Stormy Daniels – standing up for herself

Porn star Stormy Daniels is back in the headlines with a documentary about her life – and the ‘hush money’ case involving Donald Trump in New York scheduled for March 25. The theory is that Trump falsified business records as part of a scheme to buy Daniels’ silence to keep her from going public with claims that they had an affair years before. Since that payment was made on the eve of the 2016 presidential race it was arguably in violation of campaign-finance law.

The case has ‘always been an awkward mix of the serious and the profane, based around a seamy of extramarital sex, business records and presidential politics.’ Trump’s aides say  he particularly hates this case given the nature of the story that prosecutors intend to put in front of the jury.

 Born 17 March 1979 1.10am Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Stormy Daniels had a rough childhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with an absentee dad and neglectful mother; and thence into the porn world. When she first met Trump she said she didn’t take him seriously as he was a reality star and said she reminded him of his daughter.  

She has always described their encounter as both technically consensual and something akin to abusive coercion. When the story broke in 2018 she said “ I was completely sure that I was going to die,” as she was attacked by MAGA supporters after a TV appearance.

 She is disarmingly straightforward about her motives. “I wasn’t trying to be a champion for #MeToo or for any other movement. Originally, I just did this for purely f—– selfish reasons. I wanted to stand up for myself and save my own ass, not everyone else’s.”

 But she has ended up as an accidental crusader who’s been compelled by indignation, online death threats, and by mounting legal fees and financial scams that have left her in dire straits — to keep going. “I won’t give up, because I’m telling the truth.”

She has a quick witted 3rd house Pisces Sun with a 3rd house Mars in Pisces which would help with her stripper/dancer talents. Her hard-working Saturn in Virgo opposition her Mars gives testament to her tough life and maltreatment.

  Her Sun is in an innovative trine to Uranus and trine a lucky 8th house Jupiter – so she has a guardian angel looking over her. And with a Water Grand Trine she will be self-protective. Her controlling, influential and determined Pluto in her 10th house is trine her Venus in Aquarius in her 2nd – which would help her earn money from a Venusian business and make a name for herself. Her intense Scorpio Moon is square her Jupiter so I would suspect a supportive mother figure of sorts, a grandmother perhaps.

 She has been logjammed recently with tr Neptune conjunct her Sun and her progressed Mars opposition her Pluto. But tr Pluto is opposing her Jupiter for the 2nd year running which will keep her optimism high and may even bring in money. Plus she has the tail end of her mid life crisis with tr Uranus opposition her Uranus from now till early April. It may be unsettling but it could also free her up for the next phase of her life.

  Her Saturn falls in DT’s 1st house so she has the ability to cloud his image. Her Pluto is conjunct his 2nd house Jupiter so there is a money tussle ongoing. Her Neptune is conjunct his South Node Moon and opposition his Sun so she will giving him a sinking feeling.

 Interestingly his Chiron is opposition her Pluto – and her Chiron is square his Pluto – so their respective wounds/damage brought them together in a karmic entanglement. Too much to hope it will heal anything about DT but good on her, whatever her motives, for standing up for herself.

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    • I hope the judge slams him again and increases his fine.

      On another note, I’ve always admired Stormy. She’s one gutsy broad — and she wouldn’t mind being called that, either!

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