Doris Duke – one law for the rich

New evidence has turned up that Doris Duke, ‘richest women in the world’, heir to a tobacco, aluminium and energy fortune, who died in 1993, was responsible for crushing her constant companion of seven years under the wheels of her car, after he had told her he was leaving. Vanity Fair says: “A notoriously jealous and possessive woman, Duke had stabbed her common-law husband, jazz musician Joseph Castro, with a butcher knife three years earlier and escaped any criminal charges.” This time round the local police chief who had mafia connections deemed it an accident. In thanks she donated hundreds of thousands to local projects.

Born 22 November 1912, she had a 12th house Sun conjunct Mars in vengeful Scorpio in a hard-edged and can-be cruel opposition to Saturn. Her Sun was inconjunct a 7th house Pluto which would intensity her darker emotions where close relationships were concerned; and she had a pushily confident Pluto opposition Jupiter Mercury in Sagittarius. What is also noteworthy is her Neptune in the 8th which would give her an ’aura’ in the public eye, shared by many top film stars. She had a sociable and indulgent, tactile Taurus Moon in the 5th squaring onto a changeable Uranus which was in a highly-strung opposition to her Neptune. Her Venus was in an intense and manipulative/jealous opposition to Pluto and trine her Moon – not a lady who liked to go without what she wanted.  But also emotionally very unstable.

  The astrology of the moment in 1966 when the killing occurred is illuminating – her Solar Arc Saturn was conjunct her 8th house Neptune, tr Uranus Pluto was conjunct her Solar Arc Sun Neptune and tr Saturn was conjunct her Solar Arc Uranus –  her life would be melting down with high anxiety and extreme uncertainty. The tr Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo was moving to conjunct her Midheaven in the aftermath, changing the course of her life.

   She was friends with Jackie Kennedy and in later years did a good deal of philanthropic giving towards AIDS research, medicine, child welfare and donated funds to support and educate black students in the South who were disadvantaged because of their race.  Her estimated $1.3 billion fortune was largely left to charity, dedicated to medical research, prevention of cruelty to children and animals, the performing arts, wildlife and ecology.

  Maybe she finally saw the light and her sins sent her off in search of redemption. She certainly wouldn’t be in control of her jealousy or anger.

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  1. To add to these Moon Pluto tales. I was involved with a Moon Pluto Scorpio trine Sun in Cancer man. He was extremely jealous and micromanaging of nearly everything , staying at my house although he had a much better apartment close by.

    When I asked him to leave to give me some space and insisted on it , that set of a nightmarish chain of events including him trying to set me up with my landlord on using illegal drugs and calling mother telling her I was showing signs of mental illness and all other kinds of vengeful acts , including non stop texting which alternated between messages of jealousy and vile hate with threats of violence to declarations of his undying love and devotion etc. He ended up moving away and hasn’t tried contacting me after several weeks of this hell.

    His Pluto also squared my Venus and his Saturn/Uranus conjunction sat on my Sun.

  2. I knew a Scorp neighbor, across the street from me…and we developed feelings for the other. Also we worked at the same company. [never do that!] She had moon in 7th house Leo…conjunct Pluto. Her Leo moon was opposite my Leo 1st house. I recall an astrologer mentioned our Plutos were nearly exactly in opposition.

    Things didn;t move along as she wanted…and I was forced to move away…she tracked me down and sliced my truck tires…or paid someone to do it. Police who responded merely laughed quietly; “Who’d you piss off, citizen?” I had to agree and laughed with them. 😉

    Never piss-off a scorp, esp a woman scorp.

  3. Goodness, that sure explains a lot. Her chart seems Pluto-heavy to me, not only is the planet making some potent contacts but its house is tenanted by Neptune — no escape from her taboo emotions and illusions. Venus opp Pluto has to be the worst! I had a boyfriend awhile ago (we are still friends, amazingly) who has that aspect and a great deal of our time together was with him spent maneuvering, suspecting and responding to every perceived slight with some act of vengeance — major or minor. The distrust of self leads to all sorts of insecurities projected onto the loved one. Also, Mars in the 12th always scares me — the anger is usually so well-hidden that it’s always comes as a shock when it’s triggered and released.
    Thank you for doing this one, Marjorie.

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