Rupert Murdoch – try again, hope over experience

Rupert Murdoch, 93 this year, is aiming back up the altar for the fifth time with a new fiancée biologist Elena Zhukova. Last year, he broke off his engagement to his previous fiancée, Ann Lesley Smith, just two weeks after he proposed.

 Full marks for optimism and persistence.

  This is only en passant but of interest is his 7th house possessive Pluto close to ever hopeful Jupiter in Cancer. Plus surprisingly his Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, is conjunct his Venus suggesting he will have a knack of attracting affectionate partners. Though his 7th house Pluto square a 4th house Uranus does suggest rolling changes on the relationship and domestic front. His marriages to date have lasted 11 years, 32 years, 14 years and 6 years respectively.

  Looking at other much-married celebrities. William Shatner (4 times) has his Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct his disruptive, freedom-loving Uranus North Node and square Pluto with evasive Neptune in his 7th

Nicholas Cage (five times) has his Sun/Moon midpoint square Uranus and North Node in his 7th hinting that constancy in close relationships is difficult for him. Mickey Rooney (8 times) also has his Sun/Moon midpoint square Uranus.  Billy Bob Thornton (6 times) has his Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct his irritable Mars (Pluto) with evasive Neptune ruling the 7th

Larry King (8 times) has his Sun/Moon midpoint opposing an 8th house uncommitted Neptune. Zsa Zsa Gabor has her Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct her Venus for a true romantic though the opposition to Saturn hints the reality will be a let down. Neptune rules her 7th.

 Kenny Rogers (5 times) has Uranus in his 7th square Mars; with his Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct Pluto – both of which in different ways will lead to conflict.

  Different personalities with different relationship needs (and antipathies). Not always, but very often the Sun/Moon midpoint can home in on the key influences in picking a partner and staying the course – or not. Along with 7th house aspects. Transits to the Sun/Moon also tend to be pressured when splits occur.

3 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch – try again, hope over experience

  1. Oh wow! I can see my sun/moon midpoint is conjunct venus (which is conjunct pluto) in the 7th house. On top of this, it is sextile Jupiter in the 9th! Just to really ramp things up…

  2. My Sun/Moon midpoint is conjunct Venus (in Aries). My second marriage broke down when Saturn was opposing this conjunction. Apart from money it is hard to see what any woman would see in a crumpled 93yo.

    • She is the mother of Dasha Zhukova who was married to the infamous Russian oligarch Roman Abromovich. Her own ex was wealthy, so she and her daughter are attracted to certain types. Another part of the attraction may be the influence Murdoch has in the media, hopefully not for pro-Russian purposes.

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