Boris Johnson – hiding a sad reality ++ Carrie

The Rise and Fall of Boris Johnson, a four part documentary series,  is unnerving viewers and reviewers since it seems too previous. The question lurking – will he come back?

  Well put together, it covers ground known and unknown about his years of fumbles, bumbles and seemingly unstoppable rise on the back of mishaps, failure and scandals. Underneath the buffoonery there is a friendless and self-doubting individual. ‘His biographer Andrew Gimson remembers Johnson trying to buy him out of writing the book – a comic take would be fine, said the subject, “but nothing could be more damaging than a book that told the truth about me”.

  His column in the Daily Mail since his ousting is a damp squib unlike William Hague’s stately utterances in The Times. He feels like a spent force but his jack-in-the-box temperament, fuelled by desperation for prominence and a win is unlikely to see him lurking in oblivion for ever.

  This year and throughout 2025 however he is contending with tr Pluto trine his 8th house Mars which is trapped, infuriating and stuck – and this year the continuation of tr Pluto square his Moon from last year which will be emotionally stressful.  Plus he has the undermining tr Neptune square his Sun Venus in Gemini from this April on and off into early 2025 which won’t be progressive.  He does have one lucky break through this May and late December to March 2025 plus tr Jupiter going through his financial 8th, birth time being sound, now for a year ahead  – both of which might suggest money so he could be signing publishing deals or grabbing other lucrative opportunities.

 His relationship chart with Rishi Sunak looks downbeat this year which might suggest rumours of an invitation from that quarter are a touch fanciful. His relationship chart with the UK is also separating and edgy so the country would not be overly pleased to see a rerun.

  But he is by no means down and out permanently. There is a fair amount of steam left in him with Saturn moving upwards in his chart for the next decade and a half. And tr Jupiter as well as his SA Jupiter are aiming for his midheaven after mid 2025. Into 2026 he will be through his emotional and marital dramas which peak in 2025; his Mutable T square and Sun Venus will be free of transiting Saturn; and the general feel of Air and Fire with Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries should suit his 9th house communicative Gemini, Sun, Mercury, Venus thereafter.

  A sad clown.

Add On: Carrie, his wife, 17 March 1988, has been through a droopy time recently with tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun, perhaps a consequence of having three young children under the age of four. That rolls on till early 2025 but she will get an uplift from tr Pluto square her Jupiter in Taurus this year and next, boosting her confidence. Like Boris she has an excitable temperament though for different reasons. She has the triple conjunction in Capricorn conjunct Mars so will be overflowing with restlessness and initiative though inclined to leave a trail of chaos behind.

  Tr Neptune Saturn starting to square her Capricorn planets from 2025 inwards, first Uranus and then Saturn, will put her on edge and make for an uncertain mood. Her relationship chart with Boris is rocking and rolling at that point with tr Pluto in hard aspect to the composite Saturn square Uranus. And in 2025/26 tr Uranus will square Boris’s Sun/Moon midpoint. So a few storms in the paradise garden.

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  1. Sounds like the other unfunny clown of a Gemini on this side of the Pond. At least the British have the good sense of not slavishly following his every utterance and buying expensive cheap trinkets as our cultists do. I’d recently read one writer who’d witnessed the worship of Hitler as a child and what is happening in parts of the US is no different. The one hope is that they remain outnumbered, but I don’t see how they will ever ‘wake up’ and see reality, because facing reality is something many Americans have difficulty doing as a culture to begin with.

    (sorry to interject US politics but never has US democracy been so threatened. It will be nice and restful for those trying to fight if we survive this Nov and push Trump aside once and for all).

  2. At least Johnson still lives in the U.K. One suspects if Sunak gets voted out he will disappear to the USA very quickly if he can reactivate his Green Card. Johnson was never cut out for a ministerial role but it is slightly sad his journalism is now so insipid. Both of them need to answer questions over why the U.K. spent so much money for so little result during Covid. A lot of the excess tax burden now bearing down on the British people of all age groups is down to their reckless spending. The 2019-2024 British Parliament is the first since the Second World War where living standards have declined in the U.K. Where the billions in Covid spending went is an issue which the Covid Enquiry should address but is studiously ignoring which is why it is just another waste of public money.

    • Apparently, the UK has not experienced such a long run of income growth suppression since at least the time of the Napoleonic wars, when statistics of such things were first recorded, and the industrial revolution really began in earnest.
      If present trends continue, the former communist states of eastern and central Europe will all surpass the UK in terms of income per capita within a generation.
      It can’t get more serious than that.

      • @ Jonathan Portes The economic decline has been building steadily for many years, the aged institutions such as the NHS and the welfare state are black holes, the politicians of every hue appear incapable of fixing anything of major import, concentrating as they do on short term, micromanaging measures, enough for the people to despair of the political class.

  3. “There is a fair amount of steam left in him with Saturn moving upwards in his chart for the next decade and a half.”

    Does Saturn transitting through the lower half of the chart mean a more introspective or unsuccessful period, then? I would have thought that Saturn high in the chart may indicate difficulties with marriage, shared resources, carreer etc. And opposite to fun in the 12th…..

    • Saturn through the upper half is more visible in the outside world and can be the peak of success. Maggie T became a Cabinet minister when tr Saturn crossed her Descendant and PM when it hit her Midheaven. After tr Saturn went below her Ascendant she started sliding on banana skins. Saturn at its peak brings the harvest of the preparation that went before – in Nixon’s case that meant chickens coming home to roost and resignation.

      • Ah, that makes sense, and I guess Margaret Thatcher was well suited and prepared for the career bits but not the inner work and awareness that might see her through Saturn below the horizon. Thank you for your reply, Marjorie.

  4. Grimes Or Claire Boucher ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk shared a same birthday as Carrie Johnson. What I find interesting is that this pair of astro twins seem to mirror each other life somewhat. They both have their firstborn in the same year months apart, 2nd born was also more or less within months of each other. So in Oct 2023, Grimes had started sueing Musk for parental rights but there is no child support claim yet, it makes one wonder what is up with Carrie as of now or coming soon. 2025 according to Marjorie.

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