Olympian heights for mid- spot Aquarius

Records appear to be tumbling at a record rate at the Olympics with the latest being in the women’s 800 metres. There are too many athletes and sporting prodigies to go over by name and event but one thing continues to fascinate me – which sounds obscure but has turned up over the years – which is the concentration of key midpoints or planets/Solar Arcs at mid Aquarius degrees in top class competitors’ charts. It seems strange with Aquarius not being a sign much associated with physical prowess.

  The Japan Olympics chart itself has a Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at 12 Aquarius – see post July 24 2021. Elaine Thompson-Herah, 28 June 1992, the fastest woman alive after her 100 metres win, a Sun Venus in Cancer has her Mars/Pluto midpoint at 15 Aquarius and her Saturn at 17 Aquarius.

  Emma McKeon, 24 May 1994, the multi-medalled swimmer (4 gold, three bronze here), a Sun Gemini has her Mars/Pluto at 13 Aquarius and her Mars/Node at 11 Aquarius.

 Keely Hodgkinson, 3 March 2002, the 800 metres runner, Sun Pisces, has her Mercury at 17 Aquarius, Mars/Pluto at 24 Aquarius and her Uranus/Neptune at 17 Aquarius.

  Lamont Marcell Jacobs, 26 September 1994, sun libra, the 100 and 60 metres winner, has two of his Saturn midpoints in mid Aquarius.

 Adam Peaty, the Brit swimmer, 28 December 1994, a Capricorn, has the same two Saturn midpoints almost on the same degrees as Jacobs in mid Aquarius.

  All of which may not add up to much but the fixed quality may help, giving endurance and staying power for the punishing training schedule. Sydney McLaughlin, who has just broken the world record for 400 metres hurdles, 7 August 1999, has a seriously Fixed chart with a Sun Leo opposition Uranus in mid Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio opposition Saturn.

Usain Bolt, the former world champion sprinter, and Mo Farah, the long-distance runner, both have their Mars/Jupiter midpoint in mid Aquarius; with Mo Farah having his Sun/Neptune and Mars/Uranus there as well.

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  1. On a slightly different topic, Sir Chris Hoy doing his BBC Olympic commentary a couple of days ago reeled off a list of about five famous and successful current sports people who shared a 23 March birthday. Apart from him, I can only remember Mo Farrah. But it was rather intriguing. Little rams who have to get to the top of the hill?

  2. Hmm… this IS interesting!!

    Seems very Aquarian in that the elite athlete is also very ,very unique.
    There really is only one Greg Louganis or Simone Biles or any of the others..
    this singular, unique path they take.


  3. Very interesting and cool find Marjorie, thanks. Exercise physiology and sports science is quite Aquarian when you go into it, right down to cellular and molecular level.

  4. Thanks for this Marjorie – so much work to compile this one. As a Jamaican, I am fascinated by this — hee hee. One of the things I heard BBC pundit Michael Johnson say was that a lot of winners can have a very detached attitude to the outcome of their events and he seemed to imply that it is this detachment that got them through the travails. Perhaps, he’s right and that’s what the Aquarius symbolises. Sometimes interviewers get a bit exasperated because some of the athletes seem to be dispassionate about their wins and they’re already gearing up for the next challenge, so maybe it’s this objectivity that is a chief component of winning big: a sort of “out of body” experience that carries them across the line.

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