Monarchy – ruffled by yet another family drama

The damage inflicted by the Oprah Sussex interview on the Monarchy felt devastating in the immediate aftermath. But as the Meg-Haz litany of mistreatment by the Family is put under scrutiny and increasingly questioned, the pressure is slowly dropping. On top of which the Monarchy has been through spasms of acutely negative publicity in the past and recovered its balance. The brief response put out by the Palace was a masterpiece of barbed under-statement – ‘recollections may vary’ being the one likely to stick in mind.

 Given the Queen’s age and Prince Philip’s state of health it’s difficult to say what the planetary influences on her chart will refer to. Her own chart has her 7th house partnership Leo Sun under strain this year from tr Saturn on opposition and tr Uranus in square from this April onwards, on and off into early 2022. Tr Saturn and tr Pluto both moving through the early stages of her First House will have a sombre effect on her image, pulling down her energy levels and work motivation. Without all this confected nonsense she might have been opting to retreat further into the shadows but will almost certainly feel she has to soldier on. Tr Pluto will start to square her Taurus Sun from 2023 for two years which will be challenging.

  Her Coronation chart, 2 June 1953 11am London does have a lacklustre, panicky-failure feel from late this April onwards for two years with tr Neptune square the Mars Mercury in Gemini. It has a 12 degree Taurus Midheaven (which will be a later degree if the oath-taking which I can’t find is used). That certainly suggests a sudden change of direction, bumpy ride etc. As does the Moon around 11 degrees Aquarius which is catching the same jolting influences.

  Neither Meghan nor Harry are looking upbeat in the aftermath. Meghan has her Leo Sun catching the discouraging tr Saturn opposition from late this month and tr Uranus pitching in with jolts and jangles in square from early May – and those repeat through the year. Harry has a lacklustre and undermining tr Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun through 2021/22 – so ditto and ditto.

  An astrologer pointed out that Prince William was born on the day of a Solar Eclipse in a Saros cycle that started in 792AD and ends in 2036, leading to speculation that he would be the last king. How much that theory holds water is questionable. The Eclipse in question on 21 August 2036 has a final degree Leo New Moon conjunct Saturn widely opposition Pluto. Uranus at that point is in Cancer moving through the UK 10th house, conjunct the Cancer Moon, which is associated with the Ruler, but that is the only hint of any shift and that influence comes round every 84 years so is hardly a gamechanger.

   Prince George, 22 July 2013 4.24pm does not have his grandmother’s rigorous sense of duty, having his Saturn in the 12th in a Water Grand Trine to an 8th house Mars Mercury Jupiter trine Neptune. His 9th house Cancer Sun might prefer to travel or bury himself in learning and he’ll certainly live in his own self-contained bubble.

  Both the Queen and Princess Margaret have/had the same dutiful Saturn in the 10th, a legacy from their disciplinarian and none-too-warm Queen Mother. Unfortunately there’s no confirmed birth date for the QM since it wasn’t registered until six weeks after. Though she was almost certainly a Sun Leo with a ferociously tricky collection of Pluto, Mars, Neptune in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius. Underneath the saccharine sweetness there was a deeply unpleasant streak.

  On the whole the Royal females tend to be a stalwart bunch. The Queen’s Saturn in Scorpio on the MC square Mars Jupiter opposition Neptune Moon is unbudgeable. And much of her early Royal tutoring came from her grandmother, Mary of Teck, an equally rock-solid Gemini with Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto square Mars in Leo. Before that, Queen Victoria another Gemini, had Saturn Pluto in Pisces square Uranus Neptune so had that equally unyielding quality. Victoria had a successful Jupiter in the 10th which William does also.

   See previous post February 10 2021 and below 5 March 2021.

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  1. To Candy, Everyone has a different reaction to stresses. regarding mental health -it is unfair to pit one against the other – What you have forgotten is that Prince Harry was born into a basically loveless union between his parents – which created deep mental sadness – He was loved by his mother who died in a tragic accident – made to walk behind her coffin in front of millions, had a father who put his love relationship with his mistress as a priority mot likely, and so on. Certain facts also remain -WHICH are often forgotten in the dialogue – Prince Harry LOVES HIS WIFE AND SON. Who remembers here the joy he expressed at the birth of his son Archie – look up the video. One of my friends said to me she thinks that Prince Harry is breaking a curse for the RF – Edward – Margaret and Charles. One other fact we do not know if Prince William was told to wait before committing to Kate – so many years seems like a lone time – he had also broken a curse of sorts too.

  2. Speaking about mental health – yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Dunblane massacre. A nine-year-old Any Murray was in the school that day, hiding in a classroom and listening terrified as the killer stalked through the school.

    Andy Murray was just an ordinary lower middle-class boy and his parents divorced the year of the massacre. But he grew up to be a world-class tennis player, happily married with four children, the latest one just born. And he never ever bleats about the Dunblane thing – according to him, talking about it would be disrespectful to the victims.

    Lots of people go through acute stress but they handle it without the resources that Harry had and without the generous helpings of self-pity.

    • thanks for the link. The 4 panelists were interesting. Curiously the one panelist believes Meghan’s wholly Narcissistic. He imitated she has “dumped” all the responsibility on Harry for making the decision to leave the UK and the RF – as tho’ it had nothing to do with her.

  3. Diana’s life changed nothing in the Royal Family if you hear Harry talking. I thought the RF would have learnt from all the Charles and Diana dramas. Diana had a lot of these problems… so why did Harry not get Meghan any help.?
    Meghan has lots of friends…. they all came out for the baby shower so why didnt she talk to them. Girlfriends often when preggie are the best ones to talk to.

  4. Marjorie you did my personal horoscope years it was on the mark. What you have predicted for the Susssex months ago appears to be coming to the light. You are not negative about concerning reporting what’s in their behaviors and charts for any celebrity or ‘famous person’

    Personally I don’t believe the Sussexes but all races have some sort or preconceived ideas or generalizations. Racism is a hot topic with all the violence in America.

    Oprah was raised in the south during Jim Crow, there is no way she should be surprised by someone asking if a mixed raced child would have light or dark complexion, royal or not, I think it’s a valid question with Megan’s mixed ancestry to wonder about complexion or skin tone is that racist to me, no.

  5. Today I was reading how Prince Charles has stopped paying Harry an allowance from the Duchy of Cornwall. This was worth £4,500 000 a year. Then I found an article from The Sun written in August 2020 about how H&M now have a mortgage that they have to pay £417,000 a year. At the time they were receiving the allowance and that was probably instrumental in them getting the 30 year mortgage in the first place. Anyone interested can Google The Sun headline: Harry Up Jobless Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must ‘start making money quickly’ £417,000 – a – year mortgage on new house.

    You can draw your own conclusions, but to me with threats that sound very close to blackmail to reveal more through Oprah, they must be getting desperate.

    • Harry does have millions from his inheritance from Diana. Assuming he has hung on to some of that. Meghan has some money of her own too. But they don’t have enough to live like billionaires. Just very comfortably, I’d say.

      • But if Meghan divorces him in CA, she stands to receive millions more as part of a settlement, as compared with —from the RF. On a different note, I wish Oprah would have asked MM if she had reached out to her mother, Doria, regarding her suicidal ideation since Doria is a social worker.

    • I don’t think you need worry about their financial situation, Linda. According to today’s Times of London, Harry inherited about £23m from the Queen Mother and Princess Diana; Meghan had £3m; their house, bought for USD$14m, in 9 months has increased in value to over $USD30m; their Netflix and Spotify deals amount to £89m.
      Their mortgage is about USD$9 apparently, but it seems they can well afford it. With this interview, backing and promotion by people like Oprah, the avalanche of cash is likely to continue.
      They both are talented, active people in their different fields, so are likely to start earning on their own account as well. If Theresa May can earn over £1,500,000 in 9 months by giving lectures, any one can do it, if they are famous enough!
      We also don’t know about possible secret Trusts and so forth that aristos seem to have.
      I definitely think one of the fall outs from this, will be an investigation into the Royals’ finances.

      • The finances of both the RF and H&M are opaque. The official figures for the monarchy only cover the Crown Estates, the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duchy of Lancaster but the Queen is also apparently independently very wealthy. I think the problem for the RF is that the distribution of money is uneven with those outside the main line of inheritance often living off just their official grace and favour income and family handouts. I think that is part of the problem as Royals are seen as A list celebrities but most don’t have the money to support that lifestyle if like Princess Andrew and his former wife they aspire to it. The wise Royals such as Princess Ann have pointedly set their children off down a different path at an early age by renouncing royal titles for them. The current problems highlight all the issues with hereditary monarchy in that it is pot luck whether the person who inherits the job is any good at it and that royal dynasties by their nature come with any family problems attached

        • Hugh, Quite agree – there have been over the years dubious connections between certain Royals and the obscenely wealthy. Middle Easterners obviously; and I faintly recollect Charles was close for a while to Arnold Hammer. Andrew and the Azerbaijanis etc.
          It would be one reason behind Diana’s attraction to the Al Fayeds. Despite her £17 million divorce settlement she wanted to live like a billionaire and what she had wasn’t enough to fund private jets, yachts and chateaus.

      • That Times story, if true, is a touch ingenuous. They bought the house at a third of its value from a Russian oligarch – shades of Prince Andrew selling his way over market value to an Azerbaijani oligarch.

        • It is all very murky, but what’s clear is that by 2030, the Queen is likely to receive a huge windfall of £100m per year from her quarter of the Crown seabed revenues. She already receives £41m.
          Surely they won’t need a sovereign grant with this sort of money coming in, which could enable them to be independent of the public purse? Surely this would change the basic relationship between State and Crown?
          In any event, this new windfall of cash is bound to cause ructions, because it is publicly known.
          The current shenanigans have opened up a can of financial worms. Would this be another effect of Pluto/Capricorn, combined with Uranus now in Taurus? And what effect, if any, would Pluto in Aquarius have?

          • The House of Windsor Chart 17 July 1917 may offer some clues.

            Neptune at 22 Pisces will square the Windsor Mars at 22 Gemini this year

            Pluto will retrograde back to 24 Capricorn later this year opposing the House of Windsor Sun at 24 Cancer exact from August to December.

            In 2022 Saturn in Aquarius will oppose and then Uranus in Taurus will square the Windsor Venus at 16 Leo. This might indicate financial retrenchment or upsets.

            By the time Pluto reaches Aquarius in 2023 it will have crossed the Windsor’s Mercury at 29 Cancer and then started to oppose its Saturn
            at 2 Leo and Neptune at 4 Leo.

            If that transit was not tough enough then in 2025 when Neptune is in Aries it will start to square the Windows Pluto/Moon conjunction at 4-5 Cancer.

            This is all heavyweight stuff and I doubt the dynasty is going to get through it unscathed.

    • Prince Charles HAD to stop paying Harry an allowance from the Duchy of Cornwall.

      Covid happened!! Everything was locked down from March 2020, including the Duchy’s business.

      Charles didn’t want to take furlough money from the govt for his Duchy staff, so he paid them out of the reserves. No income coming in from the Duchy plus reserves being drawn down to pay the staff, meant no money for Harry, especially as he was not a working royal anymore.

      That Harry was completely oblivous to the above financial constraints just shows how immature he is. Charles at his age had been managing the Duchy of Cornwall for a decade, whereas Harry seems to have been indulged by his father and grandmother and doesn’t understand where the money comes from.

      • From what I’ve read, the R. Family always did whatever Harry wanted, put litle boundaries on him, fixed his mistakes – and this is the result. Had he been raised like William I think, imho, he’d be smarter and more prepared for life.

        The RF know that his behaviour is Their fault too.

        • Dunyazade
          Yes it would appear that Harry has been indulged by the family as a result of losing his mother at such a tender age and in such a public way.
          Also Charles and Diana were said to be less than strict (re boundaries) with both boys.
          I wish Harry had been given counselling at the time.
          I think he only started therapy a few years ago very much encouraged by William.
          It’s a pity that Harry had to leave the army as that seemed to be something he was good at and loved. He could not be involved in military action any more as he was a security risk to his fellow soldiers. He did manage two short tours of Afghanistan.
          We have to remember that William went through the same experiences of public loss and grief and also has to bear the weight of expectation of being a future king.
          He and Kate received far more press attention than Harry until Meghan came along.
          Maybe it’s also the heir/spare problem like with Princess Margaret?
          At the end of the day Harry has to find a way himself of overcoming his demons (with therapy?). No use complaining it’s all down to the press and his (loving, I think) family.

  6. Just another thing that pits everyone against each other, I feel exhausted from the last few years. Divisions on divisions, this camp or that camp…What is all this b*llocks for?

    • @tara Maybe Pluto is trying to teach us that we all need to own our individual shadow rather than project it out onto “the other”. By owning a negative trait, when we see it in someone else, we can look at the other person and rather than bristling with righteous indignation we admit instead, “yeah, well I’ve done that too”. Once you (generally speaking) understand where someone is coming from, you can talk with real honesty, without being afraid to ask questions or admit the other person has valid opinions too. In short, have a meaningful discussion.
      I’m not an astrologer but I’m always surprised how often I see on the discussions here where it seems the expectation by some that Pluto is going to take away all the rubbish and a brave new world is going to arise from the ashes, just by passing through a sign. I always feel the rubbish has to be sorted individually first, and that will then resolve the problem far more easily from the collective point of view. Otherwise nothing will change, or not necessarily for the better. Every astrologer I have ever talked to has always insisted Pluto is a very slow force. I speak from the experience of having had Pluto transits that over most of my planets during the course of my life and having to work through them.
      This morning I read American Vogue have taken issue with an old headline written by Sarah Vine in 2017 that she had a “niggling worry” about Meghan Markle. All “wokedom” was up in arms. To me this kind of movement is very much a symptom of our society at the moment. It allows people to jump on the “in fashion” bandwagon for whatever their personal reasons, and by so doing also detracts from the really serious issues that need to be addressed in society in general, by trivialising them and creating furore rather than real discussion.
      I found it so refreshing when some black members here talked about how they had discussed the colour of their own family babies and someone commented how nice it was to be able to talk about it without being afraid to comment in fear of being accused of racism. I second that absolutely and am truly appreciative of them doing so. There was a lovely article in the Mail by Sir Kenneth Olisa who is the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London which is well worth a read and who presents a very calm and wise approach to the subject of the royal household and racism, but also to how he deals with racism in general. Here is the link if you are interested.
      I am not black, but have suffered from racism in my life, and I have always tried to adopt a similar approach. I find it works better rather than the “shut up s/he explained” method of communication.
      Many have said that the pandemic has caused them/given them time to reflect on what is important or not. Family and community values are taking over from the “influencers” and “selfies” that have taken over the internet in recent years. Maybe, just maybe, people will come to some quiet personal conclusions about themselves and “the other” and maybe, just maybe, we’ll all move forward in a more positive way once the worst of the Pluto transit is over.
      As to feeling exhausted, I know what you mean. I’ve found attempting to cut down on social media and stick my nose in good book more often has helped. Keep safe 

      • I agree that the ‘transformational’ effect of Pluto transits is too lightly flitted over as if it was an easy process. Plutonic transformation is not only grindingly slow, it’s hugely disruptive and very scary as the old comes crashing down and reduces everything to rubble. In the middle stages you’re worse off than before – and then the rebuild starts on the far side, which again is an arduous task with no absolute certainty of success.

          • “Pluto in Capricorn does initiate some kind of change otherwise we are stuffed – how long can we ignore climate change and the damage humans are wreaking? There does appear to be a feeling that things can’t carry on as they are – a feeling of stagnation, paralysis; almost like a prolonged, grinding breakdown. Also, professional astrologers have made a big deal about the Jupiter Saturn grand mutation in Air and the changes that could herald.”

            Indeed, I was going to point out whether you had read the various forecasts predicated on the Great Configuration taking place in the Air signs for the next few decades.

            Another astrologer whom I read (and whose name/identity I can’t recall) had predicted that Great Configurations in Air Signs are generally associated with significant population decrease (prior examples were the Great Plague in Europe and Genghis Khan’s massacres in Asia; he is considered to have effectively reforested large swathes of Asia because he destroyed entire cities and towns and then Nature and vegetation took over) and with the decline and end of civilisations and loss of human knowledge (the Western Roman Empire crumbled during a Great Configuration occurring in Air signs, and that is generally taken as the start of the Dark Ages in Europe).

            As you don’t seem to be a fan of the human race, I am sure that you must be thrilled at the prospects.

        • A helpful analogy for the transformational process comes oddly enough from the world of crustaceans – from an old Jungian tarot book. Lobsters and shrimps need to cast off their old protective shell once in a while to allow themselves to grow. During this phase they are extremely vulnerable so need to hide under a rock until their body has the chance to expand and a new defensive shell grow, before they can scuttle back out to get on with their normal existence.
          Changing human mindsets is an even more turbulent process – if you read Kuhn’s Paradigm of Change in science (wiki), you see that extreme disturbance is unavoidable before new ideas are grasped. “A transition to a larger mental space “ occurs alongside “a very painful, even terrifying process of undermining one’s existing beliefs and theories.” (Kohler).
          The rather glib phrase in psychology that a ‘breakdown can be a breakthrough’ while underplaying the cliff-edge risks of mental collapse, has some validity in that psychological change very often only occurs after periods of extreme stress, even trauma, which push people to their limits and beyond.

          • That’s interesting about the crustaceans, Marjorie, and the analogy to transformation. When transit Pluto was going through my 4H a little while back it brought up all the usual BS to do with family and my mother. As you know, I have a difficult relationship with my own mother and was always quite frightened of her growing up and I felt I never had autonomy around her, which is the usual case with a narcissist, until I was well into my late 30’s. Pluto went through the 4th like a bull in a China shop, and by the time it got half-way through, I felt worse than before the transit started! I was constantly slamming a lid down on my anger because I had no idea how to navigate it and it made me sick.

            As Pluto moved towards the end of the 4th, I came across the term ‘narcissistic abuse’ and it was like a navigation tool dropped out of the sky for me! It became easier to make sense of a crappy situation.

            When Pluto left the 4H, I would say I no longer had any fear of my mother. Did she morph into the wonderful Ma Walton during this transit? Did she heck!! She was and still is Jane bleedin’ Crawford the majority of the time! But I changed. So, to Sarah C’s post, a Pluto transit rarely delivers a paradise in the transformation but forces us into a forward evolution from stagnant energies, hopefully. The more you resist, the more painful it is, as I can attest to. Yes, it can still be stressful to be around my mother but I am now able to stand up for myself and draw boundaries (most of the time), which in a sense is my healthy evolution from repressing my anger 24-7. I’m starting to find I’m doing this with other people too. So not a Pluto paradise but better than where I orginated from.

            Maybe that is where the global collective is going? We’re all at war demanding to be heard as if our truth is the only truth. I think our current ideologies is what needs stripping down to the core. Ultimately, we are one family and we cannot survive alone. We can live in a vacuum, yes, but psychological cancer breeds in those things! But I think our new ideology should be about focusing on how extremely similar we all are regardless of race or religion, etc.

            Racism and misogyny are the two most powerful columns that have held up the patriachy for thousands of years and it is now in danger of crumbling. Understandbly, this is frightening to many who feel under attack, as if they are going to lose their ground they have held onto for so long. I say good riddance to it all! Pluto is going to make a Jackson Pollock painting of these ideologies over the coming few years and it won’t be held in high esteem or value when its finished. What will remain, hopefully, is going to be better than the current maelstrom we are all under right now.

            My Pluto entered my 5H around early 2017 but it seems to constantly be in bloody retrogade like it’s trying to cling to the 4H 🙂 But I’m hoping this transit is going to be a breeze compared to the 4th. I imagine the 4, 8 & 12 House Pluto transits are some of the hardest to navigate. And back at Sarah C’s “attempting to cut down on social media and stick my nose in good book more often has helped,” I completly agree. We have almost lost the art of simplicity in exchange of finding offence in EVERYTHING. Simplicity. That is where we need to be heading if our sanity is to remain!

            Sorry for the long-ass post (again!)

          • I was aware of someone who had transiting Pluto squaring their Sun and nothing consequential had passed. However they were due for the third and final (which is usually considered the most powerful) square of the Pluto transit. I remember seeing them at the time, and only because I was aware they were due this final Plutonic square, the thought passed my mind if I would see that person again unscathed by their Pluto transit. Sadly, Pluto was short, sharp and deadly in its action – this person died on the final Pluto square to the Sun. They did not have the luxury of undergoing a rumbling Plutonic metamorphosis. I have seen childbirth can be linked to a significant Pluto transit – I suppose the legacy is there forever. Age, socio-economic circumstances, where you live in the world will have a huge impact on how these transits and progressions will manifest in a person’s life.

            Hope Pluto in Capricorn does initiate some kind of change otherwise we are stuffed – how long can we ignore climate change and the damage humans are wreaking? There does appear to be a feeling that things can’t carry on as they are – a feeling of stagnation, paralysis; almost like a prolonged, grinding breakdown. Also, professional astrologers have made a big deal about the Jupiter Saturn grand mutation in Air and the changes that could herald.

          • That is a very sad story.

            I went through transit Pluto square my Libra Sun roughly 5 years ago. At the same time transit Chiron in the 7th was opposing my Venus in the 1st. It was excruciating. I had a flare-up of my OCD type disorder and had to go through the gruelling process of the nhs mental health Merry-go-round. Pluto was going through my 5th house at the time and a lot of the stuff that came up in therapy was about teenage and childhood trauma. One thing I learned of great value was how to parent myself. Chiron hitting my Venus occurred simultaneously with the start of my therapy. At the time I saw my therapist as a Chiron figure.

          • That is a sad story, Sarah. When Pluto went into my 4th house it was squaring my sun and fortunately nothing bad happened, that I can recall. So, I’m grateful for that.

            One good thing to know is in the past 10+ years van life dwellers, off-grid living and small homesteading living, even living on boats, has been growing exponentially in Google keyword searches. In the past 3 years alone from 2017-2020, so even before the pandemic happened, the trend exploded by 312%. People are desperately looking for another alternative way to live that is minimalistic and on their terms. Many want to get out of the rat race and grow their own food and create their own energy and be part of the community. And it keeps growing. So the energy is already taking root in our society.

            Surprisingly, those who are seeking this are not neccessarily doing it because they are sinking into poverty but consciously looking for ways to lead a more simpler life. I’m always looking but I do get frustrated, with being in the UK, that there is a crap ton of red tape to go through. Plus I’m as skint as anything. But it is what I aspire to. But clearly, people can and are doing it.

            Wales has already created the One Planet Development Policy which is so ahead of its time. You can buy land there (generally affordably), I don’t know if you can rent (which is a good option if true) and you have 5 years to live on your land to turn it into a smallholding (for the most part). You have to create your own electric, grow your own food, etc. But you have to show you can make at least a small basic income off it too. It’s intent is to bring people back into the rural areas which are dying out. There are some minor problems with it that I am sure can be worked out, but it is a light in our current darkness and a potential of what is to come. If you cannot create a successful smallholding in a 5-year time frame, you will be moved on. Which I think is reasonable.

            I think this is where we are all heading, eventually. I think this is the culmination of Capitalism. We cannot go any further down the road without sacrficing the planet and ultimately ourselves. So it’s encouraging to see there is a surge of energy in our collective who are soul sick with the way things are going and trying to take their future in their own hands. And it’s growing exponentially. Sooner or later the governments will be forced to listen and change and stop thinking about their own profits.

          • @Jo “Maybe that is where the global collective is going? We’re all at war demanding to be heard as if our truth is the only truth. I think our current ideologies is what needs stripping down to the core. Ultimately, we are one family and we cannot survive alone. We can live in a vacuum, yes, but psychological cancer breeds in those things! But I think our new ideology should be about focusing on how extremely similar we all are regardless of race or religion, etc.”

            Yes, agree, that’s actually what I meant but didn’t express myself very well. I didn’t mean that we should live in a vacuum, but that by looking deeper within we would perhaps recognise how similar we all are.

          • @Sarah VF and Jo
            Well I’ve had Pluto square my sign now for quite a while and I don’t think it’s going to be over until the end of this year. Pluto’s been going through my first house and squaring my sun in the 9th. Also Saturn hovering around too. I’ve associated a lot of this with literally being blocked here in Italy. I do have asthma and so have been very isolated this year. Not only having to stay at home, but also my husband working away a lot. I haven’t been able to go back to the UK to see my children or grandchildren since early December 2019 and it feels like forever. The vaccine roll out here is negligible, although strangely enough, my husband as a key worker has had a jab. Now we’ve gone into total lock down again, he’s off out of town again, and I can’t risk going out, never mind getting on a plane and going home, as things are at the moment. I can’t go before I’ve had a vaccination, and I’ve no idea when I may be able to have one. I’ve missed one granddaughter’s fourth and fifth birthday, and the baby’s second, and it looks like I’ll probably miss her third too. I’ve missed so much of their baby years and that’s never going to happen again and it’s real grief I feel for the loss of that time. Anyway I’m planning to see them again one day, so hopefully the last transit won’t bump me off before then!

      • Thanku Sarah C
        I would highly recommend this article by the lovely Sir Kenneth Olisa to anyone who would like a calmer more balanced discussion on race and racism.
        I heard him speak on the BBC news in the week relating his own experience of “what do you think the baby’s complexion will be like” in 1980 before the birth of his first daughter.
        He is British with a Nigerian father (who left) and white single mother. His (white) wife’s mum was excited to get out the knitting needles and asked her daughter which baby wool to get to best suit her grandchild. No offence meant by this practical question and non taken. He says it is all about context. Very wise!
        Sir Kenneth works with the Queen and royal family and it is his opinion that the family are not racist.
        Yes more discussion on racism is very much needed but perhaps it needs to be kinder and gentler with more listening?
        I’ve really enjoyed hearing those of you who have spoken from African American/ mixed race backgrounds about how you talk about skin tone even if both parents are dark. Before this I would have been uncomfortable to speak about skin tone for fear of causing offence/appearing racist but it’s often just natural curiosity?

        • There’s also an excellent piece by Trevor Phillips in today’s Times, behind a paywall.
          ‘Meghan and Harry blew the chance for royal renewal
          The Queen’s family seems no more prejudiced than any other in multiracial Britain so a golden opportunity has been missed to normalise diversity and change the whole toxic debate around race, argues Trevor Phillips.’
          ‘I don’t take the duchess’s words lightly, even though her Californian vagueness on the subject doesn’t help. In my experience anyone with a diagnosable mental health condition is not only willing but eager to explain precisely what they think is wrong with them.’
          ‘As for our European neighbours, aside from tiny Malta, people of colour in every EU country are more likely to report racial harassment than here in Britain; rates are over twice as high in Germany, Italy and Ireland.’

      • Well said. If everyone took responsibility for themselves and refrained from critising others our world would be a lot more peaceful and probably function better.

  7. “If there was any resentment towards Meghan in the UK, it was not because she is of mixed race, but because she is American and behaves like a caricature of a particularly stupid American. The colour of her skin matters not a jot: it is the noisome ordure which spews out of her mouth on a daily basis that grates. Again, the narcissism and self-obsession and the acquired victimhood, the vapid and banal attempts at self-justification and as for Harry the hostage…..the two of them should be ashamed, trashing the monarchy, trashing the Queen by implication even though they claim that they respect her but they rubbish the institution that she represents!
    The Queen is the precise opposite of Megan, she doesn’t express her emotions in public, she doesn’t think constantly about herself, she has sacrificed her whole life to duty and loyalty to her constitutional role!

    • Rather unnecessarily harsh, surely disliking someone because they are a particular nationality is as bad as judging them by skin colour.

      • I agree that those are harsh words, but I think it’s more the ‘caricature’ represented that is disliked that much. Just a thought

    • Meghan’s newborn son was called a chimpanzee in one UK newspaper. Another British reporter characterized her as being “straight out of Compton”, which is a heavily African-American community near Los Angeles, known for high crime rates. There is more. I understand there were two men who were put in prison for making death threats towards Harry for being a “race traitor”. We may never know how much hate mail and threats the Sussexes have received based on Meghan being a WOC, but I am sure it has been way worse than we can imagine, and I don’t blame Harry one bit for wanting his wife and son out of England to protect them and himself.
      And where is the “noisome ordure which spews out of her mouth on a daily basis”? Other than the interview with Oprah, the Sussexes have been quietly living here in California – I haven’t seen or heard of any interviews with Meghan or Harry prior to the Oprah show, other than the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy, Harry’s interview with James Corden, and various quotes and clips from the show which were dropped ahead of March 7th as teasers to get people to tune in for more. Most of the nasty talk coming out of mouths right now regarding H & M is from others like Piers Morgan who can’t seem to stop viciously trashing her.
      I just don’t get the extreme hatred that some people have for Meghan, and for the Sussexes as a family, but my take is that when someone’s behavior, especially when it’s someone you don’t know or interact with personally, triggers that intense of a response, it may have a lot more to do with YOU rather than with the other person. Time to hold up a mirror, perhaps, and do some soul-searching?
      And yes, saying Meghan is bad because she is American is just as wrong as saying she’s bad because she is a certain race.
      The monarchy in England will survive this, I’m sure. They’ve been around for a long time and have endured far worse through the centuries.

      • Be satisfied with that and move on.We are all humans and trying to raise ourselves as much as we can 2021.Dont blame anyone.Strong,strong opinions we can have,Our rights and nothing wrong about that.

    • I’m not even going to click that link, but for what it’s worth, Thomas Markle’s behavior has screamed classic NPD from the moment he made Meghan’s and Harry’s wedding all about himself. And no, I’m not talking about heart surgery, but a deal with tabloids. Nothing he has done since has done anything to redeem him. His daughter Samantha is classic “flying monkey” first child, as well, and Tom Jr. probably scape goat falling to depression and substance abuse.

      Meghan, on the other hand, has seems like a typical “good daughter” of a narcissistic parent. Children of NPDs are conditioned to think that in order to get attention or “love”, they have to be pretty, they have to be accomplished, a kind of child well meaning people tell the NPD parent they wish they had. Mind you, “good children” could well turn into NPD people themselves. Astrologically, Meghan has a 12th house Mars. 12th house Mars people often either grow up or end up in abusive households/environment. Famous examples, Donald Trump (abusive father), Britney Spears (ditto), Nicole Kidman (married to Scientology), Arnold Schwartzenegger (abusive WWII veteran father), Selena (killed by the head of her fan club)…

      But something in the way Meghan acts actually does not support her being a NPD. Things pointing at that are 1) The very public way in which she deals with controversy. She actually had the gall to write both ITV and BBC regarding the coverage of Oprah interview instead of doing what famous NPDs are just compelled to do, in other words, Tweet about it. 2) She hasn’t attacked her father’s reputation. Looking at Thomas Markle’s face, it wouldn’t be difficult to believe a story leaked through “friends from high school” on how Meghan was much on her own without an adult present through the school years she lived with father. There are no such stories. 3) She is, no doubt, receiving some top notch PR advice from Oprah’s company. The thing is, if she had a NPD, she could not stick to that. 4) Ghosting Piers Morgan when just a “working actress” and he a celebrity on both sides of the pond. NPDs see relations as transactional, and this would have been too important of a connection for a NPD to break. So, it rather seems like Meghan saw something in Piers her therapists had told her to avoid.

      • I’m not a great one for diagnosis since a good many psychiatric labels cover a spectrum of problems and individuals can have ‘mixed’ symptoms that don’t easily fit into tick-boxes.
        Nor is it considered appropriate to diagnose public figures. However it’s worth having a look at Border Line Personality Disorder, even if only to be better informed about relatives or friends who may exhibit some symptoms. It results in —– a distorted sense of self, and strong emotional reactions which may be triggered by events considered normal to others. Other signs include:
        Outbursts of anger
        A need to control others
        Suspicion of others/paranoia in relationships
        Intense mood swings
        Posing ultimatums in relationships
        “Proving” that someone doesn’t love her
        Push and pull in relationships
        Wanting others to feel guilty for their actions, or lack of actions
        Shutting others out of their lives
        Using suicidal behavior or self-injurious behaviors to control others.

        PS. I never quite understood what the unholy fuss about Thomas Markle getting photographed in a tailor’s was about. So what?

        • Spot on, Marjorie. No matter what is said about phonecalls going back and forth between them once she and Harry were engaged, they never took the time to introduce him. Harry had met her mother at that point and apparently remarked on her. All this time Thomas must have been waiting for his intro. Why wasn’t it done? Why wasn’t he good enough?They had the money and the time to meet him. Thomas Markle must have felt left out and sidelined, NPD or not. He obviously wanted some attention. It is appalling that she still cannot forgive that transgression. In covid times I have seen people forgive others they never dreamed of speaking to again. But Meghan never says thank you for anything. Boy, do I miss Dominic Dunne of Vanity Fair

          • It is appalling that she still cannot forgive that transgression.

            Obviously you’re not a child of a narcissist. They are exhausting.

            And the child has to be the parent twice and never has a childhood and the forgiveness is always one-sided.

            Unfortunately narcissists never stop transgressing and never say they are sorry.

          • For Roderick below as I couldn’t reply: it seems you identify with Meghan in some way and I’m sorry that you have this experience which I cannot say I’ve had. Still, I’ve had my share of pain and I’ve had to learn forgiveness too. Each occasion has required me to set new boundaries with whoever it is, stick to them and monitor them (the boundaries) and I find that taxing but that’s how I parent myself and that’s the deal if someone wants to fix a relationship with me and vice versa. Yes, I still find it appalling especially, as I said, covid has softened many a stony heart and her father was/is high risk. He also apologised again on TV this week.

        • Thanks,Marjorie for bringing up BLPD.Been on my mind a couple if days.Some years ahead someone will have to hold on tight to the hat…
          Can someone in this forum tell me about astrology and disorders?
          What planets/constellations are most representative?Just a clue and I’ll research on my own.

          • That’s an interesting question Aqua which I hope Marjorie will have the time to respond to. I found Gnarly Dude made a good observation about Pluto below. For myself when cleaning up some of my baggage a few years ago, it was Pluto transiting my 12th and 1st which showed me some of the weaknesses in my psyche which Saturn, passing through after, helped me to work on. Not sure it’s the right guidance but I would look at those planets to start, then Neptune. Happy to be corrected by anyone as I will learn something too!

          • Barb,thank you very much.A start for me.Interesting.Very seldom down or depressed,but
            Saturn in Aquarius has made me heavy in a way.
            Just the beginning.,i’d say…More to come.
            Anyway i’ll continue my research untill I have got enough knowledge.Marjorie’ s site is Gold.

          • Diagnosing mental conditions and ailments from astrology isn’t usually a great idea. Years back when Catherine Zeta Jones came out as bi-polar I had a look and thought that – mainly – those with that diagnosis had heavily Mutable charts. But it doesn’t mean if that’s what your chart is like you’ll end up that way.
            And to be remembered all these conditions/ailments are on a spectrum which means that being ‘normal’, whatever that is, will exhibit some of the same behaviour as standard some of the time. We all have an ‘autistic core’ but it doesn’t mean we’re all on the Asp/Aut spectrum. We all have ups and downs but aren’t necessarily bi-polar. We all dissociate at times but that doesn’t give us Dissociative Identity Disorder.

          • Cristal clear answer for me! Understand 100%,what you mean.
            What I wanted to know or learn about is too far away,perhaps.Sorry! I guess all human kind have some disorders in one way or the other.
            Very greateful what I can learn from all,here.

        • I’m terrified of those Personality Disorder lists of traits because I always think I’m guilty of all of them. Fear of abandonment, check, feeling emptiness, check, outbursts of anger, check, obsessive thinking, check…..

          • Guilty as charged! Just for fun I did a ‘3 minute test for BLPD’ and in spite of only scoring 6 out of 51 or some such I was diagnosed as ‘at moderate risk of BLPD’! I’d just recalled one traumatic incident from my past and at 73 surely that’s to be expected!
            I do think there is something not quite right about a lot of M’s behaviour which as a lay person I’m unable to quite put my finger on. It started with the wedding and M’s seemingly huge confidence compared to Harry’s obvious nervousness at the altar. At the time I put it down to her being an actress or possibly having taken something to calm her nerves as one of my friends admitted she had done before her wedding. Whatever it is she is better off leaving the royal family for her sake and for everyone else’s.
            I’ve just realised I’ve ticked two more boxes anxiety/paranoia as a result of worrying that M might throw a libel case at me if I print her full name!!

          • I read it, as Marjorie explained, that yes, the human condition has all those traits that fluctuated and swing between states. It is not really about the swing between which if our personalities naturally seek to balance, but about having too much consistent languishing stalls at one end of the spectrum without the personality cannot balance naturally but need some kind of help. That’s how it becomes or is a disorder. That’s how I read it. Hope that makes sense.

          • Virgoflake, you always sound like the balanced voice of reason to me. I’m sure we could all be classified in one way or the other, but I have always thought… who cares? M & H have pushed the boundaries of ‘self’ to hideous extremes…surely our planet is telling us LOOK OUTWARDS see the environment you’re in – change it, urgently….we are apparently in the 5th period of human extinction – i.e. the planet has Got Rid a few times before! – all you need to listen to is David Attenborough, the truth speaker without parallel, for over 60 years. WE do not matter, we can contribute, but need to get out of our psycho heads and ego’s and take care of our beloved Earth – if we don’t……….and even if we do, it is becoming too late to get our priorities right. We must open our eyes.

          • Gaslighted,surely.We must come to 2025,to see.
            Hope H will cope with all this.He has thrown the blanket..Who made him do it????? Sad,really..
            2025 and further we will see.

      • Hello. According to Meghan, she is not able to access therapists. You hypothesized that she has therapists who warned her against Piers.
        Apparently, no therapeutic help was ever available to her. We are led to believe that her eminent prenatal docs didn’t offer or couldn’t discuss any help. I guess she was not able to telephone a therapist? Nor could her mother, Harry, friends, etc. Nobody was able to find a therapist for her, even though Harry had been in therapy and the RF founded Heads Together, a nonprofit org for mental health issues. I heard elsewhere that Prince Charles has a close friend who is an eminent therapist.
        How does this not strain credulity?
        And you are right about the father according to HG Tudor. He claims that both Meghan and her dad are narcs.

        • “Apparently, no therapeutic help was ever available to her. We are led to believe that her eminent prenatal docs didn’t offer or couldn’t discuss any help. I guess she was not able to telephone a therapist”

          Can you tell ,WHY???Very strange for me.No help what so ever…?

  8. Marina, I renounced my U.S. citizenship in 2008. So yes I have a pretty good idea about what I’m talking about. If Meghan Markle had stayed she would be put in the position of paying tax on her earnings to both countries. There is a certain amount of leeway that the U.S. government allows to be tax free, but as I haven’t kept up with it, I couldn’t tell you what it is now. I seem to remember it was the first $36,000 earned , and of course that was back in 2008.

  9. Marjorie, just read Lisa Stardust’s ( astrological interpretation of Meghan and Harry’s ‘first wedding’. Does that wedding or blessing or whatever count?

  10. Speaking purely astrologically, and this is an astrological site – not a personal opinion site – Meghan had Pluto sitting on her descendant, at the beginning of her 7th house of relationships – she was depressed and would probably have been depressed whatever was going on. On the day that the interview was made Mercury was conjunct Jupiter – she would have been inclined to say too much or more than she intended. This would apply to all people and may also to be happening here….

    • Interesting and thank you, Cassandra, but isn’t it up to Marjorie to decide what’s written on her site? I think it works well.
      Non astrological comments are often picked up by astrologists like you, and enhanced by astrological detail. Gaps are filled, current moods and arguments explored within an astrological framework. All good really?

      • Absolutely – certainly not criticising Marjorie. As far as I am concerned Majorie can write whatever she wants – as you say it is her site. It is also my opinion that Marjorie’s opinions are more than likely based on astrological transits and traits. This is a free-of-charge service and Marjorie will spend quite a lot of time and effort on her comments – this should be respected.
        Another point worth perhaps mentioning are the US Sibley chart and the UK chart – The people born in these countries are influenced not only by their personal chart set-up, but by the national chart for the respective country. The US chart has the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter – plus the Vertex and Part of Fortune in Cancer – the American people will tend to revel in emotion. The UK chart has the Sun in Capricorn, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo, The Sun and Venus in their respective signs will tend to give us the stiff upper lip and appear perhaps heartless at time or at least detached. Mars in Taurus indicates that it takes quite a lot for us to get angry, we tend to put up and shut-up, however when we do, as a nation, get angry other countries might notice – like Hitler in the 1930’s in Germany. Jupiter in Leo indicates that we like to shine and potentially take the lead.
        Briefly and put simply the people born in the US will never understand those born in the UK and this is reciprocal and probably applies even more to our Royal Family. By the way Princess Diana had the Sun in Cancer. She too will have been an emotive person. Haven’t looked at Fergie, but she has maintained relative silence.

        • Yes, Marjorie can write what she want, but she also has the power to remove comments she is not happy with on her site, Cassandra. She has openly stated she is okay with opinions, as long as it stays on topic of the subject in her posts. She has even allowed and publicly mentioned certain incendiary posts to remain from previous trump supporters to highlight something specific. Many opinion posts also often allude to question certain psychologies of any particular person (even our own) and sometimes she is able to pinpoint either individually or culturally certain astro aspects that might not have happened had the opinion comments not come up.

          • I did not criticise any of the comments on this page – as you say it is nothing to do with me. I was merely referring to the astrology involved. I do believe however that remarks or opinions should be respectful of the time and effort Marjorie invests in analysing global events and her conclusions.

        • Doesn’t the US chart also have the Moon in Aquarius though? I think I’m remembering that right off the top of my head…

          I think as a culture they are certainly more sentimental and perhaps that has filtered down over the generations from people who left their homelands, families and communities to live in the new world. That would fit the moon in aquarius I suppose, even if at first glance it doesn’t seem to fit.

          The UK chart has a Libran ascendant and fairness and balance are very important values in British culture, especially the working class, while the aristocracy and establishment is perhaps more reflected by the Capricorn Sun. This perhaps makes sense in the context of the Park Street riots and general treatment of Black GI’s in Britain during the second world war. Local people often defended the black GI’s, while the government condemned, but turned a blind eye to their treatment by the US army, keeping their distance.

    • Cassandra – I noted the following transits:

      – In 2018 she had Saturn in Capricorn (duty) squaring her Libra Moon-Jupiter-Saturn.
      – In 2019 she began her Pluto square pluto (which coincided with Pluto over descendant) so a double whammy. During my own PsqP I suffered a massive depression and felt like I was the walking dead. Mine was coming from the 8th house so maybe that magnified it.

      I’ve had Pluto over my descendant and I spent the whole time projecting my issues onto other people. Then when Pluto went into my 8th I began to work on myself and own my issues.

      MM has a tough couple of decades ahead which are going to get tougher with transiting Saturn and Neptune opposing all her Libra planets through 2026 and 2027.

  11. The atmosphere here is increasingly sounding just like the Daily Mail. Nearly as many articles on them as well.
    Beginning to think Marjorie that you too were rejected by Meghan…

    • Marina, That’s a cheap shot.
      I don’t believe for a moment she was ‘not allowed’ to seek therapy help. Diana saw Susie Orbach, Charles knew and consulted with Laurens Van Der Post for years, Prince Harry also went for counselling. Psychotherapist Julia Samuel is a godparent to Prince George, which would have knocked her out of consideration, but there is no shortage of discreet shrinks in London. Admittedly if she had sidled up to the Princess Royal and said she was down, she’d have been told to straighten her spine and grit her teeth – but we’ve all got relatives like that.
      Meghan has woven this Rapunzel fairytale (princess stuck alone in a tower by an evil sorcerer) round her time in the UK which facts don’t support. She was given a senior female aide to ease her in and her own choice for a fifteen person team of helpers. Not exactly sitting in a prison cell. Constant holidays abroad (despite having had her passport removed?) etc etc. Grievance over Archie’s lack of a princely title blamed on racism when a) it was absolutely in line with a century old protocol; and b) in line with a slimmed down Monarchy. And had zero to do with removal of security. There are holes all over her story. Some of her resentment may be true but it has been blown up to hurricane force proportions – and without context it’s impossible to gauge.

      • Oh come on Marjorie I was partly teasing you, but in all honesty you have to admit you have had a tsunami of articles on her and you’re not exactly being objective from an Astrology point of view, because its sounding increasingly personal.
        As to cheap shots, they are being taken left right and centre at her from 1000s of 1000s of people for years, and with surprising virulence from some of the commentators here. You’d think they knew her personally and she’d murdered their grandmothers.

        In the end its just the UK doing its usual curtain twitching tittle tattle, but that seemingly insignificant British pastime led to the death of her mother in law.
        I wept my heart out at Dianas death, not because I give a damn about the monarchy, but because —– we had become accessories to her death through our voyeurism and petty malice.

        • Wow Mariana, such strong words but they feel like they come from a place of strong personal opinion accurately quantifying with the facts, which you are entitled to of course. If I don’t know anything else, I do know that Diana did not just ‘….lay there dying in agony and the press kept shooting pictures …’ Where did you get that from to arm yourself with this allegation?

          Majorie has always said what she has said from an astrological context and then we chip in; with or without astrological know how. But that’s what makes this site interesting. It may be that she chips in too without astrology but that was just the conversation at the time. No one takes offence and I say if you or I do at any time we leave. Full stop. Life goes on.

          To add, It’s ok that US and UK are on different ends of the spectrum in their approach and perspective about this subject matter or any other. They are just both sides of the same coin. (Opposites and all that).

          1Love 🙂

          • Wow Mariana, such strong words but they feel like they come from a place of strong personal opinion without accurately quantifying with the facts, which you are entitled to of course. If I don’t know anything else, I do know that Diana did not just ‘….lay there dying in agony and the press kept shooting pictures …’ Where did you get that from to arm yourself with this allegation?

            Majorie has always said what she has said from an astrological context and then we chip in; with or without astrological know how. But that’s what makes this site interesting. It may be that she chips in too without astrology but that was just the conversation at the time. No one takes offence and I say if you or I do at any time we leave. Full stop. Life goes on.

            To add, It’s ok that US and UK are on different ends of the spectrum in their approach and perspective about this subject matter or any other. They are just both sides of the same coin. (Opposites and all that).

            1Love 🙂

        • I’ll take out your comment about Diana’s death since it is plain not true.
          Personal dislike – yeah I do dislike showizz spin and people who won’t take responsibility for their choices.
          And I assume people will go back to look at earlier posts to absorb what I’ve written about the astrology which colours my thinking. Meg/Har’s relationship chart has a composite Moon square Saturn Pluto – and that could not be more classic about a couple who are blaming outwards towards both families what is implicit in the dynamic of their own relationship. And I’m not too enamoured about the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Archie’s 10th conjunct his Midheaven which doesn’t suggest a warm, cuddly and unconditionally loving mother.

          • Talking of Archie’s 10th house Saturn Pluto conjunction. Both parents (Harry and Meghan) have dumped so much psychological baggage on him with this interview. It will always be there hovering over him – surely the issues could have been dealt with in a different way for the sake of Archie? The Oprah interview also throws up a lot of questions about the inconsistencies in Harry and Meghan’s ‘truth’ as they saw it. I thought Harry came across vengeful and resentful towards Charles and William. The issue that had some credence was that Palace could have done more to protect Meghan from the press/ social media – wasn’t there was a letter from female MPs about the press treatment of Meghan.

        • Marina, are you just looking for a fight? Marjorie allows a free view on here, because it is an open discussion – but yours is the truth…..hmm, this reminds me of someone similar a couple of years ago, not with an opinion, just a stirrer. Sounds familiar……

          • Just reading her previous comments on here and it’s crystal clear Marina was looking for a fight. The passive aggressive tone is deafening. All her statements do is just reveal how pissed off she is with everyone. Well done. Give yourself a round of applause. You achieved what you set out to do, Marina.

        • Marina the drunk driver didn’t help.

          Things are rarely 100% one thing or the other. I don’t know any of these people and it’s all just hearsay. I think there are issues with the media we need to address, I also think we need to look at the monarchy in the modern mass communication age and it’s ethics; they are now basically being born into becoming celebrity charity/government brand ambassadors which they might not be mentally equipped for. Just being born into anything raises some human rights issues.

          But it’s an interesting experiment to see if TV and twitter can “cancel” the royal family, we’ll see how this episode of the Crown pans out

      • I suspect there is a grain of truth in what Meghan says about not being able to get counselling … but read on …

        I expect she made some very specific demand about “I must see xyz person in California and no-one can come with me”.

        The palace responded with “Sorry that’s not possible but you can see this therapist in London, or go to Cali accompanied by these people” – or whatever. They gave her a list of alternatives and she refused to compromise.

        At least, that’s my experience with controlling people when they get anxious. They become procedural, demanding and specific and there’s no room for negotiation with them. Then they use your one refusal as a reason to blame you for everything. Even to the point of calling you the controlling one!!

        • Very good point Gnarly Dude!
          Also lots of inconsistencies in both their grievances. The latest is Harry saying he takes Archie on bike rides which Charles never did with him. Now photos of him with his Dad on bikes in Isles of Scilly, Balmoral and Sandringham. Selective memory?
          Marjorie interesting what the astrology says about them projecting onto their families the dynamic of their relationship. I remember you saying this last year from their relationship chart.

          • In fairness to Harry, I think we all have selective memories of our childhoods. Children tend to live in the moment, ask them “What did you do at school today?” and they can’t remember. Not because they’re being evasive but because they really don’t take in unless it’s a major event or exciting.

            Without having seen the context of that part of the interview, I’m not sure why Harry would be putting “riding on a bike with your dad” as the sole indicator of being a great parent. My dad never took me on bike rides, but he played cricket with me over the park, taught me to swim and lots of other stuff where he did his best. I wouldn’t have minded going on some of those ski holidays that Charles took Harry (and William) on though!

            I haven’t watched the interview but it seems to me that Harry is making Charles the new scapegoat for his life traumas. I wonder if, whether now he’s married with children, he’s beginning to realise mariage isn’t always a bed of roses and see some of the same difficulties that arose between Charles and Diana. Obviously he can’t blame Diana without breaking his romanticised memory of her, so Charles has to be blamed.

    • On reflection, she seems quite naive or maybe she’s just not that bright? But she seems clever!
      Leo is ruled by the Sun, of course she would love being the focus of (positive) attention and adulation.
      And Harry is “brave” – a Virgo trait!
      I thought they were convincing and garnered sympathy. No ‘normal’ person can tolerate the barrage of hate coming their way from the media and their readers – it’s unreasonable to expect them too sit back and tolerate it.
      Definitely they had to leave Britain. Poor Harry (I say).

  12. I believe the issue is that compared to the US, the UK looks at racism through a different lens because it never had slavery on its soil, while the US is still dealing with the endless aftermath through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the civil rights struggles and so on. It is similar to other European countries like the Netherlands with a similar colonial past.

      • This is a horribly complicated issue. There has never been any legislation in England that legalised slavery in the UK. In many other countries, such as Portugal and France, slavery was legal. In Britain, there is only “legal opinion” to go on, which is not the same as the law itself. By 1763, Lord Henley declared that all men (not sure about the women!) are free when they set foot on English soil. At the same time,some wealthy individuals involved in the slave trade brought men and women they had “bought” back from the West Indies to work for them in the UK. However, Britain’s black population had always included people who lived and worked independently – as far back as Tudor times in fact. Although you can trace the history of black people in Britain back to the Romans of course. Black history in the UK includes individuals who became well-known and successful too – there are virtuoso musicians, two early 20th century mayors, Queen Victoria’s god-daughter, and many, many others to discover.
        For personal reasons, I am extremely aware of racism here in the UK, and not seeking to excuse it at all.

  13. One of the ways that the monarchy can help itself is to be aware that tax and Finance issues can have a direct bearing on how people behave. Especially if that person is American. Uncle Sam has strict rules that mean its citizens are required to pay tax and social security contributions wherever you live in the world.

    Even if Meghan Markle had renounced her citizenship and had become British, she would have had to submit tax returns, bank statements and fill out forms that would have compromised HMTQ and the firm. This would last ten years but could go on much longer as long as you have U.S. based income. And guess what, she has that income.

    So saying that racism and being hounded by the tabloid press was the major reasons for moving back to California is not really true. They were always going to do that. The real question is did she ever pay tax to HMRC on her U.S. based income? And what sort of visa was she on, because one type would not allow her to get away without paying tax. Another one which those in the entertainment industry use allows the person concerned to live and work in the UK for seven years after which she would have to leave.

    If the courtiers and the government had put their heads together and tried to find a workable solution that Oprah interview might not have taken place. As it is any senior royal marrying an American is going to find him or herself in the same situation.

    In the years to come Archie and his sister will have to choose. This might cause problems because the monarch is the legal guardian of all royal children. This is a mess that needs resolving. I would welcome comments.
    So saying that racism and being

  14. Well I read the Queen is dealing with the issue privately with Prince Harry, so I think it will all die down after that. Over the next fifty years the Monarchy will change significantly, but those changes will happen with the death of the Queen and also the death of Prince Charles. By the time Prince George is King it will be a monarchy similar to the smaller European Houses.

    • Wow. The so-called Special Relationship has a lot of problems. As an African American who has lived in the UK for nearly 40 years it never ceases to amaze me how scrambled this relationship is. Last year when the major conjunction hit in January no one was talking about Wuhan. The press and even this site was like now, chock full of comment on Harry and Meghan. Mostly Meghan who is used to eclipse what seems to be very painful and cold relationship Harry has with the rest of his family. Truly, this stuff seems to press a lot of buttons here. I hope they will be OK but there does seem to be a huge group who want nothing less than failure and woe, if only for entertainment’s sake.

      • Your last line resonates with me. I love reading this site but I have been rather appalled at how some commenters seem to be rooting for the failure of everything Sussex. That just feels wicked and wrong, especially just for “entertainments sake”, and most especially when there is an innocent child (and another on the way) who will be caught up in the drama.
        I think we can all agree that astrologically, Meghan and Harry will not have an easy road. Marjorie’s expert analysis of their charts has shown that clearly. But difficult placements and transits in both personal and composite charts can sometimes bring out the best in people, as they struggle to deal constructively with these aspects.
        I wish and pray for only the best for the Sussex family. They will struggle and stumble, as we all do, but maybe, just maybe, they will come through their shared lives in an ultimately positive way.

  15. It takes approximately 247 years for Pluto to make a full cycle around the astrology wheel. I am sure we can all do the sums. Not quite a tea party but perhaps the echoes of a strained relationship between America and the British monarchy.

  16. Blessings all!
    African-American woman here and enjoying the dialogue. I too was a bit shaken by the interview. Know that I don’t have a dog in this fight…. know little of Meghan…. a fan of Harry but cursory knowledge…. respect the monarchy. I was extremely miffed by the response of so many. My take-away and that of many of my friends is regardless of feelings for any of the parties involved Meghan was calling out for help and not heard. Secondly, she and Harry seemed to care less about title or money but rather about protecting their children. This being the most salient point! As many have commented, racism is the US has a whole different dimension and recent tensions are giving rise to radicalization. Black women have taken to the streets for decades protesting not only for their rights but more so for the protection of their children, especially those of little black boys. Meghan may seem off putting to many … like I said I don’t know much of her. But I do know the fear of every black mother is very real and extremely considerable. Hearing about racism is tiring but may I share… it is EXHAUSTING and with everything ramped up now and not feeling safe takes a toll on health, standard of living, relationships and the likes. YES, I wish they could have resolved this matter differently. The TV platform not the most desirable. But I hope we can all learn and have meaningful dialogue regarding these matters. ~Peace

  17. I watched the interview, found it to be quite bland. Two people simply telling their truth. What’s the problem?
    Looking at English attitudes, it seems to me that ‘humbleness’ is a pre-requisite for acceptance there, and Megan is not, so the media attempted to “whip her into shape”. She had to leave. I don’t think she plotted to remove Harry from his family. The ‘racist’ card is overplayed.

  18. Maybe read the Guardian today – it looks like a missed opportunity – to heal on a broader level –
    Here is one quote

    “The Labour MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy said: “There should be a public condemnation of racism. They did it with bullying, why not do it with racism? The Sussexes went to great lengths to make the point that the Queen was not the issue. There needs to be a response from the institution.

    “The monarchy is a public institution that receives public money, and any criticism of the institution should really be met with a forceful response from the institution about what they are going to do. We expect it of any institution, why not the monarchy? Why not the palace?” she said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

    Tyrek Morris, a co-founder of the student protest group All Black Lives, said: “It could have been a perfect opportunity to clearly condemn racism. We’ve had a whole summer of protests that have highlighted racism within establishments. So I am quite disappointed. But then I didn’t expect anything more.”

  19. Stuck in racism,forget it.
    What strikes me..A pregnant woman especially royal ladies must have a contact with a gynecologist or midwife.indeed she could have had all help needed.Didnt she got any help,control what so ever during pregnancy???
    Doubt it,really…Depression, suicidal…She could have been helped by a midwife….easily…..
    I’ll stop now.

    • Every pregnant woman in the UK, from those on the dole to royalty have a right to a midwife, a gp and a gynaecologist via the nhs that all workers in the UK tax payers pay for. It’s starts at every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks to every in the pregnancy. Theses services are trained in mental health issues so they provide the best service for mum and baby ? Are you telling me that it’s a Micky mouse service that our professionals get trained in ? and she didn’t or couldn’t have the best this country could offer ? This woman is supposedly an intelligent person who chose to whinge and whine or feel sorry for herself rather than seek out the best help for herself and her unborn baby….. I’m being kind as she sounds like she was a danger to herself and her unborn child by not seeking out the professional help she so desperately needed and needs.

      • I sincerely hope you arent a practising astrologer. We have a similar code to gps, do no harm and all that.
        No fan of any of them, but even only watching clips, it was made crystal clear she sought help and was refused.
        and dont tell me she could go off on her own, because you know very well she could not.

  20. Thank you Marjorie for another interesting post. Re: your comment “Wonder what is causing the mood of vengeance of the moment? – viz also Salmond v Sturgeon” could this be related to the Saturn/Uranus square: the myth of Saturn taking revenge on Uranus. Gaia appealed for revenge against Uranus and Saturn acted by castrating him. If that is correct?

    • I agree, Xhane, that this mood of vengeance is connected to the Saturn/Uranus square – and probably has elements of Neptune in ‘victim/saviour’ Pisces as well. During the Saturnian lockdowns, curfews, and travel restrictions globally we have all had time to mull things over. Many have reported vivid dreams, sleeping a lot or sleeping very little. Resentments and memories of past wrongs have surfaced and refused to leave. Uranus in Taurus is maybe bringing up a revolution in what we value, what makes us feel secure. Since we don’t know what the future holds, and do not have the comfort of annual ritual events, such as holidays or family gatherings, we tend to look back. Saturn rules history or the past too, as well as being associated with fear and limitation.

      On a personal note, I was really surprised to dream of a horrible teacher I had when I was only seven years old! I don’t think I’d thought of her in years. Several friends of mine have had similarly bewildering dreams about negative events from the past, during both lengthy lockdowns. I guess some people’s hurtful experiences are more recent, and they have decided – rightly or wrongly – to take action.

  21. Sorry, Marjorie.Had to post the link from Jessica Adams but impossible.

    “Some of my Harry, Meghan and Oprah psychic astrology predictions from as far back as 2017 are coming to pass. Read on to find out why the real story in 2021 is about Meghan’s investments, promoted by Oprah Winfrey.”


    • Just check it out and doesn’t that leave a sour taste in your mouth, that the interview with Oprah was about promoting Meghan’s investments in Clevr and nobody has picked up on it? So, not just an honest talk about her feelings but a sneaky way to promote her own business? Okay, manipulative, check. Yes, I know that is how a lot of celebrity brands operate. But wasn’t this interview supposed to be SOLELY FOCUSED on having an honest discourse? I take it her brand was not even mentioned once then?

  22. I guess I saw a different Oprah interview that others here. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t recall Harry or Meghan saying one nasty thing about the Queen or Prince Phillip – in fact, they both emphasized that their relationship with Harry’s grandparents was solid, and Meghan spoke warmly about how wonderful the Queen was to her. It seems rather that the problem lies with a troubled relationship (especially for Harry) with his brother and father, and I think the issue about what skin color Archie may have come from one of them.
    I liked the interview, I thought it was very human and real and I like Harry and Meghan very much. I am glad they’ve chose to live in my beloved home state of California. However, I don’t think they should do another interview like this one. One time is enough to get your side of the story out. After this they should speak only about their current and future ideas, plans, activities, etc. Time to move on….
    And by the way, just because I am of fan of the Sussexes doesn’t mean I hate the royal family or the British. As Meghan said (in regards to Kate Middleton), “if you love me, you don’t have to hate her, and if you love her, that doesn’t mean you have to hate me”. The British royals are not monsters, they are human beings trying to do their best and sometimes stumbling like all the rest of us do.

  23. @Cassie and Belle, I’ve also been feeling really depressed over the last couple of days. I thought it was just me, so glad you said so. I agree with both of you about the monarchy, i.e because of the history it represents and also how these two have dragged us Brits into the mud. While I’m sure there are points to answer, this was not the way to bring it into public debate. I really do feel for the Queen because she and the rest of the family simply do not deserve this onslaught. What makes me saddest of all though is how Meghan completely missed the most amazing opportunity to do some real good in the world. I don’t and never have wished Harry and his wife any ill, but hope they get on with their lives and stop this seemingly endless soap opera soon.

    • Stopping the soap opera means stopping the money flow 😉

      Meghan was a not a very popular or successful actress. Harry does not have any experience outside the royal duties. So, the pair have not much to offer. They have to use their royal background to make money.
      So expect more of such drama to continue.

  24. I think one of the issues is that since the UK never actually had slavery on their soil because it was all happening far away in the colonies, racism is viewed through a different lens than in the US with its the post slavery aftermath of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, civil rights struggles and on and on. It’s the same for other countries in Europe like for example the Netherlands with it’s colonial history.

    • If you read about how badly the Penal Colony in Australia was, you will become to realise that everyone in the 18/19th Century was treated the same. English prisoners were shackled the same as Slaves, their clasps around their necks and ankles. If you stole a piece iof bread in the late 1780’s you could be put on Penal Ships and shipped off to Australia. The ships were the same as the ones used in the worldwide slave trade. The prisoners spent months, shackled – living in the same clothes and their excrement. With excrement coming up over their feet. Pregnant women were made to give birth shacked. The6 had little food as the provisions ran out. Many died on board, or when the got to Australia. When then arrived they were put to work and whipped if they did not work or stole food. These were all white people. It is written that Black slaves were treated better than these poor white prisoners, as slaves had to arrive in good health and no health matters. Brazil had the most slaves. Not America. There no slaves in Britain. The were bought to work on the Plantation, house fed and had families. Slavery has been around since time began. Returning to the prisoners, some were kept in four feet deep walled bunkers on Norfolk Island, so no one could here their screams by a sadistic jailer. The myth that only black people suffered is a myth. Slavery was used in many forms. In Britain those who stole little things were either shipped out or chained to work building the docks in London, they slept four to a pallet which was only seven feet by six feet. Cruelty was not racially led.

      • Not sure of your point but no one has ever said only negroes were slaves. There is a context to the conversation about what Africans went through to become slaves and for how many generations as well as slave breeding farms created to harvest babies to be reared and sold to be slaves. I could go on.

        • I wrote it, because the narrative in the African and Caribbean communities it that the Western European’s were only treating the African slaves badly. Is is not the case. Which is very much tied in with the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has a 4th House Pluto, she is looking for a way to destroy what she could never be -Queen and she is exploiting racial tension for her on gains. Cruelty slavery and race, is always tied up European Colonialism. This Queens’s background is German, they came to Britain in 18 century, Parliament didn’t want a Scottish King to take the throne, so the imported another strand of the Royal Family. This was way after Slavery had begun in Britain. But that does not matter. It should Meghan has Sun/Leo in the first house. She will not let go until she has won. African slaves were used by the Arabs initially, Europe, for want of a better description, cashed in on a very old slave trade. Perhaps that question which should asked: why African Tribal Chiefs sold their own people for well of 700 years. There is no substantial written evidence in Africa about Slavery and that is why anything and everything can be made up. If we don’t sort this brewing racial war from getting out of hand, it will destroy our communities. Especially America. The American chart is showing this schism right now. Meghan has started something much bigger, than just her own personal vendetta. Europe have owned their Colonial past. American must own their racial divide, as it went on for another 150 years after the Britain stopped their Slave Trade. The Queen at 95 next month is being used as Meghan’s show was scripted and those media headlines, shown in her show were faked – fact.

          • No my dear, the narrative of the African/Caribbean communities is about their plight and we can only speak for ourselves. We don’t try to speak for other races or communities. We know the pain and the history of the pain within. And maybe it is so that African’s have been used and still used by many other races and creeds whether willingly or not, but it does not negate from the real matter.

            Negroid people were a people of verbal and expressive communication, but also within history take in the account of the great libraries of Egypt being burned to the ground upon invasion and such…. etc etc. Nell don’t make me have to educate you – enough is out there, educate yourself before you talk on a subject you only quarter know about seasoned with your assumptions.

            I am only trying to distinguish context between your comment about thieves or whomever going through the plight to cross the great ocean just because in comparison to the African Slave Trade. Are you serious?????

            Peace out. 1Love

          • I guess it all goes back to the astrology.

            Pluto is doing it’s work, not just on the American chart, but the British and also many other countries, isn’t that why the world looks like it’s in turmoil. The elephant in the room coming home to roost? So is it using this time to clue everyone up, Negroes and Caucasians?

            It will break down/destroy/transform. Of course there will be resistance from every court of opinion but that’s the process. The conversation is now out there and everyone can take part, good and bad. We can’t deal with it until we can see it in all its glory, and admit our responsibility in contributing to where we are now – whatever that looks like to individuals, communities, countries. Etc, etc…

      • Nel, I can’t agree with your comments on slavery. No one negates the cruelty of the treatment of Australian prisoners but some were able to succeed and create new lives once their sentence was over- not an option granted to African slaves. Arguments that slaves were housed and fed ignore that in reality it was slave labor that in fed and housed the owners. Historians estimate that about 12.5% of slaves died at sea and perhaps as many as 30% died in the first year. Stories of starving slaves begging for food and sexual exploitation of women were widespread in contemporary reports. While British laws are slavery were contradictory and slavery was never widespread, British ships were very active in the slave trade, only Portugal traded more slaves. A lot of British wealth was generated in slave trading and from colonial slave labor.

    • Postscript. There has never been segregation in Britain. During WW2 American soldiers in Britain expected the Brits to allow segregation with the black American soldier, we did not, the Blavk soldiers were treated the same as everyone else. There were I million white people caught travelling to the New world by pirates and sold into slavery during the time of Worldwide slavery practice. Families ripped apart, women raped. The U.K. is nothing like America. In the 1780’s American War of Independence the British lost and we left the America’s , slavery still continued in America. America must own its own Slavery History and racial problems for the last 240 – we are not to blame. The History of Slavery is actually worldwide. Practically every country in the world was involved.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing, Anita. The US analysis and rhetoric of racism dominates the discussion, yet the US experience is different and much more recent, in that people’s great grandparents were slaves.
      They also practised absolute segregation like apartheid in South Africa, which the Civil Rights movement fought against in the 1960’s.
      We, in Europe, were colonisers and colonised, which no less importantly involves a different set of issues to be addressed and resolved.
      As someone recently said, we’re here, because you were there.

  25. I think the comment ‘I just wait and wait for as long as it takes for my enemy to undo themselves’ may well be the game plan here. If Megan is as bad as her enemies claim then over time more and more will come out. She seems to be able to provoke some powerful adversaries and the UK press won’t cut her any slack, so if people want to bring attention to any negative experiences with her then they will find they get access to the media. She will have to spend the rest of her life being on her best behaviour ( which hopefully is her ‘authentic’ self) and making sure she doesn’t throw hot drinks at her staff, if that is how she really behaves, or at the very least have some watertight NDA’s. Meanwhile ‘the firm’ can keep itself distanced from the unseemly act of discrediting her. Revenge is best served cold.

    • “He that would take revenge better dig two graves” . . .
      “Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others– it only changes yours.” Shannon Alder.

      Wonder what is causing the mood of vengeance of the moment? – viz also Salmond v Sturgeon.

    • Wouldn’t you just love to be the big boss of a huge string of global news outlets, for tv and magazines? If I did, I would try and infliuence other news outlets (in an above-board manner, of course!) to have a complete news black out on these two for one whole year, possibly two. I’d be interested in seeing how long their need for privacy would last. I bet a reality tv show would come out of it before the first year ended, to give their side of the story, while showing us all, how to live a quiet and private life away from the world. Every weekend for the next twenty years. And I’m no Royalist either. I couldn’t give a toss whether they stood or fell into obscurity, so I’m not favouring their side. But i’d just love this little experiment to take place to find out what they are genuinely and truthfully made of. If they are genuinely wanting to get away from a public life, it wouldn’t bother them, would it?

  26. Thanks Marjorie. I find that reassuring as I have found the last few days deeply depressing. I have always been a Monarchist, not because I have an unreasonable or starstruck admiration for the individuals who embody the role, but because I love the golden thread of history which the monarchy represents. History is always more memorable when it’s about people and kingship seems to me to answer a construct of society which is instinctive in many humans. I know others disagree and think such an idea is foolish, but that’s how I feel. And monarchy apart, I hate to see anyone dishonouring their family in such a heartless, cruel and public way. I agree with you that the monarchy has seen far worse times than this and it will take more than a spiteful and childish couple to bring it down.

    • I also feel strangely depressed about this interview & aftermath. I’m British & moved to the US when I was 27. I’ve been deeply upset about British people, our country & our institutions being raked through the mud in the US. I’ve had Americans calling & texting me telling me how disgusting & racist British people are. Also seeing the British castigated in the media.

      Hopefully it will all die down shortly. Undoubtedly H&M have been through a difficult time, but why try and burn down the house, the country and everybody British on the way out. Now insignificant nobodies like me are being targeted for hatred.

      • If people are ringing you up and wasting precious time to belittle you and call into question racism that you must be held accountable for due to your nationality (which is a GLOBAL problem, might I add, and even more eye-watering in the US), I’d just tell them to clean the dog crap up in their own back yard before pointing it out in yours! EEuurrghh! I can’t bear unconscious people so deeply unaware of their own shadows that they feel the compulsion to pin their own problems onto you.

        You might also want to point out how easily they are being manipulated by their beliefs in the media. Life is precious but they are too busy having their strings pulled while being told what to think by the news outlets! Did they show even half the outrage when police officers took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Philando Castille Tamir Rice, etc? Or are they just using the Meg-Haz event as an opportunity to exercise their Royalist self-importance to be relevant? You could volunteer for a black organization needing help and then ask them to join you? Let’s see how many step up to the plate to help out.

        Sorry by my triggered response, Belle. It’s no offence to you. I just wish people, and the media specifically, focused on our similarities to bring us together than pointing out and deliberately expand the divide. The more this is done, one side is ALWAYS going to take the superior stance while demean what they believe is inferior. Rage against it yes, but then try to come together to find a solution to build bridges.

      • I felt really tired on reading about the interview and its aftermath, but now I think things are probably as they should be.
        People, including insiders like Prince Charles, have been saying for years that there should be reform, but were waiting, in deference to the Queen.
        Well, now is the time.
        M&H have forced the issue. They’re not all wrong.
        It’s time to sort out what we expect from them all.
        Prince Andrew with his ridiculous ‘princesses of the blood’ stuff, where Kate had to curtsey to them if she was alone, but not if William was there, is now off the scene.
        He will be pushed further aside, suffering more losses once the uS court case starts.
        It’s time to sort out how George. Charlotte and Louis can live fulfilling lives without all this personal sacrifice.
        Harry had two perfectly nice girl friends who wouldn’t marry him because of the lives they’d be expected to lead if they did. This is ridiculous and unfair.
        There are more prosaic, important, less personal matters to sort out, as well as getting rid of unnecessary archaic customs which don’t serve anybody.
        He and Meghan have had their say. I’m sure she, at least, won’t be quiet for long, but it doesn’t matter. It’s over, bar the shouting.
        While the Queen is with us, the debate over what happens next and how, can be decided with relative civility.
        It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary.
        Perhaps, this horrible mess will turn out for the best.
        Like you, Belle, I’m deeply saddened at the UK being labelled a nasty racist place. It’s not true, even though like everywhere there is racism, but now we can look at it again to see how to make things better.
        And I agree, Cassie. I like having a monarchy. It’s not where anyone would start if designing a constitution now, but it’s part of our history and culture.
        We don’t have national days, but we have weddings and funerals, street parties, coronations and pageantry. Long may we continue to enjoy them.

      • Remind the people of the USA who are doing this to you and consider themselves as a great bastion of freedom, that the USA fought WWII with racially segregated troops. When they arrived in Britain they tried to force the ordinary British people to comply with their colour bar, they refused and stood against it.

        Also remind these same people who are denigrating the British that in the 20th Century the USA only fought one war without British involvement, it was called Vietnam and they lost.

      • “I’ve been deeply upset about British people, our country & our institutions being raked through the mud in the US. I’ve had Americans calling & texting me telling me how disgusting & racist British people are.’
        well isnt that the biggest hypocrisy?
        I hope you point out to them that they are projecting their own racial crimes, and that they should not throw stones in glass houses.
        Apart from that, they are correct 😉 and just as bad, we are cap doffers to heirarchies that have been ripping us off for generation after generation.

        • Astrology in my opinion, was never really intended for prediction – at best astrologers can take a look at potentials and history to form an opinion. Astrology is quite good at identifying personality traits – but not perfect. Astrology – again in my opinion – and the astrological transits present an opportunity to learn and grow. I stated earlier that Meghan would potentially been depressed at the time of her marriage and pregnancy because Pluto was transitting her 7th House. This aspect also presents another opportunity, which is to understand how we relate. Pluto is the planet of transformation, on a global and individual level. Pluto transiting our 7th house and Capricorn represents an opportunity to become conscious and change the way we relate generally, otherwise we will be depressed. Every difficult situation in life is an opportunity to recognise something about ourselves and potentially change it, or the situation. on a global level the same applies. Pluto transiting Capricorn historically has changed how we are governed and had an impact on large corporations, royalty, religion to mention just a few.

  27. It’s hard not to feel for the venerable lady and the effect it must be having on her well-being. Just out of curiosity last night, I looked up the Queen’s transits for the year 1992 – her ‘annus horribilis’. She spoke about this during a Guildhall speech to mark the 40th anniversary of her accession. The transits for her during that year were horrendous; transit Pluto in Scorpio was just about a degree away from her MC/Saturn conjunction which is also the focal point of her T-Square, the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of that year was hovering above her ascendant in Capricorn, moving to conjunct her South node and opposing the Pluto/North Node midpoint. Saturn was also in Aquarius as it is now, (and it feels almost fated that this current crisis is occurring one Saturn cycle later) opposing her Moon in Leo.

    So all in all some pretty devastating astrology – and yet she survived. Each time her Fixed T-Square has been effected by a long term transit it has taken a battering which would daunt anyone. William has inherited his grandmother’s Scorpio MC, and Prince George, her Saturn in Scorpio.

    There’s a lot to be said for the fixed signs. They have endurance like no other quality. As for Scorpio, as my sister (a double Scorpio) said once – “I don’t need to take revenge….I just wait and wait for as long as it takes for my enemy to undo themselves”.

    • VF – I got ripped off badly by someone many years ago. I was initially angry and went to the police to launch a petty criminal case against them as my only line of retribution. It quickly became obvious that to do so would be time-consuming and cause me to lose even more money through loss of earnings, so I dropped the case and got on with living my life.

      Similar to your sister, I took the opinion that given this person was continuously mucking people about, eventually he’d annoy the wrong person and they’d proverbially break his legs on my behalf. Barely thought about it again after that decision was made other.

      Since then I made a point of never investing my time or energy into the lives of people who have ‘betrayed’ me. It’s too precious to waste on them. You know what they say “hate is like swallowing poison and hoping your enemy drops dead”.

    • A lot of the Royal Families problems lie in its relationship with the media and their insatiable appetite for Royal celebrity stories regardless of how they originate or whether they are true or not. The fact the press and TV were going to play a prominent part in the Queens reign is written into the 2nd June 1953 Coronation chart. It was the first mass televised event in the U.K. and many British families purchased their first television sets to watch it. The chart has a stellium of Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in the press sign Gemini. The latter two planets are exactly conjunct and are trine a Neptune/ Saturn conjunction in Libra which were in the 3rd House of Communications at 11.00 am when the Queen entered Westminster Abbey on her Coronation day. The Mars/Mercury combination very much symbolises the part the “Red Top” tabloids were going to play in her reign.

      • Interesting, Hugh. It escaped me that the coronation was the first televised mass event and what apt astrology with all that air. (Speaking of Red Tops, it’s probably no accident that Mars entered Gemini just as this latest crisis blew up.) The Queen herself has a Saturn/Neptune square which I’ve always felt is an expression of the sacrifice and duty required for the role. Many people in their mid 90s have the same Mars/Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune fixed T-square as the Queen, the square formed just as the General Strike and the introduction of martial law occurred that year. Saturn/Neptune may be connected with TV, because also that year, Logie Baird demonstrated his early ‘televisor’ to the Royal Institution.

        GnarlyDude, I’m very much of the ‘dig two graves’ approach when it comes to getting back at people. It takes far too much energy for one thing and I’m a languid Libran.

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