Mick Jagger – You can’t always get what you want – but he keeps trying

Mick Jagger shows no signs of giving in gracefully to old age, now squiring a former ballet dancer half his age with whom he is reportedly now engaged having had a child a few years back with her to add to his seven other children by four other women, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

   Born 26 July 1943 2.30am Dartford, England, he is an unrestrained Sun Leo conjunct a super-confident Jupiter Pluto Mercury all square a determined Mars in Taurus with a Moon also in Taurus trine a 5th house creative and musical Neptune. His Sun/Moon midpoint is square his Neptune hence his difficulty with commitment in marriage and close relationships. His Saturn is also square his Sun/Moon midpoint suggesting that one-to-one-relationships always involve too much work from his point of view.

  Of the significant relationships in his life none of the ladies had planets in his 7th house of close partnership which is usually the case for affectionate bonds and there was relatively little Venus flagging up on the relationship charts.

  Jerry Hall, 2 July 1956, had her Saturn in Scorpio opposition his Moon and her Venus conjunct his Saturn plus her Uranus conjunct his Sun Jupiter Pluto – which adds up to a great deal of defensiveness on both sides and differing agendas. His Chiron in late Leo was conjunct her Jupiter Pluto in Leo, which hints at power struggles with both fighting for the spotlight. Her confidence would make him feel vulnerable.  The relationship chart also flagged up ego-clashes.

  Her Chiron opposes his Mercury which could cause anxiety and insecurity about saying the wrong thing. She would feel misunderstood, and perhaps unintelligent.

  Bianca Jagger, 2 May 1945, was a Sun Taurus conjunct his Mars square her Pluto which would be a tough mix with great stubbornness on both sides. Though her Chiron was conjunct his Neptune so she may have brought a spiritual or mystical connection which helped him to trust his instincts and clarify his illusions.

  L’Wren Scott, 28 April 1964, who he was with for several years until her suicide, was another Sun Taurus conjunct Mercury, Jupiter. Like Jerry Hall she had Venus in Gemini conjunct his Saturn.

  Melanie Hamrick, 17 July 1987 (famous birthdays.com), his most recent liaison, if the birth date is accurate, is a Cancer Sun, like Jerry Hall, with a Mars in Leo conjunct his Leo planets square Pluto – so both have do-or-die determined Pluto square Mars which can be dominating or can be submissive  but is not an easy connection, breeding resentment on the underdog side.  Her Chiron is conjunct his Saturn which suggests limitations and restrictions in the relationship with the Saturnine Jagger holding more power. Control can be an issue.

He’s nothing if not larger than life.

10 thoughts on “Mick Jagger – You can’t always get what you want – but he keeps trying

  1. There’s that 12th house Mars again in Jagger’s chart. He keeps something hidden from all. Wasn’t L’Wren Scott a transsexual?

  2. A question from someone with very amateur knowledge of astrology – isn’t it usually considered the case that having most planets below the horizon would indicate someone whose life is lived mostly in private, not in the public sphere?
    Is it all those planets in Leo that make this one an exception to that rule?

    • Planets below the horizon are described as leading to a personality who takes a subjective not objective view of life. Which does not mean they are not ambitious. They can be private in certain respects. Off the top of my head I think David Bowie and Rupert Murdoch have 4th house Suns.

  3. He’s really not built for longterm relationships with Sag descendant, Uranus Gemini on Asc and Virgo Venus squaring them. No doubt always thinking there’s a better option out there. With Saturn 1st, Capricorn 8th, Taurus moon/mars and that Leo stellium on IC, it’s all about keeping him happy and the other person needs to fend for them self. Hence Bianca with cap moon, Jerry and Melanie with Aries moons – all pushy for what they want works for a while.

  4. Move over Jon Hamm, the lion of all lions takes a bride. Reminds me of Norris Church Mailer’s reply when ever someone asked her Which Wife Are You and she would say The Last One.

    On a Jerry note, WTH – this announcement lands on her birthday- oosh !!

  5. Amusingly, I think it’s Keith who is his perfect partner. His sun is in Jagger’s 7th house and Mick’s moon is in Keith’s 7th house. They hate each other but they luv each other too.

    • Luv this.

      I still wanna see Keef and Patti synergy, but yeah, old married pair those oh-so-long-ago Glitter Twins.

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