New Moon following Solar Eclipse

Worth watching out for is the following New Moon to a Solar Eclipse which often sparks up significant events. The Scorpio New Moon this coming Monday will be ramped up by the explosive Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus and follow the powerful,  angry and forceful Libra Solar Eclipse of 14th October.

  This New Moon will be primarily focused on Israel/Gaza since it falls with the New Moon Mars on the Midheaven there opposition a disruptive Uranus in the 4th.

  But there does seem on a different level to be more mayhem than usual in various countries – the Myanamar rebellion against the illegitimate military government has scored notable victories; the Portuguese government has collapsed due to corruption allegations; the UK is in political chaos with the Home Secretary jousting with the police and prime minister; in the US the political circus gets more bizarre with Trump trials garnishing his credentials, the GOP hopefuls tearing out each other’s throats metaphorically; and Joe Biden abseiling down the polls and getting dragged into his family’s dubious China dealings during his VP-ship. Sigh, oh for the days of peace and boredom.

[From today’s Times: – ‘Think dear Uncle Joe’s angelic? Think again’

While attention is on Donald Trump’s corruption trial, evidence suggests the incumbent is no stranger to a ‘dodgy deal’

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  1. Is the last decan of scorpio being ruled by venus important?

    To what extent does venus influence mars to good purpose?

    Can venus energy be harnessed and purposed (yin energy and balance)?

  2. The New Moon and Mars will be conjunct the U.K. 1801 Neptune and square its Saturn in Leo. It will be opposing the Neptune in Taurus in the 1066 England chart. It is also hitting the England 973 chart and the EU 1993 Maastricht Treaty chart. The New Moon opposes the Taurus Sun and Saturn in the 1912 Conservative Party Chart and the Sun Mercury conjunction in Taurus in Rishi Sunak’s chart.

    Supposedly what starts at the New Moon comes to its fruition at the Full Moon which will be in 27 November 2023 when the Sun is at 4 Sagittarius opposing the Moon at 4 Gemini. By then Mars will be at 2 Sagittarius. The Sun, Moon and Mars will form a T square to Saturn at 0 Pisces. It will be activating the Pluto in Pisces in the U.K. 1801 and the England 1066 charts and the Conservative 1912 Moon in Pisces. The Full Moon squares Rishi Sunak’s Mars Jupiter conjunction in Virgo.

    • That’s an interesting point about the Full Moon Hugh. I’d noticed this New Moon’s links with various UK charts and Suella Braverman’s natal, but hadn’t thought about that full Moon!

      The full Moon squares her natal Jupiter, 1 Virgo, and Sunak’s too as they are only weeks apart in age. The Battle of Hastings, 1066 also has Jupiter, 2 Virgo. Some other British charts that are highlighted, as they were for this coming Scorpio Moon, are:

      The easy-to-ignore (at least by me) 1707 Union chart, which chimes with Rishi Sunak’s birthday, 12th May (the Edgar chart is 11th May). It has Saturn at 4 Gemini, conjunct 27 November’s Moon. Sun is 20 Taurus.
      Glorious Revolution, 1689: Sun 5 Pisces
      Republic, 1649: Nodes 7 Gemini conjunct Pluto 8 Gemini. This chart is having a Uranus in Taurus return too.
      Dynastic Union of Britain and Scotland 1603: Saturn 3 Sagittarius square Venus 4 Pisces, Neptune 2 Virgo

      I think you’re right about the potential for things coming to fruition then. With all the mutability perhaps a civilised compromise of some kind can be found, or then again, not. Possibly more of what Marjorie calls “windmill in a storm” mutable shenanigans.

  3. Thanks Marjorie for this post and for including an astrocartography map. It is worrisome that the November 13th lunation and its Mars-Uranus lines highlight not just Israel-Gaza but as Jill SH mentioned, Crimea and Ukraine. The Uranus-IC line is within just a few minutes of arc from Tel Aviv or about 10 km/6 miles. And Zaporizhzhia where the nuclear power plant is currently under Russian control is midway between the Uranus-IC and Mars-MC line with about 20′ of arc on either side. I think Jane makes a good point too that this general degree area appears prominently in the charts of so many countries. For what’s it worth, the Mars IC-Uranus MC lines for the exact Mars-Uranus opposition tomorrow November 11th run about 1°30′ east of Moscow and down through Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya. On the other side of the world the Mars MC-Uranus IC lines run through Canada’s Yukon near the Alaska border, and south through the Pacific Ocean and the Marquesas Islands. As astrologers it will be interesting to see what unfolds although as human beings it may be hard to watch.

  4. Israel’s Sun is at 23 Taurus. So tr Mars + the New Moon will be opposite it, and tr Uranus conjunct.

    When the 7th Oct attack happened, Mars had just crossed Israel’s ascendant (23 Libra) and was square tr Pluto and conjunct tr south node.

    That malefic south node is still on Israel’s ascendant, but now Mars will oppose Israel’s Sun. It feels like things will get worse?

  5. Not surprising that a right leaning Murdoch affiliated media source such as the Times would go after Biden. No politician is without some soiled laundry but the comparative levels of dirt between Biden and the likely GOP nom Trump, are day and night.
    There are no perfect politics or corresponding politicians; democratic participation is vital to a healthy, dynamic government.

  6. I notice those new moon lines go right through Crimea and Ukraine. Might there be significant developments there too? Reports have Ukrainian force having crossed the Dnepre river into southern part of Kherson oblast.

    • Something I find interesting in the astrology is transiting Pluto in Scorpio for the end of the USSR in the early 1990’s. So Ukraine’s ‘natal’ Pluto for 1st December, 1991 is 21 Scorpio, Lithuania’s Pluto, Georgia’s independence, and other moments and nations at that important era in history. All being transited now, and onwards into next year, by Uranus in Taurus. At the same time, transiting Uranus opposes itself for l978-80. And there’s Uranus, 20 Scorpio, in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s charts for the spring of 1979. Both Russia and Iran have roles to play in what’s happening now, in various complicatedand often shadowy Pluto in Scorpio ways.

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