Neptune sign shift hints at light after the darkness

Neptune in Pisces (2011 – 2025) = barbarity. Neptune in Aries (2025 – 2038) = increase in individual rights and advances for the disenfranchised (with the caveat that it also coincided with deadly famines.) That’s a sweeping generalization but from past experience contains a nugget of truth.

  The chilling savagery of ISIL -‘hysterical death cult’ – was a feature of early Neptune in Pisces with Putin’s mad brutality stamping its dying days.

The previous Neptune in Pisces from 1848 (along with a triple conjunction) oversaw the Taiping rebellion which ranks as one of the bloodiest wars in human history, with estimates of war dead ranging from 20 to 70 million.

The Crimean War of Russia versus France, UK, Ottoman Empire which was described as having a “great confusion of purpose” and a war noted for its incompetent international butchery, including the Charge of the Light Brigade.    

  Other Neptune in Pisces, occurring roughly every 165 years, saw two great famines in France. One of largest naval battles in history in China.  The Sack of Rome – end of Italian renaissance.  Henry V111 breaks with Rome.

Previous Neptune in Aries –

1861 – 1874: The American Civil War, which arose over the status of slavery, which was later abolished.

In Russia Alexander 11 signed the Emancipation Act liberating serfs in 1861.

The Bahai faith was founded, as was the forerunner to the Salvation Army and the Geneva Convention established the Red Cross.

‘Neptune in Aries may be about individuals submitting themselves to a bigger cause than themselves. It does seem to coincide, in the Western world at least with an increase in individual rights and was one of advancements for formally disenfranchised people.’

The first UK trade union was legalised in 1872 and in the U.S. the “Knights of Labor” was set up. The U.K. Education Act of 1870 bringing in elementary schooling for all children and legislation on child labour. The USA gave voting rights to all ethnicities. The UK Married Women’s Property Act allowed married women to retain their earnings and inherit.

Famines in Finland, Sweden and India – of greater magnitude than usual.

1697 – 1710: Famines of greater magnitude than usual in Estonia, Sweden and Finland, the last wiping out almost a third of the population. Two million die of famine in India; 250,000 die in East Prussia and 600,000 in France.

1533 to 1547: Henry VIII is excommunicated by Pope Clement VII and the split from Rome establishes the Anglican Church.

1206 to 1219: The English Barons force King John to sign the Magna Carta, in an attempt to curb the power of the monarch.

 See previous post on Neptune in Aries November 27 2021.

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  1. Whew! I’m not an astrologer or a politician. I am interested in the environment, the individual and equal rights for all. I love reading all the different viewpoints. I learn a lot on this site, but this is exhausting. Marjorie started with objectivity. The influences of the planets and the historical similarities. Thank you all, I’m still learning…but please stop trying hard to outdo one another. This is like being in a school playground. By the way I hope my grammar is to everyone’s taste ( I won’t sulk in a corner if it isn’t ).

  2. I sometimes think that Neptune doesn’t deserve its hippy dippy ‘spiritual’ status at all. Poseidon, while not overtly evil was more than capable of casual cruelty and was a moody, bad-tempered god. Both he and his sons raped mortal women. Neptune isn’t too bothered about truth either and its transit through Pisces has given us a kind of Trumpian post-truth era and a move away from logical and rational debate towards an unsightly bar room Twitterati brawl with its total lack of nuance and an ‘either you’re with us or against us’ attitude. You see this on both the Right and Left these days — strange times when the likes of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books are burned by an extreme right-wing Evangelical pastor in Tennessee on one day and the next, by a bunch of far left Activists on Tiktock. The fish may swim in opposite directions but are perpetually bound together.

    • Yes, I’ve been saying that for 30 years, and inferred in my comments below. Nor Pisces for that matter, the Piscean Age has been one bloody conflict after another along with nuclear attacks and genocide. The sea is not that peaceful, and in Greek mythology he was always flooding cities and causing mass destruction.
      And of course, unforgettably, as Neptune moved into its own sign in 2011 the tsunami in Japan caused the Fukushima Daiichi
      nuclear disaster.

      Tbh Im less and less sold on the Alan Leo and ‘psychological’ astrology of the 80s, which then morphed into the New Age variety where everything is lovely, or misunderstood, and reduced to the most blanded out meaningless platitudes.
      Its the Americanisation of Astrology that has done it no favours imv.

  3. The Age of Pisces has been one long saga of ideologically driven slaughter after another it seems, from the Crusades,to the inquisition, religious conflicts everywhere and used as justification to colonise and genocide pogroms,Nazism the Holocaust the Communist purges, terrorism, everything in the middle east, and now Putin. And not forgetting the poisoning of all our resources, reaching its culmination in the dread awareness of Nuclear destruction, always there at the back of our minds ready to spring into full blown terror, when any insane manchild with an itchy finger looks for a legacy.

  4. There is the long term view when considering these matters, in traditional astrology the Platonic year of 25920 years length takes into account the vernal equinox passage of the sun when it moves from constellation to constellation and there is an understanding of a spiritual reason for the presence of African Americans in N America. Their forces will help all Americans overcome the serious challenges in the far future.

  5. Please correct me if I am wrong but I understand that one reason the South was not keen on the abolition of slavery was that their economy was based on it and it was going to hurt their pockets, it was also a way of life, whereas the North was developing industry, railways and the Yankee way of doing business, I do enjoy comments from the various “mericans” and I am missing @A Fan
    All the best

    • Several years ago, this site did post the topic of the American Civil War. Roughly 200 comments were posted. Many of which were quite polarized. Marjorie posted her surprising thoughts regarding the still-simmering views of Americans on that war.

      I come across youtube posts of that era, including recordings of old Southerners and Confederates who spoke to their understanding of the reasons for the war – reasons other than abolition of slavery.

      • Yes slavery was crucial to Southern US agriculture in 1860. We had 3.95 million slaves out of a total population of 31 million. UK/England had about 15,000 living in British Isles at the time of the 1833 emancipation. Most of the English slaves were in the Carribean islands not UK proper.

        Here’s the original document that South Carolina’s legislators voted on and passed sending it to the Federal Govt. South Carolina was the first US state to succeed from the Union. This was the beginning of the Confederacy and the resulting Civil War. Read their own words from their official document from that time.

      • “Still-simmering” happens worldwide and throughout history—case in point, the Palestinians and Israelis. We as a species have not learned when to say “enough,” it seems.

    • Basically it was this: Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on slave labor was the foundation of their economy. The cotton economy would collapse. The tobacco crop would dry in the fields and rice would cease being profitable. They argued that if all the slaves were freed, there would be widespread unemployment and chaos. This would lead to uprisings, bloodshed, and anarchy. They pointed to the mob’s “rule of terror” during the French Revolution and argued for the continuation of the status quo, which was providing for affluence and stability for the slaveholding class and for all free people who enjoyed the bounty of the slave society. Plus they argued that slavery had existed throughout history and was the natural state of mankind and noted that in the Bible, Abraham had slaves too. Religion seems to always be used as justification to conveniently further causes and therefore is featured in many historical conflicts throughout the centuries.

  6. I’m just hoping we lose the “I’m a victim” thing that’s been going on for the past decade. I’m a big believer in taking personal responsibility. Certainly there are times where people are genuine victims but far too often, it is being played to get attention, sympathy or as an excuse.

    • Well I suppose one decade of reckoning compared to several decades of abuse of power ( and more ) isn’t too much to ask.

  7. Misleading. “The USA gave voting rights to all ethnicities.” 

    Haha! yes I did a double take when I read that too. Not to mention they now finding a way to refuse, predominantly minorities the right to vote, again. Also reminded me that some of the Constitution doesn’t seem to apply to minorities even today, on the ground in real life. Looks good on paper though.

    • @JenniferE
      We know that challenges to voting rights in this country, including the ones we’ve seen recently, are hardly a 21st-century invention. But if you want to get technical about it, Congress passed the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, which ensured that people could not be denied the right to vote because of their race. The Amendment was ratified by the states in 1870. Note that Marjorie states “ethnicities” she didn’t write “gender” and the 15th amendment was added to the constitution. However, as we all know during reconstruction and in the decades that followed, Southern states and its legislatures used a range of barriers at their state level, to deliberately reduce voting among African American men. Over time, voting rights became a bipartisan priority as people worked at all levels to enact constitutional amendments and laws expanding access to the vote based on race and ethnicity, gender, disability, age and other factors. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed by Congress, took major steps to curtail that voter suppression. Sadly we also know that SCOTUS recently gutted the act and we are almost back to square one.
      An interesting fact: in April and Dec.1869, Congress passed Reconstruction bills mandating that Virginia, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia ratify the amendment as a precondition to regaining congressional representation; all four states did so. Fat chance to see something like that happening in US Congress today.

  8. Keep in mind that I am very appreciative of your writing, Marjorie. I’m very much an egalitarian and am very much savoring the changes to occur roughly 2025 and beyond. The times we are living in are dreadful.

  9. Misleading. “The USA gave voting rights to all ethnicities.” Black people were denied the actual vote by various subterfuges and disqualifications well into the 1960’s. Likewise Latinos were routinely denied the vote in some states again well into the 1960’s via voter disqualification. (You might call those as races but they were ethnicity groups as well whether Guatemalans or Nigerians). Literacy tests, owning real property, being female and other excuses were used long after the 1870’s. My country has not been the ideal egalitarian nation.

  10. Correction. Yes, Bahai faith started before the Salvation Army. But “forerunning” implies the one leads to the other. Which is not true. These two belief systems have little if anything in common other than being labelled as religions.

      • Definition of Forerunner. someone or something that came before and paved the way for something today. Examples of Forerunner in a sentence. 1. The first icebox was a forerunner to today’s more modern refrigerator.

        • The forerunner to the Salvation Army for heaven’s sake. i.e. the organisation which later became – don’t push your luck Carson or you’ll disappear.

          • Nitpicking is the word I have been looking for for ages, its rarely used anymore but its the perfect descriptor for twitter behaviour, picking up on an irrelevant point and worrying it like a dog.
            Its also a very American national trait, not being able to see wood for trees and arguing about it ad nauseum , ie Mars in Gemini 😉
            On a separate note, you have written optimistically about Neptune in Aires before, I guess my concern is
            men infilitrating womens rights in such a pincer movement both from the right in the reach for overt obvious contol and the left, using deception and sleight of hand.

  11. Correction. Abolishment of slavery in the USA did NOT precede the American Civil War. Slavery was not fully abolished in the USA until Dec 1865. (thirteenth amendment) Whereas the war ended in April that year. Despite Confederacy apologists claims, slavery was the explicit reason for the START of the American Civil War. After the assault on Fort Sumter, the formal secession statement from the first secessionist state, South Carolina, explicitly stated that the secession was due to the POSSIBILITY of abolishing slavery in federal legislation.

      • You stated slavery was abolished before the Civil War. Not true, reread what you wrote. Racial harmony is a very touchy issue here in the USA. It is not nitpicking to point out an egregious error.

    • But not to overlook the fact: slavery in the US ended during Neptune in Aries, with Lincoln sworn in as president in early 1861. The first 5 years of Neptune in Aries in this cycle coincided with the primary struggle to abolish slavery.

  12. Andre Barbault- Planetary Cycles, p. 151- writes: “The great swing of the pendulum from the lowest to the highest point between 2018 and the peak of 2026, there is a harmonic Saturn-Neptune conjunction at the central point of an encouraging double sextile to Uranus and Pluto which are trine to each other. It will probably be a change for the better when the headlines will be more agreeable and the civilization of our new mini Great Year at last becomes adult. Together with the present course of the Uranus-Neptune cycle, we have a complete picture of the general evolution of the new Century.”

    • Unfortunately the following Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Gemini of 2061 square to Pluto and sesquiquadrate to Uranus in Scorpio looks very troubling for North America. “A confrontation between warring brothers and revolutionary.”

      • Hello Anita…but how many of us will be around in 2061? Long life does seem to run in my family (100+ yrs) but for me, born in 1955 would be really stretching it out to 2061 😉

        • True, but consider that however some of us have children and/or grandchildren and they will be around in 2061, including mine.

  13. Marjorie, a great read! I would also add that 1867-68 saw the last peace time famine in Europe in Finland and Northern parts of Sweden. 1860’s had several cold and damp Summers, and crops in 1866 and 1867 failed almost entirely. While Sweden was a relatively developed nation and Stockholm was able to send help to the worst hit areas, Senate of autonomic Grand Duchy of Finland was stubborn to lend in order for not to crash newly formed Finnish mark. And when the aid arrived, lack of roads meant it arrived desperately too late. Interestingly, this event, not WWII experience, is behind Finland’s now famous stockpile of goods to be used in times of crisis.

    • Oh, yes, I noticed that’s mentioned. But interesting how something that started in 1870’s – stockpiling grain in Finland -, has come to prominence under this cycle.

  14. Mixed with Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius in a few years with Jupiter and Saturn in Fire signs,
    looks like it will be some cocktail!
    Thank you for this Marjorie.

    • This sounds interesting. I am new to astrology. How would you interpret these energies in the collective? What kinds of events could ensue?

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