Maine mass shooting – and so it goes on

18 dead, 13 injured – the deadliest mass killing THIS YEAR. For a country supposedly not embroiled in a civil war or a narco/gangster territory the indifference to loss of life in the USA is staggering. The narrative will follow the same tired trajectory. Something must be done. Never again. Change the gun laws. Then it falls off the front page and life goes on as before.

  Maine does not have a “red-flag law” that would allow law-enforcement officials or relatives to have weapons taken away from individuals who are viewed as posing a danger to themselves or others.

  The man the police have named as a suspect, army reservist Robert C Card was hospitalised earlier this year for mental health treatment after his military reserve commanders became concerned by statements he made targeting his own unit. People who knew Card said that in recent months he described hearing disturbing voices, and had become fixated on the bowling alley and the restaurant where he allegedly opened fire.

  The state of Maine, 15 March 1820, has a Sun conjunct Pluto in Pisces conjunct Saturn and North Node in early Aries square Uranus in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune in Capricorn – tough-minded, defiant, unconventional, self-reliant. Water Fire = volatile.

  The state will be in for  two or three years of stress ahead with tr Neptune conjunct the Sun, then Pluto, square Uranus Neptune then conjunct NN and Saturn. SA Neptune and Uranus will conjunct the Mars in Cancer for jolts and jangles between 2024 and 2026. The autumn 2024 Eclipses – Solar 10 Libra and Lunar 26 Pisces will both make an impact on Maine.

  This shooting may be symbolic of a massive shake up ahead.

  The date given by police for Card, 4 April 1983, if accurate, gives an Aries Sun trine an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius and more ominously Mars in final degree Aries opposition Pluto and Saturn in early Scorpio – which has been under colossal pressure recently from tr Pluto square. Plus his Solar Arc Mars in now exactly in opposition to his Uranus for a trigger to a flare up.  

  On the USA chart, the final Pluto Return is exact now. But I am more inclined to think that the Solar Arc Sun square SA Saturn colliding with the USA Mars square Neptune between 2024 and 2027 might be what makes a difference, if anything does. The intemperate national defiance about freedom of speech and gun rights might well be reined in by a dose of Saturnine restraint and common sense.  

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  1. Re Brigitte about Americans being rough dominant and aggressive a lot of people
    think they are shallow and full of trash too unfortunately

    • I see the USA as a young, vigorous country, brash in attitude, still building a culture and not fair to compare to an older and more established civilization such as its found in many European countries which have developed for hundreds of years a more profound, subtle attitude to life, these countries have experience and more wisdom on their side.

  2. I would like to leave another comment here, because as a American living in Texas,
    gun violence is a fear of mine that I must live with. Hardly a day or week goes by
    anymore where I do not see in the news where someone was shot and killed just
    driving in Dallas.

    In August, a small gathering of people breezed into a tiny, old, remote location inside
    a southern California canyon drive for Spaghetti Wednesday, an early evening meal
    special. I saw the photographs of blood, massive pools of blood, inside this little tavern
    type of establishment, where people were shot and killed by a crazed gunman. It took
    a hail of gunfire from the brave police officers to put down the man who turned out to
    be one of their own, a recently retired California police officer who drove all the way
    from the state of Ohio to commit this mass murder. He was angry with his newly ex wife,
    she managed to survive her wounds, but a mother of a 12 yr. old boy who was celebrating
    her birthday and did not know this gunman, did not. Several innocent victims inside and
    in the parking lot were shot by him.

    Looking at the large pools of blood, the bloody drag marks where victims were pulled
    away by bystanders once the gunfire volley FINALLY ended ( 20 minutes of rapid gunfire)
    I thought that if the public saw pictures of the slaughter, instead of smiling faces of the
    victims when they were alive, that maybe Americans would start revolting against the
    lunatic fringe gun rights voting bloc who refuse to allow for common sense reform. I
    only saw these photos myself because I happen to personally know people who were
    there that night to take the photos and post them on their social media, before administration
    removed them. It was not a pleasant sight, and it did not resemble America. It reminded
    me of photos I used to see of suicide bombers in the middle east, who strapped explosives
    to themselves and detonated so often, several decades ago.

  3. There is a FB group called Texas Open Carry. I found out about them when a terrorist got out of his car on a beautiful spring morning last April, in the Dallas Texas area and just sprayed whomever was in front of him, slaughtered them.
    This group kept their page public, so I read the posts. One of them posted under a photo of what once was a family,
    parents of two small children made the fatal mistake of sitting outside a store on a public bench. The photo showed their bloody corpses, the dad was still sitting and his face was recognizable as a man. A member of Texas Open Carry posted under the photograph that he blamed the dead, bullet ridden father, he claimed that they should have never been sitting outside like that without a gun cocked and loaded to defend themselves. Not a damn word condemning the shooter who massacred innocents in cold blood, this U.S. citizen blamed the victims. Same group is very angry that they are not allowed to open carry guns and weapons inside a city counsel meeting. This rhetoric is obviously insane and makes zero sense. It is laughable to assume that nobody should sit outside in a public space without a gun pointed at the ready.

    Unfortunately, the Texas state government listens to this group. This group makes themselves known in every forum.
    The governor of Texas and the Attorney General listen to this group, and strive to appease their insane requests and
    rhetoric. This is because the NRA lobbyists pay these elected representatives to cow tow to this lunatic fringe nonsense. It is a huge, glaring problem in the U.S. There are so many voters here who actually believe a gun
    should have more rights than a woman or a child. It is a fetishization of weaponry.

  4. Even though I was born and raised here in the U.S., and I still live here, I do have dual citizenship (U.S. and Spain).

    Despite only having rudimentary knowledge of the Andalusian Spanish Language (the dialect I learned from my family), I was able to obtain Spanish citizenship through the The 57/2007 Act back in the 2000s because my paternal grandparents were both from Spain and fled as refugees during the 1930s.

    Given how dangerous and politically unpredictable the U.S. has become in recent years, I sometimes entertain the thought of moving to Spain….but then I get overwhelmed by the prospect.

    Most of my friends and family live in South Florida, New York, Maryland, California, and New Jersey….and I think setting in another country would be a massive culture shock for me. So, I’m probably destined to stay here.

    Most of the countries I’ve traveled to (Caribbean, Latin America, West Asia) have been in the Global South….and I’m beginning to see MANY parallels between the U.S. and the Global South. The only difference is: we have more gun violence…and we allow our citizens to own assault weapons

  5. Wasn’t there an ancient saying to “beware the Ides of March”?

    Imagine founding a state on that date.

    They should have Julius Caesar with knives in his back on their Great Seal.

  6. This shooting happened when the moon was in Pisces. I’ve noted that the moon in Pisces seems to drastically lower my serotonin levels. I HATE the moon in Pisces for this reason. I feel borderline kind crazy until it moves into Aires.

    I’ve only ever lived in the U.S. We are a rough bunch & we are aggressive. I experience deep depression whenever I’ve visited Europe then had to come home. Shootings didn’t become a thing in this country until the late 90s which is also when video games and violent and vulgar rap music were massively & powerfully broadcast to our male youths, -despite Americans bearing arms for over 400 years previous.

    • “I’ve only ever lived in the U.S. We are a rough bunch & we are aggressive. I experience deep depression whenever I’ve visited Europe then had to come home. ”

      I’ve lived and worked in 5 countries. Always felt happy and free as a bird outside the US…which is, in your words, “rough and aggressive”. I personally experience deep depression upon returning to the US. There is no escape from this open air prison, trapped by physical and electronic barriers, constantly reminded of the mental illness within.

      There is no pride in being rough and aggressive, to knowingly murder innocents.

    • Most other countries in the world have access to video games and rap music, mental health issues, and every other social ill. The only difference in the US is that it’s awash in guns. There are more guns than people. My state has strict gun laws and the lowest gun homicide deaths in the country, and states with the laxest gun laws have the highest rates (of course guns can and do flow between states, but generally speaking those with low gun ownership have lower gun deaths). More guns more deaths. Also, right-wing politicians use gun ownership as a wedge issue and actually promote assault weapon ownership as a right – some Republican congresspeople wear AR-15 pins on their lapels! – and scaring people than any regulation at all to prevent misuse meant that the liberals were coming for your guns. The Supreme Court ruling in 2008 expanded the interpretation of the 2nd amendment from referring to arming a “well-regulated militia” (the country then did not have a standing army) to saying that anyone can possess a firearm, after which gun began to proliferate.

      • Guns combined with drug-induced psychosis triggers much of the violence. It’s federal law that drug users can’t own guns, although that’s not followed. We have a much higher rate of drug usage, with 21% of adults participating in federally-illegal drugs or off-label drug usage. It would seem that the “hearing voices” was a drug-induced psychosis. Maine has an average of 20 homicides per year, 2nd lowest rate in the nation.

    • ‘Shootings didn’t become a thing in this country until the late 90s’

      So the ‘Wild West’, Prohibition’ days of Al Capone, or the Mafia to name a few don’t count?? These random mass shootings not that different even if they look and hit different ….. what title would you give this phenomenon?

      BTW, Americans weren’t the only country in the world to experience the late 90s video games and hear the vulgar violent rap music promoted predominantly from the USA. But those other countries and billions of people are not experiencing what is happening in the US.

      The psyche has shifted. Mass shootings have now become normalised. How do we know this? Because nothing is being done about it except paying it lip service. How is a nation horrified and outraged but yet sits back and does nothing as a nation of people? Seek no accountability from nowhere? Is it not a nation then? No collaboration or unification? Just a group of states held together by the US Dollar? Hmm…..! These are the questions that cross my mind.

    • It wasn’t that long ago a man who self identified as a woman threatened to use his gun if he wasn’t allowed to use the women’s restroom.

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