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  1. Worth taking a look at a so-called “ignored” Christian movement called “Social Gospel”? UAW strikers claim that their faith in Jesus helped them to win.

    Now heading toward the voting polls near you.

    Others with knowledge of this movement pls chime in.

  2. Hello Marjorie, David Cameron back in parliament. Perhaps Tony Blair for the Labour Party next. Does astrology see anything for Tony? Thank you for your insight.

  3. Hi Marjorie Will you be doing a reading on David Cameron? His political career seemed to be over when he resigned after Brexit but he now seems to be unexpectedly back in the limelight even though he is no longer an elected MP. Thanks.

  4. Marjorie,

    thank you for doing a write up about Ahed Tamimi – I just noticed it and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    If you get a chance, would you also take a look at what’s happening in Myanmar (Burma)? There’s apparently a major rebellion taking place in the northern states and the rebel groups are actually making gains. The New York Times, BBC, and Reuters are all reporting that that military government is suffering from heavy losses in the north. China (who makes the military government in Myanmar) is apparently very concerned since the fighting is taking place close to their border.

    I’m shocked that the current revolution in Myanmar isn’t making more international news headlines.

    • Apparently, Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian Federation has acted somewhat of a catalyst for some of the oppressed ethnic / tribal minorities in Northern Myanmar to regroup and reignite their own resistance against the military government.

      According to Al Jazeera, Myanmar’s military government is a very close ally to both China and the Russian Federation. In fact, the Russian Federation has reportedly begun maritime exercises with Myanmar’s military regime.

      Astrologically, how do things look for Myanmar’s military government? Does it appear that the opposition will finally overthrow that corrupt, oppressive regime?

    • I had a look the first time you asked and there is remarkably little showing on the recent coup chart from 2021 or any of the previous country charts – some tensions and upsets but nothing dramatic.

  5. This is in the news this morning:

    “Iceland has declared a state of emergency after a series of earthquakes raised fears of a volcanic eruption.

    Authorities have ordered thousands living in the southwestern town of Grindavík to evacuate as a precaution.

    The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) says it is concerned large amounts of magma – molten rock- is spreading underground and could surface there. Thousands of tremors have been recorded around the nearby Fagradalsfjall volcano in recent weeks.” BBC website, 11th November

    This seems to be of astro interest with the Uranus/Mars opposition and Scorpio New Moon on Monday we’ve been discussing. Iceland, 17 June, 1944 has Moon 17 Taurus, square Mars 15 Leo, Jupiter 22 Leo.
    Iceland 1st December, 1918 has Moon 15 Scorpio, Saturn 28 Leo (the transiting Pluto/Neptune yod effect?) and Uranus 24 Aquarius. Currently Jupiter, at 9 Taurus, is square Iceland 1944’s Pluto at 7 Leo, and 1918’s Neptune at 9 Leo which could also point to some intense natural event?

    • I had a look and neither of the recent eclipse charts has Iceland particularly highlighted. Not that it rules out the possibility but I would look more to 2024/2025 when tr Pluto is squaring Neptune on the Iceland 1944 chart – which is a classic natural disaster influence.
      Must be odd to live in such an unstable and potentially explosive region.

      • Thank you Marjorie! Yes, it must be very strange to live there. I sort of want to visit it one day and see those extraordinary landscapes for myself.

  6. Passing thought. Watching a YouTube video where the narrator mentioned that Canada didn’t even exist at the time of the US Civil War.

    Canada was formed on 1st July 1867. It would have experienced it’s first Uranus Return in 1951, and it’s second will be in 2035. It’s first Neptune Return will be in 2032.

    What does the coming decade hold for Canada? And how does one interpret Uranus and Neptune Returns of nations?

  7. Yes, Marjorie, the gift of life is yours, live it to the full, no need to complain! I wouldn’t say my parents or grandparents were damaged by the war! Both parents served in the forces during WW11 both coming through with resilience and determination. My second cousin who had been an RAF pilot during WW11 however was deeply traumatised by his experiences, even so when the war ended he ‘Straightened up, didn’t Complain’ and back to a so called normal life! I had 2 schoolfriends who each had a parent escape the concentration camps, the numbers still inked on their wrists, parents who Straightened up’ and didn’t ‘Complain’ they were grateful to be free! My friends certainly were not Snowflakes! Hopefully there will be some Palestinians left to ‘Straighten up and not Complain’ after this tragedy.

  8. Well you’ve all managed to scare me! My birth 11:50pm 11/11 1950. Food rationing in the UK was still going on and the effects of the war both physical and mental was still alive and buzzing!

    • If you mean war trauma scarring everyone. I have a different take. It could well be true that some were damaged by damaged parents. But my view has always been that the present generation of snowflakes comes from having parents not toughened by war experiences. Those of us who grew up with parents and grandparents who lived through WW1 WW11 were told firmly to straighten up and stop complaining. It can produce a more resilient temperament.

      • A chewy conundrum! We can disagree, or agree with this point of view:

        “In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed—they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace and what did that produce…? The cuckoo clock.” Orson Welles, ‘The Third Man’, 1949 (one of my favourite films)

        • Chuckle, that’s great. The Italy experience sounds very 8th house – down into the depths of the underworld and creativity. Pluto’s realm. Switzerland – stodge.

        • I had come to a similar conclusion in a different way. And I haven’t got Welles’s way with words.

          Kindness and efficiency are on a spectrum.

          Kindness is horribly inefficient and wasteful, and in the long term leaves everybody poorer.

          Efficiency is almost always cruel and to an extent destructive. But it is more likely to make things last (which is also efficient).

          In life, we have to make decisions that are on that spectrum. And both ends have shortcomings. And we have to decide where we compromise and locate our decisions.

  9. Marjorie,

    I was wondering you would take a look at Palestinian human rights activist Ahed Tamimi. She’s kind of become the face of the Palestinian self-determination movement at the moment – despite being very controversial for comments she has made as well as for being related to Jordanian citizen Ahlam Tamimi – who helped assist in the August 09, 2001 Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

    Ahed Tamimi gained international attention back in 2012 when she was only 11 years old and a video of her raising her fist and threatening to punch a male Israeli soldier went viral. Tamimi gained even more attention at the age of 17 in 2018 when she slapped an Israeli soldier and was tried as an adult and forced to spend a few years in prison. After she was released, she toured Europe, North Africa, and West Asia as a celebrated activist. She’s also tied to Amnesty International.

    Anyway, Ahed Tamimi has recently made news again. According to The Jerusalem Post, Ahed Tamimi (whom the Israelis call “Shirley Temper” because of her curly hair, physical resemblance to the actress Shirley Temple, and her defiant personality) was arrested by Israeli police on November 06, 2023 on suspicion of inciting terrorism and issuing death threats against Israelis. Her mugshots have been circulating Facebook and Twitter / X.

    Apparently, Ahed Tamimi has been accused of writing a post in the Hebrew language on her Instagram account where she celebrates Hamas, calls for a a violent massacre of Israeli settlers in the West Bank, and even celebrated Adolf Hitler.

    Ahed Tamimi’s family insists she didn’t write the shocking post and pointed out that there are many people operating profiles on Facebook, Twitter / X, Instagram, and other social media platforms who have either been impersonating her or simply using her photos as banners and default pics.

    Obviously, I have no idea if the accusations against Ahed Tamimi are true or not….but if they are true, then I certainly hope she loses the support she’s received from various human rights groups and the international community. There is absolutely no justification for praising someone like Adolf Hitler or a terrorist organization like Hamas.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or thoughts regarding Ahed Tamimi.

    I didn’t find her birth time…but I did read that Ahed Tamimi was born in Nabi Salih, West Bank, Palestine on January 31, 2001.

  10. Fun stuff from this week: Vivek–Nikki synastry, Portugal in crisis, and what on Earth is going on with Mary, Frederik, and Genoveva?!

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    Today, conservative Democrat Joe Manchin announced he would not be seeking reelection for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia.

    Manchin’s announcement made national headlines in our news media because this does throw a monkey wrench into Democrats chances of maintaining control in the U.S. Senate after next year.

    Granted, it’s been apparent for almost a year now that Joe Manchin was extremely vulnerable and none of the polling has indicated he had a chance of winning again (of course, polling has become less reliable in recent years and the polls are invariably wrong these days). West Virginia is a state Donald Trump carried by significant margins in 2016 and in 2020…so, I suppose Manchin saw the writing on the wall.

    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind reevisting the U.S. Senate. I remember your posts from awhile back where you mentioned you saw both Adam Schiff and Mitch McConnell looked hopeful in 2024….that struck my curiosity given that Schiff is a Democrat and McConnell is a Republican.

    I wonder if these could mean some kind of tie in the Senate and a power sharing agreement?

    Anyway, the data wonks predict Democrats have a better chance of winning back the U.S. House of Representatives and keeping the Presidency than they do keeping the U.S. Senate. And after reviewing all of the seats Democrats will be defending next year….I totally agree.

    • @ Chris.
      I don’t think that anyone thought that the Democrats would be able to keep control of the Senate unless Biden won in a landslide with Democrats defending 24 or 25 seats with Stabanow retiring in Michigan which means that the Democrats will have to have a primary, but thankfully there are at least two Republicans vying for their nomination including Meijer who voted to impeach Trump but states that he will vote for him in 2024 if he is the nominee–now make that make sense.

      Then you have Tester and Brown defending seats in deep red Montana and Ohio respectively.

      Add to that you have California where Porter needs to stay in the House and defend her competitive district instead of wasting money running for the Senate.

      Lee needs to do the same because she is polling less than Steve Garvey who is currently running behind Schiff.

      If Marjorie has time I would look at the DNC convention in Chicago next year and see what type of vibes that is going to have because I am sure that the policy toward Israel is going to be an extremely contentious plank in the overall Democratic policy.

      But none of this going to matter because either Trump or DeSantis is going to win if Biden runs and Republicans will control all three branches and McConnel will nuke the filerbuster just for is and giggles.

      • @ Roderick,

        Democrats are in a very strong position to win back the House of Representatives next year – even the Biden / Harris “haters,” concern trolls, and data wonks openly admit that. As for the Senate….that was always going to be an uphill battle. So, it’s unlikely Republicans are getting all 3 branches back.

        As for President Biden, astrologically speaking, I suspect that having taken office under a void-of-course moon might have something to do with the disrespect he’s been receiving and the lack of support from the typical spoiled / entitled American voter (who is never satisfied with anything). Never mind all of the success Biden has had with the infrastructure bill, record low unemployment numbers, excellent economic growth, helping Ukraine, and lowering prescription drug prices (which is a colossal achievement), and standing with the union strikers (who won their strikes)…it just doesn’t seem to resonate with people.

        Anyway, I see that on January 20, 2025 – the beginning of a new Presidential term, there will be a Sun-Pluto conjunction at 1 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn and Venus will be conjunct in Pisces, and the North-Node Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces. I try not to assume the worst.

        • @ I disagree. Chris.
          The Sun/Pluto conjunction seems to perfectly fit DeSantis.
          He is a Hitler-wanna be and is unfortunately flying under the radar with all of the media attention focused on Trump and now Haley.

          From what I understand void-of-course moon translates into nothing comes of this–maybe that describes Biden’s infrastructure bill because no one seems paying attention to its impact on the economy.

          As far as the economy, inflation is killing people especially lower-income Democrats ( the DNC can ignore this group at its peril while they put all of their eggs in the abortion basket) and the lack of service EVERYWHERE.

          Everywhere I go–grocery stores, pharmacies, fast food places– there seems to be one or two people working and no one to ask where something is located. It is almost creepy.

          As of Manchin I wish he would drop dead.

          First he blocks the Democrats’ effort to eliminate the filibuster and pass meaningful legislation now not only does he decide not to run for re-election but he is mulling a third party run hoping to take votes away from Biden.

          I wonder how much his corporate benefactors are paying him and whether Sinema would be his VP.


          • @ Roderick,

            And I disagree. The Sun-Pluto conjunction doesn’t necessarily mean an authoritarian / totalitarian takeover. It could simply mean a continuation of hyper-polarized politics, the far-left vs. the far-right, and hostility towards anyone who’s in power. That scenario seems likely regardless of whoever wins because those on the left and those on the right aren’t going to acquiesce to a system they don’t like.

            I’ll have to consult my political astrologer friend again (she’s convinced Kamala Harris is going to be the next President based on her own readings). Next time, when I call her, I’ll ask if she has anything more to add about the Sun-Pluto conjunction around the Inauguration in 2025.

            As for Ron DeSantis, I live in Florida under his governorship. I’ve been familiar with DeSantis longer than you and many others probably have. He’s originally from my city (Jacksonville) and used to represent Florida’s 6th Congressional District (which is around the St. Augustine suburbs) back in the early and mid 2010s.

            Ron DeSantis’s wife, Casey DeSantis, used to be a news anchor here in Jacksonville, Florida – she worked for one of our local news stations (First Coast News) and I used to see her reporting at some of our community events in the downtown area.

            DeSantis has indeed been a challenge to live under because he has enforced a 6 week abortion ban, ousted a district attorney he didn’t like, and has basically revamped our state’s public education system (in a bad way)….but even after all of that… I still think Donald Trump is more dangerous and has more authoritarian tendencies than Ron DeSantis. After all, Donald Trump has a sick fascination with Vladimir Putin and he tries model himself after him every chance he gets.

            Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, seems to be more fascinated India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (who is less of an existential threat to humanity). DeSantis often talks about the need for the U.S. to move closer to India, he gives shout-outs to Modi, and he’s been pandering to the Indian-American and the Indo-Caribbean community here in Florida…big time.

          • @ Chris, I am sorry but DeSantis is much more dangerous than Trump because Trump is extremely disorganized and who would want to work for him if he has a second term after all of the books and interviews for the people who worked for Trump during his first term.

            DeSantis has cultivated a lot of loyalists who are at least semi-competent and they are fanatics like him.

            I see you didn’t address any of the actual issues and I don’t care about what astrologers have to say after the debacle in 2016 when it was obvious that a lot of astrologers were swayed by their personal biases.

            Kamala Harris will never be president because America is too racist and misogynistic.

            She has even exposed the hate for women that black men have. It is sad but a real issue.

    • Chris and Roderick, Could you take your endless musings on the next election off to a political website please. It is after all 365 days away and the constant chewing over of opinions gets us nowhere. I agree Roderick, too many predictions are made on the basis of ‘that is what I’d like’ rather than trying to be realistic about the astrology.

  12. A new border wall…this time along the Canadian frontier? Another wack-job GOP proposal to “help stop the flow of illegal drugs into AmeriKa”…proposed during the latest GOP debates .

    How long until the US becomes another open-air prison … like Gaza?

    Reminiscent of the 1981 film “Escape from New York”?

  13. Mars is opposing Uranus on Saturday. Could that be a combustible aspect, considering everything that’s going on in the world at the moment? I, for one, will be laying low…

    I’m not sure if you find any significance in numbers/numerology, Marjorie, but I’ve just noticed it’s exact at 1.11pm on 11/11 (where I am) which is 9.11pm GMT.

  14. Thanks Majorie, I’d be grateful if New Zealand’s newly elected government of three parties’ charts could be given a review at some point. Perhaps when they’ve finished wrangling together for dominance. I’m wondering how much chaos lies ahead given the extreme right wing Act party will sit alongside the populist NZ First party together with the bigger centre right National party. All three have their prima donnas, their so-called bottom lines and their desires for power and influence.

  15. Hi. Please revisit the Portugal theme. The political situation is on a huge turmoil. Our President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is in this very moment deciding if we will have new elections again after PM Antonio Costa surprisingly resign due his name get involved on a corruption case investigation.
    Thank you very much!

    • The President just anounce the new election day to 10th March 2024. The parliment will be dissolved in the end of the month to permit the new budget aproval. Very big turmoil ahead!

  16. Suella Braverman is hitting the headlines with her statements about the homeless and Met policing of protests. There seems to be a lot of projection and hate going on between her Aries Sun / Libra Pluto. But I note from your last look at her chart last year, she has a Scorpio moon which has been taking the Sun and Mars recently.

    • Oh I’ve been studying her chart too, GD. Her Pluto is about to be hit by the Scorpio new Moon conjunct Mars on the 13th. Wonder if she’ll be gone by tomorrow?

      • Sorry, I’m completely wrong – her Pluto is in Libra isn’t it? Her Scorpio Moon could be in line for the New Moon conjunction though.

        • Hey VF – not sure. The chart Marjorie used last year was a noon chart with the moon at 14Scorpio, so not sure if it will get hit by the eclipse.

          That said she has Mars at around 25Leo – so that’s getting hit by the Neptune-Pluto yod you’ve been talking about recently. And it’s exactly square her Scorpio Uranus so that may be destabilising her. Uranus opposition coming up next year, so she’ll probably head in a new direction one way or another.

          There are some theories out there that she is trying to get sacked. That idea supported by how she bailed from Liz Truss’ government over the email security issue which could easily have been glossed over.

          • Thanks, GD – her Uranus is more a hit for the Scorpio NM as you say. As for her Mars in Leo, it’s also conjunct her NN at 28 degrees so will also be the focal point of that Yod transit I was talking about. Indeed, it’s rumoured she is itching to be sacked in order to rally her supporters on the hard right of the party and launch her own leadership bid. Typical Mars/North Node in Leo stuff. Next year in July however there is a Mars/Uranus conjunction on 26 Taurus – our old friend Algol. Be interested to see how that impacts her, since she has a Mars/Uranus square natally. Given her somewhat reckless daring, it figures.

          • One more curious thing about SB’s chart is her mutable T-Square on Neptune in Sagittarius – her Mercury is in line for transit Saturn next April. The Sabian symbol for that degree is ‘Immigrants entering.’

          • I mean her Neptune at 22/3 Sagittarius.

            Apologies, my brain is currently being battered and befogged by a hideous cold/virus and functioning even less efficiently than normal.

          • Feel better soon VF. I’m about to look at Suella’s chart that Marjorie’s posted on here, plus the one for this coming New Moon. Noticed her 25 Leo Mars is very close to one D. Trump’s natal 26 Leo Mars – the transiting Yod has been busy!

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