Joe Biden – ignoring the shipwreck of age

The trickiest phase of Joe Biden’s term in office is approaching fast, as questions are being increasingly asked about his health – verbal and physical stumbles, high cholesterol, acid reflux, frequent coughing, osteoarthritis of the foot and spine, and now sleep apnea. Age increases the risk of developing sleep apnea which can lead to cardiovascular disease and other symptoms such as forgetfulness, fatigue and sleepiness as well as sleep deprivation which is one of the strongest causes of cognitive decline. If he stood and won in November 2024, he would be 86 at the end of his second term.

 On his 2nd Term, chart the Solar Arc Saturn closes the square to Mars exact in three months but in effect before then (and after for a few months) and then square to Uranus in four months. Followed by the Term Solar Arc Sun closing the conjunction to Saturn, exact in six months. All of which is accident-prone and obstacle-strewn, suggestive of setbacks, explosive and unsettling events, which may not be health-related but an indication of internal or external political turbulence.  But a high stress time, for sure.

  His personal chart highlights major confusion this month and through July, returning across the New Year into January, and September, October to late November 2024. Late this November to late December looks disaster-strewn, could be ill health or outer calamities.  March 2024 will be jangled and high stress, even more so July into August 2024.  On the positive side he will rev up his engine confidence-wise from late February 2024 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and that returns late May to mid July, and is in place across the Inauguration – it usually means a hint of success. But at the same time tr Pluto squares his Moon which could suggest a domestic/family or emotional period of crisis and forced change.

  He has such a raft of negatives it is tricky to see how it will work out. Through 2025 tr Uranus in his 6th house of health opposes his Sun and Venus for significant change; plus a confused and calamitous midpoint extending through 2026 – which does not suggest clear thinking or resourceful action.

  He is enormously stubborn with a stellium in Scorpio with his Mars Mercury in Scorpio square Pluto and his stubborn Taurus Moon also square Pluto.

 Solar Returns can be less than helpful at times, though accurate at others. But for what they are worth:

His Solar Return from November 2022 to November 2023 has Sun Mercury in the 6th house of health and work with a nervy Uranus in the 12th and Saturn on the midheaven which can be restrictive.

SR Nov 2023 to Nov 2024 – a held-back, hidden Sun Mars in the 4th opposition a change-of-career-direction Uranus on the 10th square a dependent Moon on the Descendant; with Pluto in the 6th house of health.

SR Nov 2024 to Nov 2025 – all systems-change Sun opposition Uranus; and a frustratingly stuck and enraging Pluto opposition Mars on the midheaven.

  Even if he did scrape through, he’ll never make it to the end of a second term in any kind of compos mentis shape. The party elders should be exerting pressure except there is no obvious replacement. But there might be if he did the graceful thing and step back.

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  1. Know America can never have a coalition government because it is illegal. But is there a good reason why it is the way it is?

  2. Greetings all. It’s been a minute since I last posted. Hope everyone is doing ok.
    I see @Chris is in campaign mode..Lol. He seems a good fella so I’m sure he means well.

    @Patrick: Those are some good names, well done. I’d throw Rev. Warnock in the mix.
    I see Michellle Obama is the new Oprah. I would have thought Oprah never running had taught these folks to ease the naive wishful thinking. While these ladies have potential, they don’t have the interest nor experience. I suspect Mrs. Obama was doing the electric slide(or maybe the 2 step) on her way out the Whitehouse door on the final day :-). These ladies are not politicians that have two tongues. So when they say they are not running, they mean it!
    I’d be wary of supporting a woman candidate at this juncture as America demonstrated its sexism loud and clear in 2016. They chose a mysoginistic mendacious racist and clinically narcissistic sociopath moron over a qualified lady. And this danger to Democracy moron gained even more support from both Hispanic and Black men in 2020; let this sink in! And while overturning abortion rights pissed off a lot of women, the GOP still won the majority vote last year; as in 51%. Let this one also marinade in the brain for a minute.

    For whatever reason, Kamala is not likeable. Something is just off about her. And while Dems. engage in a lot of unnecessary “bed wetting” generally, it would be justified if Kamala had to take over from Joe for whatever reason. Yikes.

    I suspect good old uncle Joe may go through a rough period soon. I’m hopeful and wish him well, but I’m also realistic.

  3. To Chris – in particular but also in general – this is an astrology website not one for venting your political opinions and twisting the astrology round to confirm your bias.
    We are all sympathetic to Ukraine, Chris – but enough. It has been covered extensively in the astrology and unless there are additional factors we just have to live with what is.
    I allow some non astro comments since it helps to contextualise the background but then it starts to creep over into rants and that is not on. Please be respectful of the nature of the website and its comments.

  4. Add on-

    I think in Saturn in Pisces will see a continuous rise of the far right. It’s already happening in Europe and in the US and will carry on more broadly through 2025.

    • @ Brigitte,

      But Saturn in Pisces doesn’t necessarily mean the far-right will always win. They might become a squeaky wheel (globally) but that may not manifest in electoral victories for them.

      Isn’t Pluto entering Aquarius in January 2024 and will there until 2043? That might bring about more social justice, technological advancements, and progressive politics.

      • Pluto in Aquarius will EVENTUALLY bring about a more progressive era but first it will completely wreck whatever community is upright at the moment. Pluto’s wrecking ball is never pretty. Those hoping for utopia & peace anytime soon will be shocked at the 5-10 years of widespread destruction of “community” that occurs before the new order is established. I suspect Saturn in Pisces is laying the groundwork for the changes..

        • @ Brigitte,

          I doubt it’s going to be that dramatic. Everyone always assumes the worst…and rarely do things manifest as such.

          • I see what you’re saying. Pluto is actually subtle in that it operates slowly unlike Uranus but there will be a significant wrecking ball effect that we will witness before “peace reigns eternal.” It won’t happen in a week. It’ll be a decade.

  5. Marjorie, you should look at Michelle Obama’s chart – she will be the Democrat nominee. There is no alternative…

    • @Frank
      Michelle Obama has stated again and again that she hates politics so no she will not be the Democratic presidential nominee next year or any other year.

  6. Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer’s – he, famously, launched a vicious murderous physical attack on Nancy Reagan when he was full blown barking demented.
    In retrospect, it was all to obvious that the old goat was severely afflicted with dementia *whilst in office* !!!!!

    Of course, it scarcely needs mentioning that the wonderful US political system allowed a man of very limited cerebral rationality to have his finger on the proverbial Doomsday nuclear button.

    Many acute observers, those with a good eye and ear for such things say that they can detect incipient Alzheimer’s in Biden.

    Why certain of the elderly are vulnerable to Alzheimer’s and others escape its ravages is a mystery which, sure, astrology could help shed light upon.

    • My neighbor brought up Michelle Obama as the next logical option but I don’t think she wants the job. She didn’t even want Barack to have the job. I’m not voting for a billed Democrat again, in the near future, but I would vote for Michelle because of her integrity. I think DeSantis will be the next President, despite polling at 16%. I just don’t see Trump or Biden at the inauguration. If DeSantis taps Ramaswamy as his running mate, I think it’s in the bag. Brown immigrants, and we have a lot of them now, from all over the world, seeking economic stability will flock to the Republican ticket if Ramaswamy is on it.

        • I don’t see DeSantis tapping another Southerner. He needs a metropolitan running mate to snag swing voters up north and abroad. Ramaswamy is a fiscal conservative and a businessman from India. I think 2024 will all about the money.

    • FWIW, a close friend who is geriatric board certified doctor recently saw Biden on television, said he was stunned by the extent of Biden’s cognitive decline over the past few months, and that Biden should resign from office, otherwise Congress needs to invoke 25A. (Also said his colleagues in the the department hospital where he works at the hospital concurred.)

      Personally, I’m less concerned about Biden’s age than his lack o fitness to hold office, which is painfully obvious. The look on Modi’s face after the gaffe about Iraq says it all!

  7. came across this the other day that fits perfectly how I feel about Biden’s chronological age:
    “With age comes wisdom. I’ll take wisdom over youth anyday”

  8. @Deborah
    I’m more worried about DeSantis than Trump.
    Wolfstar believes that Trump may have a health related to this October’s eclipse.
    Demmings is a Pisces sun so I don’t think she would fair well while Saturn is transiting Pisces.

    I had hoped that Jupiter transiting Pisces during the election would have kept her close;however, I haven’t trusted any election result from Florida since all of that shadiness happened during the 2000 election.

    I don’t understand why people dislike VP Harris so much, but I guess that is the manifestation of Pluto brutalizing her 29 degree Libra sun/Aries moon opposition.

    The next Democrats have control of Congress and the White House they need to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate and expand the Supreme Court to 13 seats.

  9. Biden’s natal chart makes some important connections to the U.S. Sibly chart:

    Pluto in Leo conjunct Sibly North Node in Leo
    Saturn in Gemini conjunct Sibly Uranus in Gemini
    Jupiter in Cancer conjunct Sibly Mercury in Cancer
    Sun/Venus in Scorpio square the Sibly moon in Aquarius
    Ceres in Pisces opposing Sibly Neptune in Virgo

    The synastry looks difficult, yet a transformative influence on the nation–one hopes, for the better. All that secretive Scorpio in his natal 12th does give me pause.

  10. @ Solaia,

    I totally agree with you. Sometimes it matters more who leaders choose to surround themselves with and who they choose to confide in rather than the actual leader themself.

    Biden has certainly surrounded himself with the right people. So, this would explain why he’s been highly successful.

    Biden was able to pass the Infrastructure Bill, enact the CHIPS and Science Act, raise the debt ceiling, add protections to Obamacare, strengthen our economy, and help bring NATO nations together.

    In other words, I would hardly consider President Biden’s accomplishments minimal by any stretch.

    I would say President Biden is more like the FDR of the modern era. In fact, I see many apparels between the two.

    Like FDR, who was a paraplegic and sometimes underestimated by his opposition, Biden is often underestimated because of his age and speech impediment.

    And like FDR, who lead the civilized world against fascists, ultra-nationalistd, and genocidal maniacs like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussoloni, and Hideki Tojo, President Biden is leading the West against the new “Axis of Evil” which included zealous, genocidal freaks like Vladimir Putin and corrupt despots from the Global South such as Xi Jinping, Ali Hosseini Khamenei, and Kim Jong Un.

  11. Medical side note here: Sleep apnea is not age related. Due to improves diagnostics, we are now learning even children can be affected. While not a disease itself – often, it’s caused by respiratory track anatomy – it does make people more prone to several health issues, including obesity, heart and coronary issues, and cognitive decline visible even in young, healthy subject as a result of sleep deprivation.

    People of any age using CPAP machine shouldn’t be shamed, and I think some of the headlines on Joe Biden’s health declining because of the use were horrible from public health viewpoint. He has a reported coronary disease history, probably due to genetic predisposition. He has been good at making healthy lifestyle choices for what I think decades (FLOTUS is likely very active here). Now, if they are not working, CPAP might be just the solution to keep “Sleepy Joe” awake. It is, also, keeping people literally decades junior, alive. This issue was boosted here in Finland, when a popular singer and “The Voice” judge died at 54 one night not using CPAP. Cause of death was aorta rupture from sleep apnea.

  12. President Joe Biden has actually been doing an amazing job and he’s often underestimated by the media, the polls, etc. Granted, I haven’t always agreed with every position Biden taken. For example, I thought Biden’s handling of Afghanistan was a mess. I also disagreed with Biden refusing to provide Ukraine with everything they need to defend themselves against a deplorable, fascist nation like RuZZia (like not providing Ukraine with the F-16s and ATACMS). However, Biden has still been able to pull many rabbits out of his hat despite the extreme polarization in this country.

    I do believe Biden will be reelected (most incumbents are) because the economy is strong (we have the strongest economy and lowest inflation out of all G7 countries) and abortion, student loan debts, and Social Security are going to be pivotal issues for voters (like myself) next year.

    If Biden’s chart indicated an unlikely completion of a second term, I wonder what Kamala Harris’s chart indicates. I remember a few years ago, one astrologer said they saw it likely that Harris would be President by 2025. I guess we’ll see.

    • @Chris Romero, I must say Biden Administration is effective, despite Dems loosing the House. And we likely should give some credit to the man himself. I remember a video released by Obama Admin, where they were joking about Joe having solution to all minor practical problems emerging at WH, that was definitely coming from a place of love. I think one of his strenghts is choosing staff – notice how undramatic it’s been, compared to Obama, and even Harris.

    • @ Chris, not to be disrespectful but please lay off the DNC Kool aid.
      Yes, Biden has accomplished a lot during his term but inflation especially the price of food continues to skyrocket, but neither Biden or Congressional Democrats are addressing that fact, and Democrats who are lower-income level feel as they are being ignored.

      Democrats are going to lose their shirts in November 2024 because they are defending 24 Senate seats with at least two of them in deep red states ( Montana and West Virginia).

      It is going to be difficult for Democrats to retake the House because three California House Democrats are running for Feinstien’s seat and at least two if them are from competitive districts.
      Unfortunately, with all of the economic distress I could see DeSantis’s campaigning on cultural issues and demonizing marginalized groups like trans and gays being successful much like Hitler blaming Jews for Germany’s economic issues after WWI which helped him rise to power.

    • @Chris
      I forgot to mention that although Biden passed the infrastructure bill it is only a success in paper because so many people who could benefit from the jobs funded by the bill either took early retirement due to the pandemic or they don’t have the background or experience to perform the infrastructure job.

      America has always lacked enough skilled tradesmen and Biden’s infrastructure bill is exposing that fact in spades.

      • @ Roderick,

        I still disagree with you. Democrats are favored to take back the House of Representatives and keep the White House. The Senate might be lost…but whatever.

        Anyway, believe whatever you like…but my personal opinion will not change.

        I’m very grateful for everything Biden, Harris, and the Democratic Party has done for this society.

        I’m also thankful for everything Biden and the Democrats are doing to help Ukraine (which will be the most pivotal issue for me as a voter next year).

        • We can agree that helping the Ukraine is important but again Biden and the Democrats have failed to explain why we need to support the Ukraine with billions of U.S. taxpayer’s dollars.
          Lots of black Americans feel that the billions that are being sent to the Ukraine should be used domestically.

          • @ Roderick,

            Helping Ukraine is imperative because the U.S. has long had a horrible track record on foreign policy.

            Obama (who happens to be one of my favorite Presidents) didn’t take ISIS as seriously as he should have and much of Iraq and Syria fell under ISIS control. Also, between 5,000 and 12,000 ethnic Yazidis were murdered in a genocide and 5,000 more were sold into slavery.

            Donald Trump betrayed the ethnic Kurds (who were one of the few U.S. allies in Western Asia) by abandoning Rojava and other Kurdish-controlled regions which allowed Turkish colonizers to go marching in. Turkish forces have continuously bombed Kurdish villages and Yazidi refugees are trapped in these regions as well (so now they get to endure another horror).

            Then, Joe Biden (who I support and still believe will win reelection) messed up miserably with Afghanistan by pulling out so quickly and allowing millions of vulnerable Afghans to endure a complete Taliban takeover.

            Haiti is another nation the U.S. has failed – one humanitarian disaster after another…yet few Americans seem to care – yet Haiti is literally one of our neighbors and part of the same continental landmass.

            Now, we have Ukraine – a nation that has done everything the U.S. and the West has asked them to do and is now suffering as a result.

            Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons arsenals after 1994 Budapest Memorandum and the only thing they asked in return was that their sovereignty be respected and that the “civilized West” help them if needed.

            So, Ukraine has every right to collect on the promises made to them.

            The billions of dollars being spent to help Ukraine is actually a small percentage given that we are a wealthy nation and we have the funds to help them.

            That being said, I’m suggesting that the U.S. should be the only country providing much needed military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, I believe the EU and all NATO members should continue contributing their share as well.

  13. Having just seen Finnish media and public waking up to the fact that Finns party is full of alt-right trolls, one Minister gone and another going, and Government collapsing in 1-2-3 because of the new moderate right wing party PM Petteri Orpo’s lack of leadership over his own Government, I’m not ready for the next US Election Cycle!

    That said, it was actually announced today Biden will visit Finland after NATO summit in Riga July 13th, and there will be a summit with Finnish President and Nordic PMs. I think Biden gets along well with Sauli Niinistö. They have things in common, such as losing first wives in a car accident. Niinistö is also a 2004 Tsunami Survivor. Interesting times!

  14. Marjorie, there are a good handful of excellent people who should run in his place. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has exposed the Supreme Court’s corruption and is one tough, articulate, and very smart politician. Senator Amy Klobuchar is from the heartland and as smart as they come. Val Demmings was an African American police chief, Congresswoman, and though she fell short of beating Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida, is well respected. I have been a committed U.S. Democrat all my life, but cannot watch a Biden speech without fear that he will misspeak, and Kamala Harris, who once seemed impressive, has been a great disappointment. I have been surprised that former President Obama couldn’t talk Biden out of running again. No one I know wants him to run. With the dismantling of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, the death of Affirmative Action, and the Supreme Court’s blessing to discriminate against gays who might wish to purchase web site design from a “Christian” vendor, there has never been a more urgent need to restore balance with a strong executive. Very interesting article, thank you. I hope you continue to look at this race. Trump seems out of his mind with truly alarming authoritarian tendencies; I’m quite worried about our poor country.

    • Deborah, it isn’t just about Drompf but the other GOP extremists that concern me. Let’s rebuild America in “our” vision. Myopic or otherwise. It’s a little late in the day to begin grooming someone for the Dems. What other course does the party have?

      It’s all very discouraging, and because of that discouragement, I’d expect less intelligent voting and more “reactive” voting come the 2024 results.

  15. California Governor Gavin Newsome and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are the most likely choices as they are fearless, charismatic and intelligent. She is working for the Biden campaign. Future candidates would Maryland governor Wes Moore, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, Boston mayor Michelle Wu, Representative Colin Allred should he defeat Ted Cruz for Senate. Republicans cannot win nationally because they are denying women reproductive rights and the House is a clown show. The American media has underestimated the anger over the issue. They have are lost several elections because of the issue. Biden still beats Trump, who is very unpopular, in polls.

    • @Patrick, Newsom himself may know his position as California Governor is too divisive in current landscape. But Whitmer would be a top candidate in any sane country. Too bad there’s so much misogyny in the US politics! Showed with Hillary Clinton, but I think especially with Liz Warren, who does not have a burden of a political husband.

        • @ Patrick
          The problem with the Democratic party is that it is a coalition party which means that a candidate has to appeal to a lot of diverse groups even before attempting appeal to general election voters.

      • @Solaia, one of the problems for Newsom is that so many Americans view Californians as weird and wacky. As an adopted Californian myself I seriously doubt Newsom could win, not because his positions are out of step with the mainstream but because so much of middle America is anti-California (“the left coast”) and would regard him as a west-coast elitist. I personally had low expectations for him as governor and have been surprised by his competence and effectiveness. He has impressed me. He’s done a great job overall despite immense challenges, particularly managing Covid and keeping our mortality rate down, unlike the vile DeSantis in Florida and Abbot in Texas. Homelessness remains an especially difficult issue throughout California.

    • I wouldn’t expect any one person to be “running” the USA, no matter who is in the leadership position. That’s just not how it works.

  16. When we look at Justice Ginsberg not retiring when Obama was president I hope that out senators who are over 80 and Biden look at the yo her generation and who can take over

    Is there something in charts which display the refusal to retire or let go

  17. Marjorie: I like Joe Biden. I think he’s done an admirable job, with solid accomplishments. I would definitely vote for him again, but I am concerned about his age/health being detrimental to his second-term chances. There has recently been talk about California governor Gavin Newsom preparing to announce his candidacy. In an interview with Sean Hannity, he was asked if he was interested in entering the presidential race. He left the door wide open to the possibility, declining to answer yes or no. He certainly has youth and vigor on his side and his debating skills are exceptional. For all it’s worth, he detests Ron DeSantis and has challenged him to a debate. Can you have a look at Newsom and his potential as an occupant of the Oval Office? Many thanks if you can.

    • @julie
      Agreed on Biden. I will vote for him, especially since he beat Trump in 2020 and will so again. Isn’t it interesting that the Republicans are not having an age discussion about Trump who is only a few years younger? While I like Gavin Newson too, I strongly feel that unfortunately independents and moderate Republicans would not support him. We would definitely loose the few swing states that we need while we still have the electoral college to deal with.

  18. Thanks Marjorie
    Wonder if Jill Biden’s chart sheds more light. You mentioned family emotional related, I think a lot of the stress and aggravation has to do with the Hunter Biden mess the polarization in congress specifically McCarthy’s House of Congress who are constantly threatening impeachment of Biden and or cabinet members incl. Garland Not to mention the upheavals created by SCOTUs and Russia/China. Court cases surrounding Trump and the potential convictions is viewed by his supporters as Biden driven. It feels the country is moving towards some sort of breaking point or split in the next 4 years driven by the ultra right.

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