Meghan and Harry – Archie takes a bow

An astro thought popped into mind at the news that Meghan and Harry had produced their first Archewell love-and-compassion podcast which featured, amongst other celebrities, seventeen-month-old Archie saying ‘Happy New Year.’ Reviews suggest it was ‘blandly Californian. Like Goop but without the fun.’ Vacuous and naff.

 For a couple whose raison d’etre for bolting was a driving desire for privacy, fuelled in part ‘twas said by Harry’s dislike of being in the Royal goldfish bowl, it seems a tad strange to be exposing their offspring to a gawping public. And naming their (presumably hopefully mega-million dollar) foundation after him. Especially after all the fuss about keeping his birth and christening under wraps.

  When Archie arrived I winced a touch at his chart which has the Saturn Pluto conjunction in his 10th of career. Saturn in the 10th suggests a workaholic, disciplinarian, chilly mother and with Pluto added in she becomes even more hard-driving and controlling. It doesn’t mean he won’t be successful long term, since he’ll have duty welded into his DNA but it certainly doesn’t point to a playful, carefree childhood where he’s left to make his own choices.

  Meghan’s Pluto squares Archie’s Midheaven, so she will be instrumental in dictating his path in life until he breaks free.

  The relationship charts with both Meghan and Harry have composite Sun Venus so there will be a good deal of affection. But with Harry it’s a more sociable and enjoyable, fun interface; while with Meghan there’s an emphasis on work and money.

   Relations within the Royal Family don’t appear to be easing much. Will and Harry, if anything will move further apart through this year; and Harry and his father Charles will also be jolted and jangled, perhaps by other family events with a sense of disappointment lingering.

  Meghan and the Queen will be moving through a tumultuous two years with more aggravations and frustrations following.  Meghan and Charles are drifting, with 2022 being a sore point as enthusiasm is dampened; and the same with Will who’ll find it tricky to keep calm as angry influences blow up in 2022/23.

  Which mirrors the Harry/Meghan relationship chart on which family tussles loomed large with a composite Moon square Saturn Pluto which sees continuing pressures hanging over from 2020 through 2021, and worsening in 2022/23 as tr Pluto opposes the composite Moon.

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  1. One can find any number of hateful reviews on the internet, and for you to be spouting flippant comparisons to Goop (do you personally have any experience with either Goop or Meghan and Harry’s podcast?) is particularly low. You know how Harry has struggled with what happened to his mother and that, more than anything, and quite apart from Meghan’s appearance on the scene, has fueled his desire to ‘bolt.’ Harry and Meghan never wanted to be hermits, they wanted to be in control of press access to their lives. You may recall that they objected to having to present their son for a photo-op to media outlets who had excoriated Meghan in their publications – you deriding them for wanting privacy is a deliberate skewing of the facts. Harry’s previous more serious relationships were with blonde British ladies who would have ticked all the royal boxes; rumour has it that neither of them wanted to take on the burden of royal life. But regardless of whether those rumours are true or not, the hard fact is that neither of them stayed in Harry’s life.
    Adding a voice to roster of dismissive vitriol aimed at a young family who is in a unique, stressful and unenviable position of carving a niche for themselves while hate is hurled at them over the internet is not a worthy use of talent.

    • I don’t ‘hate’ Harry and Meghan. Once he grew up he did sterling work with Invictus and she was a refreshing addition to the Royals. Together they could have done an amazing amount in their new role in the Commonwealth as well as taking some of the strain during Covid.
      The media were anything but negative at the start; they welcomed her with open arms. But she does seem, along with Harry, to have an over developed sense of grievance. They’ve fallen into the same trap as Diana, thinking they could use the media for their own ends to platform what suits them and yowling fault when what’s published isn’t totally under their control. Tant pis, life doesn’t work that way.
      Shutting the public – who foot the Royal bills – out of the birth and christening was not only astonishingly short sighted, it was mean-minded. Which might have made more sense if Archie was then removed off to a childhood of total anonymity. But that’s clearly not the plan.
      The rigours of Royal life aren’t for everyone but it isn’t a pick n’ mix option. You’re in or you’re out. They could be like one of the Scandanavian Royals living in California, I think, who disappeared into invisibility apart from doing the odd charitable gig.
      But the clear impression with Meghan and Harry is they want the fame and status that goes with a title without the responsibility, to fund a wealth-generating machine and that won’t wash.

      • I was not suggesting that *you* hate them, and I am sorry for wording the reply in such a way that made it sound so. I would not level that kind of personal attack against anyone. I was speaking about ones who lie in wait to criticize and dismiss everything that comes from Harry and Meghan as valueless, now that they are out of the royal family.
        I would think that Harry’s idea of staying on part-time would especially be for the purpose of continuing with his army-related initiatives and the like while not being dictated to about where he can spend his energies as designated 6th wheel now; there’s nothing to be flippant about there.
        There is nothing wrong with wanting to generate wealth when those monies will be aimed at bettering the world, even if it sounds ‘naff’ to some.
        I wish them well. I remember reading another astrologer who said that fundamentally, the universe wants us to be happy and successful, and knowing about astrology is a way to navigate to that point. It’s what I wish for them, and for all of us.

  2. Frankly, any parent, including those with the faux cry for privacy, using their children to boost their income generation in such a manner is quite despicable.

  3. There’s something strange about Archie’s young life. A publicity-hungry mother makes massive efforts to keep him hidden. How many proud first-time parents do that? And it would seem as if his best life would be lived in proximity to his little cousins and other relatives. He’s been separated from all of them, and is alone as a child in a fancy house. There’s plenty here that doesn’t meet the eye.

  4. How will the break with the Royal Family impact Archie when he’s an adult? Will he be resentful that he was not allowed to be part of it and wishing his childhood experience was different? or happy to be an American and not a part of the Royal Family?

  5. My heart sinks when I see four planets in the boy’s 12th house, especially including his chart ruler Venus which squares Sat/Pluto, the Node and MC. The Sun/Moon (parents) are quite favourably aspected individually but Neptune stands out – strong in its own sign and most favourable…Mercury has no aspects to the Asc/MC so obviously he is no communicator – no outlet here. Mercury square the Sat/Plu MC suggests his communication is strictly controlled…..Sun/Sat benasp ascendant suggest Harry controls his public image…. he could be spiritual (except he has many earth planets), but to me he seems to tow the royal line – he may well have a significant emotional function for the British people with such a strong Neptune – and huge communication problems on the educational side – I think he is a straightforward fellow but desperately disinterested in his own image/reputation/situation – he is simple, in the nicest way, without the will to change the world. Perhaps the antidote to his mother’s ambitions? They should put him on a horse now – that will give him a passion he can share with great grandma……

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