Mike Johnson – disappointment looming ++ not a USA favourite

Mike Johnson has been voted in as Speaker which represents a victory for the ideologically right-wing, Trump-aligned faction of the Republican Party and a loss for its moderates. Adam Schiff described him as “one of the very determined ideologues”.  He was a key figure in efforts to legally contest the results of the 2020 presidential election, urging Mr Trump to “keep fighting” and “exhaust every available legal remedy”.

  Born 30 January 1972, Shreveport, Louisiana, no birth time he was a former lawyer and talk radio host.

 He is a Sun Aquarius conjunct North Node trine Pluto and Uranus in Libra with a Leo Moon. His Uranus is in an excitable, uncompromising opposition to Mars in Aries which in turn is in an adventurous trine to Jupiter in late Sagittarius. His Saturn in last degree Taurus opposes Neptune – both stubborn and neurotic. A Fire Air chart – hot air, excitable.

  He’ll have a few lucky breaks ahead but also hopes dashed as tr Neptune squares his Jupiter through 2024 and a fairly discouraging slog in the run up to the election. Much worse in 2025 – not a cheerful soul.

  His relationship chart with Joe Biden is not surprisingly at daggers drawn from the outset, labouring through this year and worse in 2024.

 What is intriguing is his relationship chart with Trump – it has a superficially sugary composite Jupiter opposition Venus so sweetness and light on the surface.  Running alongside there is underlying resentment in this case from a composite Mars Saturn conjunction. All of DT’s relationships, even with supposed allies have these aggravated crossovers. Not surprising given his temperament but odd they should support him. Johnson’s Saturn squares DT’s Mars in Leo so it won’t all be plain sailing.

  There will be consternation between Johnson and Trump as tr Neptune squares the composite Mars late this November through December 2023 and running on through till late March 2024 as tr Neptune squares the Mars/Saturn midpoint and then the Saturn. It would be too much to hope that Johnson loses his idol to the maws of justice. But there us a decidedly undermining situation ongoing.

 Johnson’s relationship chart with Matt Gaetz, instigator of the Speaker switch, is equally moving into disappointed territory from late this December, on and off through till early 2025 as tr Neptune is conjunct the composite Venus Sun.

   An intrigue starting to unravel.

Add On: Johnson’s relationship chart with the USA is not encouraging with an evasive, uncommitted, prone-to-disappointment composite Sun opposition Neptune which is under pressure this November to late December; with irritation mounting late April/early May 2024 as tr Uranus is conjunct the composite Mars.

  Equally his relationship chart with the Republican 1853 chart is hugely unsettled this year and next with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus; undermined late this November through December as tr Neptune squares the composite Jupiter taking the shine off; and trudging through discouragement in 2024.

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  1. I’ve heard/tell over the years that folks with grand trines tend to take the easy path in life. Downplaying the difficulties that others encounter, side-stepping personal growth opportunities.

  2. Apparently, there are some questions on supposed adoption of a 14-year-old Black kid Johnson said he and his wife took in as newlyweds when he was first running to Congress. Timeline doesn’t seem to add up, as suggested timeline would mean this took place before Johnson’s marriage. This could be totally innocent, but embellished by Johnson because he knows how this would look after all the GOP scandals. But could also mean he is compromised.

  3. from wiki:
    In September 2016, Johnson summarized his legal career as “defending religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and biblical values, including the defense of traditional marriage, and other ideals like these when they’ve been under assault”.[16]
    loww IQ:he believes in Noah’s ark and adam and eve(not steve)

  4. Yay! I came here hoping Marjorie had done this fool’s chart. What a up with all of the Aquarius zealots from Sarah Palin to ACB to this guy?

    I definitely see his overconfidence and his ignorance. This guys thinks god chose him. It’s unimaginable that he is even in the House let alone leading it after he tried to invalidate the votes from 4 states based on lies. He’s an absolute clown who thinks he’s the bees knees.

  5. Thank you Marjorie, Johnson also has a Grand Trine with Saturn-Mercury-Pluto which can underscore his persuasive communication skills blending social conservative determination with grace and charm.

    • … in those signs and houses, it could also suggest an ideologue who thinks major disruptive change is amusing and attractive, finds it easy to peddle his own philosophy as a realistic prospect and is first and foremost a social climber. the trine = these assumptions in him, air and earth expressed through fire houses, have never been properly challenged or checked.

      Roll on Pluto transits. this kind of person should never be allowed near political power.

      • Agreed never! But they were always going to elect a very extreme right-wing ideoloog in order to get to the magic number. That said, I much appreciate Marjorie’s enlightening post including “He’ll have a few lucky breaks ahead but also hopes dashed as tr Neptune squares his Jupiter through 2024 and a fairly discouraging slog in the run up to the election. Much worse in 2025 – not a cheerful soul”
        My interpretation is that it will all backfire on them

    • That’s interesting. I don’t see him as possessing grace and charm, but he is new at being interviewed. Perhaps he will get better.

      Still, he’s been booed roundly in the past for some of his more bigoted and racist speeches and remarks and his suggestions that women should be forced to breed so there’s a work force to pay for social security weren’t exactly a hit.

      I suspect some of that interpretation depends on if he’s coming for your rights or not. But also, if I had to place a bet, I’d agree with Lisa V, who made the case that he’s an idéologue whose ideas haven’t been checked yet. He hasn’t been vetted yet, even senate members off his own party didn’t know who he was last night.

  6. Solaia: Interesting what you say about Leo confidence, especially as it relates to Mike Johnson. It’s been my longstanding theory that confidence is often misinterpreted as intelligence. I’ve known many people who are incredibly confident, dynamic public speakers, effortlessly skilled in all manner of social situations……only to find out that they’re not particularly bright. Yet they’re perceived by most as brilliant–solely because of their immense confidence.

    • @Julie, yes, that’s it exactly. Although I must say there are Leo affected leaders who are actually good at what they do. Speaking about aspects to Leo Moon, Sun squares actually tend to “temper” it down. I have examples of Taurus Sun/Leo Moon and Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon people where the square works surprisingly well. Scorpio Sun people have their spider senses nand Taurus Suns are grounded. It’s the Full Moon opposition that really would require parental guidance in the early years, even when the child is talented.

      Great example would be Cristiano Ronaldo: Effectively he is one of the football GOATs, but he causes multiple issues where ever he plays on leadership level. He comes from a very dysfunctional background, an alcoholic father who effectively killed himself with alcohol, and doting mother and sister who never saw anything wrong with CR’s behaviour.

  7. I’m at work and can’t run them right now but if someone could do the synastry and composite charts for Johnson and the US. itself, I think this is the bigger convo we need to have in light of the nation’s Pluto Return. Mucj obliged.

    • I just pulled Johnson’s synastry and composite w US Sibley. Initial impressions: Johnsons PI Venus opposes US VI Neptune. Sakoian & Acker notes instability and deception. Oddly, there is an opposition of their NN/SN axis. There is also an opposition between their Mercury placements. At 28° CP, Johnson’s Mercury is about to receive Pluto conjunct. The composite may spell out what we’ll see in real time: it’s laden with oppositions and squares from a heavy Aries/Taurus position. Transiting Uranus is about to conjunct the composite TA Mars. High degree of tension, unexpected events, severance of memberships. Composite TA Venus squares Composite LE Uranus. Composite Mercury opposes Composite LI Neptune, also at 28°, so it’ll catch the same Pluto transiting point his personal Mercury does. He may double-down on the far-right’s wishlist when the debt ceiling deadline comes due, or he’ll face his party’s wrath for deceiving them and face losing Speakership. Either way, he’s not long for the seat, IMHO. I have never seen so many oppositions and squares in a composite.

  8. Mike Johnson is born two day after Amy Conet Barrett, so the zealot signature is definitely there. The biggest difference between the charts is the Moon, and here, I think ACB does have an edge for career longevity. Obviously, she is appointed for life. Even with SCOTUS shakeups I feel are coming the moment Democrats hold Presidency and both houses – and it could well be 2025 – she is a woman in her 50’s without major scandal, and likely one of the two Justices that could carry on in their role well into 2040’s. But less obviously, her Cancer Moon works well for women in leadership roles.

    Leo Full Moon Mike Johnson has, on the other hand, can become messy. Natives tend to bend the Leo confidence to overconfidence. I’ve seen a couple of Leo Full Moons that have been elevated to leadership positions they effectively do not have qualifications for due to projected confidence. And I’ve also been there to witness how absolutely irrational they can become when challenged in areas they don’t have insight on.

    So, it’s not difficult to see where Johnson might fall before November 2024, at all.

  9. Will his refusal to certify the 2020 election come back to legally bite him. Is there incriminating evidence of him conspiring with Trump. As always, the higher you go, the better target you make.

  10. Trump’s purpose being fulfilled more and more every day. His takeover of the GOP is now complete. These political miscreants are so deliciously stupid it’s entertaining. No TV series holds a candle to these cast of characters. I have to switch from butter to olive oil on my popcorn because I’ve been gaining weight. 🙂
    Speaking of weight, this Johnson fella is about to understand the true weight of his anointed position. Meanwhile Mr. Jeffries is patiently biding his time to be sworn in as Speaker in 2025. #Tortoise vs. the Hares

  11. Thank you writing about this, Marjorie. One thing that caught my attention was when you mentioned that frustration between Mike Johnson and Matt Gaetz is forseeable. I suppose that isn’t too surprising given that Matt Gaetz is expecting his colleagues to adhere to impossible standards.

    I imagine a falling out between Gaetz and Johnson could result from just about anything. However, I wonder if it comes down to the supposed agreement Johnson made with the pseudo-moderate Republicans regarding aid to Ukraine.

    If Bloomberg and CNN are correct in their reporting, it was the Ukraine aid situation that became that moderate Republicans posed as an ultimatum in order for them to vote for Johnson.

    Anyway, I’m just guessing this is the reason why…because it’s the timing (December) for that possible Gaetz-Johnson falling out that i find interesting. And many experts have predicted that any further aid to Ukraine will probably be in December.

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