Lula is back – Brazil floating on a sea of hope

Brazil has said farewell to “the nightmare” of the past four years under the Bolsonaro administration during which nearly 700,000 died of a mishandled Covid outbreak, millions were plunged into poverty, and Amazon deforestation soared. Lula da Silva the incoming president declared a war on hunger when he was inaugurated just after 3pm yesterday.

 The Brazil 7 September 1822 4.08 pm Piranga chart does have tr Uranus crossing the IC into the 4th house which suggests a decisive change of direction both domestically and in terms of future direction. But it won’t be easy with the global economic crunch undercutting Brazil’s finances with tr Neptune opposition the 8th house Mercury. And the Bank of Brazil, 31 December 1964, is coming down to earth with a bump as their over-optimistic Jupiter opposition Neptune is rattled by tr Uranus; with a panicky tr Neptune opposition Mars all year as well. There’s a chance of an ill-advised over-confident push to revive the economy in 2024 but it will be knife edge for some years to come.

 Lula was sworn in at 3.04 pm with practical, sensible, well-organized Saturn on the Midheaven. There will be unrest from subversive movements with Uranus in the 12th and the Bolsonarists will be in there fighting their corner. A 9th house Pluto suggests international tussles which may arise from Lula’s multipolar approach to foreign policy. He disapproves of sanctions and will clash with Biden’s push back against authoritarian regimes, wishing to have relations with everyone.  There may well be friction between Brazil and the USA over the next two years.

 Lula himself, 27 October 1945 8am (from memory) Ribeira, Brazil, who was president between 2003 and 2010, is a Sun Scorpio with a charming, if over-hopeful Jupiter, Venus, Neptune in Libra and a tough-minded Saturn Mars (Moon) in Cancer. He’ll run into the buffers by 2026 when his Solar Arc Sun opposes his Saturn Mars and his Pluto is conjunct his Sun – which is when the Bank of Brazil is flagging up major problems as well. But before then he’ll certainly be a major improvement on what went before.

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