Mid Terms 22 – Biden eclipsed, Schiff and McConnell hopeful

Voter gloom about the Biden presidency with inflation rising and an economic recession approaching, and no sign of immigration or crime being tackled effectively pointed to a sure-fire loss in the November midterms. But the polling gap is closing after the unpopular anti-abortion rulings and the Trump classified-document farrago at Mar-a-Lago and now the New York corruption allegations.

 Biden is still unpopular but there may – perhaps – be a calculation that the alternative is worse. Though since the Second World War, only two midterm contests have gone the sitting president’s way – 1998 with Bill Clinton sitting on a strong economy; and 2002 GW Bush in the aftermath of 9/11.

   Biden is bedevilled by the present run of Eclipses with the October Solar opposition his Moon, bringing relationship upsets and a pressing dilemma about future plans; and the Lunar Eclipse on the day of the Mid Term Elections rattling his Mars and Mercury so it will be aggravated and stressful.  He does have a mildly positive tr Pluto trine his successful Sun/Jupiter midpoint now until early December which may help. Though he also has a stuck tr Saturn opposition his Pluto/NN midpoint which isn’t constructive.

   That apart he looks confused, has difficulty concentrating and that will continue in amplified form through 2023/24. He looks poleaxed in the month before the presidential election in 2024. He can’t possibly stand again. The Democrats need to find a competent, functioning substitute.

Nancy Pelosi, the Dem Speaker in Congress, is being coy about whether she’ll retire soon. Born 26 March 1940 3.10 pm, she does have the transiting Saturn square tr Uranus tugging at her Taurus Midheaven over coming months so a change of direction does look more than likely through 2023.

  Tr Saturn will square her Scorpio Moon exactly over early this November and then square her Uranus from mid November onwards, so there will be a degree of disruption and upheaval with tensions running high. There’s nothing that looks triumphant.

  2023 will be an uphill slog and fractious with acute frustrations and calamities in 2024 – but that could be personal issues. What will help is tr Jupiter moving through her 10th in 2024 which should keep her morale high and her reputation intact.

Adam Schiff, who might replace her if/when she goes, 22 June 1960 6.13am Framingham, Massachusetts, has more indications of enthusiasm and good luck with tr Jupiter moving across his 10th now till after mid 2023, with Jupiterian midpoints buoying him up as well from early 2023 onwards, with 2024/25 looking even more upbeat. He’ll have ups and downs and some setbacks at the same time but has more going for him than the others.

 Chuck Schumer, 23 November 1050 11am (from memory) New York, the Dem Senate Majority Leader, overseeing a 50-50 split at the moment, has the tr Saturn square tr Uranus tugging on his Pluto and one of his Mars midpoints in the aftermath of the election from mid November and through 2023, which looks bad-tempered, turbulent and not upbeat. 2023 will be a dreary slog; 2024 more so. If his birth time is sound then he’s not in a successful, progressive phase of his life.

Mitch McConnell, 20 February 1942 no birth time, Rep Senate Minority Leader, could be satisfied with the result with his Solar Arc Jupiter opposition his Sun around this year but the timing of that depends on his birth time which we don’t know. This December he’s oozing confidence and successful and that repeats in October 2023. Apart from those patches 2023 looks a fractious, aggravated and high-stress year with  2024 worse and calamitous for him across the November 2024 Presidential election.

 Kevin McCarthy, 26 January 1965 12.40pm Bakersfield, CA, Rep Minority Leader in Congress, has the tr Saturn square tr Uranus rattling up his cloud-cuckoo-land Jupiter opposition Neptune across the next few months which will bring him down to earth with a bump. Though he does have a mildly successful/positive tr Pluto sextile his Sun/Jupiter midpoint up to early this December. 2023 is a slog; 2024 a panicky failure.

To be remembered the influences on the chart may be about personal matters, individual professional concerns and not necessarily point to the state of the party.

11 thoughts on “Mid Terms 22 – Biden eclipsed, Schiff and McConnell hopeful

  1. Marjorie,

    Thank you for writing about this. Your reading actually does reflect what the polling, forecast models, and the psephologists have projecting for some months now. It’s looking more and more like the Republicans will regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives (many seasoned Democratic incumbents have retired this year and there has been a lot of redistricting this year – so both of these things have made the path for Republicans easier) and that the Democrats will likely maintain control of the U.S. Senate (and possibly pick up at least one or two extra seats [but that remains to be seen]). This would certainly explain why the astrology is showing a mixed-bag for this year.

    However, I did remember that Mercury is currently in retrograde (and will remain as such until October 02) and then there is that “shadow period” afterward. Perhaps that could explain why the polling, betting markets, and data analysts’ interpretations have been all over the map these past few weeks – some of the polling has been actually quite surprising.

    For example, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan has been ahead in many (perhaps even most) of the polls in Ohio…yet political forecasting models only give him about a 30% chance of winning Ohio. There are other strange polling examples I could list, but I won’t go into all of that.

    I do remember the post you wrote about Charlie Crist and Val Demings here in Florida. I was encouraged by the astrology pertaining to these two races. It’s nice to see Crist and Demings with good aspects….but, of course, time will tell. I will say that Val Demings and Charlie Crist have both been winning the fundraising race with small donors (even though DeSantis and I’m sure Rubio have more money at their disposal). Also, Demings continues to move up in the polling against Rubio (only a 2-3 point difference now)…so, this again, seems to be coinciding with your reading on Demings.

    All in all, I’m not looking forward to the eclipse (I dread reading about eclipses) on election day….but perhaps the shocking surprises it may bring will be more pleasant than ominous. Keeping fingers crossed.

  2. I think you’re grasping at straws with this US election reading. No one is even thinking about immigration, nor crime. I’m agreed with Leslie: Biden has gotten a great amount done this year and actually seems on top of his game.

    Additionally, midpoints are not read with trines, nor sextiles, only hard aspects.

  3. I doubt Schiff being a double Cancer with emotional undercurrents would look in a good mood had it not gone the Dems way in the House. His demeanor might seem placid or muted but he’s highly ambitious, so this reading is a good sign. And I find it hard to believe Dems hold the House and lose the Senate; as the opposite is more likely! At the very least the Senate remains 50/50. So Schumer looking frasseled could be the Trumpites engaging in shenanigans causing the counting to take awhile.
    I’m optimistic, but we’ll see. Much obliged Marjorie.

  4. Leslie, you and I are on the same page about Joe Biden. That said, I believe with all my heart that he is too old to run again for the most stressful job in the world. And VP Harris doesn’t have the support to win on her own. I wish someone like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse would consider running…he is young enough, and brilliant.

  5. With tr. Neptune opp. the US natal Neptune and squaring the Mars at the time of the midterms, whoever wins, you can expect to see more disinformation, polarisation, election fraud and denial, and a general ramping up of hostility.

  6. The abortion issue galvanized women voters. The new laws have been so extreme that many conservative women are changing votes. The Republicans have some very extreme and incompetent candidates for Senate and governor which shifted in favor of the Democrats. Trump’s legal problems have made him even more unpopular.

  7. Thanks Marjorie
    Referencing yr previous midterms post of May 29, McConnell has his Pluto trining his Uranus over the election and he also has an unpopular tr Saturn squelching his Sun/Venus midpoint, and it seems most other major GOP figures aren’t particular thrilled over the midterms either except Liz Cheney , “in good spirits across the Midterms from two Jupiter boosts”. According to statistician Nate Silver fivethirtyeight.com, Democrats are still favored to win 70 in 100 Vs 30 in 100 for Republican. McConnell doesn’t particular like Trump and is frustrated with the Trump endorsements. Since you write “influences on the chart may be about personal matters”, I hope that it indicates more of a McConnell’s “I told you so” gleeful moment plus he may relieved that Trump, who announced that if Republicans lose he will run, will be prevented from doing so as Trump’s legal issues unfold. However given your forecast of 2023 “is a slog; 2024 a panicky failure” etc. I expect that Trump will either try to run and/or try to continue to exert control over the GOP with QAnon conspiracy theories and promises of violence with disastrous consequences for the party.

  8. Marjorie, a president who has lobbied for and signed massive infrastructure, climate and health legislation – to say nothing of orchestrating the revival of NATO’s fortunes – cannot be characterized as confused or incompetent. In two years he has signed more critical legislation than Obama did in eight years. He does have some unusual speech issues – not confined to stuttering – which throughout his life have led people to underestimate him even in his presidency. There is an ironic mismatch between his actual performance and current perceptions of it which history is likely to correct. Also – crime in the US generally is not dealt with on a federal level and voters know this.

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