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  1. Hi Marjorie – I was wondering what you thought about Dominic Cummings, on the news today just wiping the floor with the Department of Health, to say the least. Last winter you wrote that DC “is heading for real disaster come mid-March into April 2021, repeating in September and the New Year into 2022.” Is this the moment where he scuppers the sinking ship, and goes down with it?

  2. thanks as always for your wonderful writings Marjorie

    I wondered if you could have a look at the UK’s future sometime and I am worried about the increasing authoritarian govt, how far will we go down path towards fascism? This worries me greatly. In your previous charts you have looked at the economic state of the UK, brexit and Boris’s govt and the police, but I wonder if there is a danger of this ahead and if we hopefully might shift in a less dangerous direction ahead.

  3. There is a yt astrologer forecasting the libra full moon will bring vp Harris to power bc something happens to President Biden. Can you look into this? Interested to see what you can validate/invalidate

  4. It’s ridiculous that the EU believes that the astroxeneca vaccine is unsafe. It’s actually the safest one. I don’t understand such irresponsible behaviour.

  5. Hi Marjorie. Journalist Julie Burchill has issued an apology to fellow journalist Ash Sarkar and agreed to pay substantial damages after a two week campaign of hate and abuse against Sarkar, damaging the victim’s mental health. From the BBC –
    ‘In her apology, The Telegraph columnist said: “I should not have sent these tweets, some of which included racist and misogynist comments regarding Ms Sarkar’s appearance and her sex life.”’ This isn’t the first time Burchill has viciously attacked the sexuality and physical appearance of other women.

    What, astrologically makes Burchill, who began her career as a rather predictable contrarian, into the the actively malevolent creature she is today?

    • I didn’t realize that The Guardian had already run a piece on this on 3 March with almost the same wording as my summary of the Bloomburg item. I am concerned that this may trigger another financial crisis. Today it was reported that some 50 German local authorities had stalled millions with Greensill in an attempt to avoid the negative interest imposed by the ECB. Money that they have now all lost as it is not covered by the guarantee scheme. The UK steel industry too will be affected. And all the while the lawsuits and losses are rolling in. The only date I have been able to find is 07-02-2012 for the founding of Greensill Capital UK.

  6. Marjorie, as a follow-up to your thoughtful recent post on “Astrological predictions – a few musings”, can I request you to do a follow-up post on astrological tools?

    In particular, I would like to learn more about when to use transits, when to use solar arc progressions and when to use progressed moon, how do they work with each other, what mistakes to avoid, etc.

    I appreciate that it may be a niche and specific post, but it would help me (and I am sure others on this site as well) in understanding both how you approach a chart and broader astrology in general.

    • Great suggestion! Definitely would look forward to that, and throw in Harmonics too. Don’t understand how to recognize them in the chart.

    • I second this as a great suggestion. I’m not at all familiar with using Solar Arc astrology (so far using transits and progressions). Perhaps some recommended reading – thanks

  7. Marvelous Marvin Hagler? Since he passed yesterday.
    Was born May 23 1954 at 5.17a.m., in Newark, New Jersey, 1 of the best of Middleweight Champions
    (maybe 2nd after Sugar Ray Robinson). Was robbed (in the opinions of most Pundits)
    against Sugar Ray Leonard in their Super Fight on April 6 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Thank you if you comment re him Marjorie.

  8. Greetings.
    Matthew McConaughey is said to be considering a run for Governor of Texas. How’s he looking going forward Marjorie?

  9. Marjorie,
    Reading up on your past Articles and wow what you have written about the Outer Planets later this Decade!
    2026 onwards looks astounding to me with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto all in Fire or Air Signs.
    Thank you!

  10. How about a look at Bitcoin, I see an article from 2017 and there seem to be a few ‘genesis’ dates on Wiki. Domain reg on 18/08/08, 03/01/09 for the first network which seems the better one. Both of which show the moon fairly close to Uranus in Pisces. Uranus opp Sat in that latter one too and an Aquarius stellium which could be reflected in the current transits and the activity with crypto.

  11. Could you take a look at Kelsey Grammer? There are reports that they are planning a reboot of the Frasier show in which he will again play Dr Frasier Crane, a part he played for 20 years. It’s also amazing that he has been able to survive so many tragic events in his life.

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