Meghan – birthday wishes for the less fortunate

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, celebrated her 40th birthday with a rousing celebrity-influencer video giggling with a professional comedienne from her plush California residence offering encouragement to women going back to work. Needless to say certain sections of the media sent it up and the comments sections were even more critical about the hypocrisy and tone-deafness of the wealthy, never mind all previous wails about needing privacy. It did veer towards parody and perilously close to caricaturing the Queen’s speech setting and Royal tea-parties.

  Her Solar Return for this coming year has a passionately enthusiastic Mars and Venus in her 7th and Jupiter in the Ascendant so her confidence will be high and she’ll be socialising and charming at full volume.  Her Sun Mercury in the 6th will keep her hard at work though opposing Saturn in the 12th, she may lack a realistic and practical approach – and that opposition squares onto Uranus in the 3rd. Such a Uranus can obviously be innovative though in the 3rd it will also be outspoken; and in fixed signs tends to be wilfully determined. Intriguingly Tierney says of a focal point Fixed Uranus – “if [her] vision of “truth” is not all-inclusive, it will breakdown eventually and lose its structure entirely.”

  A 4th house Moon square Neptune and trine Jupiter suggests a need for a secure home life with moments of contentment and some disappointments or confusion.  But with the North Node conjunct the IC she will find it easier to slide back into career ambitions than focusing on developing a rooted domestic life.

   The transiting Uranus square tr Saturn will continue to hard aspect her Leo Sun on and off till early 2022 which will be up and down, with setbacks and some opportunities. She also has her Solar Arc Uranus square her Moon exact in three months, which may be a family or emotional upset, with repercussions running on till late 2022 as Solar Arc Uranus squares her Saturn as well.  Her Progressed Moon moving out of her 8th house in three months will lift some concerns though it has been balanced recently by tr Jupiter also moving through her 8th until March 2022 which is good for money and usually brings beneficial changes.

   Saturn moving into her 8th from April 2022 for three years may be stickier on the business money front and she’ll be thrown back on her own resources with less support emotionally and financially. She will have some frustrations and trapped phases in 2022 with tr Pluto continuing to oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint and she will hit a lacklustre patch in 2023 with her Solar Arc Sun square her Neptune. Though she is overall powering up for a major career push over the next fifteen years with her tr Saturn rising upwards in her chart.

  Her relationships won’t be easy with tr Pluto just moving into her 7th for many years ahead which can bring tensions with partners and others as Pluto’s controlling tendencies come to the fore.

  Her relationship chart with Harry is already under a good deal of pressure with tr Pluto square the chained-together Saturn Pluto this year and moving on to oppose the composite Moon in 2022 and 2023. Given the way they have been living out this aspect by projecting it out onto Harry’s family, it seems likely the aggro in that direction will continue. Apart from her mother she appears to have cut away from almost all of her own family, including her father’s brother a retired US diplomat, recently deceased, who had been helpful to her as she was starting out.  

 Harry is not in an ambitious phase at all and would prefer to disappear into a lower profile role.

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  1. Reminds me of the old Marlene Dietrich movie The Blue Angel. The story tells how a well respected member of the community leaves his old life behind when he falls for the seductive charms of nightclub singer Dietrich. By the end of the film he has been reduced to playing a clown in her nightclub act before having a complete mental breakdown. I really fear for Harry’s state of mind in the months and years ahead.

  2. Spot on about Meghan wanting to cherry pick all the high profile royal duties. Not for her opening an inner city drop-in centre in Wolverhampton on a wet Wednesday!
    Her constant sniping at the Queen and now poking fun at her on her birthday are offensive. This is a woman who has devoted her entire life to duty and is grieving the loss of her dearly loved Philip the love of her very long life.
    The Queen rocks! M will never hold a candle to her.

  3. The way the video comes off can’t possibly be what Meghan intended. Seems like a press-worthy Lady Bountiful event to reach out to 40 “friends”–all celebrities, guess that’s a prerequisite for friendship–and inspire them to give 40 minutes to the less fortunate. Maybe it’s the setting that leads to unease. Meghan surrounds herself with palatial luxury, like the Queen addressing the world. Strikes a note of utter phoniness. By contrast the Queen comes off as sincere and unpretentious. Most unsettling is a glimpse through the window of the man who made the lavish lifestyle possible. Where Meghan is enthroned in majesty, Harry appears juggling balls, like some kind of court jester or fool, as Meghan laughs. Hard to find anything nice about the scene, and much that’s ominous.

  4. Nel would that antipathy extend to her own mother? She is the only family member that retains any communication. It doesn’t bode well for Harry and their children.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. I’m always curious about Solar Returns, since sometimes I find them very accurate about the big things – marriage, bereavement and so on – yet often puzzling in less dramatic years. I keep studying them, and it’s great to have others’ SRs to practice with.
    One odd thing I noticed about Meghan’s SR for this year is the S Node is conjunct the late Queen Mother’s (4th August 1900) Uranus/NN conjunction in Sagittarius. The SR Moon in Gemini is conjunct the Queen Mother’s ascendant, and Meghan’s NN in Gemini is conjunct the Queen Mother’s S Node. The Queen Mother also had Sun 11 Leo conjunct Mercury at 6 Leo, echoing Meg’s SR. So possibly some wider family pattern is resonating or being acted out in some way here?

    • Jane. Know what you mean about SRs – very variable and often, though sort of descriptive of what transpires, don’t turn out to be what you expect. Difficult to use them as real predictors. Which is why I always add transits/Solar Arcs etc

      • Thanks Marjorie. I’ve been studying Solar Arcs since I started reading your website! They do seem to be very descriptive, much more helpful than Progressions on the whole. Although those also appear to work for major relationships or marriage I have found.

  6. Sadly I find the whole idea of 40 minutes risible. Many much less fortunate people than her select 40 manage a good deal more time volunteering than a measly 40 minutes. She could do a lot but this is wide of the mark. As she is now in a 5th house profection year, activating that Neptune in sag (and jup in 3rd) I think we can expect a lot more of this type of puff and guff in the next 12 months.

  7. Thank you Marjorie. Although it does feel like Groundhog day with Meghan. I always get confused with the Solar Arc, is that the “old day for a year”? Her solar arc Venus on her Pluto could also signify Mother issues or the Queen. I get the feeling that yesterday’s clinical post was another dig at the Queen. It almost seems that she really does dislike the Queen so much, that she would do anything to hurt her. The Solar Arc Venus conjuncts her Natal Pluto,. along with her Solar Arc Moon, Saturn and Jupiter is very plutonium. Her Solar Return Moon is also trine her Natal Pluto and Solar Arc Venus. Marjorie once said that she would fall out with Oprah, I wonder if this is the year she will. As this her Natal Pluto could be feminised with the Venus and the Moon so plutonium in her progressed Chart alongside her Gemini Solar Return Moon in the fourth. I know 4th house Moon signifies the Mother, however Oprah is old enough to be her Mother. Her Return Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo is definitely going to empower the Natal 1st house North Node sun midpoint on her Mercury, along with her Solar Return North Node in the 3rd in Gemini. Yet it is her midpoint Moon/Jupiter on her Saturn in her Natal that I think has always been her problem. That is could be a sign of being restricted and that is something Meghan with her 1st House North Node and Sun may hate. Maybe this is why she doesn’t like the Queen so much and she see the Queen in her way. It is interesting that Marjorie mention Meghan cancelling all her family. There is a complete lack of empathy with men in her chart. Could this be to do with her Mar/Venus midpoint conject her Sun in her Natal Chart? She must be dominate?

    I had not noticed it before by my Natal South Node is conjunct her North Node. Perhaps with have a past karma connection as, I innately find her purposely destructive and cruel – especially to women.

    • Solar Arcs move planets one degree a year.

      I think the two keys to Meghan are firstly her Pluto in the 4th giving her a need to control her domestic, home, family circle.
      The second is her Moon Saturn square Mars – which even with Jupiter sprinkled in, is damaged emotionally and will tend to make her lash out.
      The Queen’s conscientious and we’ll-all-do-it-my-way 6th house Pluto is conjunct Meg’s Mars which will rub her up the wrong way. And the Queen’s obsessively dutiful Saturn Midheaven is conjunct Meg’s wayward, rebellious 5th house Uranus.
      Meghan thought she could cherry pick what she wanted from the Royal menu – take the gloss, the high profile celebrity and ignore the rest. Not on the Queen’s watch.

      • Marjorie – With regards to your last sentence : “Not on the Queen’s watch” – how would this play out on Charles’ or William’s watch?

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