New Australia PM – pledges to tackle climate change ++ absent father, Republicanism

Anthony Albanese has been sworn in quickly as the new Australian prime minister to allow him to attend talks with Joe Biden and the India and Japan premiers in Tokyo. It is not yet known whether his centre-left Labor party will reach the 76-seat majority needed to govern in its own right but he has the guarantees for a coalition if not. He has promised to tackle climate change, rising living costs and inequality.

  He became AU PM at 9am in Canberra which gives a charming, good-for-PR 10th house Venus though with a financially blocked and deprived 8th house Pluto and Saturn with Pluto trine a 12th house Sun Mercury. Economic circumstances beyond the government’s control will hem it in. A full 9th house of a Pisces Moon as well as Mars Neptune conjunct in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Aries indicate foreign affairs will be a major focus though muddled plans and over optimism will prove stumbling blocks.

 His personal chart, 2 March 1963, a Sun Pisces opposition Pluto Uranus, looks rattled and confused exactly now till mid June and in better spirits for a few weeks after that.  Certain high hopes will get dashed this year; 2023/2024 look frustrating and stuck; with more luck/confidence in 2024/25.

  His relationship chart with the Australia country chart has an extraordinary composite Saturn opposition Pluto square Uranus – which could suggest a connection that needs tough conditions of deprivation to thrive with crises inevitable though also a drive for reform and revolutionary change. It will be an uphill struggle for two years ahead with massive jolts in 2023.

 The Bank of Australia, 14 January 1960 chart, like other global central banks is ploughing through exceptionally stormy seas over coming years. There’s a devastating and confused Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune now; losses and some disappointments this year which will trigger a confident and determined response. Then on through challenges peaking around 2024/25/26 – so there won’t be any quick n’ easy fixes.

  The Albanese government chart looks ground to a halt, trapped and panicky in three years time which fits the timeline. He’s taken over at a truly difficult transition.

See previous post May 12 2022.

Add On: His father was a cruise ship steward who took no part in his upbringing and he was told had died, only finding out recently that he was alive. That certainly fits with a Sun opposition Uranus. But oddly enough also with a Sun opposition Pluto which frequently occurs in the charts of individuals whose fathers died young or disappeared from their lives. Traditionally Sun Pluto suggests a controlling and possessive father but it can also clearly indicate a literally ‘out-of-their-control’ father. Sun trine Neptune also suggests confusion or evasion around father.

 He is on record as being Republican and his relationship charts with the UK and the Queen indicate an inherent suspicion and uncertainty with marked composite Saturn Neptune influences. His relationship with the UK will sag from now onwards and through 2023 with jolts and hiccups. His relationship with the Queen also shows dislike of the power imbalance. With Prince Charles 2023 to 2026 look devastated, undermined and jangled – so a push for change is coming though whether it succeeds isn’t clear.

 The Australia/UK chart is under a dark cloud in 2023/24 but it’ll be after mid decade before there is a clear cut indication of a possible split.   

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  1. “He is on record as being Republican”

    I don’t know what this means in Australian politics. Is there any similarity between Australian Republicans and U.S. Republican Party? Or is it just a coincidence of the same name?

    • No. Australia is a constitutional monarchy where the queen is head of our state through the governor -general. For Australia to become a republic a model has to be developed as to how it will work and a referendum put to us voters to agree or disagree as we will be amending our constitution. I think from memory it requires either 2/3 or 75% majority. So a few hurdles to jump through.

  2. Albanese is not an outsider..he is a true blue Aussie with a rather sad back story..not unusual for the era. My younger sister was born in 1962 and her close friend suffered through having an unmarried mother. She felt it amongst the kids with mothers and fathers Even than. Where I see him having difficulty is sticking to his guns and not being dissuaded from his decisions by others. He has some very determined women on his team. The men around him are soft negotiators like him. Interesting times ahead.

  3. He’s a bit like Obama in several respects then. Will be interesting to see if he has more success than his US ‘cousin’ did. Every country needs an ‘outsider’ from time to time. Just wonder when the UK will get one!

  4. Albo’s single mum brought him up in what’s called ‘housing commission’ : ‘public’ or ‘social’ housing. He has a commitment to ‘left wing’ or social justice issues, while being pragmatic.

  5. Most Australians are at ease with compulsory voting; even though politicians are generally not held in high regard. We prefer a system where everyone has a say in each election. It forces a degree of attention on issues. A small number deface but it is a miniscule number. We have a system called ‘preferential voting’ where we number each name on the ballot paper, in order of preference. The candidate who reaches 50% of the votes wins.

  6. As I understand it, Australians have to vote in every election. I just wonder how the Aussies who frequent Marjorie’s site feel about this. I know there are some who deface their polling card , who would if the situation allowed, would prefer to abstain.

    • Just to be clear, it is compulsory for Australians to register to vote when eligible, and to have their name crossed off on election day at a polling place, signifying the intention to vote. The voter is given one or two ballot papers. And a stubby little pencil to write with!
      There are no identifying marks on the ballot papers, therefore no way of knowing who filled it in. Or not. If you like, in the privacy of the polling booth, you can leave the ballot papers blank, or draw love hearts, cartoons, write poetry… whatever. The people counting couldn’t care less. Want to abstain? Your choice, with no consequences.
      However, if you don’t turn up and have your name crossed off, you’ll get a letter and a fine. Actual voting is optional.
      The vast majority of us Aussies, having jumped through the necessary hoops, recognise voting as a civic right rather than a civic duty. Regardless of all other variables, if you are a registered voter, you get a say in who’s representing you…who’s running the country. Democracy has its flaws, but it’s way better than the alternatives.

  7. Thanks, just letting you know that Anthony Albanese’s biography, states that he was born at night. After rectification using Jigsaw, I have a 10:15 pm birth time, but after adding his victory speech chart, 21 May, 2022, Sydney, at 11:46 pm, to Jigsaw, the birth time changes to 10.27 pm.

    His biography, Albanese: Telling it Straight, ch 3 Family online version.1-2 page of beginning of 3rd Chapter, his older cousin describes waiting in the car outside the hospital with her grandmother…It also states his Mother went into labour at night, which in Sydney back then could have been from 7:30 pm onwards.

    • If you’re interested, the exact time of Albanese’s swearing in (the time when the Governer General counter-signed the paperwork) is 9:06am (9:05:45am AEST).

      Interesting that Albo is a night birth with a Leo Moon as his ‘sect light’. Is that why he keeps saying that ‘people have underestimated me my entire life’?

  8. My take on the Albanese swearing in chart is that with the Sun sq Moon he will have to make hard decisions where the head rules against the heart, but with Jupiter sextile Sun and Mercury (11th) he will be reasonably popular and communicate well. The Sun is conj Jupiter in the composite chart which reinforces this good standing.

  9. Something that drew my attention today in Italian press was Anthony Albanese’s backstory: His parents met on a cruise ship, where his father was a crew member, and I’d suppose mother a passanger. While his mother’s family always acknowledged his father, and I think he grew with the surname, they told him his father was dead, and he didn’t learn the truth until 2009 (Wiki). I think this much make for some to say the very least interesting astrology!

    Incidently, I’ve followed some genetic genealogy podcasts, and learnt “birthing homes” were as much, if not more, a thing in Australia in the 1960’s than in the US, with an impressive number of adoptees. I’ve had Australian matches looking for their parents over different services, nothing close, but enough to say that these people have considerable amount of Finn in them, usually from my mother’s region. However, they are difficult to pinpoint further, my maternal grandmother had a cousin whose daughter (mother’s 2nd cousin) is looking for said cousin’s father.
    She is helped by some genetic genealogists not in family, and are maybe down to one village, but unless we find another direct descendant from cousin’s father, almost impossible, because we have so many known 3rd-4th cousin lines mingling.

  10. Anthony Albanese is known to be a republican and had campaigned to remove the Queen as head of state of Australia. How does his chart mesh with the Queen’s? Is another referendum on the topic likely in the near future?

    And more generally, does Australia’s chart show a change of head of state? And what houses/aspects to look for in that regards?

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