Netanyahu – ploughing ahead regardless

Few in Israel think that Hamas can be eliminated totally despite Netanyahu’s unwavering insistence it can. He is ploughing ahead with no end in sight to the return of hostages or a cessation of the bombing of Gaza which is rapidly heading into famine. Biden’s few bleated entreaties about taking care are having no effect apart from losing him votes in the US from younger concerned Democrats.  

 Netanyahu’s Government chart, 29 December 2022 4.30pm, is not showing any signs of imminent collapse though it will get jolted late April/early May, perhaps as internal political tensions flare up. There is  pervasive undercurrent of  failed plans through this year and next; with outbreaks of violence/argument in June and more so in July, October and November and early in 2025. There is an obscure yod on this chart of Sun sextile South Node inconjunct Mars which is being activated through the next year as it shifts to exact aspects which suggests a feeling of hopelessness and being stuck. There is one blip of luck after mid 2025 but by that time tr Neptune and Saturn will be conjunct the Government Jupiter which will undermine confidence and forward progress.

 Netanyahu’s personal chart is sagging badly through this month with tr Neptune opposing and undermining his warrior Sun/Mars midpoint. High risk comes late April/early May from tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint. June will see his nerves overstretched and in July tr Uranus will make an explosive square to his Mars in Leo which does suggest a flare up (and appears on several Middle Eastern and political  charts) which suggests a hot spot of increased activity and perhaps reckless moves on his part to prop up his self-esteem.

His relationship chart with Israel shows up August and onwards as aggravation/ risk points with tr Uranus square the composite Mars – with more angst through 2025.

 The Israel chart flags up more disruptions as tr Uranus returns to conjunct the 8th house Sun this May and again late December to mid March 2025; with danger spots mid March through till early May with tr Uranus square the Mars/Pluto, Mars/Saturn midpoints and opposes the Israel Chiron.

 Joe Biden’s relationship chart with Netanyahu shows a tight connection with an exact composite Sun square Pluto so not much daylight between them despite Biden’s words of caution. But at the end of the day the relationship is not mutually supportive with a composite Mars Neptune conjunction – one wins the other loses.  

 Evidently Biden has been a firm supporter of Israel since 1982 after Israel invaded Lebanon in retaliation for cross-border attacks by the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Biden was supportive of the Israeli attack to the point the prime minister Menachem Begin later expressed surprise at the vehemence of Biden’s position particularly the senator’s attempts to justify the killing of women and children. “I disassociated myself from these remarks,” Begin told Israeli reporters. “I said to him: ‘No, sir, attention must be paid. According to our values, it is forbidden to hurt women and children, even in war’.”

  Biden’s relocation chart to Tel Aviv puts his inordinately stubborn Sun, Venus, Mercury in Scorpio in the 8th with a supportive Jupiter in the 4th. But for all that Biden’s relationship chart with Israel does show a rupture from mid June onwards with tr Uranus square the composite Sun and that repeats on and off into early 2025. Which may be the temporary port being mooted to send aid into Gaza.

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  1. This year’s eclipses crop up across these charts, and may be significant. For Netanyahu – his natal Libran Moon is opposed by April’s Solar Eclipse in Aries. Brady says this eclipse series is impulsive, with a need for freedom – as it occurs in his natal 5th, I’d suspect the urge to take some kind of gamble may be strong. March’s Lunar Eclipse squares his natal Uranus, and the ascendant of the current government’s chart – also offering up the idea of sudden moves.The Biden/Israel chart has Mars 5 Libra with Neptune 6 Libra. There’s the idea of balance, but perhaps a legal theme coming in too?
    With Chiron conjunct the high energy April Solar eclipse, Netanyahu faces a catalyst of some sort at the very least.

    September’s Lunar Eclipse, 25 Pisces hits:
    Israel’s Uranus, 24 Gemini
    Israel government’s Neptune 22 Pisces

    October’s Solar Eclipse at 10 Libra looks significant. It affects:

    Israel Neptune 10 Libra
    Joe Biden/Israel: Chiron 10 Libra, Jupiter 11 Libra
    This might have added resonance since it is close to the painful anniversary of the October 7th attacks by Hamas.

    The autumn eclipses belong to SS 8 South (Brady). This series, she writes, signifies ‘separation and loss. To be parted. To finish something and to feel sad at its completion.’

  2. Thank you for the information on Biden’s past support for Israel (and his relocated chart). As a Democrat it has certainly been jarring to see how he went all-in after the Oct 7 attack, including committing our military to the region, compared to his often times frustrating caution with Ukraine. Even before the attack, there was consternation about his welcoming Netanyahu on a state visit, given that the latter is a mini-Trump. There could be many geopolitical reasons of course, but I’d wondered how much of his faith plays a role, something I admittedly cannot share and understand, but apparently explains the peculiar US right-wing support for Israel while being also antisemitic.

  3. With one hand Biden gives Israelis devastating weapons.
    With the other hand Biden makes a big show of giving Gazans food.

  4. Saturn will station retrograde on Netanyahu’s MC on July 1. That is when his position will turn for the worse. It will then be apparent Biden will be reelected and will gain the upper hand in their relationship.

    • I sure hope you’re right, Andre. I wish Biden would cut off arms supplies and sales to Netanyahu. That’s the only message that will get through to him and his hot-head, extremist government.

        • I am wondering if he is simply racist? His actions seem unfathomable. There is a quote (I don’t know how valid it is) doing the rounds on Twitter, from a book ‘The Internationalists’, attributed to Biden in 1982. There was also a Guardian article, yesterday, exploring Biden’s intense emotional attachment to Israel, with the same quote.
          Commenting on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (Operation Peace for Galilee), Biden is supposed have said “he would go further than even Israel, adding that he’d forcefully fend off anyone who sought to invade his country, even if that meant killing women or children.” The Israeli PM (Begin) made it clear that he disagreed: “I disassociated myself from these remarks…I said to him: ‘No, sir, attention must be paid. According to our values, it is forbidden to hurt women and children, even in war’.”

          • I have always had reservations about Biden’s chart – a hidden stelium of Scorpio planets and a vengeful Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and a Taurus Moon square Pluto. There’s not much compassion or flexibility in there and the potential for a very dark underside.

          • And what we see is the persona he shows to the public; the flashy Sagittarius Ascendant, Neptune in Libra in the 10th, a seductive, exalted Jupiter (his chart ruler) in the 8th house. I do wonder if there is split/ division in how he sees the ‘other’ having Gemini on the Descendant, with Saturn and Uranus (alienation/ rejection) close by.

            Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan left many aid agencies aghast but he would not budge despite warnings of the scale of human suffering it would cause. Women and children have suffered the most – there was a TV news report, shortly after the US withdrawal, about a family selling their daughter (around 5 years old) into a marriage with a man in his 60s or 70s, so they could get money to buy food for themselves. The scale of child marriages has skyrocketed because of starvation and collapse of any order since the US withdrawal. But Biden is adamant that it all went well…

          • @ Sarah, Trump made the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Biden was following through.

            Of course it was a cynical political ploy for Trump to schedule the withdrawal after he was no longer in office.

            Bush I did the same thing to Obama.

            It is just what Republicans do.

        • Israel has been one the USAs strongest supporters/allies for most of a century. Fundamentalist Muslim governments have not been. So it should not surprise you that we (USA) militarily support Israel. What is different is the stridency of Israel’s government that anihilation of the fundamentalists is the only acceptable outcome. That leaves the civilians at mercy of a vengeful power in the hands of Israeli military and Bibi led govt. Biden has tried to nudge the Israeli govt to modify their attack and minimize the destruction and civilian suffering w/o ending our military support. Hamas lying about so much of their actions makes this a quagmire for USA. Sad that a people like the Jews who suffered so much a century ago should themselves adopt a policy of communal punishment towards the Palestinians. This will backfire on Israel’s reputation for generations to come.

    • Andre

      I just checked the ephemeris. Saturn will actually go rx on Netanyahu’s government, conjunct the MC of the first chart on Marjory’s page above) and conjunct Neptune. Ebertin writes of the combination Saturn Neptune:

      Suffering, Renunciation, Asceticism. Poor, sick or depressed persons.

      This coincides with the famine and, according to the World Health Organization, the spreading of potentially deadly illness in Gaza.

      About the involvement of the MC, Ebertin writes:

      A peculiar character. A frequent change of mood, the tendency to lose courage quickly, wavering toward materialistic and idealistic inclinations. Emotional suffering, the state of illness.

      In the Israel natal chart, in equal signs (all cusps at 00 of each sign) this conjunction falls in the bad luck 6th house of ill health. It doesn’t take an astrologer to see the possibility of illness spreading out of Gaza into Israel, so that is one possible outcome.

      As for Netanyahu, before it goes Rx in 19 Pisces, Saturn will be 3 degrees away from exact conjunction to Netanyahu’s IC, and the opposition to his MC, but it will rx throughout the year to 12 Pisces 40, so this will not happen until 2025. It explains Netanyahu’s harsh words (inflexible thinking) Saturn is transiting his 3rd.

      The degree where the planet goes RX and direct are significant. Saturn goes Rx in Pisces 19, in Israel 6th house, exactly over Israel’s Juno, planet of commitment, partnership, marriage, betrayal, and joint finances. It will sextile Israel’s Sun and both inconjunct Israel’s ASC so Saturn Rx on Juno will inconjunct Israels public image (brand) and possibly, it’s financial fortunes (Israel’s ASC conjunct Spica and Arcturus, all in libra ruled by financial Venus highly placed in 4° Cancer, conjunct the US Venus and Jupiter in 2° and 5° Cancer and broadly conjunct the US Sun. One of the meanings of Venus conjunct Jupiter is huge waste. Another is large scale war, through Venus mythical relationship with Uranus). Going back to the degree where Saturn turns Rx: According to Ebertin, the relation of the Sun, Saturn and the ASC brings misunderstandings and separations.

      Saturn turns direct on Pisces 12, almost 13, which sextiles the NN and trines the SN. It’s interesting to see Saturn movie direct, in your mind’s eye. From Pisces 10 it makes a Yod from the Sixth house to Pluto in Leo 10°, and Neptune in the 1st in Libra 10. Moving on it will make a Yod to Saturn in Leo 12° translating Pluto’s light, and move on to conjunct Juno (joining finances) and trine Pollux (hubris or filly that can lead to catastrophe), then Saturn moves on to sextile the Sun, with both forming a Yod to Mars in the first.

      If you are interested in the theory of degrees, the position where Saturn goes direct might seem significant as well. A few years back, Astrodienst published an interesting article about the relation of Brexit to the the 13° Virgo – Pisces axis called “Brexit and 13° Pisces – Leaving the EU from the degree of Mercury’s Fall” It’s still posted. The theory, summarized below the heading of the article, is that agreements entered into under the 13th degree of Pisces do not last. Also, changes of previous agreements, signed documents are possible when this degree is highlighted. I have Chiron in 13° Pisces, in the 11th house which is generally understood as friends, and as 2nd from the 10th, money from the career. And I can attest that I am invariable separated from both by a variety of circumstances: exile, relocation through marriage, temp work, companies that undergo restructuring, loss of contracts/clients, etc. So when I read I Marjory’s note above

      But for all that Biden’s relationship chart with Israel does show a rupture from mid June onwards with tr Uranus square the composite Sun and that repeats on and off into early 2025. Which may be the temporary port being mooted to send aid into Gaza.

      It made me think that maybe Biden, seeing Trump get stronger, and his own support from the young sagging and threatening his chance to win the election, might do something that may end up altering the relationship between Israel and the US in deeper ways. How effective this might turn out in terms of Biden’s election is anybody’s guess. As a president, Biden has displayed the tendency to do too little too late, and his administration has been remiss when it comes to highlighting its good works. But Biden may not be the only possible agent of change in Israel-US relations. If the number of people who have stopped regarding Israelis as victims in need of protection reaches critical mass, the power of the Israeli lobby might lose its grip on US politics. This would be a sea change.

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