Melania – mistaking her hat for a cash cow

Tone deaf or doesn’t care? Washington watchers are mystified by Melania Trump’s brazen attempt to make money out of her husband’s presidency by auctioning off a white hat she wore for the 2018 state visit of the French President. It is part of her “Head of State” collection, with a letter of authenticity from Trump, a watercolor of her wearing the hat and an NFT of the painting with an opening minimum bid of $250,000.

  CNN spoke to insiders who thought she was out for her own personal gain, at the expense of tradition and respect for her former role; and a valuer said it was way over-priced – and $5000 would be a more sensible figure. She appears to be driven by the need to make an income unrelated to her husband, whether out of a general insecurity or as the preliminary to an exit plan.  The small print indicates a portion will go to charity.

  She does have a Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio which will make her rooted in the material world, not just indulgent but quite avaricious. Plus Saturn in Taurus is tight-fisted; and her indulgent Venus Mercury also in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo will make security, possessions and money a priority in her life. On top of that she has a Pisces North Node whose challenge is to learn to let go an attachment to the physical plane. Out of laziness or inertia the tendency will be to slide backwards into old set habit patterns.

  Her 9th harmonic is exceptionally marked which also points to a love of pleasure and money.

   The marriage to Trump appears to have been one of convenience on both sides – he got arm candy and she got sumptuous houses/clothes, green cards for her parents and wasn’t too crowded by Trump, allowing her to live in her own separate space.  Her Venus Mars conjunction in Taurus/Gemini fall in Trump’s 10th so she would have a dynamic effect on his career; and her Pluto sits square his Sun and Moon and his Pluto is square her Sun Saturn so there would be possessiveness on both sides, not necessarily born of passion or jealousy, but of insecurity perhaps on her side.

  Their relationship chart has been rattled recently with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Uranus – with one more hit from tr Uranus from early February to mid March 2022. The composite Moon’s position isn’t known but it is probably opposition the Venus which catches an undermining tr Neptune square from May 2023 onwards. Even before then in February 2023 tr Saturn is square the composite Sun; and tr Saturn moving into Pisces thereafter may be conjunct Melania’s Sun/Moon midpoint; and will oppose Trump’s in 2024.

  She does look exceptionally blocked and frustrated at the moment with her Solar Arc Sun square her Pluto and tr Pluto just over the opposition to her Solar Arc Mars – so maybe having her husband home 24/7 through recent months has been a strain. As tr Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 tr Pluto will square Melania’s Jupiter for an almighty push on her part running into 2024; but running her at the same time into major and risky obstacles.

   There are any number of scenarios possible and a split is certainly one of them but she’d have to be assured of a decent pay off otherwise she wouldn’t go.

6 thoughts on “Melania – mistaking her hat for a cash cow

  1. Perhaps the NRA will have a need for elderly nude models then she can make some cash. Otherwise there is no one else interested in seeing her scowling face.

  2. The letter of authenticity from Trump makes me think he expects to profit. My first thought was toward legal fees, tho $250k seems a drop in the bucket. Can’t square that he would help her increase her cash reserves without some prize for it (have her to start paying for her own expenditures? ).

    I give her credit for the I Don’t Give A F**k stance regarding others opinions – shamelessness seems so liberating – if only she and Trump didn’t look so miserably imprisoned I might actually envy that!

  3. Her appearance was the only asset she ever had (or cared to cultivate) so, after her eyes, comes the Hat. It’s not even the actual hat, but NFTs (Uranus in Taurus ?). So very Melania, never substantial in what she gives of herself.

    Let’s hope that this fails to garner interest so that she’ll stop and not humiliate herself.

  4. She married late which may be the Saturnine influences holding her back. My experience as a fixed sign is that it’s hard to get into new situations but also, once a status quo is established, its hard to give up on them however bad they may be. With her cap moon probably trine saturn, there’s a sense of obligation as well as guilt but most importantly a glass half-full fear of poverty, being alone and unable to meet anyone at her age holding her back.

    I always assumed she would file for divorce once the Presidency was over but now I tend to think she’s been playing a waiting game. Baron will turn 18 in 2023 so my guess is she’s waiting until at least then to ensure all the bills are taken care of and no need to fight over child maintenance. The trouble with any split from Donald is he’d fight against every penny, claim / show accounts that he has none to give (think of his low income tax returns) and even once a decision is made I’m doubtful he’d pay the money.

    I’d have thought she could go back to modelling for the older age group, if she wanted, but maybe she has burned some bridges, it’s not lucrative enough for the lifestyle she has become accustomed to, or it’s too hard work. What’s clear is she has nothing to offer on the speaking / book writing circuit like say Michelle Obama.

    Beyond the obvious trophy wife/successful husband dynamic, I think Donald probably picks up the projection of her Mars Gemini. That doesn’t really fit the rest of her earthy chart. She does have a close conjunction of Taurus-Venus and Gemini-Mars opposite her Sag Neptune – so there is glamour / delusion going on in relationships for her. His Leo Mars/Ascendant/desc makes a square to that – so certainly some kind of passion along the way.

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