Pluto, 26 Sagittarius. March 2007 has a solar eclipse at 28 Pisces square Pluto in Sagittarius.

            The famous, vast Whitechapel Fatberg – one of many in the sewers – was 250 metres long. Efforts to clear it were reported on 12 September, 2017. 6th September had a Pisces (13) full Moon conjunct Neptune (12). The New Moon was 27 Virgo, opposing Chiron 27 Pisces.

            Privatisation (1989) has a lot to answer for, although water pollution is a global issue of course. But water is the stuff of life itself. Neptune (and Pluto) certainly has work to do in these late degrees of Pisces!

          • Chemicals too, Jane. Do you remember that the curtains in the HoP had to be soaked in lime chloride to deter the smell? Lime chloride is used to disinfect swimming pools. Then there is the discovery of synthesised dyes. Henry Perkin in 1856 accidentally discovered the dye mauveine while attempting to synthesise quinine as a treatment for malaria. It became one of the first synthetic dyes to be mass produced and soon almost everyone was decked out in purple, a fad which was soon satirised in Punch.

            Pluto rules recycling as well as sewage systems, I feel. My BIL is head of recycling in a London borough and has Moon in Scorpio! You’ll know that the Victorians possessed an incredible capacity for recycling and almost nothing was wasted. Dust was collected for brickmaking, the night soil men collected fertiliser to be used on the fields and even dog faeces could be collected (called ‘pure’) to be used in the tanning industry. So I really think that there’s so much we could learn from them.

          • Love the ‘purple haze’ of the dye, plus links to malaria medicines! Yes, Pluto and recycling or transforming one material into use for another purpose. Interesting as rubbish disposal has become seriously linked with organised crime gangs in recent years – there is now a Waste Crime Unit here. It’s big business for them globally apparently. Pluto and crime, Pluto and waste disposal…..if you google rubbish and organised crime you’ll see a host of articles! That, plus the deceptions of Neptune I’d say.
            I agree we can learn from the Victorians about waste not want not. There were so many people professionally involved with mending things too, and remodelling old clothes as well.

            With both Pluto and Neptune nearing the close of one cycle in Pisces and Capricorn, their combined meanings seem to be strengthening – possibly highlighting waste and pollution issues and their costs in every way.

          • The dye had one Neptunian fault apparently – it faded quickly when exposed to sunlight. Kind of vampiric.

            The recent news (much underreported imo) about the Ohio train chemical leak in East Palestine, Ohio is concerning. The event took place on 3rd February this year when Neptune was approaching its current 24 Pisces.

        • A final little bit of this watery jigsaw puzzle – fixed star Alkes, the Bowl or Cup, in the constellation Crater. Now at 23 Virgo. It means ‘lover of all that is wet’ (Manilius) and according to George Noonan, suggests ‘environmentalists whose love for rivers and streams lead them to be very protective regarding water resources.’ it would have been at an earlier degree in the 19th century of course. Also, there’s Markab in Pegasus, 23 Pisces. It has connections with ships and the ocean.

          I think its safe to say the Universe is sending us all a message!

    • That’s fascinating Jane. Sorry I have been absent from comments – I’m distrait from, well probably Mars in Gemini sitting on my Moon Uranus – but has materialised in the shape of too much domestic trivia.

      Neptune at 24 Pisces just amazing. We take the sewage system so much for granted it is extraordinary to think that not that far back there wasn’t one.

      • Thanks Marjorie, and very sorry to hear about the Mars effect. Generally, I have not enjoyed this endless Mars in Gemini thing. I feel its amplified aggressive debates etc. In my immediate neighbourhood, a very shouty couple has moved in nearby. They favour having arguments outside for some reason! Mars aspects my IC in Virgo…..
        And re Neptune in the later degrees of Pisces – do you think significant events now might connect with notable ones at Neptune’s ingress in 2011? Will we see an increased emphasis on all things Neptune? A couple of UK newspapers are running clean water campaigns now, re the raw sewage dumping and other industrial run-off pollution here. Perhaps the spirits of Bazalgette and Snow are stirring in fury! I think its interesting that both Pluto and Neptune are moving on. In Capricorn and Pisces they do seem to say ‘muddy waters’ don’t they?

  10. Please can you have a look at George Galloway’s chart. Interested to see his chart as he now has his own YouTube channel, which is quite popular. He has an interesting podcast re his dealings with Robert Maxwell. Thanks

  11. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh has reported that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines was ordered by President Joe Biden. Any truth in this?

      • @larryc, Sy Hersh is a reputable reporter (it was he who uncovered the My Lai massacre in Vietnam), but as I recall he sometimes goes off on a tangent. I heard him speak some years ago at UC San Diego and he was pretty impressive. He’s 85 now. Definitely not a Faux News type.

    • This is not surprising, as the US manufactured the war but people believe the mainstream news narrative that its all Russia’s fault.

      Seymour Hersh also published an article in the 80’s which brought the US governments secret dealings with chemical weapons to the fore front. It spurred a Congressional investigation and found that the US ARMY and Chemical Corps sprayed bacteria, pathogens and chemicals through covert means around the Nation for over a decade.

      Could you look at him?

  12. I was talking to my kids about the train wreck in New Jerusalem, Ohio–there was a Netflix film that the accident echos. It’s called White Noise–was written in 1985. it’s about an airborne chemical event due to a truck/train crash. There have been complaints about the news coverage (the disaster was almost ignored but is now getting picked up more–really, the media should monitor all man-made disasters and give updates daily until the victims have received compensation–restorative justice & policies are changed to prevent such things in the future—we are like babies flying planes…sorry…off on a tangent)
    My son & I also talked about climate crisis. It seems that there is an excess of “news” lately–lots of drama, but of course, real scary things going on (the weapons Putin uses sucks the oxygen out of people? What the heck). So…generally speaking, astrologically–what the heck is going on?

  13. The whole sign houses debate initiated by Deb Houlding, and between Chris Brennan etc.

    Curious to hear your thoughts Marjorie. Personally am glad this issue is being debated as there does seem to be a big push to WSH. I think there could be more consideration to other house systems given and not assumed one is the best.

    • All astrologers when they start out – well after a while – sniff around the contentious house system choice of which there are various.
      I’m not sure what this present spat is about but I certainly didn’t pick the house system I favour because of historical precedent but because it made sense to me having tested it out on charts.
      It is the joy of astrology that all astrologers have their own individual approach, most of which have relevance – many paths, one goal. And sometimes different paths throw light on a different facet of a situation. I have had memorable readings from Vedic astrologers who use a different zodiac altogether.
      Astrologers by their Uranian nature are outsiders and not inclined to be constrained by the deadening effect of rigid rules and regulations. So arguments that start from the premiss that ‘I am right’ and ‘You are wrong’ tend to run into the buffers fairly quickly.
      I also can’t get my head round ‘the ancient Greeks did it so it must be right’ argument – if that is what sparked this off. Nothing is set in stone, knowledge evolves all the time. On certain things they may have been absolutely right but on others? Check it out for yourself and don’t be cowed by the aura of authority or reverence for the past.

  14. I would be most interested to learn more about a real life superwoman, Lesley Paterson (12 October 1980) Scottish triathlete, more recently screenwriter and film producer. She’s up for an Oscar after pursuing her dream to remake the anti-war film All Quiet on the Western Front. Fascinating interview with her in the Guardian this week. A woman with incredible determination to succeed. Definitely a plutonian type, I would imagine.

  15. It appears that Starmer has thrown down the gauntlet to the Far Left in his party. Stating there is no place for them. Perhaps another look at Kier Starmer’s /Labour Party/Corbyn’s Charts for this year? As some will surely see this as direct confrontation. Or is it this a rouse to deflect from what is going on with the Unions and the strikes?

  16. Is it possible prosecutors are finally coming for Jared Kushner? Have seen numerous reports of that possibility over the lasrt week or so. Thank you Marjorie.

  17. Interesting dilemma for Ed Snowden. The US State Dept is urging Americans with Russian citizenship to leave Russia immediately. The fear is those people would be conscripted for the Ukraine war. Putin’s easy solution to Ed Snowden if he, indeed, holds dual citizenship.

  18. Hi Marjorie, in the wake of cyclone gabrielle, might you be able to take an updated look on New Zealand and new PM Chris Hipkins? His birthdate is 5 sept 1978. No time, but where would probably be Lower Hutt. Thanks

      • I do agree with that, was horrified the police discussed her private medical history. IMHO, reporting that will not help with her being found and was a terrible lack of judgment.

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