Brexit – the end of the beginning ++

The final (allegedly) moment of the irrevocable parting of the ways from the EU will come at 11pm London time tonight.

  This produces a mixter maxter chart with three distinct strands:

Neptunian dreams with Venus in freedom-loving and adventurous Sagittarius opposition a wild-child Gemini North Node square Neptune in the employment and health 6th house.

Uranus in the financial 8th in an innovative trine to the Sun and an erratic square to Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius – adventurous, opportunistic, dictatorial, inconsistent.

  And a log-jammed, frustrated, furious – and then some – 8th house Mars square Pluto Saturn Jupiter, which will take superhuman effort to push through financial problems. It also suggests bitter wrangling over financial matters, immediately and with escalating tensions in three and four years time as the Mars Pluto Saturn move by Solar Arc to exact.

Last and probably least there’s a flashy Leo Moon sitting on the UK Jupiter and opposition Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius – continuing the contradictory themes of high hopes and pessimism.  

Add On: Next day commentaries:

‘The UK has repatriated economic sovereignty and discovered that, far from allowing it to humble the EU, it has harmed itself. [Brexit] is still a promise without a plan. We have broken out of one regime of international relationships into a holding position – worse than what came before.’

‘I voted for Brexit – but not for this. Sean O’Grady thought that Leave could lead to a better deal for Britain. But, he writes, what we’ve ended up with instead is the worst of all worlds.’

‘A trade deal that requires a high degree of continued alignment on labour market regulation, environmental standards, state aid and much else besides doesn’t entirely free the country of its past ties.

 [But]no longer will it be possible to blame the EU bogey for the country’s troubles, or for sitting on our hands and doing nothing. No more excuses. Britain must learn to stand on its own two feet.’

‘Another union — that between the nations of England, Scotland and Wales and the province of Northern Ireland, will take centre stage in Brexit’s next act. Forget the guff about embarking on a new Elizabethan age. “Global Britain” is at present heading towards the rocks of constitutional break-up.

The decision to leave the EU was, at its heart, an expression of English nationalism. A reordering of relationships within the UK is inevitable — and a parting of the ways a real and present danger.

 Changing minds to guarantee the preservation of the Union will require, at very least, two steps. The first, which should be the easiest, is Mr Johnson’s departure in favour of a prime minister ready to redistribute power within the UK. The second (contingent on the first) is a constitutional offer to Scotland — and to Wales and Northern Ireland — that would create an essentially federal union. The status quo is no longer an option.’

35 thoughts on “Brexit – the end of the beginning ++

  1. Oh dear!
    Oh well, at least this year is over.
    Happy New Year to you all, wherever you are, especially to you Marjorie, with grateful thanks for all your insights and analyses throughout the year.
    Onwards, upwards!

    • Yes, a hard year indeed……hair today, gone tomorrow! Macron’s got it in for Boris – Macron’s eyebrows are superb! – you can tell he’s French/partnered by someone who Cares About Brows – love it! Sod the rest, it is so mad you couldn’t make it up!!! Just look at The Brows (Daily Mail) instead of Hair (and Boris needs serious dentistry for credibility now!). Dear God, who said appearances are not important …..zey know nussing…..

  2. The above Charts Sun is within seconds of the Saturn Sun in the 1066 England Chart. This is a huge turning point in our countries destiny, in my view. As for the first time in just over a thousand years Britain is turning away from being a power house in Europe. Perhaps Johnson is the arch destroyer? His is a man from many countries, born in New York, French Great Great-grandparents, with Turkish and Russia connections. Our destiny is being led by a man who has little DNA in this country. Would an English PM with long standing connections have played with this country’s fortunes like he has?

    • Emphatically, No. But that speaks as much to the character of the man, as his multinatonal background.
      And his dodgy connections. It seems extraordinary to me that on both sides of the Atlantic we have two farcically similar Tweedledum tweedledee Geminis,leading their countries while betraying it to the Russians.
      I mean thats what it boils down to, despite the kilos of sand thrown in our faces as blinding distractions.
      Extraordinary, its like some cosmic joke.
      Nobody would believe it as a script for a movie or plot for a book. Even Le Carré wouldnt be able to sell it.

        • With the BBC having normalised him and shoved him onto the world stage and down our throats in an unprecedented fashion[may they rot in hell], how can one ever forget that slimey opportunistic toe rag, much as one would wish too.

          I know he loves the attention so this New Year I wish for him heaps of it from the CIA FBI MI5 MI6 and anyone else eager to investigate this sleazy self important windbag.

          Ditto Mogg and all of the rest of the ‘boys’ from Brexit.

          • Nigel Farage is forever complaining of institutional left wing and pro EU bias at the BBC.

            Recently, Caroline Cadwalldr, a journalist at the Guardian newspaper conceded defeat in a libel case against leading Brexiter Arron Banks, Cadwalldr being completely unable to present a shred of evidence regarding her very vocal claims of ‘Russian funding’ of Arron Banks.

          • What motivated the BBC to give Farage such a prominent platform at any available opportunity – did viewing figures go up when he was on? Or are there hard-core Brexiteers who oversee the political output from the BBC?

      • I suspect one of the other reasons that oddballs like Farage got more of a platform than they deserve is the media’s obsession with gladiatorial contests – heat not light. They just love to stir up aggravation opposing Yes with No.
        I remember a media-savvy doctor years back saying they were starting to refuse to take part in discussions which pitched, for eg, flossing your teeth is good with some nutjob who would argue it was bad. Not all arguments need to be balanced and not all discussions have to be a tussle between combatants.

        • True and its quite deliberately manafactured theatre to give dishonest lip service to balance/both sideism.
          At the height of the BBCs Farage mania I wrote to Tony Hall quoting Karl Poppers paradox of intolerance from The Open Society and Its Enemies

          The response was hilariously childish and unbelievably depressing cliché ridden justification.

          I dropped my TV License as a result.

          • It’s increasingly moving towards arguments of false equivalence, which are endemic on social media debates and I think that’s where the BBC, perhaps in an attempt to appear more relevant is trying to take it’s cue. It doesn’t auger well for standards when the Beeb lowers the bar like this.

        • They did the same on BBC 5Live a few years ago with Katie Hopkins, wheeling her out on a regular basis presumably because they thought it would stir controversy and raise listening figures. Thing is, people like this don’t deliver an argument of equivalence, they just spout hateful bile. The depressing thing for me as a listener was when they allowed this woman to practically bully anyone who phoned in, including telling an overweight woman she was fat and disgusting and telling a woman who was bullied online it was her own fault.

          • Yes thats been going on for some time, spearheaded by supposedly respectable publications such as NYT, BBC etc.
            It was one of the main reasons Trumpism and Brexit has been so hard to fight, ditto the worst aspects of identity politics, self i.d ing etc
            Its sophism of the worst kind as its so often used in bad faith.

          • Indeed, the pursuit of ratings based on combative, increasingly extreme viewpoints and opinions. Perhaps another reason why Geminians with a political axe to grind, took to social media like ducks to water and have flourished in these times and why tinfoil gadflies such as Alex Jones are able to persuade an alarming number of Americans that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    • What a colonial/imperialist remark. Maybe you should study some history and understand there is no such thing as pure British, as most British descended from Germanic blood lines.

  3. Venus on the South Node means a significant decline in the UK standard of living relative to the EU and other trading partners. Neptunian illusions will be pierced. Chaos will indeed reign on the MC. Other indications provided by Marjorie confirm this financial debacle.

  4. Brian Wilson, a former Scottish Labour MP, who happens to be a very able and intelligent man, (it’s a mystery why the last Labour government never gave him a very senior cabinet position), recently reflected that Scottish devolution was the ‘biggest own goal in history’ for the Labour Party.
    Yet here we have that fool, Gordon Brown, running up and down the country calling for more ‘regional government’ in the UK!
    As if the prompt and overwhelming rejection by canny north easterners of a ‘North East England’ regional assembly back in 1997 never happened.

    • ” Courtroom drama

      Carole Cadwalladr, the journalist who won the Orwell Prize for her Observer articles about the finances and data sources of the Leave campaign and the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, faces another chapter in a libel case that some journalists see as pivotal for press freedom. Arron Banks, the Leave.EU co-founder, issued a libel writ in July 2019. Rather than suing the Observer or claiming damages for anything in the paper, he sued Cadwalladr personally for allegations she made during a Ted Talk about his contacts with the Russian government. She depends on crowdfunding to contest the case.

      The argument so far is about what a “reasonable” person would have thought Cadwalladr meant when she accused Banks of “lies” about his relationship with the Russian government. She did not mean he discussed or accepted funding, she insisted. The judge in the case ruled that her words could reasonably be interpreted that way, compelling her to drop her defence that what she said was true. But she will continue to contest the case in the High Court in the new year, pleading, as is now common in libel cases, that it was in the public interest for questions to be raised.

      Is this a rich businessman vindictively pursuing a brave reporter? Or an irresponsible pro-Remain journalist making allegations unsupported by evidence? Your answer probably depends on which side you backed in the referendum. As the judge has observed, the two sides “could not be more divided”.”

      • Sorry to break it to you, but the English legal system is based on evidence and evidence alone.
        Slinging mud is insufficient grounds for putting a man in jeopardy of his reputation.

        If Cadwalldr has any evidence, then she must produce it – for her own sake as well as well as the sake of her cause. All she is doing by trying to quibble her way through this is to further disgrace herself and undermine her credibility and integrity – supposedly serious attributes for any journalist.
        The first thing they teach you at journalism school is not to make strong statements or quotes unless you have actual documented evidence and sources to back you up, lest you are sued or are found to have made the whole thing up.

        • Thanks, but the passage already covers those issues, and extrapolates further, and includes those with your position, a point you seem to have missed. So really, there is no need for your further condescension or pomposity.


    • Jonathan, he never became a senior cabinet minister for the very reason….he was an able and intelligent man. They are very threatening, not pliable, and actually have integrity enabled by a brain……nobody likes that these days! You must be Woke to survive….when I lived in Aberdeen for 4 years in the late 90’s, I did some law course with a crusty old barrister who said the Human Rights Law, recently introduced, was the death knell for society……he explained in short, powerful sentences, exactly the consequences we’re witnessing now….there is no wrong, just the right to say anything and the harder you scream the more you get your way….I think the Scots are way ahead and will become independent sooner than the rest. Boris has caused great destruction, make no bones about that, but the Scots can get around it….its odd, I’m a Kiwi but do think having lived on both sides of t he world that extreme north/south does somehow fire up alternative solutions….perhaps because necessity demands it so that we don’t fall off the planet….

  5. Remember reading on another astrology site that Pluto was rising in the chart of Tony Blair’s accession as Prime Minister in 1997.

    Puzzling then, but with hindsight explains Brexit, and the push towards Scottish independence, in that both were the outcome of underground anti-establishment movements which gained mass public support, and ultimately power.

    Also, I remember reading that the Moon’s nodes on the 2016 Referendum chart were coincident with the moon of the New Labour accession chart of 1997, or something similar, I’m only a dabbler here.
    This chimes in with the notion of Brexit as being the karmic price to pay for New Labour’s immigration policies.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. This looks very bumpy for finances, as you say. Perhaps some big changes will be proposed for financial services and regulations? Interesting to see the Venus with South Node, and wonder whether that’s indicating release from current constraints in the markets or banking sector? Gambling of some kind – the markets are, after all, a kind of casino.

    Dwarf planet Ceres is approaching the Brexit Neptune, conjunct in January and emphasising what you write about the “wild child” nodes, Neptune, and adventurous Venus – maybe more fishing shenanigans, as I think Ceres in Pisces could represent the harvest of the sea. Also the “harvest” of health, healing and medicine – perhaps more positive scientific news in the UK. Although it’s impossible to ignore the rising infection and mortality figures for Covid 19 too, and Ceres/Neptune could point to a crisis.

    Finally, I am bleakly amused to see that asteroid ‘Chaos’ is exactly conjunct the MC of this chart! A wry comment from the cosmos.

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