USA 2021 – a slow recovery

A shell-shocked USA, battered by rancour over Trump’s presidency and his chaotic, vengeful exit, never mind the pandemic, could be forgiven a sigh of relief at the hope of quieter times ahead. With no mid degree Fixed signs on the USA 1776 chart the disruptions of the prevailing 2021 tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius won’t have much direct impact.

   But certain themes will run on from last year with tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury, exact now till late January, repeating mid August to late November. On its own, this would bring mental strain and intense, probably bitter, debate. But it will be ramped up by Mercury being natally opposition the USA Pluto and therefore a harbinger of more momentous changes to come as Pluto heads for its First Return since the USA was founded in 2022/23. (Examples of other countries going through a Pluto Return see post: October 16 2020.) The divisiveness and fraudulent misrepresentation will run on.

  One consolation to be drawn is that Joe Biden’s Jupiter in Cancer is conjunct the USA Mercury so he might manage to pour syrup on the worst of the hatred and bitterness.

  The Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius in June and December will continue to rattle the USA Uranus and Mars, leading to a heated, argumentative mood, both internally and externally.  [The Gemini and Sibley 1776 USA charts will also have their Ascendant’s affected by these Eclipses so they will bring about – as last year – a re-evaluation of America’s image in the eyes of the world and its relationships.]

   What is worrisome is tr Neptune square the USA Mars late March to mid April, early September to mid October, mid January to mid February 2022. Traditionally this brings about a panicky sense of failure, with dented self-esteem.

  Similar occurred before:

 In 1980 with tr Neptune in Sagittarius opposition the USA Mars, in the final year of Jimmy Carter’s presidency generally regarded as lacklustre. The US was in a minor recession spawned by the 1979 oil crisis; the unemployment rate rises to 6.3%.

In 1938 with tr Saturn in Virgo square the USA Mars. President Roosevelt on his less successful 2nd Term hints at US neutrality in the approaching war with Germany.

In 1897/98 tr Neptune in Gemini is conjunct the USA Mars. William McKinley President – the Spanish–American War started after an explosion on USS Maine in Havana Harbor in Cuba, leading to U.S. intervention in the Cuban War of Independence. It led to the U.S. emerging predominant in the Caribbean region and acquiring Spain’s Pacific possessions.

In 1857 Neptune in Pisces square the US Mars – Franklin Pierce president, an anti-abolitionist; the Supreme Court ruled that Blacks are not citizens and slaves cannot sue for freedom, driving the country further towards the American Civil War of 1861.

  Not terminal but on the whole uninspiring times in US history.

  What is also worth considering given the aggravated nature of the aspects on Inauguration day is the USA First President chart, of 30 April 1789 12.45pm New York. Tr Pluto is square the Mercury on this chart also at 24 degrees, so similar phases of ramped-up debate as indicated by the 1776 chart throughout 2021 Tr Neptune is conjunct the Saturn for uncertainty and paralysis, picking up late February and running till January 2022.

What to watch for is tr Uranus conjunct the First President Taurus Sun at ten degrees – with tr Saturn in square – which does suggest considerable disruption. This runs from April 2021 on and off until early 2022.

  Interestingly previous occurrences of this coincided with the Neptune transits above to the USA Mars.

Uranus in Taurus conjunct the FP Sun, June 1853 to March 1854, during Pierce’s presidency who is ranked as one of the worst and least memorable U.S. Presidents.

Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus – May 1937 to Feb 38, Franklin D Roosevelt after a successful first term from 1933, failed to garner support for his Second Stage New Deal intended to drag the USA out of the Great Depression. The business community objected, equating him with Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. The Supreme Court became his primary domestic focus during his second term after the court overturned many of his programs. Roosevelt’s “court packing” plan ran into intense political opposition from his own party, since it upset the separation of powers. Although by 1941, seven of the nine Justices had been appointed by Roosevelt.

  Overall the influences tended to coincide with ineffective presidencies.

8 thoughts on “USA 2021 – a slow recovery

  1. I think President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be fine. Even if they’re unable to bring about the many social and economic changes they’ve been advocating, at least they’ll act as a roadblock for the next four years to any further destruction the Republican Party would try to cause.

    Frankly, I think the main reason why so many people are being overly pessimistic about a Biden/Harris presidency is because these same people had unrealistic expectations (like they wanted Medicare for All, ICE to be abolished, free college and university, etc.) and they allowed themselves to believe all of this was going to happen if they had gotten a more “progressive” nominee. The reality is: none of these things were ever going to happen anytime soon regardless of who had gotten the nomination.

    As long as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can protect Obamacare / The Affordable Care Act, environmental protections, and economic policies from any further sabotage, then I will consider the next four years a successful presidency and vice presidency for both them.

    Regardless of how the next four years play out, I’m very happy I voted for Biden and Harris this year and will happily vote for them again in 2024.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  2. The US progressed Moon is in Aquarius in 2021. It squares the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio and progressed Venus in Taurus at the start of the year and tracks the transiting Uranus in Taurus/Saturn in Aquarius square through the following months. The Moon traditionally represents the people in mundane astrology and in its progressed form it is in the sixth house of health, sickness and epidemics. The chart seems to suggest that there will be rebellion (Uranus) against controls (Saturn) by the US population at some time in the next 12 months. Given Saturn also represents the death rate and life threatening epidemics in some mundane readings it presumably suggests this is somehow Covid related

  3. The first term of a Democrat presidency is always difficult as the work begins to clean up the sewage left by Republicans. It’s like a constant cycle of Democrats cleaning up the GOP’s mess, then typically after 2 terms, democrat voters(mostly PoC) get comfortable, lackadaisical and complacent, hence, republicans are able to weasel their way back into power by which they inherit a stable economy, claim credit for it, and then muck it up for the Dems to fix it again. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

    Fun facts: Carter 1976, 48% of the white vote.
    Clinton 1992, 44%.
    Obama 2008, 43%.
    Notice a trend? I wonder what Biden got.
    Also, every GOP president since at least WW2 has had at least one recession in their first term. Sonny Bush had one in both terms. Coincidence?!

  4. Your analysis feels right, unfortunately, even without the astrological explanations. Trump broke the country for good, our fiscal state is terrible, Biden had to try to be all things to all people just to win the election… and the Covid challenges, even with vaccines, are far from over. Much rides on the Georgia elections… If we just manage to survive, limit deaths and poverty, and undo the worst of Trump’s destruction, it’ll be something, but as to whether this will satisfy American voters, who have very short-term memories (repeatedly sending us back to the GOP to break after repair) that’s another story.

  5. Ava, the First President was George Washington.

    Marjorie, all signs point to a difficult term for Joe Biden. Renewal in the US will only come in the 2024 election when Pluto enters Aquarius. This was predicted by Michael Lutin in Vanity Fair way back in 1996.

  6. Good afternoon Marjorie-
    Just wondering…could Uranus in square with Saturn, and conjunct the Taurus Sun be the harbinger of a natural disaster?

    Btw best wishes for the next Solar Revolution and thank you for sharing your (mundane) astrology insights!

  7. Hi when you say first President, are you referring to Trump? There are a lot of shenanigans planned for next week and they should have the inauguration inside in my opinion. I guess people won’t settle down even after Mars moves out of Aries in January.

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