Michelle Obama – hard choice of family versus career

Michelle Obama has been coming clean about the extent of her resentment at the sacrifices required of her as a wife and mother which allowed Barack to build his career at the expense of her own. It rang a lot of bells with many women especially her definition of toddlers as ‘terrorists’ and her wry admission she couldn’t stand her husband during those years. Princeton and Harvard educated, she was a trained lawyer but  had to cut back her legal work to part-time as he eyed a run for the presidency. The children were ten and seven when the family moved into the White House after years on the campaign trail.

 Now her books outsell his and she attracts rave audiences for her appearances. Her recent “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times” had an initial print run of nearly three million copies.

  Born 17 January 1964 Chicago, with parents who had not been to college she fought her way up through intelligence and dedication.  She is an ambitious Sun Capricorn but what is eye-catching is her stubborn Mars in Aquarius and coolly insightful Saturn in Aquarius probably conjunct an Aquarius Moon. In some ways she is a harbinger of what is to come – an intelligent, self-assertive, independent-minded individual, not content to be boxed into an apple-pie-baking, stay-at-home mom. Both her daughters who were born during Neptune Uranus in Aquarius have Moon Uranus aspects (probably) so she brought them up to value their independence as well. Both are also argumentative with Mars in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively and would be noisy, boisterous children.

  When Malia was born in 1998 tr Neptune was heading to conjunct Michelle’s Mars, undercutting her forward gear. And by the time Sasha turned up in 2001 tr Uranus was conjunct Michelle’s Saturn. By the time Barack fulfilled his ambition to move into the White House in 2008 tr Neptune in Aquarius was conjunct her Saturn. All of her Aquarius planets were floundering through these years.

  During the early toddler years her relationship chart with Barack was being undermined with the affectionate composite Sun opposition Venus square Saturn being swamped by tr Neptune in hard aspect.  

  There’s no birth time for her but on his chart his relationship needs and patterns are highly complicated – with a needs-space Uranus in his 7th as well as a possessive Pluto and a having-to-work-at-it North Node. At times flying solo would have been easier for him than cooperating with his South Node in his 1st. Her changeable Uranus Pluto conjunction fall in his 7th so to a degree she fits his pattern. Her Sun Mars is conjunct his 12th house Saturn Jupiter which is half great and half exceedingly tricky and scratchy. Her Saturn falls just below his Aquarius Ascendant so she would remind him of his duty and also help to ground him when his Leo Sun square Neptune threatened to take him off into the clouds.

  She has been a reassurance to many with her admissions about coping with self-doubt and being honest about the knots and wrinkles of any long running and imperfect relationship (as all of them are – and some more than others). Tricky keep a relationship running smoothly with two strong individuals.

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  1. Sun square the nodes… the ego needing to “step back” in order to do what enlarges and matures the soul. With Michelle’s NN in Leo, though, also needing to be an individual who finds a way to shine. Leo NN points toward becoming more “personal,” warm, and heart-centered rather than remaining detached, cool, and intellect-centered. High-powered attorney seems like a job that would have kept her stuck at her Aquarius SN. And Leo NN also indicates the potential to be a “mover and shaker.” Which she certainly has become in spite of her career path not unfolding the way she might have wished. Expressing her doubts and frustrations and being able to admit her imperfections is an “evolved human” thing to do, which is also a big part of her NN story. On the whole, I think she’s living out her chart with plenty of grace and dignity. She’s an outstanding woman–my hat’s off to her.

    • Michelle’s north node is actually in Cancer (just) – south node in Capricorn, which fits with the heading ‘family vs career’.

      • Thanks, Amelia–I mistook the composite chart above for Michelle’s natal. I agree with you about her natal. Though the composite nodes in Leo/Aquarius square the sun also offer some insight to the Obamas as a couple.

        @Grace, I too have a natal NN in Leo, though mine’s in the 2nd house, with Saturn opposing from the 8th (Placidus). My own life experiences have been much more about my developing heart-centered values (as a 2nd house theme). I too have looked rather askance at the “luxury” focus many astrologers put on the Leo node. Mine being in the 2nd has, perhaps oddly, not translated into having money, fame, or.luxuries. The gift of this node for me has been to find and embody a quiet dignity that is rooted in self-worth and self-respect.

    • Thanks for both these illuminating, thought-provoking posts re North Node placements.
      Leo NN is often associated with leadership — often the imperative to go out and “be seen” even when it’s uncomfortable for the individual. Note that given all the public — being seen — repercussions, MO didn’t really want her husband to run for President.
      I love the idea that Leo NN inspires the individual to lead in a “heart-centered” way.
      Other astrologers — not wrong — tend to focus on the “shining,” luxury aspect.
      Apparently, Conrad Hilton had NN in Leo. An astrologer once posited to me that he succeeded because he created luxury hotels, and would have failed with a budget brand like Motel 6.

  2. Well I think she has been very fortunate. She has brains and beauty and has had the opportunity to use both. Many people regardless of skin colour or gender have had a much tougher life, without the means to escape their circumstances. Presumably she had a choice about becoming a mum, like many women of my generation, even though there was no expectation about a ‘career’ it was still difficult, but I would hate my children to ever feel that they had restricted me. ‘The lady doth protest too much methinks’

  3. No matter what she says, Michelle is much smarter than she would be sweating it out in the legal profession. She had a fluff job when he was Senator, as community relations director for the University of Chicago hospitals. I live in Illinois, and my husband was a Chicago lawyer. At the time, she was getting paid way above what a new partner in a Chicago law firm would, and more than her husband made. Of course, the U of C was paying her so well because they wanted grants and governmental favors for the university. Why not take it? She got a much better deal than a high-profile legal career would bring, without having to put in the blood, sweat and tears that most law firms in big US cities require.

    • First Lady of the most powerful nation in the world Vs facing tough competition in legal profession? I guess most would choose what she picked.

      • ‘I guess most would choose what she picked.’

        Lool, I guess it always boils down to choosing your difficulties? Lucky for her she had a choice so ……, I also guess most would pick her difficulties versus …..!

        One love. Happy new year!

    • Julie-oh, yes-thanks.
      I was also referring to Mars, Saturn and Moon possibly being in Aq. But, yes, it must have been Sun in Aq that I didn’t jive with.
      But my second husband is 1 Aq Sun. LOL.
      Thank you.

  4. Hi Marj, you say “there’s no birth time for her (Michelle Obama).” Yet you have entered Michelle’s
    birth time, in a biewheel with Barack, as 1:56 am, Chicago Heights, Illinois. So…..is this birth time correct???

  5. I saw her at a popular restaurant once in Chicago (also saw Michael Jordan there, once). PBO was a state senator then. I would have noticed her even if I hadn’t known who she was. This is because she is even more gorgeous in person. She literally glows. Photos/TV do not do her justice. Very commanding, regal presence. Most Aquarians I know do not have that type of presence. In fact, I was put off by Aq for years, thinking they were too airy fairy. MO does not come across that way, at all, IMO.
    BTW-Michael Jordan glowed too! Such an incredible aura! Like the Obama’s, I’m raising an Aq kid, too. Neptune, Uranus and Ascendant in his chart and he’s passionate about politics (since he was very young).

    Thanks for posting this.

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