UK 2021 – fasten seat belts ++ England

The UK will be more buffeted by the transiting Uranus square Saturn than many countries (except the EU – and now that I think about it India, Pakistan and China). Tensions will run high over restrictions to freedom as well as the fallout from economic disruptions.

  Tr Saturn will square the UK 8th house financial Mars in late March/early April, mid July and across the New Year into 2022 for setbacks, irritations and accidents. But it is tr Uranus which will have the more obvious effect as it forms a shocking/insecure/over-reactive conjunction to the UK Mars through most of May, late November through December 2021 and again in February 2022 – there will be financial and other major upsets. When tr Pluto hit this part of the UK chart a few decades back there were a stream of major disasters – ferry sinkings, Kings Cross fire etc. So it will be accident prone on a larger scale than Saturn.

  2022 will see much the same as tr Uranus square tr Saturn hits on the UK 2nd house Neptune. Uranus won’t clear the UK’s Fixed planets until early 2025 so it will be a bumpy ride with multiple forced changes coming one on top of each other.

  Any legislature changes with extended devolution or splits is likely to come in 2023/24 with tr Uranus square the 11th house Saturn.

  What will be interesting to watch to see how it turns out is the UK 5th house Venus. The 5th is the chart area of entertainment as well as financial speculation. The Solar Arc Sun opposes the Venus exactly in nine months and the Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct in eighteen months. Both of which might suggest positive outcomes although tr Saturn and tr Uranus will be impacting the Solar Arc Sun, Solar Arc Midheaven and Venus throughout 2022 as well, so it will be a time of jolts, jangles and stop-start progress.

  Back in 2021 minor good news will come from tr Jupiter conjunct the UK Pluto in Pisces June 9th to July 2nd, and again in January. Might be sporting successes. Jupiter is also moving through the UK 5th from late January 2021 for a year which will – some of the time – lead to renewed self-confidence. Though Jupiter will battle with tr Saturn moving through Aquarius as well, which latter requires effort to take responsibilities seriously.

There’s uncertainty now till late January 2021; and some downbeat moments March to mid April, mid September to mid October and Jan/Feb 2022. And losses late May, on and off to March 2022. But those are run of the mill life-being-normal kind of influences.

   Northern Ireland, 7 December 1922 3.28pm Belfast, is shifting off an old track with tr Uranus impacting on its Water Grand Trine of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto so is having to cope with new circumstances and changes. It will cause strain but it may not all be negative since it will force the country to rethink its ambitions for the future. Pluto moving through the 10th (start time being accurate) from exactly now onwards for a decade can be seen as a search for a new direction. 2022 will be a time of high anxiety about domestic matters and deep questioning of roots and family past.

  Relations with Ireland 1949 look undermined, unresolved and damaged through 2021/22 with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Mars and opposition Saturn; not warmly co-operative; pushed and pulled by circumstances in 2022/23 and turned upside down by 2024 with completely new agreements needed.

  Wales, 3 March 1284 JC, is ploughing through discouraging times in 2021/22 and is low in morale with tr Pluto conjunct the Pluto Saturn and tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Sun. And the Devolution 1998 chart is no more settled with tr Uranus square tr Saturn causing disruption.

  Scotland, up in arms over Brexit, is the most likely to aim for separation though economic realities as well as a Sturgeon v Salmond split in the SNP may make for a tighter vote than it appears now if it came to a referendum.  The Scotland Act of Union, 1 May 1707 JC suggests that 2023 may be the most likely time for a Scexit push with tr Uranus conjunct the 1707 Sun and square the Pluto Jupiter. But it is a tightly welded-together chart and won’t split easy. Uranus has been round this circuit several times in the last four centuries.

  The Scottish Devolution chart, 17 November 1998, would point to 2024/25 as the times of radical change. Neither of the two ancient Scotland charts of 1034 and 842 indicate much in the way of a drive for independence.  

  Maybe Keir Starmer’s ideas for a constitutional commission to extend devolution may gain traction.   

Add ON:

England – there are two charts – 11 May 973 JC and 25 December 1066.

  The 1066 chart shows dampened hopes through 2021 with tr Neptune opposition the Jupiter – high expectations which end in disappointment.  But both charts would indicate that 2023 to 2025 are the years of major turmoil, uncertainty and upheaval.

  The 1066 chart has tr Pluto conjunct the financial Venus in 2022/23 for considerable economic challenges; with a series of insecure, shocking, highly strung, undermining jolts from Solar Arcs in 2023/24 – tr Uranus conjunct the Neptune and Solar Arc Sun square Neptune; Solar Arc Uranus opposition Mars; and tr Neptune square Uranus.

  The 973 chart has much the same timeline with uncertainty in 2023/24 from tr Neptune square the Saturn; and tr Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun, Mars and square Pluto in 2024/25.

   So not dissimilar to the timeline of the ructions on the UK 1801 chart and the 1707 Scotland Act of Union chart.  It doesn’t mean there will be an outright split. But the England identity will certainly go into a full wash-and-spin which won’t be too comfortable.

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  1. “When tr Pluto hit this part of the UK chart a few decades back there were a stream of major disasters – ferry sinkings, Kings Cross fire etc. So it will be accident prone on a larger scale than Saturn.”

    Marjorie, was that roughly the time of the Mad Cow Disease/CJD scare? Another weird bovine/epidemiology theme, the legacy being some of the most obsessively stringent food standards in the world rather than anything technological or medically groundbreaking.

    • First sightings of Mad Cow were in 1986 though it didn’t really cause major panic until the 1990s. The Kings Cross Fire was 1987 as was the Zebrugge Ferry sinking.

      • Ahh yes that’s right thank you. We don’t get such slow burner stories like that any more, everything gets amplified quite quickly. Imagine the internet being around in 1986…

        I remember the Kings Cross fire well. Also the “hurricane” that preceded it by a few weeks and all the damage the next day.

  2. I would imagine the ingress of Saturn into Pisces in 2023 might see structures dissolving a process that would reach its full impact in 2026 when the planet moved into Aries and conjuncts Neptune.

    The key years of the English Reformation including the dissolution of the Monasteries was 1534-1540. In that period Saturn and Uranus tracked through Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius. In the same period Neptune moved to Aries conjoining with Jupiter.

    Outer planets hitting the Leo/Aquarius Axis seem to show up in the charts of Revolutionary events such as the Storming of the Bastille in 1789 (Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto) and the October Revolution in Russia 1917 (Neptune/Saturn/Uranus) both have it in their charts.

    The England 973 chart has Pluto in Leo, the Act of Union 1707 has Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter in Leo, the U.K. 1801 chart has Saturn in Leo and the U.K. 1927 Chart has Neptune in Leo. In addition the England 1066 Solar Arc chart has had Uranus in Leo since 2014 where it will remain until 2044. This repeats a similar set up in the 1066 Solar Arc chart which began with the execution of Charles 1 in 1649 when Solar Arc Uranus was at 0 Leo . These Leo planets will be activated by first Saturn and then when Pluto moves into Aquarius. That would seem to indicate pretty fundamental challenges starting with transiting Uranus squaring those U.K. planets in Leo from 2023 onwards.

    • Just to add that the Solar Arc 1066 Charts for 1284-1314 also had Uranus in Leo starting with the Statute of Rhuddlan incorporating the Principality of Wales into England and ending with the failure of the English crown to conquer Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn.

    • Saturn in Pisces is such a difficult energy. I visualize it as a person who sees a beautiful sunrise and then puts up an ugly skyscraper that blocks the view. And the builder also failed to notice they were building on top of a swamp. Not looking forward to Saturn’s transit there in several years, as I have Pisces on my MC.

  3. Not astrology, but I consulted an Asian psychic whom I have known many years. He said that Brexit will make the UK more outgoing/outward-facing and adventurous. He does not think that Irish unification will happen any soon and that Scotland will vote for independence and separation talks will start, but that after they see the deal they will get, they will reverse themselves in a second referendum and remain within the UK. But unusually, Wales will develop an independence movement of its own.

    Interesting times.

  4. The farce continues:
    “Officials have been accused of copying and pasting chunks of text into the Brexit deal agreement.

    Experts have spotted buried within page 921 of the UK-EU trade document references to dated computer software in the agreement which are decades old.

    Referencing encryption technology, it mentions Mozilla Mail and Netscape Communicator as “modern e-mail software package” – last updated in 2002.

    It also recommends the use of SHA-1 as a “hash algorithm” despite the fact it was depreciated in 2011.

    The references have led experts to believe key texts have been copied and pasted from old documentation due to the lack of time to secure a deal.

    It was reported EU officials were said to have been spending Christmas Day finalising the documents.”

    As to our place in the world, Demotion is the name of the game, English will no longer be the official language of the EU.

  5. Thanks Marjorie, Happy new Year, interesting interpretations. given discussions on devolution, could we have some analysis for England as well as the other countries of the UK please?

  6. Hi Marj, I have one of your previous Scotland Act of Union which has a different Ascendant. Your data showed
    May 1, 1701, 12 am, London, LMT 0:12:52, Asc 4Cp50 which is considerably different than your Scotland Asc???

    • Martha – you’ve used 17-oh-one … Act of Union as Marjorie states below was 17-oh-seven. Maybe a typo somewhere.

      Best wishes for the New Year everybody

    • Any thoughts on British comedian Eddie Izzard coming out as a lesbian transgender woman after years telling us all he was a plain old transvestite?

      This is on the back of the new Scottish law ruling explicitly stating that sex, rather than gender identity should be used as a basis for housing prison inmates, and Prof
      Kathleen Stock getting an OBE for services to Higher Education for highlighting the fact that gender identity issues are being used to harass female gender critical professors.

  7. A remarkable post, Marjorie. Events in Scotland could well stimulate another drive for independence in Quebec. The entry of Pluto in Aquarius in 2024 will bring it in a t-square with Canada’s Saturn-Pluto opposition while transiting Uranus is about to conjoin its Pluto.

    Also, Uranus and other transits to Scotland’s chart every century or so could have a cumulative historical effect. Canada nearly broke up in 1995 when Pluto in Scorpio opposed its natal Pluto. Another Uranus or Pluto transit could do it for both Scotland and Quebec.

    • Andre, we rang in the New Year by watching the comedy Quebexit, which showed in the (online) Whistler Film Fest. Highly recommend it!

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