Boris – is the elastic finally about to snap + Tory Party

The waiting begins – unfit to lead, dead man walking, the party is over – as Boris finally appears to have crossed the line of no return. The penny may not have dropped with him but the general feeling is that even he cannot survive the cumulative damage of the mountain of bad behaviour that has emerged. Though like Tony Blair or indeed Margaret Thatcher he’s unlikely to go easy. In the run up to the Blair exit, astrologers were angst-ing over astro-straws in the wind for months trying to predict a final date.

  In hindsight Margaret Thatcher’s final curtain and forced exit was easier to predict. By the time of her resignation on 22 November 1990 the chart for her entry into No 10, 4 May 1979, had a car-crash setback tr Saturn square the Mars and tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus which is a classic topple-off-perch indicator in Administration charts.

Her relationship chart with the Conservative Party 1912 chart had tr Uranus in an applecart-upsetting opposition to the composite Pluto; and a blocked tr Pluto square the Saturn. And tr Jupiter square the Sun as her over-confidence prevented her seeing the writing on the wall. Her relationship chart with the UK had tr Uranus trine the Pluto – so the tumultuous, revolutionary Uranus Pluto were all over her departure.

  Tony Blair was heartily disliked in the UK for a good while before he handed the keys over to Gordon Brown and went off in search of ill-gotten gains elsewhere.   When he finally let go on 27 June 2007, tr Neptune in Aquarius exactly opposition tr Saturn in Leo were exactly square the Solar Arc Sun of his First Government chart; tr Pluto was in a dead-halt square to the Govt Solar Arc Mars; and tr Uranus was hovering around the opposition to the Govt Mars.

  His relationship chart with the UK, which was hostile and divisive had the tr Neptune opposition tr Saturn hitting on the aggravated composite T square of Mercury opposition Uranus square Mars Pluto. Different energies at play but still clear signs of considerable unrest.  

  Boris on his personal chart has his Progressed Moon plotting a fairly accurate course through recent calamities as it first opposed his Mars last August through the Afghanistan retreat disaster and he erupted in fury at Rishi Sunak over an alleged disloyal leak. In September his Progressed Moon squared his Saturn as his mother died (with his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Scorpio Moon at the same time). Now his Progressed Moon is exactly square his Uranus for more fire and brimstone overflowing – and it won’t clear his overly-volatile T Square until it squares his Pluto this coming June.

 Tr Saturn will also deflate his eternally, unrealistically optimistic and unstable Jupiter opposition Neptune in the final days of this month into early February.  With tr Uranus upending it through May and again December and early 2023.

  His First Government chart, 24 July 2019, does have the tr Saturn square tr Uranus hammering on the Mars in Leo with setbacks this month; and again from mid April throughout the year. Plus a good deal of stress and raised emotions from March onwards.

  His relationship chart with the Conservative Party 1912, is sagging badly from late May onwards, into 2023 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars. His relationship chart with the UK is also on a slide of disappointment, which started last June, when his polls started to dip, and will peak again from mid March onwards into 2023 with tr Neptune square the Jupiter. This February and March will give rise to much electorate grumbling and discontent with the composite Neptune opposition Mars catching the tr Saturn squares. But the first sign of a real upheaval comes from mid June onwards with tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune and tugging on the Mars in opposition into 2023. The Eclipses are also triggering that composite Mars North Node opposition Neptune this year – that aspect in a relationship chart indicates the each partner puts their own personal glory above the other’s success.

  There is nothing quite as definitive with Johnson as there was with Thatcher and Blair and it is easy enough to become cynical about the greased piglet’s ability to slide out of tight corners. He’s had a lifetime’s experience of feeling no shame.

  The Tories may wait till the May local elections to see which way the wind is blowing before dumping him.  

Wait and see.

Add On: Much as I distrust political party charts the Conservative Party 10 May 1912 one does appear to work reasonably well.

  The Tories moment of truth will arrive in 2023 but even before then from 18 January (this month) to 15th February they’ll be tripping through a minefield of catastrophes from tr Neptune square the Mars/Saturn midpoint – at the same time as tr Pluto this month squares the Mars/Uranus midpoint (= struggle for survival, test of nerves) and next month tr Pluto squares Uranus/Neptune midpoint (= pessimism, losses) and those repeat from late June to mid January 2023. Plus a sobering tr Saturn square the Taurus Sun this March, repeating on and off till November this year.

  But the triple whammy plus extras of 2023 is what may really upset their applecart. The Solar Arc Uranus will conjunct the Sun and tr Uranus will also conjunct the Sun and then Saturn from May 2023 into the summer and beyond; with power and influence fading away from tr Neptune square the Pluto.

  Boris may well be fulfilling a Trumpian function as a catalyst (wrecking ball) at the end of an era forcing significant changes to come – in time.  

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  1. There are reasons enough to be well and truly annoyed with Boris. Having to find extra money to contribute to my husband’s care cost being a case in point. I can’t really get worked up about about them partying away at 10 Diwning Street. It doesn’t matter which side of the spectrum is in power, they all think they are entitled.

  2. And so it goes on..
    It does seem that this May will be a difficult time for the Conservatives with Uranus opposing Mars in the term chart then.
    I am intrigued by the fact that the Conservative party 1912 chart is also glum next year, 2023. Perhaps Boris hangs on or, alternatively, they get a new leader who does not make a difference.

    • I have strong feeling that Johnson will hang on as conservatives don’t have a strong replacement candidate. They don’t remove the leader unless they have a successor lined up. Johnson is benefitting from weak opposition and weak rivals. Looks like luck is definitely on his side as far as staying in position is concerned.

      • Ann, I think the Conservatives will be very badly hurt in the May local elections. The writing is on the wall.
        The Tory Party is very ruthless in removing their leaders who aren’t up to the task.

    • Uranus opposition Mars in Term 2 chart most interesting. Uranus goes direct in 5 days and opposition goes exact in the 2nd week of May. Even if elections are in the 1st week of May the aspect is close enough to be profound. Uranus never reveals what he’s up to; best advice is to get in some popcorn, sit down, observe and enjoy!

  3. On the 20th May 2020, the time of the party, Venus was Retrograde having just stationed at 21 Gemini, squaring his natal Chiron. Venus later stationed direct at 5 Gemini, exactly squaring his Saturn – so that Saturn/Chiron thing again with him. Jupiter was just coming out of it’s station Rx at….27Cap

    Tr Mars was conjunct his Saturn, Tr Neptune still in orb of his Chiron. He also had a nodal return. And yes, his Saturn recently changed sign to Taurus and is now opposite his natal Moon.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. His astonishing apology yesterday – was breathtaking. The Times carried an article today, whereby he was said to have acknowledged he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. The whole country is crashing down around him and he just carries on. Some may say he is a narcissist or devious. However, he seems more than that, if possible. He appears to be completely impervious to other people’s feelings. He is like a serial political killer, or a James Bond villain, a bit like the character who had a bullet lodged in his brain and had no feelings. Slowly picking off his team. Walking over the career bodies. It is a surreal time. We seem to be in a despot situation with a leader who simple does not care about the voters. Could there possibly be an unknown star or planet with Boris’s name on it? I just, yet Boris always surprises.

    • “You can only love others as much as you love yourself”

      His parents were dysfunctional, he’s one among many siblings, he was packed off to boarding school. He was born in New York and then moved every 2-3 years. While that’s great for his Gemini sun, it’s very difficult for a Scorpio moon that needs stability and a huge amount of love. He didn’t get it, so it’s all shut down for him. People who are shutdown are focused on trying to get their own needs met.

  5. Everybody has covered the crucial points but I’d just like to say thank you Marjorie for this
    “the greased piglet’s ability to slide out of tight corners” an image of Boris that is now stuck in the corner of my mind

  6. Thank you Marjorie, some astrology is somehow calming in this mad situation. I agree with GnarlyDude that there’s more to come. I’m not sure if that’s more party news or something else. There are rumours everywhere. And we don’t know what else certain individuals have stashed away either.

    I noticed that the UK/Boris composite has nodes at 23 Taurus, and Saturn 29 Taurus – so the November lunar eclipse with added Algol will have activated those – Saturn being endings perhaps? The Conservative Party 1912/Boris composite has the North Node at 26 Taurus, so once again that November eclipse is there. It would describe the party members, plus the voters, and how helpful or not they will be. The Scorpio eclipse in May touches the same degrees, and could possibly act as some kind of timer.

    Really, with all the other things brewing we don’t need a leadership contest – but it looks as if there will be one. Is there any chance of an actual adult winning?

    • Just tonight, yet another party emerges – held at Downing Street in April 2021. Seems as if they were a way of life. Boris not at this one apparently, but the BBC reports the Telegraph’s item in tomorrow’s paper… went on until very late and involved music. You know, like all those parties we were all attending back then. It’s all so overwhelming, I can hardly concentrate on the story of the Chinese spy in parliament. Who’s writing this script?

        • They’ve got the Prince Andrew saga emerging at the same time. Even that doesn’t seem to be enough. Liz Truss says “move on” today, clearly not reading the room (or her own party) too well either.

  7. Love the ‘Large Removal Box’ photo! hope it will apply to BJ, although Geminis seem to have more lives than cats (still waiting for Trump to get his full due, as he is setting himself up for 2024 …)

  8. Tony Blair was supposedly a Labour prime minister and followed
    a Tory agenda . Boris Johnson is supposedly a Tory prime minister and follows/ed
    a Green agenda . How duplicitous they these politicians all are

    • Boris Johnson’s only agenda is Boris Johnson, really. Sun Gemini / Moon Scorpio combination is absolutely telling of his character, he is a chameleon with a very strong sense of survival. Add Venus closely conjunct to Sun, and you will also get how in love he is with himself. In fact, I think he is an example of narcissistic personality without the disorder, which is based on lack of selfesteem.

      I also think he won’t leave for pressure, because he genuinely does not feel any, but could be lured our of Down Street with some kind of flattery. This is possibly the route Tories will eventually take, but it could really take years.

      • What a true description of Johnson’s character! Johnson is shameless and It doesn’t look like he is under any kind of pressure. He is just buying time to bounce back. The big upheaval is in the Conservative party not in Johnson’s position. I guess that is how it is going to be for few more years. The party will suffer but Johnson will not. Until a rival or opposition turns up with a stronger chart than Johnson’s I don’t see him leaving. Marjorie, do you see anyone in UK politics with strong chart to take over Johnson?

        • The only front runner at the moment with any Jupiterian uplift on their chart is Liz Truss, this month and again August to mid December – but there are very few birth times so that may not mean much. She doesn;t sound much better than any of the rest of them.

    • That’s not correct Jackie. Boris Johnson follows a clear anti-green agenda. He has presided over the wholesale removal of environmental standards and laws across England, the increase in sewage being tipped into our rivers, and a complete mess of any farmer support scheme for environmental restoration. His management of COP26 was a shambles. I suggest you start listening to news outlets that actually contain some truth, rather than the Daily Hate and the Torygraph.

      • @LisaV, I actually think anti-Green agenda is pressed more by other Tories/interest groups than by BoJo himself, because these kind of issues are simply not on his radar. I think this is a result of rarified environment he comes from. He has had “people” taking care of implementation of his ideas all his life.

        • perhaps so Solaia, but he does have overall responsibility for these policies as Prime Minister – such a shame that responsibility is something Johnson appears to have great difficulty expressing in any aspect of his life!

  9. Under your UK election – astro autopsy posting of 13 December 2019 Phil wrote the following comment “…I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes after spring 2022, though.”
    So I think the writing is on the wall and, like Belshazzar, his days are numbered. The end cannot come too soon for me. But wanting it doesn’t make it so.

    • The media are perhaps a bit guilty of hyperventilating a bit about these latest revelations about lockdown violations. My gut feeling is that people are tired of the coronavirus pandemic and are even more weary of politicians, the press and the rest of the chattering class boring on about it endlessly.

      Politically Johnson is doomed as a Prime Minister but that outcome is more than likely to be due to the economic consequences of the past two years particularly as inflation and energy prices are now taking off than any of his personal failings. I think Johnson is not going to be alone in suffering this fate as the Biden administration and most of the ruling governments in Europe are going to suffer similar blowback. Indeed, I am not sure anyone will be relishing taking leadership roles anywhere at the moment as the chalice looks potentially poisoned.

      Unlike Thatcher or Blair I am not sure Johnson is addicted to political power for powers sake so I am not expecting him to desperately hang onto office. That Mercury in Gemini means he is a trickster and showboater by nature with an eye to the main chance. I suspect he also has a low boredom threshold which could mean he will simply tire of the game. Given the opportunity he is likely to be the person to bring the curtain down on his time in power when others least expect it.

      A final point is that I believe the death of Boris Johnson’s mother on 13 September 2021 is likely to have had a profound impact on him particularly with that First House Moon at 0 Scorpio. Transiting Venus passed over that degree two days before she died while Uranus was retrograde conjunct his natal Jupiter in Taurus. Venus and Taurus the sign it rules seem to activate Johnson’s chart at critical moments in his personal life as it was conjunct his 8th House Mars on 5th April 2020 when he was admitted to hospital with the Coronavirus infection that saw him end up in intensive care.

      • Hugh, I agree about the economic pain coming. While I understand the party outrage from citizens who couldn’t be with loved ones when they were ill or dying, I didn’t get why there weren’t more effective howls of condemnation about the ludicrous sums of money thrown at (and in certain cases wasted on) political cronies money-grubbing over the Covid contracts. It has been truly scandalous and yet never really gained traction – and that on top of energy bills etc soaring – It will all land on the benighted taxpayers.
        I am also intrigued by the hyper-sensitivity of his Moon – which catches the transiting Pluto square in 2023/24 which will be punishing for him.

        • It takes something very strong and emotive to break cognitive dissonance in people, I suppose. You can never argue with how people feel

          • I too have been outraged by all the greedy cronyism and money wasted on dodgy contracts etc but I think there hasn’t been much cut through with the public as most people (unlike perhaps you and me) are too busy trying to survive without following the minutiae of day to day politics. Sleaze has not been widely reported especially in the right wing press even now. I think one of the reasons the partygate scandal HAS cut through is that so many have suffered so much watching their loved ones die on FaceTime etc. and trying to follow quite harsh rules for the public good while all along the government were flagrantly breaking them. A leaving party in No 10 organised by the now deputy editor of the Sun (yes!) on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral during lockdown is a lot easier to identify with than the intricacies of government contracts.
            Latest in today’s Mirror is that every Friday evening from 4pm was “wine time” in Downing Street throughout the pandemic. It’s claimed a “booze fridge” was purchased especially for the purpose.
            I suspect Dominic Cummings may have something to do with recent leaks and revelations. A man scorned and all that..

    • Having checked the upcoming transits I note that t the Sun will be conjunct Uranus and Boris Johnson’s natal 8th House Jupiter on local Election Day 5th May 2022. Mercury then goes retrograde at 4 Gemini and tracks back over Johnson’s 8th House Mars at 1 Gemini Shortly afterwards Venus will be trekking through Taurus in late May to June 2022 opposing Boris Johnson’s natal Moon and then joining Uranus to hit his 8th House Jupiter. I think that this is the time he might be resigning.

      • Interesting point Hugh, Jessica Adams describes May 6th as a day of reckoning for Boris. This is the day when the local election results start coming in and the fall out happens during the day. Could it be a blood bath of lost council seats? PS I really enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  10. I wonder what his ex- wife Marina has been thinking. She must surely be shrugging, saying “This is what he does. I put up with this for twenty-odd years”. Just like his affairs – he’ll only tell you as much as you know and then fill in the bits you don’t with a picture that makes him look good. It’s the lack of an honest, coming clean about the whole affair that’s most destructive to the trust. When the next bit is uncovered, he’ll come up with a new story for that bit and still not explain everything. I’m sure she heard those “I was wrong to do this” apology when there is no other way out. But it’s hollow and behaviour never changes.

    I fully expect Boris to hang in there as long as he can, at least until he’s lined up more lucrative speaking engagements or column-writing jobs before departing on his own terms. The Don Revie approach.

    Watching all this brouhaha has led me to think we’ll be seeing more of this uncovered. It’s becoming unaccpetable to the people to realise how many of the MPs and civil servants are breaking the rules. Whether it’s Boris or his successor we’re headed to a snapping point that takes us into the Pluto in Aqua rebellion.

  11. In the resignation charts of Margaret Thatcher & Tony Blair, both Ascendants are at 22 degrees.
    Vendla gives 22 degrees. Positively 22 degrees gives strong leadership….negatively 22 warns
    against lack of discernment, of being over-confident, relying on the wrong persons, and being deceived.
    Watch for the number 22 to show up in Boris Johnson’s future composite charts.
    22 shows up in frequently in death charts… the above cases not physical death but political death.

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