McConnell, Feinstein – refusing to face the realities of age

A stumbling president, a freezing Senate Minority leader and a confused senior Democratic senator are headlining the necessity for younger blood in USA politics.

  Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority Leader,  froze during a press conference and was escorted away from a lectern by colleagues.  He was able to return later but is known to have suffered a concussion and a broken rib from a fall recently and has fallen at least two other times this year.

  He was born February 20 1942, Sheffield, Al, no birth time, and is a Sun Pisces on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune; with a persuasive and manipulative Venus Mercury in Aquarius opposition Pluto square a Taurus Moon; and a tough, extra-stubborn collection of Mars Saturn Uranus in Taurus. Ego-centric, unbudgeable, hard-edged, unsentimental.

He looks irritated and frustrated at the moment with his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Mercury and confused with tr Pluto trine his Neptune exactly now and repeating later this year. Plus a ratchety, high-tension, overly stressed tr Uranus conjunct his Mars Saturn this year and his Uranus in 2024 – so a longish stretch of influences that will put him under a good deal of strain.

  Dianne Feinstein, 22 June 1933 12.44 am San Francisco, has only just returned to Washington after a nearly three-month absence, during which she was hospitalized with shingles, suffered from encephalitis (brain inflammation) as well as hearing loss. When where she was asked about her return, she told reporters she hadn’t left, seemingly unaware of her hospital stay and prolonged recovery at home. She has said she will not seek re-election in 2024.

  She has a quick witted Cancer Sun in her 3rd house along with a Gemini Moon. And a 4th house Venus, Pluto, Mercury in Cancer square a defiant/maverick Uranus in her 1st house and three planets in Virgo in her hard-working 6th house.

   Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 15 March 1933, the Supreme Court Justice, who should have retired earlier to allow for a Democrat-appointed replacement during Obama’s term but hung on through bouts of cancer and in the face of pleas to go, was a Sun Pisces like McConnell; with like Feinstein three planets including Mars in Virgo, a defiant Uranus square Pluto and a stubborn Saturn in Aquarius.

  The arrogance of old age. Or maybe just the fear of the void created by no working life. Certainly putting their own needs above the country’s.

13 thoughts on “McConnell, Feinstein – refusing to face the realities of age

  1. McConnell has tr Uranus conjunct his Sun/Mars conjunction disrupting his ultra stubborn Taurus stelium and hence the accident. The US has a long history of public figures going on and on and on. I am all for having the wisdom of age represented in government but it can get well past it’s utility.

    • @DavidW, but who keeps electing them?
      The lazy voters.
      Now some voters want term limits imposed because they just vote for the familiar name instead of actually taking time to research the candidates.

  2. Firstly, the reason that there are so many oldsters in politics is because it takes so much money to run for office especially in expensive media states like California.
    People demonize AOC and other progressives who have proposed public financing, but that is probably the only way to get a younger crop of politicians into state-wide offices like senators or national elections for president.

    Also most politicians have to work their way up though the ranks unless you have a machine behind you and of course Obama was an anomaly of a first term U.S. Senator running for president and winning while people like Biden and Hillary ran multiple times.

  3. Marjorie, you are wrong on Dianne Feinstein. She would resign, except the Republicans refuse to vote to replace her on the Judiciary committee. Consequently she is forced to stay, because if the leaves the Republicans regain the majority and we are all fearful of that

    • I wonder what it is about the modern US politics that makes it even more of gerontocracy than the Soviet Union in its last decade. It is clearly not just due to an ageing society as many European states with similar demographics have much younger leaders. I understand that it takes time and money to reach the top in US politics but I think the issue there is exacerbated by the ludicrously long drawn out process that the US uses to select its political leader. This is particularly the case with American Presidential election campaigns which seem to go on forever

      In terms of astrology I suppose the presence of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in the 10th House in the 1776 Declaration of Independence chart would indicate a country that would be dominated by an older establishment wielding power throughout most of its history. I notice that the US progressed Saturn is now retrograde at 2 Scorpio so it has been picking up the influences of the country’s Pluto return and will be squared exactly by Pluto once it finally completes its ingress into Aquarius. Solar Arc Saturn is also about to conjoin with the US natal Mars in Gemini. That might indicate some upcoming challenges to the political status quo which will need to be worked through.

    • Not quite true, Janet. If she resigned she would be replaced immediately by another Democrat. The Dems would not lose the majority. Gov. Gavin Newsom would appoint her replacement ASAP. (Speaking as a Californian and long-time Dem political activist.)

      • Yes, Newsom would replace her Senate seat with a Democrat, but as Janet said, if she left the Dems would lose her Judiciary committee seat and Dems currently have a majority on that committee. Given the lawlessness of the Republicans right now, having them in charge of the powerful Judiciary committee would not be great.

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