Mother Teresa – putting suffering on a pedestal

Mother Teresa, a global icon of compassion with an empire of orphanages for the poorest of the poor, who pulled favours from presidents, attracted a celebrity following, and raised hundreds of millions a year in charitable donations, was never the exalted saint she appeared. She won the Nobel Peace Prize, was canonised after her death but as a new SKY documentary series shows she seemed more attracted to poverty and pain than actually helping people escape it and covered up for the worst excesses of the Catholic church.

 She was born 26 August 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia at an unverified time of 2.25pm, into a poor family and decided to become a nun aged 12. In her 30s, working in Calcutta, she  witnessed the misery and death caused by the Bengal famine of 1943 and had a calling to start her own order, the Missionaries of Charity.

 There were critics of her work from early on but the media was so entranced by her beatific aura they were swept aside. One said “She was not a friend of the poor but rather a promoter of poverty.” She seemed to think that suffering was a noble end in itself – a ‘Gift from God’, she said, so did little to alleviate it amongst those she supposedly cared for. One doctor was outraged about the appalling lack of hygiene he uncovered – reuse of hypodermic needles, the shortage of medical care, systematic diagnosis, and necessary nutrition, as well as the scarcity of analgesics for those in pain.

‘They had the money to run a decent hospital for poor people, but they never did. They said, ‘We will pray for the alleviation of pain without providing treatment.’

Pain was not just a by-product of her work, but an integral part of it. She believed that suffering redeemed the world. Nuns were instructed to whip themselves and wear wire chains with spikes on.

 In the 1980s around £100m a year was coming into her organisation, but most of it was being paid into the Vatican bank. And according to the documentary she was called into help save it from the growing scandal of child abuse by priests by using her reputation to cast doubt on the allegations.

  Two things intrigue me – one was what her chart says about her temperament and the other was how she managed to attract a reputation for exquisite goodness while actively forcing the downtrodden to suffer yet more deprivation and agony as a result of her sanctimonious and warped beliefs.

 She was a Virgo Sun and Mars with both trine Saturn in Taurus – hard-working, disciplined, used to tough conditions, not a sentimentalist. She also had a Taurus Moon conjunct the North Node and trine Mars trine Uranus. An Earth Grand Trine is grounded in the real world of materialism – a good builder but can be blinkered and even wallow in the grosser aspects of the   flesh. The Grand Trine is formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition Neptune, making spiritual and elusive Neptune the driving planet.

 Her Uranus opposition Neptune squared onto a focal point Jupiter in airy Libra close to her Midheaven – and an elevated Jupiter would certainly give her an Olympian glow, deserved or otherwise.

   She had an interesting array of harmonic charts.  Her get-it-together 5th and world-personality 22H, as well as her humanitarian 9H are marked. Her leaving-a-legacy 17H is confident and communicative.

  Her ‘healing’ 12H is determined but merges ruthlessness/brutality with spirituality; as does her 18H, which is sometimes a feature of killers’ charts.

   Her two key planets were head-in-the-clouds Neptune and Jupiter and they were mired in all that earthy Taurus/Virgo which is an odd and uncomfortable mix. Glorifying and mortifying the flesh for redemption. It has echoes of the beyond ghastly nuns of the Magdalen laundries and elsewhere. There’s a sadism/masochism in that mindset which is not only cruel when acted out on others but perverse when made personal.

 And that’s the Age of Pisces for you – which Carl Jung connected to Christianity.  A religion which took as its core symbol one of bloody torture – Christ on the cross.  Roll on Aquarius.  

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  1. Jackie (9 May reply): This discussion is not about trivial fault-finding, from some kind of vindictive, habitual desire to bring low those who have been acclaimed. It is about the well documented fact that a woman whose fame was raising money to relieve suffering, actually lived by a cruel doctrine that said that God wanted her to help increase suffering. That level of fundamental hypocrisy, in someone placed on such a high pedestal of saintly love, is worthy of thoughtful discussion. There is no element of envy among the commenters, nor of evasion of our own faults. As for me, I have not personally courted worldwide fame to raise countless millions of dollars in the name of premises I don’t actually believe. The log here is not a splinter in my own eye.

  2. Pluto is very significant in Mother Teresa’s chart. The critical, final degree Mercury rules both her Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Gemini. Mercury tightly squares Pluto; her father died when she was eight years old. Mercury Pluto could suggest someone who is preoccupied with dark, morbid thoughts, even death. As well as someone who fixates on survival and life-and-death situations. She brought attention to the taboo topics of extreme poverty and leprosy which is very Plutonic. BML is in Scorpio which reinforces these tendencies.

    Pluto on the Descendant suggests that the theme of power/powerlessness would be projected onto others. Mother Teresa was a very powerful figure who spent her life engaging with people, living in slums, who were completely devoid of any power; they were literally at her mercy. She had the power of life or death over them. That focal Pluto on the Desc. points to an uncompromising power imbalance (which could be open to abuse/ exploitation/ cruelty) in her interactions with others.

    Neptune in the 7th house could suggest a distorted idealisation of suffering, loss and sacrifice being projected onto others.

    • Also a grandiose Sagittarius Ascendant could have inspired Mother Teresa to identify with God – emphasizing the power imbalance in her interactions. With Jupiter conjunct the MC she may have thought she had the moral authority to act on the behalf, or in partnership (Jupiter in Libra) with God.

      Intriguing to see the Taurus emphasis in her chart. She has a Venus Saturn square which I have seen on other posts here as being associated with promiscuity?! But it is interesting to note that the Moon (and Saturn) in Taurus are conjunct Vesta which squares Venus.

  3. It was Cristopher Hitchens evisceration of her that really ‘woke’ me to the faux sanctification of accepted heros.

    I’m glad you agree with me about the Piscean Age Margorie, though wether the Aquarian one will be any better with
    our current enslavement to technology which will be forcefully expressed in Pluto in Aquarius, who knows?

    Bearing in mind there will be at least a century if not more of cross over between the Ages given their length, in the same way we can already ‘feel’ Neptune in Aires’ a far shorter cycle, I would argue that Aviation Nuclear energy, the Internet, Ai, etc is that bleed over, and we already percieve the issues upcoming, but what we will do with them is the crux.
    Our increasing fantasisations of body as machine and willingness to cut ourselves up for fashion, outrage or ideology, and the dissolving of boundaries in Ai between reality and fiction is disturbing.
    Especially ironic given the grim reality of what we have done to our planet and our collective health via the pollution of the Piscean Age, in our air water and soil.

    I make a desperate plea for LESS disembodiment, not more.
    The notion of Spirit’ over flesh aka as mind/body has tormented us via religion into shame, self disgust and misogynistic projection via the de humanisation of women as somehow more ‘animal’ because of the reproductive cycle and therefore, ‘cattle’ to be controlled and marketed. Still with us, in Afghanistan, in the US, through surrogacy Rent a Womb, and the increasing sterotyping of gender.
    Meanwhile more and more sophisticated robots imitating women to be used for gratification, shows this trend is in no hurry to slow down.

    When do we collectively address the issue that our technical ‘sophistication’ is a continuation of this ‘spiritual’ disembodiment and that our physical reality is less and less aligned with this trend. What we eat or dont eat ,effects our thoughts and emotions ditto what we drink, breath, wear, surround ourselves with, its all one, because we are here, made up of stuff, we are stuff, earth, air, water, fire.

    We just need look at crowd photos currently and in the 70s to see how badly we are reacting via the terrifying levels of obesity.
    For fear of being all Rousseaux like, look at hunter gatherers, whats left of them, and us and I cant help wonder if its all been worth it. Are we a better version of human?

    • The split between the flesh (Female) and the spirit (Masculine) wasn’t there in the old Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses where the earthly aspects were revered as well as independent/ warrior women. It was the rise of the monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam which exacerbated the division.
      Gnostic Christianity took it to extreme with the belief that the anti-Christ Lucifer/Satan created the flesh and the Good God created the spirit/soul. The purpose of life was to subdue Satan and rescue the soul from its leaden overcoat of sinful flesh. They were great ones for indulging in hideous practices to subjugate the physical body.
      The temptress Eve caused the downfall of man – dumping all sexual responsibility on women through the ages. It’s a weird, warped view of humanity and life.
      Neptune at its worst engenders a destructive madness and its modus operandi is to dissolve and undermine whatever poses a threat to its delusions and risks letting reality creep in.
      It was there before the Age of Pisces – Judaism is a millennium before that at least, as probably is Zoastrianism. But the worst of Neptunian derangement certainly fits the past two thousand years.

      • Oh absolutely it was the monothestic religions, and ironically given ‘one god’ should require that split , conveniently as a means of heirarchial control.
        Have you ever read the Guru Papers by Dianne Alstead and Joel Kramer? If not I highly recommend it. It explores all the themes of the Piscean Era weve mentioned and that existential split. Initially a treatise of our disempowerment by gurus it expanded into a universal exploration of how we do that in all areas of life from love to politics and how it hinders our chance of survival as a species. Exceptionally current as we follow people on Twitter and Influencers’ on Tik Tok and Youtube, and any and every body is a hero.
        Its all reaching a culmination in the madness of ‘be kind’, with blinders on to any cost or harm.

        • Yes, I agree about the endless damage done by the monotheistic religions, and the thinking behind them.

          It’s also worth checking out Ancient Mesopotamian myths, which predate them. The cracks had begun to appear then. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the most ancient texts in the world, the hero, Gilgamesh, spurns the seductive overtures of the great and powerful goddess Inanna or Ishtar, and taunts her about her lovers. She, in turn, releases the horribly destructive Bull Of Heaven. Gilgamesh kills it. The Bull is associated with the constellation Taurus. Elements of the Epic are in the book of Genesis in the Bible. As is the mysterious and sensuous biblical Song of Songs, which although estimated to be 3rd Century, resembles Sumerian or Mesopotamian or even Egyptian love poetry.

          Aphrodite’s powers were gradually reduced too, as Greek myth became more patriarchal, and the fear of women’s powers and sexuality appeared to grow as time went on. Sigh.

          • A similar thing happened in India. Womens sexuality was encouraged and worshipped. A reflection of that can be seen in the erotic sculptures still surviving.
            Ditto Taoism.

  4. Having watched the Versailles series recently, I got curious about the charts of all those kings of France. The interesting thing is all of them had planets/asteroids within the 22 deg Leo – 3 deg Virgo, often in opposition with Aqu/Pisces factors in tight orb. This Mother Theresa’s chart has also got that signature, close factors to the Regulus in Leo and Fomahault in Pisc (another royal star) which led me think she was ‘meant’ to have a real influence on whatever she chose to do, hiding all that evil ignorance in plain sight, making all the other ignorants see her as the gift of God on Earth, just as it happens when a king dies, the history retains only the great image of important/great or heroic things, not the whole pain and suffering they produced.

    Liz mentioned Jung trying to convey a message, obtain reconciliation between two major spiritual cultures: eastern and western. Maybe the reason people can’t fully understand him it’s because the eastern practice he was doing was a secret one and Richard Wilhelm swore he would keep secret and so he did to the end of his days. That practice which consists of many methods is the base of all sorts of psychological shamanisms that we see today: writing things on a paper and burning them, for example. Or mindful meditation. The thread connecting all religions, be it orthodox christianism, catholic, sufi, buddhist, yogic is one practice: meditation on the heart. Buddhism has sutras about it, all written in metaphors rendering it useless unless one finds a method ‘keeper’ someone who knows to practice and interpret the various outcomes. This one is the key in understanding all this seeming nonsense, because during this type of meditation the energy in the human body shifts into another and that shift is painful, physically painfull. That’s where it all started. The practitioner can’t stop during the practice otherwise the transformational process doesn’t take place hence the need to suffer, ‘to bear the pain’. All those sutras were metaphorically written to stop non-initiates from harming themselves ending in the disaster we see today: scriptures interpreted literally, no matter the religion, stupidity being the only limit, being limitless.

    Thank you, Marjorie, for keeping this blog. I’ve been reading it for years, it’s the first time I comment, hope I’ll be reading it for many years to come.

    • Hi Ria

      At the heart of all religions, Eastern and Western, is the principle of self sacrifice in the service of others. Each religion (philosophy/psychology) does though have a different understand of the ‘self’ and the nature of the ‘sacrifice’ advocated. On the one hand, the self should be denied and on the other hand the self should be strengthened if the denial/sacrifice is to be of any use. A strange paradox not easily resolved.

      Difficulties arise in the early stages of meditational practice when a person is too open, both to his/her own inner thoughts, feelings and intentions and to those of others (the inner and outer is ultimately the same but that is another story). The loss of a sense of identity can then leave the practitioner vulnerable to a whole host of anxieties, insecurities and personality disorders.

      As you wisely suggest Ria, the practitioner needs a wise guide before undertaking any course of mind training. He/she should choose the guide carefully and not take anyone at face value.

  5. On second thoughts I wonder whether her legacy is more important than we realize, provided that it has had an impact on policies towards improving a society that has driven people to such misery, it would be interesting to see if some changes have occurred since she begun her work.

    • I think Yes! Her message has touched or informed many including those in jobs to influence policy, or those who are free to set up programmes that influence or help others, or want to be of service or start a conversation, agree with her or and not. She demonstrates how easily good intentions with no planning or accountability can turn so wrong and destructive if not checked.

      She cornered the market in being the epitome of humility, compassion, empathy service etc whether real or for show.

      • At the grass roots level that maybe true, but now most known charities are huge business, frequently opaque in their finances and agendas and prone to mission creep and corruption to maintain high salaries.
        And that also applies to activism, eg BLM and their finances. In so many cases like these the initial intention maybe great but the road to hell is paved with them. Essentially she put her principles and ideals before individual human suffering and dignity. A value system that has blighted the Piscean era.

        • Definitely agree. Really sad when the cause is so commendable but up the scale and the human flaw for power and greed takes over.

  6. “And that’s the Age of Pisces for you – which Carl Jung connected to Christianity. A religion which took as its core symbol one of bloody torture – Christ on the cross. Roll on Aquarius.”

    I’ve spent years trying to understand Carl Jung and am still confused as to his central message. At the core of his writing, and really at the core of the writings of most philosophers and psychologists, is the relationship between the ‘Self’ and the ‘Collective’ – though for Jung the ‘Collective’ was not the community or society but rather the ‘Collective Unconscious’. The essential conflict was within oneself, not between oneself and others.

    [If the veil in the Temple is symbolic of the boundary between the ‘Self’ and the ‘Collective Unconscious’, then the death of Jesus on the Cross represents the point at which the veil (or the barrier) is rent in two.]

    The Age of Pisces certainly seemed to blur the boundaries but will the Age of Aquarius truly help to reconcile the opposites within oneself which the ancients seemingly suggest it will? How will replacing a ‘me’ for a ‘we’, collaborating and connecting rather than competing, looking outward rather than inward, help our spiritual development?

    I would say that no particular Age is more beneficial than another – though each Age does add a different mind set or skill set, a different level of understanding and awareness. It is not a straight progression but more a continuous astrological spiral at a macro level, aeons rather than years.

    • I entirely agree, and currently the sense of spiralling backwards in understanding or ‘two steps backwards’, is keen, despite, or rather, because of technological access purportedly supposed to increase understanding among the collective.
      Quelle ironie!

  7. I looked up the harmonics posts for those days. Together they provide a concise but very easy to follow introduction, rich in meaning. Thank you Marjorie!

  8. Are there echoes in her attitude of medieval practices found in fanatical Dominicans so distant of the human condition and obedient to a ruthless creed.
    Regarding flagellation I would recommend you look into what other clairvoyants have to say ie; Rudolf Steiner; also the connection with the movements of Venus in the Sidereal zodiac where she takes 1200 years to complete a cycle, the present one due to leave the constellation of Scorpio in 2033, it lasts for 100 years and it is a time of suspicion, lack of trust in others, betrayal, hiding in plain sight (Valentin Tomberg, Studies of the Old Testament, chapter 4).

  9. Her Mars/Jupiter midpoint on her Mercury would indicate that speaking about Religion was more important than the actually doing anything about it. Leo/9th house Sun would be the I in religion, she would see herself as the chosen one to speak about how religion should be done. Perhaps her Sun was so concentrated on her view, that detail and health (Virgo) was not so important? Pluto on the descendant, is also trining that Mars/Jupiter midpoint Mercury. This was was all about being in a partnership with God and showing authority, in my view. Perhaps Jupiter is on the MC, giving her the mission to give God’s words. Fanciful as it may seem, the Taurus Moon/ North Node in the 5th is all about nourishing her children, teaching them to be godly, with Saturn erring on the strictness of Gods teachings. Her Earth Neptune and Uranus are outer planets, indicating that would not be in touch with feelings in the ordinary way.

  10. I heard rumors years ago about the truth about Mother Theresa’s “orphanages” and her work with the poor.
    My son who is a medical professional went to India to work with her as a volunteer in the late 80’s and was appalled as well by her condescending/unsympathetic attitude towards the poor, unhygienic medical practices and religious fanaticism.
    She also believed it was GOD’S WILL for poor people – especially children) to suffer.

    • The way she treated gay men with Aids was criminal!
      PLENTY of money from donations, $60 million as I remember, but she witheld basic care, decent food, vistitation etc
      I think thats what prompted Christopher Hitchens to write his evisceration of her.

  11. “It has echoes of the beyond ghastly nuns of the Magdalen laundries and elsewhere.”

    I don’t have a date (except for the year) for the founding of the first Magdalen Asylum for Penitent Females, Dublin, 1765 – initially founded by the Protestant Church. What’s intriguing re the broader astrology is that by December, 1765, there’s a t-square with Saturn 1 Gemini conjunct Black Moon Lilith, Neptune 3 Virgo, Moon’s Nodes 1 Pisces conjunct Chiron 3 Pisces. This seems to have sacrifice, delusion, and the restriction or incarceration of women (Saturn/BML) written all over it. Mother Teresa’s Virgo Sun opposition Chiron at 0 Pisces locks right into this pattern. The ‘Victim/Saviour’ theme is clear, with all the possible undertones of resentment on the part of both victim and rescuer that may or may not imply.

    I think 1765’s astrological patterns might work for this connection, since the last of these hellish institutions closed in Ireland on 25th September 1996. Pluto was at 0 (religious?) Sagittarius on that day, turning the 1765 t-square into a Mutable Grand Cross (ironic), and hitting Mother Teresa’s chart at the same time. The following September, 1997, Mother Teresa died.
    And in 2014, with the terrible, sickening scandal of the discovery of 796 dead babies in a septic tank at the former (ill-named) Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home, Neptune was at 3 Pisces, Chiron 9 Pisces as the year began.
    As VirgoFlake says, Mother Teresa was something awful ‘hiding in plain sight’, along with countless others I’m sorry to say.

  12. Put any human being in power and everyone would be at fault in
    some way and probably a major way too . The old saying , take the plank out of your own eye first.

  13. I have to disagree with the negative opinions ff Mother Teresa that have been expressed by many in this post. I personally don’t believe she was some kind of a sadomasochist who was titillated by poverty and human suffering. I also don’t believe she was some kind of money hungry master manipulator either. Whether or not one agrees with her approach to helping those in need, she did something that nobody (including myself) on this thread has done and that is: she gave up a life of personal privilege and comfort and took the oath of poverty. She didn’t have to become a nun. She didn’t have to devote her life to the sick and the dying. There were even times where Mother Teresa even questioned her own faith because she was horrified by human suffering she came into contact with. Even though I’m a very secular Catholic (born into the Mozarabic Rite) with strong New Age beliefs, I still have a deep admiration for Mother Teresa for her convictions.

    For the record, the notion of tolerating human suffering isn’t a belief exclusive to Mother Teresa or other Catholics – there are many adherents of other Abrahamic as well as various Eastern Religions that believe the same thing.

    For example, I read Deborah Feldman’s autobiography, Unorthodox, a few years ago. Feldman, just like my maternal great-grandmother, was born into an Ashkenazi “Hasidic” Orthodox Jewish family. Feldman was born in New York into the Satmar Dynasty and she discussed in her book who human suffering is almost seen as imperative in the Satmar community. She discussed how the Holocaust was seen by many members of her community as a form of punishment for the Jews who strayed and assimilated into the “goyim” or the Jews who didn’t totally devote their lives to Hashem.

    Another example: when I visited Israel, the Golan Heights, and Palestine for the first back in the year 2000, I got to witness the Shiite Muslim festival of Ashura in the Golan Heights. I got to witness the Shiites reenacting the murder of Hussein (who was the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson) by walking in procession while beating their chests and engaging in self-flagellation – I remember their clothes, arms, hands, and faces being drenched in blood and covered in welts, bruises, and other skin wounds. Even some children had participated in the self harming process. It was actually kind of disturbing to watch.

    Anyway, having lived here in Northeast Florida (a part of the country that is swarming fanatical Trump and QAnon supporting Evangelicals) most of my life, it’s been my personal experience that many adherents of Protestant denominations with their “Oliver Cromwell Syndrome” tend to be a much greater threat to humanity than the “deviant” Catholics.

    • I would also like to add I often disagreed with Mother Teresa’s views on certain matters….but again, I never thought any of that made her an “evil” person. I still believe she meant well and her intentions were good.

  14. Christopher Hitchens said of her, “She was a fanatic and a fundamentalist and a fraud, perhaps the most successful confidence trickster of our century and responsible for innumerable deaths and untold suffering and misery, and proud of it.” She also took money from autocratic and corrupt regimes — the Duvaliers in Haiti for example, money which had been stolen from the Haitian people and in return, she praised the Duvalier regime. She praised poverty and suffering as a ‘gift from God’. She denied basic analgesic medication to those in pain. It’s incredible that despite this information being freely available at the timr, the Vatican made her a saint in 2016. Perhaps this sounds a far reach, but in some ways she is reminiscent of Savile – hiding in plain sigt.

    • @Virgoflake, from my perspective she is indicative of who the powers that be chose to praise, prop up or destroy. They all doing their thing a little way different but the theme is the same. For me, she is a perfect metaphor of a lot of what was and is still going on.

      ‘… hiding in plain sigt.’ The powers that be knew/know more than we as lay people are exposed to or even care to admit we know.

      The Vatican ain’t no bed of roses either.

      Birds of a feather flock together and all that ….!

    • When on the cross Jesus refused sedatives (offered on a sponge) because he knew he had to pass over in full consciousness if he was to ‘rise again’ and make contact with his disciples – to prove that physical death was not the end. Analgesics have moved on since those days and now need not affect consciousness.

      Such matters are still though an individual choice, not something which can be imposed on one person by another. And therein lies the problem. Mother Theresa, like many religious advisers, might have thought she was being maternalistic/paternalistic but was actually being dictatorial. Spiritual progress is only made through personal choices – though the various religions should help show their adherents the way.

      Sometimes the best way is the hard way but it requires personal commitment and dedication.

  15. The post doesn’t surprise me. My Mom liked some televangelists, but I remember her mentioning, with disapproval, a news item about Mother Teresa. Apparently while Teresa was out of town, someone funded the gift of nice carpet for part of the orphanage. When she returned, she had it all ripped out because walking on the hard floors would be more nobly suffering.

    Thank you for the site, Marjorie. Do you have a post with the basics of how to interpret harmonic charts?

  16. If the chart is accurate then with a Sag ascendant and Libra Jupiter on the MC; along with Gemini Pluto square Virgo Mercury she would always be able to BS her way out of any complaints against her. Her work was done in an age (and location) where transparency, accounting and reporting weren’t that important. As for being able to get people to give her money, that 8th house Leo Venus is staring us in the face.

    It’s quite a fascinating chart for its religiosity with the Sag asc, Jupiter MC and all the planets in the 9th. The anaretic degree Virgo mercury being square Gemini Pluto (combined with a Taurus moon) likely never doubted or questioned itself – simply believed it knew it all.

    The Pluto on the descendant, along with Neptune on 8th house cusp does suggest a fascination with seeing people suffer. The empowerment of Pluto would believe people should drag themselves up from the depths – that if they want it enough, they will find a way or some such.

    Chiron being in the opening minutes of Pisces also looks very relevant.

  17. Putting anything or anyone on a pedestal is always going to lead to disappointment, eventually. I remember at the height of her ‘fame’ asking someone who claimed to have met her what it was precisely that she did. His response was that she was teaching the hungry to feed themselves.

    • Now I start to wonder whether my friend’s comment wasn’t ironically intended! Takes a while to connect the dots with an unaspected mercury…

  18. Religion is all about money. It is absolutely sickening! I do not know what it is like now, but in the 70s watching evangelist telly in the states was frightening at how easily people bought into it. Honestly if they are going to get away without paying taxes then they need to be publi ly audited and made to account for every penny. And it should include big business as well!

  19. I’d believe OJ Simpson was innocent of murder over Teresa as a noble person.
    People like her are part of the problem with religious nutballs. Sorry to say it like this, and I’m not criticizing all religious folk. Just the hypocrites and fanaticals that masquerade under a vale of piousness.
    The sheep that follow on blind faith and void of critical thinking skills are the real danger.

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